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L.A. Goes Out Like Champs…Or Not

Josh Smith

Josh Smith (photo. Blake Peterson)

Did this really happen? On the day we come together to celebrate our favorite women, the Dallas Mavericks gave the Los Angeles Lakers a very un-motherly funeral, 122-86, to complete a cold-hearted, embarrassing sweep of the defending champs. Will Phil Jackson walk away after suffering his first sweep in 21 playoff series? Could this be the “Phil-nale,” if you will? (sorry) The Mavs are playing as well as anyone left in the playoffs. And Mark Cuban is pretty pumped about it … It’s hard to say it was their defense that did it after putting up a buck-twenty, but Dallas had the perfect storm (game plan and personnel) to shut down the usually-prolific Lakers. When they’ve fallen in the Phil/Kobe era, the Lakers have fallen hard, and by packing the paint like a basement apartment with their bigs (Tyson Chandler = shut down) and daring L.A. to shoot perimeter jumpers, the Mavericks successfully did what no one thought possible – slaying the Gasol-Odom-Bynum three-headed interior monster. The added perk (not that Perk) was it forced Kobe outside and off the free-throw line. He was okay in this one (17 points on 7-of-18 shooting), and was really the only Laker to show up in the first half, but it wouldn’t have mattered if he was great, not when the opposing team hits 15 more threes. After a few minutes in the second quarter, the lead was already 10 and growing, Laker fans were already on their fourth Coors and Kobe was already on his sixth “look of disgust.” It felt inevitable. Dallas hit nine threes before the second was even halfway over; Jason Terry, 9-of-10 on threes for 32 points, Peja Stojakavic, 6-of-6 from three for 21 points…when you tie an NBA Playoff record for threes made with 20 (THEY HIT 20 THREE-POINTERS!) you’re probably going to win a lot of games … If this was really his last game, Phil should’ve worn a ring on each finger, and then punched Gasol in the face for embarrassing him throughout the playoffs and for allowing Marc to steal his brother’s spot at the head of the dinner table … And so much for sportsmanship. After falling into a 30-point hole, Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum got mad, they got frustrated and then they got ejected. First Odom and then Bynum on a blatant cheap shot on J.J. Barea (22 points, eight assists). It was your typical David and Goliath-type scenario, except in this version David didn’t do so hot. Bynum dropping a bow was bush-league, and appears to be the only tough-guy move he has. We’re sure the Mavs will use the week before the Western Conference Finals to shake off any ill effects of that foul play. As we say, on to the next one … This summer, Kobe should make a “ship his a$% out” sequel, this time for the whole squad … Ron Artest is the king of blown half-layup/half-dunks … The nightcap saw the Atlanta Hawks rebound to pull Game 4 out 100-88 at home, sending the series back to Chi-town all knotted up. It was all about Josh Smith. We had mentioned in some back-Smack that all that jump shooting wasn’t the way Smith should play. Well, he responded with a huge game (23 points, 16 rebounds, 8 assists) and was the difference. We’d almost forgotten how skilled Josh is for a dude his size until he started throwing lobs to Al Horford (20 points) and a full-court heave to Joe Johnson (24 points). Late in the game, Atlanta kept running a guard-to-guard screen-n-roll that left Smith playing a pseudo-point forward spot as his man rotated over to help, and he killed it. Every possession in the fourth was a product of Smoove playing with a brain. This one might go seven if he keeps bringing what he had tonight. But alas, he’s still Josh Smith … And we love the move by Larry Drew to again start a center in place of Marvin Williams (Jason Collins in this case) to move Horford to the four and Smith to the three. That’s where they belong if the Hawks are looking to cause some legit matchup problems … Damien Wilkins drove baseline and missed an easy dunk at the first-half buzzer. Are we still sure he’s Dominique‘s nephew? … Speaking of the Human Highlight Film, Derrick Rose had a play in the first half where he tip dunked his own miss. We haven’t seen that since ‘Nique … Now there’s no living group of people that appreciate Rose more than we do, but it’s hard to appreciate that many consecutive fourth quarter possessions where the dude didn’t even consider running a set (32 points on a meager 12-of-32). The Hawks got offense from everyone from Jeff Teague to Lil’ Scrappy (they ended on a 16-4 run). On the other end, every Bulls’ possession was Rose putting his head down and barreling towards the rim. So far in these playoffs, exclusively running a D-Rose iso late in games has been money more often than not, but we’re just starting to question how much longer the one-man-show can keep working. With that said, it’s making our brains hurt trying to think about ways to guard him. Generally the only effective responses we’ve received all involve firearms or the NCAA. In the postgame, the TNT guys got into a huge argument over how many shots is too many for Rose. Chuck repeatedly said that it’s Rose job to get other guys shots and can’t take that many. C-Webb said he has to shoot that much. Who y’all going with? … We’re out like Zen.

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  • ice def

    Andrew Bynum is a punk!!!

  • mario

    That was sick! Jet & Peja 15/16 from beyond the arc + the little guy driving to the hoop on autobahn sized lanes – sick!

  • control

    That hit by Bynum was fucking weak. I’d like to see someone cheapshot his ass while he’s in the air and injure him for the season (not that it takes much, that break away steal/dunk he got on Dirk last game nearly did him in). You’d think a guy who has BEEN injured with season ending injuries repeatedly all his career would be more understanding of that shit. What a fucking mindless piece of shit.

    Good night Lakers, was good. Hard to hate, since as a team they’ve had more success than pretty much any team recently, but as someone who likes to fuck with people, it’ll be great seeing the fans go HAM today. If yall need a hug, let me know.

    Rose watching old Allen Iverson tapes? Boozer is pretty much useless, and I’d consider Rose a bad point guard if he actually did pass it to Noah (unless he is already touching the rim), but damn he’s gotta tame it a little bit.

    What is up with people saying Noah is an elite defender? The guy is a hustle guy…straight out. He can’t seem to guard people on the block at all, even small forwards are beasting him it seems. Guy has heart on the offensive glass, but he needs to get stronger. He might be in the bottom 10% as far as strength goes for big guys in the league.

  • sh!tfaced

    bukake my ass, kid… lol

  • bdownunder

    all this talk of dwight being traded to lakers already – orlando better get bynum, gasol and odom for howard and arenas… any other scenario is a massive fail. include bass of whoever, but if you can’t dump arenas on the lakers if they want howard, someone fire smith

    go mavs, get that chip… ya’ll definately deserve it after this round

    fuck miami and they’re punk moves

  • Soopa

    I dont think ive never seem a team play a game like the Mavs just did. Unreal. The ball movement, the shooting, the defense, Dirk getting a dunk(!), rebounding.

    Are the Mavs the favorits right now? Deepest team still standing, legit superstar, legit defense and legit shooting from 4 different players.

    And yes Rose needs to take all of those shots. Watch the games and you’ll see its not Rose forcing it, its just that Chicago has exhausted all other options and Rose is the only one consistently able to create his own offense on this Bulls team.

  • JerkishBehavior.com

    First off, how do u guys not the address the “Inadvertent whistle” which was a huge difference in the game. I have never in my life seen a ref call a foul while some1 was shooting a 3 then say it was in inadvertent whistle. And how is that even a jump ball situation, the bulls shouldve got the ball back atleast. That call was a 7pt swing, where DRose couldve cut it to 3 instead atl went up 8 then 12, and it was ball game.

    Overall, Bulls played awful defense with that bullshit trapping which gave the hawks atleast 5 open layups and i was flabbergasted when they tripled team joe johnson 30ft basket and he wasnt even a factor. And offensively, only drose and boozer showed (finally but his awfulness couldve been our good luck charm) up. Nobody else made a shot or was scared to shoot. Or they got the rebound down low wide open, fumbled it away and didnt even attempt a layup but passed it back out. The bulls were just played bad but was still in the game with 2mins to go.

    props to josh smith for channeling his inner lebron but that aint happening again. And that drose tip dunk was bananas. Its still Bulls in 6 and we will win game 5 by atleast 12pts.

    Ps. remember the lakers? hahaha, too soon

  • JerkishBehavior.com

    Also, Im riding with CWebb that drose has to take the # of shots he takes cuz no one create there on shot besides him and whenever he misses he creates easy putback oppourtunites for the bigs. And its not his fault when he does pass it, his teammates cant make a shot. And how can u fault a player let a pg who scored 34pts while being doubled team essentially the entire game?

    Charles barkley was dead wrong on this one

  • That’s What’s Up

    fuck em…..
    glad they’re gone.

    swept. that shit is funny.

    …waiting for the excuses….

  • That’s What’s Up

    Bynum…. The first 7-foot tall bitch I’ve ever seen.
    really? take four full steps before laying out a midget?

    your momma oughtta slap the shit out of you Andrew

  • green machine

    Benny should be suspended 2 games for that inadvertent whistle call at that juncture of the game. He took the game out of the players hands with that call because that resulted a 5 point swing that pretty much sealed the game. Josh smith should remain in the small forward spot because he is so much more effective on the boards at that position. Korver is a liability for the Bulls at the end of games because he cant defend anyone on the Hawks and they just isolate and attack that matchup. One good sign for the bulls was Boozer and he needs more touches when he has it rolling like that, they should use him instead of Noah on the high pick and roll because the Hawks are just blitzing Rose and leaving Noah open. I Hope my Celts even up the series next game….

  • yoda

    damn, can’t believe my lakers went down like this. no effort from them plus mavs playing great= sweep. this will be longest summer in lakers history since 2004. if lockout really happens, don’t think lakers will have championship team in next 3-4 years. in 2 years kobe will be too old to carry team, who know who will stay of current laker roster. maybe if we get dwight, but somehow don’t think him and kobe will work well together. who knows. i wish lakers could get pat riley for a summer, to drill all lakers for 3 months, like he used to do to showtime lakers, then to fire all except kobe and bynum. they weren’t flawless, but at least they tried to do something in this series. ah well, can’t win it every year i gues…

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    Well..that hurt.My lakers got pulverized.

    Kudos to the mavs.This was a team built with the express intent to match up to the Lakers and they did just that.60% shooting from 3 pt land is hard to deal with period.Add in fluid ball movement and sloppy rotation defence and its a nightmare to deal with.Hope you win the whole thing.Your real fans deserve it.

    @ control
    That shyt from bynum was hella f’d up and I wouldn’t feel sorry bout him getting a heavy ass fine and a few suspensions next season.If that was peja that could easily have been a career ending fall.Odom,not as much.Doesn’t have a history of that type nonsense.Just frustrated.

    @ lakernation
    We’ll get em next time.Props to lakers organization for always trying to get a championship caliber team.Toiling in mediocrity for years on end is something I’m glad they don’t tolerate.I’d give gasol a pass for this year on the strength of what he’s brought to the team..Another similar season is inexcusable.Imma let mitch do what he does best though.Seems like Kobe and Bynum were the only ones that showed up for these playoffs.

    To the haters,fuck,your no-balls-having-don’t-even-have-a-team-only-show-up-here-when-lakers-lose-stupid-ass.It’s been fun shining on you cats since forever ! We’ll be back.

    Apologies,kinda long,but my team just got swept lol.LAter.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    yeah, rose is allowed to take 30 shots…but he needs to control himself on turnovers, especially in the 4th. The bulls looked like shit all day and were still in it up until 3 minutes before the end…and what, J Smooves miss and tip wasn’t nice enough to mention? On a layup no less (which may be harder than dunking back the miss from midrange, seeing as there’s less time to land and move). I wonder if Larry Drew talked his players into playing like dogshit for the last month of the season. Maybe I’m a jaded fantasy owner that had too many Hawks, but they were awful heading into the playoffs….I’m out like Drew Sr. playing incredibly ridiculous mind games with the rest of the NBA…

  • Phileus

    I just can’t help but think that the Bulls could really use a scorer like Ben Gordon coming off the bench…

  • cdubb

    Dear Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Odom and especially Mrs. Bynum, Happy Mothers Day
    yours sincerely
    – Dirk

  • alf (frommelmak)

    Let us reflect on the fact that this NBA season ushered the exit of Hall of Fame coaches Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson in (for a lack of a better term) not so elegant circumstances. Goodbye triangle offense as we know it. Goodbye flex and pick and roll as we know it.

    This might also be the season when the Duncan, Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Pierce, Garnett, Shaq(?), Kobe, and Nash era makes its last big splash before slowly fading into the sunset.

    By the way, I was dead wrong in predicting a Gasol versus Gasol Western Conference Finals.

  • beiber newz

    no1 in the future will care if the went out like champs. the only thing they would know that mattered is that they lost, they weren’t 2011 champions

  • trollne1

    You know you got problems if you let Peja’s corpse burn your a$$

  • JJ

    At the end of the day I’ll take the three Finals apperances and the two championships. I’d much rather take that than just win 50 games every year for a decade. As a Lakers fan it doesn’t seem like too long ago when Kobe was out there playing with Kwame and Smush barely trying to stay afloat. We can deal with the end of this era like we did at the end of Shaq’s reign. All I can hope is that the Heat don’t win it.

  • Duncanrules

    At least San Antonio fought against Memphis.


  • Kobeeeee

    Man. This game was really something. I have never seen a game where a team was basically hitting everything. Jason Terry was funny at the press conference: “I was just shooting without seeing the rim” – Dirk was holding his laughs… At the end Kobe and Bynum were the only ones who came out to plaaaayyya. Also I would not exaggerate Bynum’s foul. It was cheap but not as crazy as you might think. Man Artest is regressing in his b-ball skillz: that missed layup was ugly. It is true what they say he is a missed layup to happen. Can Derek Fisher please stand up and go to the bench. He needs to admit things and accept what he is. Derek – it was nice while it lasted but you are forcing it now. I really thought Lamar matured and could be a consistent contributor. But not the case. Now some mastery is required of Buss and Mitch to pull some miracles here. Kobe lost a lot of his magic. No doubt about it. I hope he admits that to himself and therefore can be a better leader on a new Lakers team. Like the wise guy in the wall street movie said: “Enjoy while it lasts, ’cause it never does”. Man I bought NBA league pass for over 70 bucks…

  • alf (from melmak)

    Let us reflect on the fact that this NBA season ushered the exit of Hall of Fame coaches Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson in (for a lack of a better term) not so elegant circumstances. Goodbye triangle offense as we know it. Goodbye flex and pick and roll as we know it.

    This might also be the season when the Duncan, Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Pierce, Garnett, Shaq(?), Kobe, and Nash era makes its last big splash before slowly fading into the sunset.

    By the way, I was dead wrong in predicting a Gasol versus Gasol Western Conference Finals.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation??? Are aliens already banned from this site?

  • Fish

    That shot from Bynum was the cheapest I have seen in a long time. Taking a guy out in the air is one thing, but getting your body weight up into a sensitive area like that is messed up. Could have easily broken a few ribs.

  • common sense

    just as in howard is a physical specimen for the centre position, bron as a small forward and rose as a pg, josh smith is also blessed some god given abilities that he should really be utilizing to the effect of last nights game more often. Way to go josh smith, keep it up!

  • Thanatos1521

    “Derrick Rose had a play in the first half where he tip dunked his own miss. We haven’t seen that since ‘Nique”

    did you see that Josh Smith did the same thing? Floater, then dunk the miss!?

  • ok

    Did two different writers do these recaps? The LA-Dallas one is complete shite and the ATL-CHI recap is flawless.

  • QQ

    Haven’t watched the Lakers game yet, but will surely watch all of it.

    One things comes to mind.



    Dude haven’t showed up since the game 3 loss.

    Just doing the routine ‘where the fans at’ check that’s prevalent here in Smack.

    Show yourself, man. Being a semi Laker fan, I know YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT.

  • First & Foremost

    30 shots seems about right for Rose. Keep in mind he is a one man fastbreak. About 6 to 8 of those attempts are difficult 1 on 3 shots [that we’ve come to expect him to make] so you can’t fualt those. Nothing wrong with calling your own set if you know you can take your guy off the dribble/pick n’ roll. Most of his attempts come in the flow of the offense. Maybe he was just having a Westbrook moment.

    Granted, at the end he was playing hero-ball but could you blame him. Boozer hit a few shots early on. Outside of that every non-Rose basket came off of some type of hustle play. The offense was not working.

    How about Jeff Teague… Dude is bringing his B+ game.

  • First & Foremost

    @QQ, it is like 3am in LA. Let the man sleep. I’m sure when he finishes watching LA Championship videos 8 thru 12, polishes off that Ben n Jerry’s Americone Dream in his Pat Riley 3-peat shirt, he will be here giving a detailed analysis of what went wrong and what LA should do going forward.

    Leroy Green is doing the Humpty Dance in his Jason Terry swingman.

  • QQ

    Haha, not really hatin’.

    Cat has been postin here in Dime , reppin the Lakers ever since, so I do respect that cat, for real.

    Just feels a little weird that with all the hate the Lakers are taking right now, only K Dizzle was left to defend them.


    Kobe has just left the top 5 in the league….n i hope nobody ever brings up the him with Mike argument again

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    Although I am sad to see the Lakers’ run end, I’m glad Kidd and Nowitzki are getting their shot to win a title. The Lakers were just embarrassing; they showed no heart. And to add injury to insult, Odom and especially Bynum acted like bad losers. A 36-point elimination loss by a defending champ is just unacceptable.


  • http://www.datingblogger.de datingblogger

    To me Dallas is the beste team in the nba right now. No doubt about that. But when it comes to a final against Lebron and Wade anything can happen. It will be interesting to see this rematch of 2006. Lakers, Bynum shame on you!

  • bookkwormmaster


    Dallas went Gears of War on Los Angeles! They didn’t just wanna kill them they straight executed them to victory. Not a laker hater or a Mav fan but I’m a big Dirk supporter and this is a career-defining moment for him and I couldn’t be happier for him. Hopefully this can propel him to that elusive ring and well-deserved induction into the annals of NBA history.

    ATL stand up!

    I was stoked that they managed to avenge themselves against Orlando but now they’ve far exceeded my expectations tying the series against Chicago when I didn’t give them a chance. Hopefully Larry Drew keeps a copy of Game 4 in his archives for future reference as the blueprint for the team.
    Jeff Teague has come out of nowhere to Derrick Rose the MVP and and his Chicago team. Kirk Hinrich going down with that hamstring injury has been a blessing in disguise. Teague (at least in THIS particular round) has played like the point guard we expected him to earlier in the year. Regardless of the outcome if Teague can bottle his play up and carry it over into the next season along with a healthy Kirk Hinrich I believe we’ll finally have solved our issues at the point. Love also has to go out to J-Smoove. He shot like shit but the other facets of his game were on full display especially with his passing and playmaking. We’ve seen glimpses of his LeBron-esque ability and Larry Drew needs to strongly consider running the offense through him throughout the rest of the series

  • gilford

    D. Rose needs to at least let Boozer do his thing on the offense, he just takes too many shots and didn’t even run plays.

  • http://www.nbaplayoffs2011.org NBA Playoffs 2011

    All Highlights from Game 4:


  • marian

    Speaking of the Human Highlight Film, Derrick Rose had a play in the first half where he tip dunked his own miss. We haven’t seen that since ‘Nique …

    just that d wade does it nearly every second game

  • yoda


    i’m laker fan and there is nothing to defend here. lakers were no show. you can make an argument that lakers didn’t show any effort at all (and they didn’t) but truth to be told, mavs outplayed us. as i’ve said few days ago, mavs are fun to watch. playing D, sharing ball…
    as for lakers, like i’ve said already, it’s going to be a long summer.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    so all i have to say is i been telling people for hte last 2 seasons the lakers had no bench and it was killing the starters. the bench is THE reason the lakers got destroyed the way they did. if they didnt give kobe 25-30mil over the next 3 seasons, and gasol 18-19+, and bynum 15-16m all over the next few seasons they might be able to afford a bench. they have terrible contracts so good luck trading off guys like artest on walton and fisher. kobe has to many miles, gasol has to little heart, and the lakers as a team have to little bench.

    lets see who and when kobe starts throwing people under the BUSS for good. will kobe burn another bridge like he did with shaq?

  • jdizzle

    Refs fuckin up the game as usual! “Inadverdent whistle”!? WTF is that!? Hats off to Josh Smith though. Damn he was all over the place. At least Boozer decided to show up(somewhat). And yes, Rose has to shoot that much. You all saw when he kept trying to hit Kyle Korver for WIDE OPEN 3s but kept building high-rises with those bricks. Oh well, Bulls in 6

    And the curtain finally comes down on the Lake Show! I had a field day letting all the LA Clowns fans have it! If I were at a spelling bee and they asked me to spell Lakers I would say P-U-S-S-I-E-S! First Lamar Scrodum with the cheap shot, then Andrew Bynum showed how vagine he was with the elbow to JJ. And Kobe is the biggest hypocrite in basketball. When Bynum gave a hard foul to Beasley he said,”I’m proud of him”, but when you gettin your asses handed to you and Bynum knocks JJ out the air then its,”You never want to hurt anybody out there” or whatever bullshit he said. GTFOH! Take that L like a man son. But turnabout is fair play. Kobe rapes a white woman and 8 years later a 7 ft German rapes Kobe! LMAO!

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    @ rangerjohn
    Take this season aside,that’s fair market value dude.Gasol is making what an All-star forward with his skill set makes.Compare that to KG.Kobe,about 3 mill more per year over fair value and Bynum too.Your squad drafts like the Clipse.You get ‘em for cheap.I’m a tad envious.Luke walton makes what george hill and tiaggo splitter make combined.Gotta fix that,but in terms of wins/salary,we’re good.

    @ QQ
    Lakeshow84’s on that same vacation island you went to after your magic started getting hammered lol. just kidding bro,you know I had get at you man.Real talk,respect you cuz.Since day one you been on the Magic tip win or lose.

    Far as I know Kobe’s given plenty of props to the Mavs squad in this L,showed love on the way off the arena.What else did you want ? And that last sentence.Was that really necessary ? This is shit I was talking about.

  • Skeeter McGee

    I admire Bynum’s talent and skill but what he did to Barea made me lose all respect for him as a man. Clearly, he still hasn’t matured enough to the point where I’d want to build a franchise around him. With that being said, I got a hunch that he will have his ass “shipped out” like Kobe said a few years ago.

    Imagine a package with Lamar Odom and Bynum for Dwight Howard and some other role player, maybe a JJ since LA needs some shooters. I have a feeling Dwight will not re-sign with the Magic after next season when his contract is up and unless Orlando wants to let two franchise big men walk away and receive nothing in return (1st Shaq, now Dwight), they’ll probably pull the trigger on some deal.

    What do y’all think?

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    @ skeeter
    if QQ finds out where you live..you’re a dead man lol.
    I wouldn’t trade Lamar though,prolly throw Drew+Fish+Blake and cash for Howard and JJ.Don’t know if Orlando wants to lose two franchise centers to the lakers though.

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    my bad *drew+fish+shannon + cash*

  • Ian

    c ya phil
    the refs shoulda called that game midway thru the third damn

  • Ian

    you know real fans are hard to find dizzle and lakeshow are some of the few real ones. (i read that sentence again and it just doesnt sound right. hows my english on that one?)

  • north

    It’s time to man-up and realize that Derrick Rose isn’t anything more than a tall Iverson. He’ll only pass if he’s stuck or he absolutely KNOWS it’ll be an assist. Rotating the ball, no. Making the extra pass, no. Forcing shots even with double or triple teamed, yep.

  • bunscliff

    KOBE IS A SNITCH… just like how he baited out Shaq and his girls on the side.. he baited out PAU and his girl on the side..

  • First & Foremost

    Orlando will package Reddick/Arenas for some big body. I would say they should rebuild through the draft but they only have 1 class to do it in. Plus their player development is shotty at best.

    Dwight is as good as gone.

  • That’s What’s Up

    true I hate the shit out of the lakers and I find great joy in this sweep. But when they were winning chips and knocking out the Spurs on the way I gave them their props; I showed up on here and took the shit from all the lakers “fans” and their true fans.

    Now, a 36 point blow-out in a must win game? awful. dreadful. wretched. no heart, no fight, no chance.

    But I do want to thank them because now the biggest post-season story isn’t the #8 grizzlies beating the #1 Spurs, it’s the lakers getting swept by the mavs.

    I love L.A.

  • jdizzle

    @smoove chips Yes it was necessary…just like everyone finds it necessary to mention Lebron’s mom every week

  • E$

    nobody will remember the back2back lakers, just the dirty cheap shot lakers that are sore losers….BEAT LA!

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    its sad when i agree with Chris Webber, because he generally is an idiot on the panel, but he was right. Rose kinda has to take those shots.

    Rose’s game is far from complete, so he doesnt have that ability (or doesnt show it) that a PG like Nash or Kidd has where he drives down the lane and can create easy lay ups for his teammates. Thats something the MVP can add to his game next year.

    Also, the rest of the Bulls are not shot makers or creaters. When the shot clock gets around 7, they throw the ball back to Rose and ask him to make a play. If the refs actually blow the whistle on the fouls that actually happen, then he’d be at the FT line 20+ times a game.

    In the summer i tried telling you all on this board 3 thinngs.
    1) Rose is pretty good.

    2) Noah cant defend the post, and is overpaid for what he does.

    3)Boozer is useless because he doesnt D-up or score in the post vs tall defenders. And he’s very over paid at 85mil.

    Lastly, i like the foul by Bynum. The Mavs were up 30 and they had starters in the game in the mid 4th. I would’ve sat a few of them on their back pockets! All that showboating and posing and celebrating…yeh Bynum did what he was supposed to do. And any Laker or Laker fan saying it was wrong is a punk. And i hate the Lakers!

  • marparker

    Is anyone going to bring up Kobe’s 22,3, and 3 44%fg, and 29% 3pters playoff performance? I know he’s got 5 rings but thats a huge pass. I thought when you’re the guy all losses are on your head. Instead the 2nd and 3rd guy get the blame even though they’ve got rings too? Maybe its the elephant in the room and I’m the idiot for pointing to it.

    Other players would have no chance of surviving that kind of awful play in this forum. Guess we are a bunch of females who like to play favorites over here.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I cannot believe Kobe wife would be the cause of the end to the Lakers 3peat. Oh well. #sweep

    And that inadvertent whistle was BS, like some high quality level BS.

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    So your defending Bynum going after the smallest guy on the court? Why not go after Haywood or Chandler if you wantt to “send a message” or how about you know playing? That was a bitch as move there.

  • shaw32

    I agree with chuck man. 32 shots and now boozer can’t score when he had Dwill he got around 18-20 ppg why can’t rose let him eat? And cwebb was acting deaf chuck kept saying wade kobe bron get the ball to score rose had the ball all 24secs the difference between a wing scorer and a pg. I wanted to smack cwebb fro being so fucking wrong

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    @ 43
    those numbers might have been fair market for last season. lakers had the highest payroll in the league. next season they are in it for even more and dont even have enough contracts to meet the league minimum players. now the real question is did kobes greed (and buss’s willingness to feed that greed) tie the lakers hands for the future? i mean is kobe going to be worth 30m in 3 years? he IMO barely earned his 24m this year and he isnt going to be getting any better. bynums contract IMO is terrible considering he is averaging 55 games per season. artest has a terrible contract that is nowhere near fair market for a his current ability. walton has a terrible contract as well. fishers contract is close to where he should be this season BUT he isnt tradeable even if they wanted to.to be honest, out of all the contracts the lakers have odom and arguably gasol are the only good ones. brown and barnes are hit or miss IMO and while barnes contract could be good if he got on the floor, and browns could be good if he had an IQ they are not good at this point. the bottom line is if kobe took a page out of tim duncans book and took less money to help with flexibility then maybe they have room but i dont see many teams offering favors like pau for kwame. this off season is going ot be interesting to say the least. both out teams have some work to do, at least my team has A LITTLE financial flexibility.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    Good to see you are still fighting the good fight and hating on Rose. You are the only one who stuck to your guns no matter how stupid you look. Reminds me of G.W. Bush when it came to explaining his “War on terror”.

    Rose had 10 ast….yet Barkley is asking him to pass more. 34pts, and another at least 20 pts from his assist means he played a part in 54 of the 88pts scored. That doesnt include his passes that led to fouls and the hockey assist. 54 of 88, whats that lik 65-70% of the teams points.

    Also props to the ref Benny Salvadore who clearly flucked up on that call. Funny, Rose is the MVP and he still getting treated like a rookie when it comes to foul calls, hahahaa.

    To the refs credit, if they called the game by the rules that Stern set, Rose would avg 35pts while shooting 15-20 fts every game and the Bulls would never lose.

    also side note:
    Vs Phx game 7 2005-06 playoffs- Kobe has zero points in the first half on like 3 shots. And his team loses by 30pts

    Vs Bos game 6 2008 finals- Boston blows out LA by 30pts, Kobe plays like $hit.

    Vs Bos game 7 2010 finals- Kobe plays like $hit while Gasol and Artest carry the team to a chip.

    Vs Dal game 4 2011 playoffs- Kobe plays like $hit and LA loses by 30pts and is swept, by a lesser talented team, that just played better AS A TEAM.

    Bottom line, Kobe aint no damn closer. None of the great clutch players went out like this during closeout games. And i’m going off the top of my head with these important close out games. Sure he bangs in a couple of game winners during the reg season, but come playoff time, where is he to be found for an entire game,
    Vs Dal he should have gone to another level and did whatever the team needed in order to win. He didnt and they lost. Dude is so overrated it’s disgusting.

  • First & Foremost

    @ Chi – The Lakers had their starters in too. Dallas’ starters weren’t the players putting a Texas sized corrective boot up the Lakers A$S. If you have a problem with a way a team is playing basketball, you need to play better basketball. You don’t breakout Muay Thai elbows because of your teams lack of focus and leadership. The moral is to take your beating like a man.

    C’mon, you coach basketball. What if your players did that because they were losing?

  • LABaller

    Bad way to go out for the squad but no excuses can be made..they were on cruise control the whole season and we all expected them to step it up in the playoffs..sometimes you just dont have it though..its basically habit..good or bad once you form one its hard to break..cant always be on top right?

    while watching mike and mike and all the reports people are KILLING bynum..yeah it was kind of a messed up move that late in the game cause it wasn’t to send a message or anything..but aye if you’re getting your ass beat sometimes you do whatever it takes to get even one hit in..i rather him do that than lie down like the rest of the squad did and let the mavs roll over em. prolly gonna get madd shit for this from the board..but oh well..everyones got an opinion..thats mine.

  • LeRoy Green

    K Fizzle chill out tho!

    We lovin this right now! Dumb ass Laker fans can’t do SHIT but bring up the PAST right now cuz they know that TODAY they lookin like some bitches! Its cool tho I aint even mad atcha, you got a looooong summer to reflect on a 122-86 ass whoopin. Why don’t you go somewhere and meditate on that.

    I think the Heat will take command in this Boston series 2nite but it won’t be easy. Boston has the best home court advantage left in the playoffs by far. We’ll see 2nite if Miami really has the heart of a champion and that killa instinct they’ll need to win it all.

    Mephis/OKC should be a good one too, we’ll see if Westbrook still thinks he’s MJ and if Durant will man up and DEMAND the ball from his PG. I wanna see the Grizzlies really make a statement 2nite tho, it’ll be fun to watch.

    Aight now K Jizzle don’t jump off that cliff! It ain’t worth it! Theres always next year lil homie lol

  • That’s What’s Up

    Andrew Vagynum

  • Dave

    when his team needed leadership and coaching more than ever, Phil Jackson folded, chocked, and let his true colors shine through. He’s always rode the coattails of his superstars so this is just a true indication of how valuable he is as a coach.
    The true test of a coach is how he prepares and gets his team to respond when the chips are down, and as always happens he never brings a team back….it’s frontrunner or crash and burn. Fitting that this would be his last game.

  • Dave


  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    @ jdizzle
    you’re right.Fucking irritating.

    @ 60
    never been a fan of escalating contracts but he earned that 24 this year hands down.Trying to coax this team to some play to their potential,damn near willing them to the second round and showing up(along with bynum for the playoffs).artest,barnes and shannon’s contract values vary for stretches.Brown absolutely gave back value at beginning of the season.Now,walton is a terrible contract.

    @ Chi
    That was a fucked up play.Reflected badly on the organization and individual.The way the team played was bad enough.Nobody needed to end the series that way.
    And honestly if you watched the whole series u realize KB and AB were the only ones that came to play.Put any superstar in kobe’s shoes and they’d have still lost.really,think about it..
    We had a drugged up gasol,comatose bench and two other starters that didn’t consistently show up.Add that to the gargantuan game the mavs brought.You seriously can’t lay this stinker on him.

    I’m seeing mavs vs heat.Mavs in 7.who u guys got ?

  • QQ

    @ Ian:

    Not hatin on Lakeshow man. Dude has been one of the truest fans here since forever. Just would like to see cat speak, as all these haters keep flooding Smack.

    And with LA’s demise, of course it’s time for all the ‘Dwight to LA’ talk.

    If it’s any other year, I would be mad as hell.

    But this year? I’m just enjoying the most bizarre and amazing playoffs in years. Sometimes it’s just nice to be a fan of the game.

  • Big Island

    I hate Kobe, I love when he loses, but I felt bad for him yesterday. I used to think he would be happy gunning on some shitty team, but you could see he was just disgusted yesterday. I still hate him, but I respect his bitchass.

    I didn’t think Odom should’ve been kicked out for the Dirk shot, and I like the IDEA behind Bynum cracking JJ, but do it 1) before he leaves his feet, and 2) when they’re up by only 15 or so. Whatever, fuck em all.

  • QQ

    Ok I just saw the video on Bynum.



    As one of those guys that wanted to see the LA threepeat, I would say it again: FUCK THAT.

    You get frustrated, but you leave shit that would injure another human being off the court.

    Fuck that.

  • Big Island

    QQ – Just read your “fan of games” line. This was the first time in years I didn’t fill out an NCAA bracket, and it was the greatest. Unfortunately, I hate the Celtics, Heat, and Lakers (somewhat halfheartedly) and I have my hard on for Dirk.

    Side note: Been a Dirk fan for a long minute, I mean I have a 9 year old official jersey that I still rock.. So people assume I’m a Mavs fan and give me shit when they lose. I like the Mavs, follow them, but they aren’t “my team”. My point is I am giving myself props for not being a dick to everyone who has given me shit about the Mavs for years simply because I don’t want to step on real Mavs fans toes.

  • CLAW

    @Chi – That was a BS move, its not the hit but anybody that has gone to the hoop and got hit you don’t dictate how you fall. He could have hit his head/neck or tried to catch himself and could have broken his wrist. I’ve broken a wrist on a play like that it doesn’t take much, you don’t risk a guy’s livellhood by doing a move like that, he’s a bitch and there was no retaliation because the Lakers couldn’t go to the hoop the entire series!

    @QQ – Where’s Lakeshow? Call your “previous” vacation spot.

    How did Memphis get so good, and just when you think that Dallas is THE SQUAD something else happens in these playoffs, the script has been flipped this playoffs.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah yeah yeah

    Kobes overrated

    Bynums a bitch

    Lakers are suckas

    Yeah yeah yeah i know Vultures gotta circle the carcass..

    Just celebrate u weak a$$ niggas ACTUALLY have a chance.. We’ll be back next year.. and before someone pops up with REALLY WILL YOU?? think about it..

    If we won it this year we wouldve been favored next year so EAT A DICK..

    We just need to retool the bench.. we dont have enough scoring and a solid backup behind AB.. Plus some refocusin would be nice..

    I mean SERIOUSLY how can u NOT chase Terry or ESPECIALLY Stojakovic off the line?!!? Peja has damn near ZERO mid range game >:/

    The effort in that game was unreal.. Same with the effort in games 2-3 as far as defensive rotations.. crazy lackadaisacle..

    But I knew this series was over on Friday tho.. As soon as i saw it was a Sunday game lol

  • LakeShow84

    And fuck everyone who talkin mess on Bynum..

    Bunch a bitches act like uve never taken a shot on the court.. ive given them and taken them and let me tell you

    When your SMASHIN someone

    And they get mad and try push u down

    You should actually like it because it means you got under their skin.. and i LOVE THAT SHIT..

    AS long as he didnt go Bowen or Najera and try to stick his feet under dude and dislocate an ankle i have no problem with him shoulder checkin lil dude..

    Everyone needs to cut the soft talk..

  • LakeShow84

    And dont even try to call me out QQ..

    I still remember ur wack ass

    “Seriously DIMEMAG ima avid reader.. get at me about this impersonator shit”


  • LakeShow84

    So help me god Miami better take out Boston

    and BLEH

    Dallas better win this shit.. fuckin pricks can hit 30 3’s on us they better be able to hit them all the way to the trophy and get one for Dirk..

    Better not be no fuckin fluke

  • QQ

    Damn, that impersonator shit was all I get for saying ‘for real, I respect that dude, been reppin LA cince day one’?

    Now that’s awkward.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ thats awkward

    Dont worry………..

    I still luv u bruh.. im just a little.. BOOTYRAMMED right now lol

  • QQ

    Well my squad has been exposed as Dwight Howard and a bunch of people with blue jerseys but no real knowledge of playing ball, so I know what you feel.

    But damn, the vultures that attack after an LA loss. That’s a different level right there.

    Bu then again, plenty of reasons to hate, in all fairness to them. Clue: Andr_w Byn_m.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    I coach ball yes and we recently had a game similar to the Mavs/Lakers. We beat a team 76-36 and it could have been closer to 100-36 had i kept the foot on the gas and left my starters in the game.

    Unlike Dallas, i took out my starters and made my team run an offense and use the last 10min as practice for our next game. But coaching HS AAU ball and NBA ball is very different because we don’t get paid for this. The refs, parents, and opposing coach came to me and thanked me for not being a d!ckhead like some teams/coaches do.

    Had i been a d!ck and tried to score 100 and the coach sent one of my players to the floor i would fully understand…hell i would expect it.

    you guys should really take a look at some old sports teams. You think the old (80’s)Pistons, (80’s)Sixers, (70’s-80’s)Celtics, (90’s)Knicks, (70’s)Bullets, (90’s)Blazers, or (90’s)Heat teams would put up with that ish?
    You think Mahorn, Unseld, Rodman, J.Edwards, Bird, Mchale, Xavier Mcdaniels, J.Kershy, Larry Johnson, Starks, Mourning, PJ Brown, or any of the goons from those days would put up with that ish?

    Ben Wallace started a riot in Detroit because the Pacers were beating their butts and Artest and some other starters were in the game.

    I’m not saying its right or wrong. I guess im saying its part of sports.

    Hit a homerun on Bob Gibson, you better not look at him or jog too slowly around the bases. because the next time up to bat, you are catching a heater on your shoulder.

    Beam a star player on a baseball team, and your star is getting beamed next time up to bat.

  • LakeShow84

    Oh and ill also point out..

    Kobe had a SHITTY series.. and i mean SHITTY.. whats even sadder was he was the only one who showed for this series..


    he was shaky in the first round.. And he didnt TAKE OVER ONE GAME THIS SERIES.. and considering the breath hes breathed in im pretty f#$kin disappointed with that..

    Better get his shit together next year.. Cuz everyone waiting to bury him..

  • LakeShow84

    See i like ChiTowns old school nature

    Im tired of everyone whining about shit.. Is Barea in the hospital??? Is his career over?? will he miss time????


    And dont give me oh well he COULDVE been.. I dont even NEED to get into COULDVE’s.. If Bynum really WANTED to INJURE Barea, trust me, he would have.. he got him by damn near ONE HUNDRED POUNDS i bet..

    But bottom line the new school shit is too soft.. in the past 5 years everyone been crying TOO HARD, TOO MUCH on sports that been played rough and tumble for 50-60 YEARS..

    im tired of it.. i wasnt whining when Raja clotheslined Kobe i laughed lol

    People need to understand the difference between DIRTY and playing with a physicality..

  • CLAW

    @Lakeshow – Bynum is still a bitch, BIG difference between hard foul and possibly injuring a player for an extended period with a cheap shot, and the littlest guy? Andrew Bitch is his new name.

    On to Kobe, he was hitting in the 1st quarter but disappeared after that, I mean was a ghost, and looking at his numbers in the series they were average at best. Didn’t seem like a Suns/Lakers series where he wouldn’t shoot to prove something, he just did not look like a “mamba” but more of a garter snake.

    Did not see this coming, you thought LA would come back but actually looked worse as the series went on.

    Need another big game by KG but watching that Boston game it made you wonder why that Perkins trade went down watching Glenn Davis and Shaq play (how out of shape is he!), Jermaine Oneal is ballin but he’s got two bad knees, I just don’t get it.

    Can you imagine a ATL/Memphis Championship before the lockout???????

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    So back when Bird called his teammates sisses after they got blown out by the lakeshow in one particular finals game. Then the very next game Mchale clotheslines Kurt Rambus, Bird puts Kareem in a headlock on one foul, and Magic got slammed to the floor while driving the lane, amongst other things.

    Thats just one example. Their are many more. But thats how basketball was played back then and its good to see someone show some sort of pride and toughness.
    oh and Bynum could have done the foul better i Will say. perhaps made a slight play on the ball, but it would still be looked at as the same.

  • control

    Lakeshow, Chicagorilla

    I’m the first guy who hates on how this leauge is a pussy piece of shit, but that hit by Bynum is inexcusable. You cant say it was a hard play, it wasnt even a play. Dropping elbows is fine, but fuck starting a guy in the air because you are a pouty child is stupid. Theres no way to justify it, none.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    I aint saying it was justifiable.. it was wrong..

    But it doesnt merit people callin the kid a BAD GUY.. judging his PERSONAL character because he delivered a hard shot..

    Like i said it was a FLAGRANT no doubt.. You could call it cheap, classless, whatever.. BUT

    i wouldnt call it DIRTY and try to lynch the kid.. get over it people.. we’ve seen worst..

  • King

    he missed 20 shots . pass the damn ball

  • LakeShow84

    @ Claw

    Honestly when we went down 0-2 to Dallas i didnt have that air of confidence..

    I told all my pahtnas as a fan of my franchise we BETTER win it.. as a fan of basketball itself???

    You dont drop your first 2 games (HOMEGAMES AT THAT!) to a team that

    boasts a legit superstar
    a team that has a viable PG
    a team that has a solid bench
    a team that has a solid frontcourt

    Oh well.. im more excited for next year than ive been the past 3 years honestly.. we can have a chip on our shoulders again.. i dont like our ho-hum attitude..

  • Dtown101

    Ive never posted on here all ways looked at the comments but reading today and seeing LakeShow84 comments all i got to say is ” bro you is one sore ass loser”,and

  • First & Foremost

    @Chicagorrila – Just to carry on. I’m sure you have a whole Flagrant Foul Almanac but your last reference was a heated rivalry in the Finals with the entire season on the line. Still not saying it was right but clearly it was more acceptable back then. Those earlier plays were sending a message of, “We will do everything in our power to win this game, series, & trophy.” Bynum’s message was “I’m a sore loser.” To top it off, his message doesn’t matter to the Mavs because they have a whole 6 months before they play the Lakers again.

    What did you want the Mavs to do… Keep launching 3s? The defense wasn’t stopping him, so Barea drove into the lane. Should Dallas have taken ten 24 second violations? These are professional athletes, the least they could do is be professional.

    Should have taken his loss like a man. Just because a girl turned you down doesn’t mean you go kick the shit out of her car windows.

    @Lakeshow – People are judged by their most recent actions. Bynum is a talented at times basketball player, hurt every so often, and immature. Walking off without shaking hands shows more class, competitiveness, and decency.

  • That’s What’s Up

    the worst part anout Andrew Vagynum yesterday was him pulling off his shirt like he just knocked Deebo “the fuck out”.

    you laid out a 1st grader you 7-foot tall bag of nut juice

  • CLAW

    @Lakeshow – When have you ever seen something like this in a playoffs? Usually the teams you think will be in it at the end are, there are some upsets but nothing that you didn’t think going in would be unreal. The Spurs losing, the Lakers getting swept, the Magic getting beat by ATL, this reminds me more of March Madness than NBA playoffs and its been fun to watch.

    @Chica – Rambis, Kareem, Magic, JJ Barea – if I did one of those word associations and asked which one didn’t fit who would it be? You got 3 guys near 7 foot (Magic 6’9″) and JJ near 5 foot and the Cs fouls weren’t with a guy in the most defenseless position of being in the air.

    JJ didn’t get hurt but he could have and it could have been bad. Anybody that has played on gone up and got your legs taken out or hit high and coming down and have no control that is not a good feeling. I’ve had the wind knocked out of me and a broken wrist in plays when I’ve been hit in the air. Just saying anybody that has played doesn’t do that to another player, I didn’t mind the Artest clothesline but what Bynum did was uncalled for and a bitch ass move.

  • Ian

    “Bottom line, Kobe aint no damn closer. None of the great clutch players went out like this during closeout games. And i’m going off the top of my head with these important close out games. Sure he bangs in a couple of game winners during the reg season, but come playoff time, where is he to be found for an entire game”

    i clapped when i read this. wheres was his “will to win” bs people make up?? loved the comment he made about coming back from 0-3 that they do it in hockey all the time. now seriously this dude will go down as a top 15 player for many (top 3 according to a friend of mine but hes kinda slow so it doesnt matter) thats some ewing level overratedness. imo he was only the best player on 1 of his 5 rings. poor mans jordan nah more like a rich mans pippen. yeah yall know i hate kobe.

    mavs over heat in 6 payback for dirk (unless the refs go all 06 again)

  • Ian

    ill be fuckin pissed also if dirk teammates decide to pull the same shit they always do in the playoffs and leave the diggler all alone to carry the team.

  • LeRoy Green

    Dallas better win this shit.. fuckin pricks can hit 30 3′s on us they better be able to hit them all the way to the trophy and get one for Dirk..

    Better not be no fuckin fluke


    I’M SAYIN THO. They can NOT blow this cuz in the west you’re NEVER guranteed to be back in the conf finals with a chance to win it all. too many good teams with depth

  • Skeeter McGee


    I actually root for the Lakers but I don’t know if you can say they’ll be shutting everyone up next year. Serious flaws concerning the depth, age, and huge contracts of their core players. But I will not add insult to injury as there are plenty of others here that will do that for me…

    And y’all know the NBA brass are somewhere praying that the Finals don’t end up being like Memphis-Atlanta or some shit. Stern just took off his Lakers jersey and immediately replaced it with a half Heat/half Celts jersey cause his ass needs one of those teams in the Finals, belieeeeee daaaaaat….

  • dlight

    We’ve seen those LA La zebras before….see Sactown. Why do we stand for it..Stern is losing credibility by not exposing punitive infractions…suspect huh?

  • First & Foremost

    If the Heat make the finals consider it a wrap. As much as I don’t want them to win. Wouldn’t David Stern want to create a Yankees type of disdain for a championship level team. I see the NBA capitalizing off of the Hatred for the Heat.

    Since you asked, my other conspiracy is…
    West + Okafor, 3 firsts, seven 2XL mockneck shirts, a handful of beads, and a Kardashian mixtape for Dwight

  • LakeShow84

    @ Skeeter

    i aint mad either way..

    at least we will HAVE to play tho.. i mean did we look like a desperate team yesterday????


    I mean for our payroll and talent the biggest problem is MOTIVATION??

    Well guess what happens if the same shit happens next year?? that roster will get blown up.. we couldnt tear it all down when we were winning Finals, i mean who would??

    BUT we cant be lazy next year we got something to prove..

    And i look forward to it.. I guess lol

    @ Ian & Leroy

    I really want to see Dirk get one though lol thats the ONLY good thing about yesterday.. Thats right i said it..

    f@#k mothers day

  • LakeShow84

    OK im kidding but still

    I hope Dirk gets one to shut all the naysayers up..

  • LakeShow84

    F&F is my new favorite poster


  • dlight

    #83 & 81 on point, I’m 5’6″, I’ve given and received, part of the game. I’ve also taken my foot off the gas and run practice drills and opposing coaches and fans appreciate, understand. Hard for kids to not execute when they have a bigger game next opponent/round. But the girls are taught to not humiliate their opponent. If yes I yank them and get in their face right now! Maybe easier for girls to show compassion. But Laker fans have all the hate coming they have been dirty for years. Just because they have glitz/star fans they get away with plenty.

  • LeRoy Green


    I agree, Dirk has put in the work and deserves his shine. However if its a Heat/Mavs rematch i can’t see how Dallas would be able to stop the onslaught of Wade/Lebron if they’re constantly attacking the rim. This is the best defensive team the mavs have EVER had, but i dont’ know if thats enough to stop the top 2 finishers in the league consistently enough to win the series.

    but like i said earlier, 2nite we’re gonna see if the Heat really have that killer instinct to go into a hostile environment and play a complete game for the win.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I wouldn’t have a problem with Bynum’s shot on Barea if it had happened in Game 2 or Game 3, or even earlier in Game 4. After all, I was the one who said Miami should’ve had somebody level (although not try to injure) Rondo early in their series to send a “We won’t be bullied” message. But when you’re getting blown out by 30 in the fourth quarter? That’s pure frustration, nothing else. And you can’t take a guy out that dangerously just because you’re frustrated.

    And I don’t know why people are even entertaining the thought of Dwight Howard, Deron Williams, Chris Paul or any other big-time star going to LA. Because all I’ve been hearing since Summer 2010 is that Kobe is such a fierce competitor that he would never “take the easy way out” by joining forces with another superstar. So if that’s the story, Kobe should go to LA’s front office and demand that they not make any major trades, because Kobe can win titles “on his own.” Right? Or is the reality that Kobe, like every other great basketball player in the world, wants to play with other great players?

  • JAY

    Holy fuck! I got a busy day at work but it’s good to see you other dudes are busy posting…. I don’t even have time to read what’s going on with the posts.

    I’m jealous. I hate busy days

  • Skeeter McGee

    @ Austin

    I see what you are saying about how Kobe doesn’t want to join forces with another superstar, but putting Pau on that team was the equivalent of trying to add any of the guys you just mentioned. Before these playoffs, the past two years we’ve been saying that Pau was the main reason that took the Lakers from a playoff team to a championship team.

    I don’t think Kobe would go ask for them to bring in somebody, but at the same time, after how hard this season/playoffs have been, he won’t be turning down the chance this go around…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — Just read your Floyd/Manny response from Sunday. No, I didn’t forget that Shane rocked Floyd early in their fight, but I also didn’t forget that Floyd dominated damn near every other second of that fight. Shane is a future Hall of Fame fighter; it’s not unrealistic that he’d get in a couple shots against any fighter. It’s not a sign of weakness on Floyd’s part that he got hit, but a more impressive sign of strength that he thoroughly dominated the rest of the fight. I also didn’t forget that the version of Shane who fought Manny was further away from his prime than the version who fought Floyd. Criticize Floyd all you want, but none of your evidence involves a fight he lost, because the man is undefeated.

  • Ian

    wasnt kobe the one that was cryin when he didnt get kidd??

  • control


    I think AB is referring to the FANS saying that Kobe is the greatest player to ever pickup a basketball because HE would never do what LeBron, Wade and Bosh did (though with how Bosh has grown a vagina, he might be out of the convo at the moment). Kobe fanboys were saying that Kobe would never need to team up with two other elite players, because he is such a fierce competitor that he could do it “alone”.

    Now, a lot of people are drinking the knicks kooaid, and saying that every single top tier player is going to LA…it’s rather amusing actually.

    With it all said and done, who has the brighter future right now, Lakers or Clippers? I’m liking the Clippers with Blake, Gordan and Jordan…I’d still pick the Lakers while Sterling is owner of the team though. That guy will penny pinch any potential into nothing, guaranteed.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Skeeter — You missed my point. I’m saying that Kobe is just as willing/wanting as LeBron, D-Wade, or any other star to play with another star, but the media/fans have created this ridiculous notion that Kobe is above that. And I think Kobe will absolutely ask LA to bring in somebody. He’s done it before.

  • First & Foremost

    @AB – IMO, no superstar IN THEIR PRIME, should team up with other superstars. You can beg for better role players but flying out to take another guy out to dinner, looking deeply into his eyes, and asking him to come back to your place is not the way to go.

    Kobe as of right now. The Kobe with a lack of explosion. The Kobe that can’t handle the 82+ game season at a superstar level. The should be role player Kobe, can ask for all the help in the world.

    Since this was the first time the Mavs vs Lakers happened in 2 decades. Whose to say the Mavs wouldn’t have beat the Lakers in prior years [post Shaq]. Who on LA would guard Dirk? Dallas still had the same number of and quality of bigs.

  • LakeShow84

    And another smart ass AB post lol

    You know AB bruh

    You say you “respect” Kobes work ethic and YET you question it.. CONSTANTLY

    You say you “respect” Kobes competetiveness and YET you question it.. CONSTANTLY

    Bottom line im sayin is you truly rspect something you dont question it ALL THE TIME..

    GTFOH with that noise..

    And if you want the smug smart ass Laker fan response??

    Kobe already got his rings so he can do whatever he wants at this point.. he didnt balk at taking the team that gave him the world to Obrien trophy..

    This isnt a 27 in his prime Kobe bolting LA to team up with another top 3 player..

    smh u make me say it lol

  • LakeShow84

    And in all reality Lakers fans and other basketball heads..

    Kobe NEVER did it on his own..

    He had Shaq and he had Gasol to a lesser degree..

    Shit havent ALL THE FINALS teams the last 10 years had a dominant big?????

    There is no alone.. and that whole thinking came from Shaq spewing his dumb ass “sidekick” shit.. even as bad as MJ was everyone and they MAMA knew who Scottie Pippen was..

    Like i said look at the kind of player Kobe, Wade, Nash is and look at the kind of player Shaq is..

    The 3 ive mentioned have also switched teams ONCE between the 3 of them.. how many times Shaq jumped ship??

  • the cynic

    WOW 100+ posts and almost none of them are about the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas has gone from the laughing stock in the playoffs to the favorite in my mind and I hope the Mavs get it done. I’m sick of all the shit Dirk takes for being a choker when its not true. Tyson Chandler has really changed the Mavs, and its a joke that he didn’t win defensive player of the year. The players should vote for these awards, not the crappy writers who don’t know shit about basketball except “he jump high”, “he swat ball far”

  • K Dizzle

    “Lakers dirty for years???”
    There’s gonna be a lotta stupid posts today.
    Kids apparently born after the 80s Pistons, Celtics, 76ers and the 90s Knicks….

    Anyways, stepped out to the club last night with the 50/50 Magic/Kobe jersey last night. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. Haters had a LOT to say but ain’t nuthin new. ’04 vs Detroit, ’08 vs Boston, ’11 vs Dallas. We crash hard sometimes.
    Mavs shot the lights out so it is what it is. Kobe haters comin out in full force like it ws 1 on 5. Kobe finally played some team ball(don’t know why. I wanted 40 shots up from Kobe yesterday), but I scroll thru 100+ posts and dudes postin like Pau Gasol dominated this postseason. 12 points. 9 boards. on 42% from the field.(Girlfriend???That was the issue…I’m leavin it alone, PG)) Pau did hold Dirk to 80% shooting…from the FIELD……PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN.
    It was obvious to me after game 2 that we were in trouble when Fish is our 3rd best player, Bynum #2 and Kobe at the top spot. Two close games came down to bad fouls by Pau in game 1, then Fish in game 3, the other 2 were just disgusting.
    Haters sayin Lakers gotta blow it up. Be careful what you wish for. We need to upgrade the point, the 3 spot and the bench, that ain’t blowin up…

    I ain’t mad at Bynum or Lamar. Losin your head like that makes you look weak, and Bynum was killin anyone the Mavs put on him so I don’t get that. It’s pretty obvious that Roy’s HUGE comeback vs the Mavs made sure that Carlisle wasn’t takin his foot off the gas even up 30 with 10 to go. either way, Drew needed to keep his head.

    Props to Dirk for hall of famin us to death; JKidd, Tyson and Jet reppin the westcoast(No, Deshawn, no love for you out here). Hope they can keep it up cuz I hate Boston and Miami more than any other franchise in any sport. I’ll be real tho. Big fuck yous to Peja, the Knicks and Deshawn(Peja for bitchin his way outta New Orleans like he was done, then miraculously recoverin in dallas to kill my squad; the Knicks for releasin Corey Brewer ‘cuz they couldn’t use him’ so he comes in and saves Dallas in a game; then Stevenson for just bein a bitch , bankin 3s then actin like he Ray or Reggie.

    Bad loss for my Lakers but that just means Dr. Buss is already of Kupchak’s ass to address those issues. Guess goin for 4 straight finals appearances is a mutha; 100+ games a year for the last 3 seasons wore us down.
    Get back on it next year.
    I’ll let B. Shaw wrap it up:

    Shaw heard the Lakers fans booing Wednesday night, even hearing one fan say, “I want my money back.”

    He understood their sentiment, knowing that Lakers fans and management are all about winning championships.

    “If [players] like the palm trees, the sunny weather and the pretty women in L.A. and the other stuff that comes along with it, if you want to keep it, then you better come with it,” Shaw said. “If you don’t, there are a whole bunch of other guys that would love to be in this position. And this organization is not going to sit around and wait.”


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Wrong. I don’t question Kobe’s work ethic or competitiveness. I question the fairy tale that Kobe is some fire-breathing dragon who NEVER takes a day off and NEVER relents in his “will to win.” I question the fairy tale that he’s some 21st century Spock who NEVER loses focus and NEVER cracks under pressure. I question the superhero that Kobe Bryant has been turned into, when I know he’s just a human being who is prone to sometimes giving up, and sometimes taking his foot off the pedal.

    And you know that the only reason Kobe never left LA for greener pastures is that he never had to. He, like Magic and Bird, walked into a great situation. And, like Jordan, throughout his career, with the exception of a year or two here or there, his franchise always made sure he had a championship-caliber group of teammates. Had Kobe been saddled with LeBron’s level of support in Cleveland or D-Wade’s level of support in Miami from 2008-2010, Kobe would have explored his free agency options as well. And if he’d seen a chance to build a championship-caliber team alongside 1 or 2 other great players, he would have taken it.

    And I say that BECAUSE I respect Kobe’s work ethic and his competitiveness, and I know he wants to be put in the best position to win because he works so hard at it.

  • north

    @ Chicagorilla

    You rip on me for saying the truth about Rose and then go on whining like a child about Kobe… please. You lost your cred even if you do “coach ball” and have “games just like the Mav’s and Lakers” (which no one believes). You’re a punter.

    Kobe, just like MJ knows it takes 5… he didn’t have that this post season. I wonder if any part of him would trade a ring to play with Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon in the dark side of LA?

  • CLAW

    @AB: You say people act like Kobe is above Lebron, but he isn’t as “Kobe will absolutely ask LA to bring in somebody. He’s done it before.” I’m sorry I might have missed something did Lebron ask for somebody or did he just leave IN HIS PRIME???

    Kobe said he would leave as that was his only leverage and it worked, Lebron didn’t ask he just left. Kobe is above Lebron. Kobe is the best player in this current generation and is on the downside of his career and does need help but he’ll bring it to LA not leave. I don’t like Kobe but have to respect the player though I do hate when people try to compare him to MJ, that is just nonsense.

    @control: If Sterling wasn’t there you’d have to say the Clips but that dude will mess it up somehow, he’s an idiot and will trade off somebody to lower payroll.

    Did like Phil Jackson quote when Rick Carlisle said he would get tired of hanging out in Montanta and smoking peyote. Phil Jackson said, “First thing is, you don’t smoke peyote” Straight up G.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — “Anyways, stepped out to the club last night with the 50/50 Magic/Kobe jersey last night. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. Haters had a LOT to say but ain’t nuthin new. ’04 vs Detroit, ’08 vs Boston, ’11 vs Dallas. We crash hard sometimes.”

    Hold up … you wore a jersey to the club?

  • That’s What’s Up

    @120 – I was thinking the same thing…

  • K Dizzle


    “This isnt a 27 in his prime Kobe bolting LA to team up with another top 3 player..”

    On point. I love when Austin plays stupid. Whatever Kobe does now can’t ever compare to LBJ, Flash and CB plottin in ’08 to ALL TAKE 3 YEAR DEALS and team up in Miami.

    @ Austin
    If Shaq had left, then Kobe in his prime calls up Steve Nash and Tim Duncan and said, “screw your own team, come play with me in LA”, then you can talk. Your hypothetical hate is gettin weak. “If’ Kobe this or “If” Kobe that..
    How bout 7 finals appearances and 5 chips to show for it?
    How about that?
    NOBODY wins on their own so please cut the Kobe shit.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — First off, no player should ever have to ask for help. It’s the job of the GM/front office to recognize what they have and realize whether it’s a championship-caliber roster or not. Kobe, LeBron, Dwight, Nash, whoever … they should never have to ask for help because their franchises should already be working to get them help. If the Kings continue to make the Lottery for the next 5 years and then Tyreke Evans leaves as a free agent, they can’t say, “Oh, well you never ASKED for help. Why are you leaving? We didn’t know you needed help.”

    That said, I think that if Kobe were a free agent this summer he would explore his options. Since he’s not, his version of “pulling a LeBron” would have to be asking for help. Maybe LeBron was asking for help in Cleveland in the years before he became a free agent; maybe not. Maybe he thought it disrespectful to do so publicly, or maybe he tried to make things work with what he had around him.

    Kobe and LeBron were raised in different situations. Kobe walked onto a team with a prime Shaq, won championships early, and soon after Shaq left, he got another championship-caliber roster built around him. LeBron, meanwhile, walked onto a bad team and played 7 years without another star on the level of 96-04 Shaq or even 08-11 Pau Gasol. He stuck around at times when he could have left (remember, he signed extensions to stay in Cleveland), then finally left in 2010 when it became clear the Cavs couldn’t support him the same way LA supports Kobe.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — I KNOW that nobody wins on their own. That’s what I’ve been saying from the moment people started bashing LeBron, Wade and Bosh for teaming up. And that’s what I’ve been saying from the moment people started holding up Kobe, Magic, Jordan, etc., for winning “on their own.” Again, I’m not bashing Kobe, so you don’t have to defend him. I’m talking about the people who act like Kobe is above the idea of playing with other superstars.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ You wore a jersey to the club???

    Honestly it was pride night..

    I wore my Lakers jersey out on the softball field last night..

    We ENJOY it lol

    Right on for reppin KDizz bruh..

  • LakeShow84

    @ KDizz and AB

    Seriously tho what Lebron, Wade and Bosh PLOTTED was downright WEAK..

    And no one has done it before them and i doubt anyone will do it on that level after them..

    There is no defending it AB.. Like Dizz pointed out.. they plotted that shit damn near 4 years earlier..

  • LakeShow84

    And ALSO

    Let me say this

    Cleveland did WAY MORE for Lebron than LA did for Kobe.. couldve been pressure, couldve been they actually wanted too but at after Lebron first 2-3 years there was a CONSTANT revolving door on that team trying to get the right pieces..

    Look at how many players they went through trying to get the right mix.. Shit Hughes was a joke but he wasnt no joke the year before and CLE went after him and cashed him out..

    They went through so many players while all we did for our first chip post Shaq was resign Fish and trade for Gasol.. THATS IT.. Oh and my bad throw in Ariza..

    Farmar, Walton, Bynum, Vujacic were all drafted by us and were all playing for peanuts..

    CLE went through free agency, trades and would pick up foo’s off of waiver wires just trying to keep Lebron and his dumb ass “he doesnt have enough” PR team happy..

    Dont gimme LA did more Kobe than CLE did for Lebron.. And i dont blame CLE they know their position.. the scenic route is much different in CLE than LA lol

  • control


    “Cleveland did WAY MORE for Lebron than LA did for Kobe.. couldve been pressure, couldve been they actually wanted too but at after Lebron first 2-3 years there was a CONSTANT revolving door on that team trying to get the right pieces..” I got to disagree with that big time. It’s all in the results, LeBron’s teams were SHIT. Like I was saying at the beginning of the season (and people were saying I was fucked in the head), Clev would win less than 20 games without LeBron. What did they do? Win less than 20 games…you know why? They fucked sucked without LeBron.

    LeBron made his teammates better, even clowns like Anderson Valgina, who shouldn’t even be in the league, are cashing out some big time cheques because of LeBron. Kobe isn’t that type of star, he doesn’t make teammates better (unless he’s death staring them or bitching at them to do better, which is usually pass him the ball).

    Bottomline is, LA gave Kobe championships. Cleveland gave LeBron the ex-gf treatment.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — And what’s wrong with players plotting to play together? It’s OK for GM’s to dictate how and when players change teams, but players can’t do it themselves? You don’t think the Lakers are “plotting” to trade for Dwight Howard right now? You don’t think certain free agents are “plotting” to sign with certain teams this summer?

    We see high school players “plotting” to play together in college months/years in advance, and nobody seems to have a problem with it. (In fact, most college fans WANT their recruits to recruit each other.) We hear of NBA players asking GMs to trade for certain guys (also a “plot”) and it’s OK. Didn’t we hear about KG and Pierce and those guys telling Shaq they wanted him in Boston? Didn’t Kobe tell Barnes he wanted him in LA?

    Unless your argument is that LeBron, Wade and/or Bosh didn’t try to win while under contract with their teams prior to Summer 2010, I don’t see your point.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I’m not saying Cleveland didn’t try to put the right pieces around LeBron, they just weren’t good at identifying those pieces. And that’s what makes the difference between a good front office (Lakers) and a bad one (Cavaliers).

    And let’s not discount the importance of coaching. Would anybody even begin to put Mike Brown on the same level with Phil Jackson, Popovich or even Doc Rivers? Great players win championships when they have a great team AND a great coach. LeBron had neither in Cleveland.

  • First & Foremost

    I hate the arguement of TEAM A would be shit without Player Z. [Even though I use it myself] If the team is built around player Z and player Z leaves. Of course the team is some trash.

    The Matrix without Neo would be some trash. Star Wars without Darth Vader would be trash. T-pain [with or] without autotune is some trash. Back to the Future without the Dolorian is just two white guys in a parking lot.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Control

    missin badly lately
    Kobe gave LA championships, not the other way around.
    What did Lebron give Cleveland?
    The same shit Mike gave Chicago in his first 6 seasons.
    Then he quit. How do you seriously keep callin a franchise that won 122 games over 2 seasons SHIT?
    Why do you keep sayin how Cleveland sucks without Lebron when Cleveland lost Lebron, SHAQ, BIG Z, DELONTE AND then JAMISON, VAREJAO, GIBSON AND MO missed huges portions of the season with injury?
    If Cleveland had “just lost Lebron” and everyting else stayed the same plus the upgrade of Byron over Brown, they’re in the playoffs over Indy. Point blank.

    @ Austin – u reachin so hard right now, it hurts.
    You keep glossin over the fact that 3 FRANCHISE PLAYERS, in THEIR PRIME, made plans to join up in Miami.
    So what does that say for their mindstates towards their franchises? How can Lebron and Bosh say they were goin all out in Cleveland and Toronto when they planned to leave for Miami in ’08(anybody sayin otherwise is smokin)
    Go back and watch the tapes of that summer bs those 3 fed the fans. Bosh actin like he didn’t know where he or Lebron were goin. Lebron pretendin to get Bosh to Cleveland, then goin on tv actin like he actually didn’t know where the “Decision” would take him. D Wade takin the bs visit to the Chi so it would look like they were actually considerin goin home.
    Their arrogance offends me.
    The high school, college argument is weak. The “Oh, I’d love to play with Dwight or CP3″ argument is weak. Every player says that. Everybody wants to play with JKidd, Nash, Paul, DWill, Dwight, Durant etc. Don’t mean it ever happens cuz it never has.
    Who cares where kids wanna go to college? So now, you justifyin what those 3 did cuz 17-18 year olds wanna play together?
    KG and Pierce askin Shaq(at 39) ain’t even close. If Shaq had left Orlando at age 24 and called up KG and Pierce to all come to LA, then you might have a case.
    Had Tim Duncan left San Antonio and taken the Magic’s 100 million dollar offer in 2000 to go play with TMac and Grant Hill, you’d have a comparison.
    What you fail to understand is how weak James and ESPECIALLY Bosh look by leaving cuz they “couldn’t handle it”.
    Guess what? Mike got whooped his first 6 seasons too and he never called up Ewing and Barkley to play together. As for Bosh, he’s been such a shell of the player he coulda been had he taken on more responsiblity that it’s damn near sad. 4th option behind Flash, LBJ and whoever’s hot that day? Weak.

    Im not even gonna get into that joke on the stage predictin 6, 7, 8 championships…

  • Ian

    you are kidding right?? kobe plays in la how hard is it to bring in free agents compared to cleveland?? kobe wouldnt last 2 season in cleveland with those teammates and bron gave them 7. “best player this generation” i doubt it no one would start a team with kobe over td and shaq.

  • LakeShow84

    @ Control

    Bruh you ALWAYS saying CLE lost JUST Lebron James..

    Look at all the other pieces who are out there that they lost.. Delonte playing SOLID right now in Boston..

    Shaq’s looked better but last year he was in his Phoenix training staff shape..

    I mean…… its pointless lol

    @ AB

    People need to get off Mike Brown seriously.. i hate to quote the panic attack Stan Van but you dont win 60 games in back to back seasons with a shitty coach.. and Mike Brown is a solid defensive coach.. studied under one of the best ever..

    Just another example of a person in basketball takin the fall because Lebron couldnt get over the hump..

  • K Dizzle

    @ Ian – based on career accomplishments, yeah.
    Kobe over Duncan and Shaq…and when it’s all said and done, Kobe will only be pullin further away from both of them…

    And I don’t know why dudes keep sayin Kobe wouldn’t have made it in Cleveland. There’s no way to predict that.
    Cleveland messed up with Lebron because they didn’t know where to play him. He played point guard his first year, then they put him at the 2, then by the time they figured out he’s a bigger Scottie Pippen type point-forward, they’d lost 2 seasons.
    Kobe is the prototypical 2guard. U’re not bringin Larry Hughes over. It’s easy to build around him. If kobe’s in Cleveland, in his prime, they need bigs and a pass first, make open js point guard.
    We’ll never know either way, but it’s not like players can’t flourish in any city in the league….Ask Tim Duncan

  • Ian

    what career accomplishments over td he has?? one more title?? td has more overall mvps.
    again would you start a team with kobe over td and shaq?? HELL NO

  • Ian

    but i loved the answer “based on career accomplishments yes”

  • LakeShow84

    @ Ian

    Id take Kobe over Shaq and it aint even a question..

    You say otherwise???????

    Duncan is a toss up because hes a big and if you got a HOF big you should usually take him..

  • LakeShow84

    And for the record..

    Kobe Bryant is the player of this generation..

    And i know some of you despise to admit it but just think about this..

    If you hate the man..

    You’ve hated him for close to 15 years now lol thats a long F’in time..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — I’m not glossing over anything. I know LeBron, Wade and Bosh mutually decided to play together, but whether it happened in 2008 or 2010, I don’t have a problem with it.

    If you’re saying that LeBron and Bosh were mentally checked out as far back as 2008 because they knew they were leaving Cleveland/Toronto, then you’re also saying LeBron is SO good that he can rip off two MVP seasons, lead two teams to 60-plus wins, and re-write Cleveland’s record books even when he’s not trying his hardest. You’re also saying Bosh is SO good that he can put up All-Star/All-NBA numbers and carry a bad/mediocre Raptors team even when he’s not trying his hardest. And you’re saying Wade is SO good that he can be a top MVP candidate in 2009 and 2010 even though he knew he just needed to preserve his body and wait for LBJ and Bosh to show up. You watched the 2008-2010 seasons. Did it look like those three were mailing it in? Go ahead and pick out a bad game here or there, but overall?

    The HS/college argument is valid because Wade, Bosh and LeBron are all products of an environment where elite basketball players across the country build friendships and see the benefits of play on “super teams” going back to when they’re 12 years old (and younger). So when they’re 27 or 28 years old, it doesn’t seem at all “wrong” to play with other elite players who are also their friends.

    If you interviewed for a job at a company where some of your good friends worked, are you gonna turn down the job simply because you want to work “on your own” somewhere else? Especially if those friends/co-workers are good at what they do and can make your company more successful than your previous work experience, why turn that down?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Reggie Miller just said Garnett “might be” Boston’s best low-post scorer. Stepping out on a limb, I see.

  • First & Foremost

    @ Lakeshow – Look at Shaq’s good years… the first 15. You’d take an above average scorer over a player who could dominate the paint? Remember, when the pressure builds the rims get a little tighter, shots get short armed, and a scorer can just go cold. You’d need someone there to catch airballs and clean up down low.

    He’s only the player of this generation because he was easier to market than TD. He did a Buick commercial in which he said nothing.

  • Mavs All The Way

    That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

  • CLAW

    @Ian – R U Serious? Shaq and TD better than Kobe? I’m a Kobe hater and TD is one of my favorite players but get real, that’s just ridiculous.

    @AB- Yeah your High School argument is whacked and doesn’t make sense.

    Lebron played in Ctown, you don’t have to live there to play there, and the Cavs brought in guys LEbron WANTED. That might have been their first mistake catering to Lebron’s wishes.

  • Ian

    u gotta go with shaq hes a hof big like u said.

    if thats ridiculous i think we are done arguing about this.

  • CLAW

    @Ian – So Phil Jackson sucks as a coach since he’s only won one Coach of the Year award? Stupid argument.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — Doesn’t matter what players LeBron wanted. If you’re an NBA GM and you’re sitting in front of the owner trying to save your job, your argument cannot be, “But I brought in the guys that (All-Star X) wanted!” YOUR job is to identify and acquire the players who will fit best with the team; the players’ job is to play. The Cavs could have brought in 11 guys that LeBron hates, but if they won a championship together I’m sure he’d learn to like them.

    As far as the HS/college argument, I don’t see what part is off. When big-time HS players are deciding which college to sign with, they often talk to their other big-time HS playing friends (as well as current college players they know) and make decisions based on where their friends are going. No different than pro free agents talking to each other (and talking to guys already signed to teams) and deciding where they want to play. The only reason it stood out in 2010 was that there had never been so many superstars on the free agent market at the same time.

  • CLAW

    @AB – You are now comparing McD workers to NBA players? How about this, the main Mayo clinic is in Minnesota that houses some of the best doctors in the world. Would a doctor go to cold Minny to learn under some of the greatest doctors or join a practice in Caly or Florida?

    Why do you think those doctors are there?

  • Ian

    “So Phil Jackson sucks as a coach since he’s only won one Coach of the Year award?”
    hahahaha claw please make some sense where did i post that kobe sucks??

    good thing MY argument is the one thats stupid. you the best bro.

  • control

    All I got to say is: fuck yea!

  • QQ

    Do I really see a Lebron nut-licker hatin’ on Kobe???

    And a BASKETBALL WRITER, at that?

    DAMN. It is BIZZARO WORLD after all.

    Yeah, AB, you could yap all bout Floyd. You’re an apologist. The one that make excuses for all athletes that he feels deserves to be defended.

    Let’s just wait for the Manny-Floyd fight.

    Oh wait. That would probably won’t happen cause Floyd YAPS THEN MAKES EXCUSES…. Just like you! What a coincidence!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — What makes you think Manny would beat Floyd?

  • QQ

    He’s the best in the world. Question answered. That’s it.

    The fight would supposed to happen.

    But what did Floyd do?

    Duck, of course.

    ‘Do the test within 30 days, that’s how we do it Olympic style’

    Although irked, Manny said yes.

    ‘Fuck that, do it less than that’

    Manny said 14 days.

    ‘Fuck that, do it less than that. 14 days or at the day of the fight’.


    If you don’t call that excuses, I don’t know what that is.

    ANd seriously, Austin. I just posted this so other cats would judge this for themselves.

    We all know who you are.

    You’re an apologist.


    LOL. ‘FLOYD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!’

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    When Kobe was caught up in that “situation” in Colorado, instead of taking his beating like a man he cried “Shaq did too”. Now the Kobe-led Lakers go out like certified punks against Mavericks. What more would you expect >> http://clicky.me/5GTS