NBA, Video / May 12, 2011 / 10:00 am

LeBron James Apologizes for The Decision

After Miami took out the Celtics last night, potentially shuttering Boston’s “window” forever, LeBron was plaintive in the post-game press conference. In this clip he discusses his path to Miami, and although he doesn’t mention “The Decision” by name, ‘Bron apologizes for “the way it happened.”

<a href="http://video.msn.com?mkt=en-us&#038;brand=foxsports&#038;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:f0b2a7c2-b922-4d09-8182-4334514579e8&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_videosearch&#038;fg=RAMP" target="_new" title="LeBron apologizes for Decision">Video: LeBron apologizes for Decision</a>

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  • hahns


    its weird how as fans we feel like players owe US an apology…im not even from cleveland- but this actually makes me hate lebron a lot less.

  • QQ

    We haters should shut up bout Bron’s game right now. No one could spew hate on that man, he be ballin so far.

    But for Bron, as a human being, though…..


    PS: Brace for Austin ‘Ultimate Protector of Lebron’s Balls’ Burton in 3….. 2…… 1…..

  • QQ

    Just to be clear…. I hate the fact that he did it after everything has happened. ‘Karma’ tweet, defending the Decision, etc.

    Ok this makes me hate Bron less, but still. Come on now.

    Watching the Heat play though. I’ll give Bron a pass.

  • NYK

    i still don’t like him. i’ll be a mavs fan, grizz fan, thunder fan, bulls fan, whatever that can beat this team.

    did he really have to wait out 91 games to apologize? i mean, he really needs to evaluate his entourage and get rid of his buddies and hire a real PR team. they just make one boneheaded decision (no pun intended) after another.

  • Abe504

    Still don’t like him, but at least you manned up and finally apologized even though its hella late. But definetly better suited as not the franchise player and as a great secondary player, at least he realized that much.

  • Fresh

    I don’t know why people hate him in the first place !! All the greats did not win champs alone. MJ didn’t have to team up with nobody because they brought great players to him!!! Have you guys forgot abot pippen?! Anyhow labron will win more than one title in Mia and doesn’t matter how he did it Cleveland owes him for making that franchise relevant again and making them contenders !

  • control

    I really hate the “supernerd” look that Wade always rocks.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Still not rooting FOR him, but I appreciate the words.

    PS Wade’s eyes were bugging out of his head there – “daaaamn Bron’s really doing this right now?!”

  • Soopa

    Atleast hes being honest. Good for him hes moving on, everyone else should do the same.

    I agree with everyone else: On the basketball court right now, no one is touching LeBron. He is the baddest.

    Dare I say that the only reason Rose won the MVP this year was that if James would have gotten it, he should get it the next 10 years aswell. Thats just being honest. Check the stats and choose your MVP:

    27ppg, 7,5rebs, 7ass, 51%FG, 33%threes, 76%FT
    25ppg, 4,1rebs, 7,7ass, 45%FG, 33%threes, 86%FT

    The first one is LBJ

  • http://www.forumblueandgold.com smoove chips

    Still don’t like this cat but this move I can respect.Gotta thank him for one thing though.He made me truly feel how some people hate Kobe and the Lakers.They hate him and most can’t knock the game though.He just plain rubs me the wrong way.It is what it is.

    Same shit,will never find myself ever rooting for the Heat but Lebron’s game is ridiculous.I can admit that.

  • JAY

    What’s your point? The MVP isn’t always the player with the better numbers. Use your imagination for a sec… remove Rose and LBJ from their respective teams. Which team falls furher… Bulls or Heat?

    To prove my point even further…. Ben Wallace was in MVP conversations when the Pistons were making their Championship runs, and his stats outside of rebounding and blocks are terrible. I think he averaged like 7 points or something. It’s not all about numbers.

  • K Dizzle

    Shit, this is all I wanted to hear.

    Now, hypothetically speaking, could Cleveland have beat Boston this season if Bron, Delonte, Shaq and Z had stayed in Cleveland? They add Byron scott. Does Ainge still trade Perk? I think they had a better chance this year. Of course, D-Wade did get rid of Rondo so…


  • http://dimemag.com bullet380

    Personally, I feel like he doesn’t owe me an apology. I’m not a Cleveland fan, or a Lebron hater, but why do we as fans feel like players belong to us as individuals? He did what he felt was right for him and his family by moving to Miami. For the whole spectacle of “Decision”, hell I tuned in to watch like everyone else. At any point in time I could have turned the channel but didn’t. Everyone knows LBJ liked the spotlight before the “Decision”.

    People hating on him for being himself. Had the media, the fans, and everyone else not anointed him The Chosen One before he turned 18, maybe he’d be a little less humble. But he is who he is, and we should all accept him for it. Now let’s move on.

  • what_if?

    i think i read it somewhere in the comments from today’s smack… for this to even come out of his lips… means one thing… the whole shit’s been bothering him ever since

  • sh!tfaced

    still hate ‘em like hating a boyband. will rooting for any team but the damn heat. pls don’t let them win one… ever. lol

  • Brown

    He obviously wasn’t going to apologize until he had proof that he made the right decision. Beating Boston, something he couldn’t do in Cleveland, legitimized it. Having multiple options is something Cleveland didn’t have; it was all on Lebron. A great player can take a team to the finals, but great teams win championships.

  • Promoman

    @ K Dizzle

    It was a mental thing with Cleveland. LeBron won 2 MVPs, had the league’s best record at the same span of time, and had already been to the Finals. The talent was there to make some noise but the mentality wasn’t there. Bryon Scott is a better coach than Mike Brown and they’d have got drama free had LeBron stayed. It was his choice and his right to leave but he did it in a fucked up way. He had them fire Mike Brown & force out Danny Ferry while giving the impression that he was going to stay.

  • kyballer312

    OK…WE ALL HATE LEBRON (especially since he just eliminated my Celtics)…but what doies he OWE ANYBODY?…Cleveland was lucky to be able to draft him…if that team (Cleveland) was being built so well around him then why the hell did they suck so bad…are we asking the owner to apologize as well…he made some “bonehead” comments and remarks as well…I am not an LBJ fan but I believe any athlete if given the opportunity would rather play with another great player rather than have to do it all by themselves and not have a teammate that you have confidence in…I know I play better when I am playing with teammates i trust and know I can count on and I don’t have to do it all myself…Look at all the “modern-day” NBA champs and it was at least TWO guys on the team who would be future HOF’ers…so why not the progression to 3…My Celtics did it and now I believe that will be the ongoing trend…for athletes to sacrifice singular goals and to teamup with other great players…#jmo

  • Soopa

    @ JAY

    Sure I get that whole “best player on the best team”-thing. Doesnt mean that I agree with that person being the MVP of the league.

    My point is/was:
    LeBron at this stage is so good/dominating games in so many ways that people tend to take what he does for granted.

    If Durant (one of my favorite players fyi) puts up a 27/7/7 he would have played an excellent game and would be getting praises in every blog/media outlet – and thats what James averages!

    So through all the attention his ego and personality generates, good or bad, lets not forget that he is the best player in the NBA and will be just that for the next 5-7 years, at least, no matter who the MVP is.

  • top_gun

    LeBron James isn’t the MVP this year. He was in year’s past. This year he’s not the opponents main focus on defense on a nightly basis. Opposing teams have to cover Wade and Bosh. Rose on the other hand, is the point guard, runs a team that doesn’t have any great scorers or finishers, the team was riddled with injuries throughout the year and they still had the best record in the league. That’s why he’s MVP.

  • Soopa

    @ top_gun

    Thats why I changed my statement to “he is the best player in the NBA no matter who the MVP is”.

    I understand how the voting works and how you guys approach the award.

    Under the current MVP terms (best player on the team with the best record) of course Rose is MVP. If LeBron wasnt in the discussion Rose is also MVP.

    I my mind LeBron had a better season then Rose.

  • JAY

    Two things…
    Firstly, my point wasn’t that Rose is the best player on the best team. He’s simply the most valuable to his team. He makes them tick. Wade is just as capable of carrying that team as Lebron is.

    “lets not forget that he is the best player in the NBA and will be just that for the next 5-7 years, at least, no matter who the MVP is.”
    ^^^ If that’s what you meant, you need to be a bit more clear in your initial post. Look what you said….

    “Check the stats and choose your MVP:”

    ^^^^ That means you are choosing the MVP based on stats.

    And don’t be so quick to christen dude the best player for the next 5-7 years. D-Rose is younger than him and still has a lot of room to improve his game. A dude in OKC is still improving too and so is that big motherfucker in Orlando. Lebron is at, or close to his ceiling. Arguably, he might not even be the best player on his team, nevermind the whole league.

  • JAY

    “I understand how the voting works and how you guys approach the award.
    Under the current MVP terms (best player on the team with the best record) of course Rose is MVP. If LeBron wasnt in the discussion Rose is also MVP.”

    Sorry, but you don’t understand how the voting works if you think it automatically goes to the best player on the best team. Nash won it twice without having the best record. Many players have won it without owning the best record.
    And if that was the case, why have a vote? Why have coaches and selected members of the media give their opinions at all? It would be much easier if the process was like how you understand it… you’d look at the standings, look at the top player on the best team, and give him the trophy. No vote. But it’s not like that. They take everything into account. Stats, Leadership, Chemistry, Importance to his team… etc.
    Rose is the lone undisputed leader on his team, he’s their catalyst, he’s their finisher, his stats are very good, and he’s more important to the Bulls winning than LBJ was. lBJ may have had better numbers, but that’s not what it’s about.


    LBJ – LeBlowJob. Fuck him. HAHAHAHA

  • trollne1

    Did wade and lbj make out afterwards? Cause Dwade had that look in his eyes.

  • Soopa

    @ JAY

    Good posts. I guess I need to clear some things up.

    Wade has the best deal playing along side LeBron. Its not the other way around. Miami never did anything with only Wade, Cleveland did a lot with only LeBron.

    I agree with your point about Chicago starting and finishing with Rose. He is the heart and the soul. Leader, finisher, everything you said is spot on.

    But – in every area of the game LeBron is better then Rose, well except FT%.

    Do you honestly think that if the Bulls had finished under Miami in the standing that Rose would still have won the MVP? I really doubt that.

    Just because James plays alongside Wade and Miami won 4 games less then the Bulls doesnt mean that LeBron didnt do everything Rose did on the basketball court.

    And you use Nash’s awards for reference one of which is the most criticized MVP in this era. Which leads me to believe that i have a point.

    Im happy Rose won it, he is phenomenal on and off the court. Just dont forget and LeBron.