NBA, NBA Draft / May 23, 2011 / 2:00 pm

NBA Trade Rumor: Cavs Offer No. 4 Pick For Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay (photo. Douglas Sonders)

No matter what Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley says, teams are going to continue to make trade offers for Rudy Gay. And for a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have long coveted the fifth-year swingman, they’re going to keep trying. According to Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress, that persistence came in the form of an offer that would have sent Cleveland’s $14.5 million trade exception (acquired in the LeBron James sign-and-trade to Miami) and the No. 4 pick to Memphis for Gay.

As you can imagine, the Grizzlies weren’t interested.

We all know that Memphis needs to free up some money this summer in order to re-sign free agent Marc Gasol, but basically swapping the No. 4 pick straight-up for Gay doesn’t make sense in terms of talent. Financially, Gay is one year into a maximum contract that will pay him nearly $69 million over the next four years, but he’s also just 24 years old and on the brink of becoming an All-Star. Will Gay be traded this summer? Perhaps. But know that Memphis will need much more in return before pulling the trigger.

What do you think of this proposed deal?

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    Damn, that would have been awesome to steal Gay like that.

  • Roc1980

    Can’t believe they even had the balls to come at them with that non-sense… In quite possibly the weakest draft in years at that! They would have had a better chance at offering the number 1 pick… On second thought, Conley is showing he is ready to take that next step and Kyrie is the consensus number 1 pick and plays the point.

  • sh!tfaced

    Somebody should fine the Cavs $100k for slurring Gay like that.

    The No. 1 overall for Gay is insulting enough, let alone the No. 4…

  • maxwell

    what if they threw in jamison and only part of that trade exception? jamison is $15M that would come off the books at season’s end and would be very attractive….

  • heckler

    Grizz should counter offer:

    if you want us to take the number 4 pick, you gotta take oj mayo

  • Big Island

    I don’t know why everyone is so in love with Gay. He isn’t even an all-star and after 5 years, he is what he is. He’s never going to be much better or worse than he is now. I would trade him in a heartbeat, but not for the #4 pick in THIS draft.

  • Jim

    Damn, i thought that was too much for gay, i’m glad they didn’t go for it. I was thinking the 4 and trade exemption for gay and mayo would be fair. Clearly they value him too high.

  • top_gun

    @Big Island, I don’t think you’ve watched any Memphis games. Rudy comes up big for them in the clutch, on offense and defense. He also has several game winners and I wouldn’t exactly depend on Randold to be that dude, if I was the Grizz GM.

  • bookkwormmaster

    @ top_gun

    Did you watch the Western Playoffs this year? Randolph showed he is capable of delivering in the big moments on the biggest stage

  • matt

    They (the grizz) should’ve asked for something else too. They are a small market team + will need all available $ to keep Marc. Marc is more important to the grizz than rudy as he is a very promising C. C’s like him are hard to find + keep. My raps will give u Bargnani + James Johnson for Gay.

  • Stewart

    Gay is the reason the Grizz aren’t playing against the Mavericks right now. He is the only consistent threat to create his own shot. People watch one season of playoff basketball and think it is a synopsis of a whole season. The number 4 pick would yield who???? Gay is a 24 year old who has improved an aspect of his game every year of his career. Leave his position to a Shane Battier who will once in a while hit a clutch shot and no way to create his own shot, a Sam Young who doesn’t know what he is doing… C’mon man. Conley is just coming around, and with Gay and Randolph 20 points a night, add in “if” Marc could be more consistent that is a really good team. People should check out teams and stats before they go making comments…

  • JAY

    When is Memphis going to change their fuckin team name??
    Last I checked, Grizzlies aren’t native to anywhere in Tennessee. That’s like having a team in Alaska and naming them the Anchorage Elephants.


    At least the guys who moved the Sonics to OKC had the brains to change their name right away.

  • Quedas


    “Damn, i thought that was too much for gay, i’m glad they didn’t go for it. I was thinking the 4 and trade exemption for gay and mayo would be fair. Clearly they value him too high”

    That has to be some misguided form of sarcasm, because anyone without severe brain damage can see that Rudy Gay is worth much more that some cap space and the 4th pick in THIS draft… Please tell me you’re joking and let’s move on…

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Horrible offer…this trade will basically be Rudy Gay for Enes Kanter or Brandon Knight. Don’t do it Memphis

  • Sam Raphael Chadwick

    I dont think this is that bad as everyone says, you get the number 4 pick possibly Enes Kanter, Jan Vesley, Jonas Valanciunas, Derrick Williams or Kawhi Leonard. You have the ability to resign Marc Gasol (who can ask for plenty of money as he is a great C especially with C’s hard to find)… you get Gay’s contract off the books and can also resign Battier… Obviously they would need an extra someone to tak on Gay’s scoring load but that wont be a problem looking at how well they played over the Playoff’s without him…