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LeBron And Wade Take Turns Beating On The Reeling Celtics

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

We think we should remind everyone: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade play on the same team. They play on the same team. On a night where Boston was playing for more than just a split, they fought the way we knew they would. But it wasn’t enough. You could feel the tension all night. It felt like Boston was teetering on the brink, one run away from a complete breakdown. Wade (28 points, eight rebounds) in the first half and then LeBron (35 points) in the second helped finally end it, James being the catalyst for a huge fourth-quarter run in the Heat’s 102-91 Game 2 win. Tied at 80 midway through the fourth, a Mario Chalmers three-pointer began a 14-0 Miami spurt. While Big Baby was missing layups, LeBron was hitting impossible shots. Boston didn’t score again until it was already over … The Cs had a great first quarter. The bench was producing, Boston was making the extra pass and they were working the Heat on defense. Despite all that, the Heat were still up one. Miami just recovers so quickly on defense. Doc Rivers called them the “Deion Sanders Defense.” You might think you’re open, but you never really are. The Celtics couldn’t find any openings … Near the end of the half, Wade got an outlet pass and was ready to pull up for a three. But then he noticed Garnett was the only one back and two-stepped KG towards vacation. It was so bad that Garnett did a 360. Moments later, Wade sized Ray Allen up and used a crossover to put the three-point king on his face while wetting the three. Boston probably felt like Raymond from White Men Can’t Jump, so embarrassed that they wanted to go grab their gun … After Wade dominated the first half, LeBron stepped up in the third, scoring 10-straight points during a crucial point when Boston made a run … Paul Pierce had to go into the locker room in the first quarter with a foot injury, and then Ray Allen did the same in the third after colliding with LeBron. Then you have Rajon Rondo (20 points, 12 assists) sprawled out on the sidelines stretching his back. Shaq doesn’t ever leave the trainer’s room. Before you know it, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be sponsoring the Celtics. What’s next? Doc Rivers blows out his windpipe and Lawrence Frank has to take over? … We nearly spat out our dinner when Craig Sager made his debut last night. He looked like Malibu’s Most Wanted with that yellow jacket. Or a toucan …

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  • McSimon

    You gotta ask yourself…who’s Lebron’s mom rooting for in this series?

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    Damn, Wade made Ray and KG look downright foolish.

    And low blow, McSimon. Funny though.

  • pipdaddyy

    “Zach Randolph (15 points, nine rebounds) didn’t dominate the mosh pit.” Slight understatement there, after going 2 for 13 from the field.

    I cannot wait for the commenters moodswings, who will now claim Z-Bo is useless after a down game. Fact is Memphis is overachieving right now, they are not a bad team, but should not be a contender, they simply had a good matchup for them in the first round.

  • Soopa

    Damn. It hurts me to admit it but Miami is really good. Really, really good. Boston needs a to sweep home court and steal one in Miami, because i dont think they can win two down there.

    Its pretty clear when watching Miami-Boston that those are the two best teams in the league right now. I know boston isnt clicking, but still… Its a shame they had to meet so early.

  • silkysmoke

    Nice comment re: D.Rose’s acceptance speech.

  • yoda

    i haven’t had chance to watch boston-miami game so can someone tell me, did they had to use wheelchair when paula pierce left game in first quarter? seen some highlights on sportcenter, too bad z-bo didn’t removed that ugly mug of perk’s. its about time for someone to hit him hard. at least he would have a reason to make those faces

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    … We nearly spat out our dinner when Craig Sager made his debut last night. He looked like Malibu’s Most Wanted with that yellow jacket. Or a toucan. —

    hahahaha – nice to get a good laugh before bed. that guy is an idiot.

  • That’s What’s Up

    McSimon… got any jokes from 2011?

  • That’s What’s Up

    David Stern has already ordered the Code Red

    lakers shoot 40-50 free throws tonight and there is no way they’ll be allowed to lose

  • john

    The Heat it’s on baby !!! the scary part ? Miami will sign Dalembert next year, and them, you can add Haslem and a healthy Mike Miller, thats the team that will win like 8 in a row ,,,

  • Citizen B.

    Where is the highlight of LeBron spinning around a falling Rondo. Also Lebron blocking KG straight up. I know you guys hate the guy but come on!

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    First off that shit on KG was a freaking carry. No way around it.Doesn’t explain how he still got done dirty because KG still had all the time in the world to recover lol.That cross on Ray was stright up filthy.It’s looking obvious that boston is outclassed in this matchup.

    And what’s up with cats hating on the lakers like we been talking shit.We got our asses handed to us plain and simple.We gave props to the Mavs and we still get shit.Quit the hating already.That’s why they play.Nothing’s set in stone.Just enjoy the playoffs already.SMH

    Sager’s suit was fugly.I don’t know what psychadelics he’s on before he leaves the crib but damn!I had a flashback of Rio(the movie) for real lol.

    Lakers in 6.I’m caling it,and this time,let’s talk shit AFTER the series.

  • DNice

    No mention of the Lebron spin of Rondo and dunk?! After Rondo crashed to the ground he got up like “WTF just happened??”

  • Reno

    @smoove…. A carry!?! He he spun KG around with a side (euro) step.

  • sh!tfaced

    Miami talkin like they already won it. Wish these mofo douchebags lose the series so we’ll hear them talk the same bullshit “us against the world all over again”.

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    @ Reno
    Got no problem with the euro-step;perfectly legit.A few seconds before that on the hesitation it looked like he had his palm under the ball,then proceeded the one dribble,then the crosssover IMO.

    You can also compare to his hand position as he crosses ray allen.Unmistably the ball is under his palm.Just saying.Either way,wouldn’t have made a difference.Miami was cooking boston.

    Also,kinda late but big up to that navy seal team that murked that POS Osama !

  • Sporty-j

    This is the stuff that pisses me off. You people talked all that smack during the regular season and now nobody wants to give us any competion now that the playoffs have started…


    As Doc Rivers will be inclined to say in the next couple of weeks. Our starting 5 still hasn’t lost a series. Or for that matter even played a full series.

    Now time for the “If” game. If Boston finished 2nd I’m not sure MIA would have beat NY.

    Right now, they are playing the best basketball. Rose & Co. would put up a fight but I don’t see them beating Miami even if the Hawks ALLOW them to win this series.

    Injuries is the name of the game.

    I’m out like Shaq vs. as a legit offseason training method.

  • doc

    Miami turned it up for Beantown.But they have to win on the road to stop any hope.Gotta kill

  • top_gun

    What’s with the Celtics defense? They let LeBron take two straight wide open 3’s.So much attention has been put on Wade after halftime that LeBron just took over. Miami would’ve really been scary had they signed Amare instead of Bosh.

  • QQ

    Now, now, I gotta AGAIN give props to Bron and Miami for ballin’ out there. Seeing Bron in the past years, I just about expected him to falter before the Celtics, but they be ballin this year.

    And that D Rose acceptance speech… As the TNT crew said, WELL DESERVED AND WELL RECEIVED. D-Rose is a class act that also happens to be the illest baller in the world. Seeing a kid THIS good but as humble as that, that’s unbelievable. PROPS TO THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, DERRICK ROSE.

  • celticssuck

    Miami all the way! Boston has no chance at all at winning and we done been saying all year that no one could touch our squad. We are the best, and we are going to bring the championship back to south beach along with LeDouches talents!


    HAHAHA @ Code Red

    Goddamn right there ain’t no way the Lakers are gonna lose today.

    The way the officiating is, it’s clear as crystal meth that Stern wants a Heat-Lakers finals.

    The NBA caters to the bandwagon douchebags and not to real basketball fans.

    So glad the giant killers, the Hawks, Griz, Mavs (and hopefully the C’s) are still out there fighting.

  • C’mon man

    @ F&F

    Not sure if Miami would beat NY? Seriously?

  • JAY

    I’m a Lebron hater… but damn those Heat are playing well. They’re on the same page. Good things happen when Wade sets the tone.

    Joel Anthony is too much. Without him, they don’t win last night’s game.

  • CLAW

    So let me get this straight, Miami wins 2 games at home and protects homecourt LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO and now they have won a championship???

    LBJ did play great, and KG looked lost and how does he shoot 20 times and not get a FT? They were not aggressive and need to step it up in Boston to protect their court and make it a 3 game series.

    What was up with DWade hatin on Rose for getting MVP, talking about the Heat and him and Lebron should have warranted more votes. YOU PLAY ON THE SAME TEAM, lose Lebron are the Heat still in the playoffs and lose Wade can they make it? Its MVP not Best Player Awared.

  • CLAW

    Wade quote:

    “At the end of the day, we don’t really play this game for the individual awards,” Wade said. “LeBron has two MVP trophies, and I have a Finals MVP trophy, but our body of work speaks for itself. What we’ve done in this game speaks for itself. It just so happens that a lot of people like to throw guys in front of us, but that’s fine. We’re going to continue to be the guys that we are, the players that we are, and we’ll let them talk.”

    Alright why bring up you don’t play the game for individual awards and then immediately talk about your individual awards???? Who is talking? You are!

    Lebron rubbing off on Wade?

  • First & Foremost

    Lebron-Wade don’t care. Lebron-Wade don’t give a shit.

  • UncheckedAggression

    I love it when Wade says things that come off as arrogant and people want to blame Lebron.

  • Ian

    like i said miami in 5 easy

  • CLAW

    @F&F: If you don’t give a shit, then you don’t give a shit. That doesnt mean you tell everybody you don’t give a shit, which means you give a shit.

    @Unchecked: When Miami won the title do you remember at all Wade saying anything arrogant?

    Ainge is an idiot, how do you throw off your team chemistry in a trade because you don’t think you can sign Perkins NEXT YEAR. Dude was a terrible GM, his boy McHale hooked him up or he’d been gone long ago.

  • CLAW

    @Ian: Don’t worry “Shaq” will be back! Didn’t know it took a full season to recover from hamstring?

  • Big Island

    I agree with CLAW that Wade does give a shit about the individual awards, but I disagree that Lebron is rubbing off on him. If you don’t give a crap about something you don’t even bring it up. I only saw the quote here, but assuming he said it, he gives a shit. Say what you want about Kobe, and I do because he’s a fag, but he doesn’t bring up his individual stuff. I don’t hate Wade as much as Kobe though.

    Most hated:
    Pierce – Garbage. Swears he’s better than he is. And wheelchair.
    Kobe – Because.
    KG – Used to like him, fake thug now.
    Wade – Dropped a spot because he didn’t quit last year when the Heat were getting whacked and his ex is a psycho. But he banged Star Jones so he’s never getting off of the list.
    Dirk – Just kidding. I have a picture of him next to my bed that I kiss every night before I go to sleep.

  • Big Island

    CLAW is wrong on the Ainge thing too. He hasn’t been bad since he took over. I hate the guy, but you have to ship a guy out if you can’t sign him next year. Toronto didn’t ship Bosh, got nothing. Denver got guys for Carmelo. Boston got something for Perkins. You have to do it unless you just say screw you to the player which Cleveland should’ve done to Lebron.

    I think I defended Danny Ainge. FML

  • First & Foremost

    LOL my bad claw. While you are venting how about you Youtube – Honey Badger (Randall). It will all make sense after you see it.

    Apologies accepted here and here

  • CLAW

    @Big Island: I disagree, you have a small window to win a championship and in that timeframe you try to do whatever you can to make the team better not take away parts.

    This is Perkins we are talking about not Bosh or Melo. I don’t hate on the Suns for not trading Amare and making a run in to the Western Finals last year. Why get rid of Bron when at the time there was no indication he was leaving. Ctown didn’t know Delonte was going to be banging his mom.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    To be fair to Ainge, the Celtics had the best record in the East up to that point in the season without Perkins, and they were a few minutes away from winnimg Game 7 of the Finals without Perk. So I can see where he’d think.Perk was expendable, plus Jeff Green is a guy who can theoretically help you better defend LeBron and Melo in the East.

  • Sporty-j

    @FLAW Dont you have some diapers to change or something. How are you suppose to be a good stay at home dad when Mrs.FLAW is at work if you keep trying to come on dimes and include yourself in real hard working men conversations? Since you insist, of course Wade should be pissed. Wade should have won MVP 2yrs ago. Thats ok though because I love it when Wade is pissed and has something to prove and the Bulls will suffer for it in the 3rd round with a clean sweep after we win the 1st 2 in chi-town, the windy city or whatever the hell they call it these days. I forgot that Lebron will be pissed to. Hopefully all these Bulls fans that came out of nowhere will dissapear after we sweep them and they bet there house. I forgot they have to get pass the HAWKS first lol…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    And as far as team chemistry, maybe Ainge thought he had a veteran group who could handle “the business” part of the game and keep it together.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Claw-I’m just sayin’ that you sure as hell aren’t giving Wade much credit here. I think he’s a stronger dude than that. Just being around Lebron more shouldn’t change Wade like that. He’s not 12 years old.

  • Big Island

    CLAW – yeah, I see what you are saying, and they did that bringing in KG and Ray Allen. And they got a ring, almost got another, and have been on most guys short list of teams who can win it. They figured Shaq would hold up and be in the playoffs, they have the other Oneal, and really it revolves around KG, Ray, Rondo, Pierce (I just threw up a little) with center X. The wheels are going to fall off pretty quick, same for the Lakers, and you need to get guys to have down the road. Perkins wasn’t in that picture in their minds.

    Say you’re out in your best outfit. If you had a 40% chance (Celtics chance of winning the championship with Perk -being generous) of banging your favorite actress, but if you fail to bang her you won’t get laid for the next 5 years. Or you can change your shoes to something less pimp and have a 20% chance of banging her, and if you don’t you’ll still get some for the next 5 years and maybe you get another crack at her, what would you do? That’s right, change those damn shoes.

  • CLAW

    @AB:They didn’t win the title and not having Perkins was a big part of why they didn’t, Gasol went off. Comparing a wing to a post guy? What you look at is the value drop off. I lose Perkins I have Big Baby, that’s a big difference mostly on D (No disrespect Glen on the big comment).

    I have Jeff Green a BENCH guy, he doesn’t even replace a starter and averages what 15 minutes?

    @Unchecked- I think you are right, but Lebron and Wade’s comments are like women, its like their periods are now on the same cycle.

    Damn Sporty Spice dogging me out, you writing between supersizing meals? Feeling good now but we shall see how it goes in Boston. If they can make it a 3 game series things will get interesting.

    @Big Island – LMFAO at your shoe analogy

  • CLAW

    @Sporty Spice – I have more letters in the acronyms AFTER my name then you have IN your name. SVP CPA EMBA so 9 which beats Sporty-J but is less than Sporty Spice.

    And yes Associate Cashier does have more letters but would not be considered an acronym.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Sporty J
    your class is why we all respect Heat fans…

    So, lemme get this straight: Ainge traded Perkins cuz he felt they were good enugh with Shaq, JO and Krstic…
    Now, it’s round 2, I ain’t seen a single offensive move from JO, Krstic been awol, and Shaq has a “sore calf”
    You think Kobe would sit out with a “sore calf”?
    Weak….Maybe 4 days off will help dude man up…

  • Sporty-j

    Im just tired of hearing about how Kevin Durant is such a sweetheart and how Derrick Rose helps feed the homeless on the weekend. But those guys in Miami! All they care about is dancing on stage and talking about how many champions they plan on winning together. And that guy Lebron is starting to be a bad influence on Wade and should be hung ona cross. We are going to keep partying down here till 6 in the morning with our middle fingers inthe air for the world to see. We also will be dancing with the trophy on “stage” for the haters to see in June. And if anybody got a problem with it. You can come say hello to my little friend. The world is a much better and safer place now that order is restored in the NBA and now Obama got Osama. God bless Americas new team, the Miami Heat. Navy seal team 6, #6 3 & 1 for the Miami Heat, and the guy that made sure Osama took his talents to hell. Im out like Osama…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — They didn’t win Game 7, but it’s not like they were blown out. And with the way San Antonio was playing around the trade deadline 2011, why would Boston assume that they’d definitely be facing the Lakers to win another title?

    My point is that given the likelihood that Boston couldn’t re-sign Perkins, that they had (to an extent) proven they could win (best record in the East) without Perkins, and that Green addressed a more pressing need (defending the wing; which they’d have to do before even thinking about LA) I don’t think the trade was that bad on paper.

    Now what Ainge didn’t account for was that his players would emotionally be affected by the trade, but again, with a group of veterans you can reasonably assume they’ll be able to get over it.

  • CLAW

    You lose Kendrick that is your inside guy, does the D on the bigs and gets boards. You had NOTHING to cover that loss, depending on Shaq is a terrible plan. The Cs sucked after that trade, and for that to happen to a contender and anything to throw off chemistry was a bad move.

    I’m not a Cs fan but I couldn’t believe that trade when it went down.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    So if Perkins was so invaluable, how were the C’s able to put together the best record in the East while he was out injured? How were they able to come within 2-3 minutes of winning Game 7 in 2010? All I’m saying is that the team played well enough without Perkins to give Ainge reason to believe they wouldn’t fall apart were he traded.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Austin – There’s a difference between thinkin your boy is injured and comin back and KNOWIN he’s gone. You said yourself, they put together the best record in the east WHILE:
    1) Rose was carrying Chicage without Boozer and Noah.
    2) Bron, Wade and Bosh were still strugglin to develop chemistry.
    3) Melo n Billups were still in Denver
    How did Boston’s season end?
    Did Ainge even check with anybody before he pulled the trade? Doc was cryin. That ain’t a good sign. Rondo’s game fell thru the floor. Even the vets were affected. They know where the window is and how fast it’s closin. As a Laker fan, I don’t know if we win game 7 last year if KP plays. Celtics definitely played different when dude was out there.
    I think Ainge messed up. How you pay Jermaine 6 mil? Even Sheed’s 6.5 mil comes off the books after next season.
    Seems like a panic, rushed move…
    Everybody loved Perkins to OKC for that squad. You even hear anybody sayin the same for the Celts?

  • CLAW

    Perkins played for OKC 17 games, Boston in those last 17 games went 8-9, you think they missed him much?

    I’m sorry did they win Game 7 Last year? No, would they have won with him? The window between winning and losing is skinny, but I think a team with him playing would have done better than the Cs did without. Which doesn’t mean the Lakers couldn’t have stepped up their game more either its just that Perkins would have gave them a better chance to win.

    The Cs had the best record why F with it?