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New York’s Search For A Franchise Point Guard

Josh Selby

Josh Selby (photo. Kansas Athletics)

The Knicks weren’t in the lottery last night, but they might have benefited from the happenings anyways. Now that Cleveland is set with the top overall selection, and almost assuredly will take Kyrie Irving, it leaves them with a logjam at point guard. They have starter Baron Davis, Irving if he’s selected and also Ramon Sessions, who started 38 games for the Cavs last year while averaging 13.3 points and 5.2 assists a game. His four-year career has been up and down, but he’s proven he can get buckets if given minutes.

Alan Hahn of Newsday writes:

Mike D’Antoni has wanted Sessions since 2009, when he was a restricted free agent. The 25 year old point guard is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — yes, the same place where D’Antoni’s brother, Knicks assistant coach Dan D’Antoni, coached high school ball — and both D’Antoni’s feel Sessions would be a perfect fit in this offense.

Sessions could fit in New York. He’s a scorer first. In that system, baskets would come easy for him. But how similar is he to Toney Douglas? Would Douglas have to be traded or could he slide back over to the two spot?

Perhaps a better option (give up nothing/could be more worthwhile down the road) is what Chad Ford is saying. In his latest mock draft, Ford has the Knicks taking Josh Selby at 17. We have no doubt Selby will become a very good pro. The Knicks seem to feel the same way, writes Ford.

They’ve been looking long and hard at Selby for a while, thinking he’d thrive in Mike D’Antoni’s system, which allows guards much more freedom than they get at Kansas. Selby has lottery talent, but a shaky résumé. It may be a risk taking him this high, but he has a very high upside.

Ever since D’Antoni arrived, New York has been strapping their point guard hole with one band-aid after another. No long-term solution, just stop gates, players to get them from year to year. Chauncey Billups isn’t a part of the future, and will be trade bait one way or another. Selby has some serious talent, but how good can he become? And is he just a scorer or someone that can lead a team? He didn’t really answer any of those questions in college, so anyone picking him is banking on a return to his high school promise.

No matter what they do this summer, New York is still on a tiresome journey, trying to pin down that point guard to take the pressure and offensive reigns away from their great scorers.

Sessions and Selby, despite their offensive talents, are probably complements rather than final pieces.

Is the backcourt the biggest need for the Knicks this offseason?

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  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    Knicks need a big man cause Turiaf just aint good enough in every way possible. any point guard with half a mind and half a shot can run in D’antoni system so finding a great PG shouldnt be a concern coming into next season. Douglas reminds me of Aaron Brooks but without the leadership qualities to run a team. i think they should keep Douglas since Billups is gone he’ll get more playing timing, more confidence, more experience with the rock, and more respect from his teammates if they keep him on. I think a scrappy young big man trying to prove his place in the NBA should be a perfect fit for Amare and the Knicks.

  • yentron

    yeahh they might wanna pick up someone who can/will rebound

  • brawn

    this makes sense. knicks have a lot of work to do, and they have to be realistic.D’antoni’s system does not work without the right PG. They could trade turiaf & rautins + cash for ramon sessions & semih erden. Knicks get a legit starting PG, that the cavs don’t need after the draft, and a durable back-up center. The Knicks don’t have any picks to throw in and it would be unwise if they threw in players with potential value like douglas & fields.

    If they pull off a trade like that, they can use the 17th pick on someone who really stands out like Faried, who would be great at PF when Amare is at C in D’Antoni’s small line up. I would also recommend trading cash + 17th pick for an earlier pick, just to be sure they get the talent they want.

    In free agency they should focus on finding a starting center that fits their needs. They wont get any big name guys like Gasol or Chandler. They can pursue the like of Jeff Foster, Joel Pryzbilla or Alexis Ajinca for the veteran minimum. If the free agent market doesn’t look to good, go over seas.
    In free agency they can use the full mid-level exception to get wilson chandler, who can play the 2,3,4 positions.
    They should also keep shelden williams, shawne williams, and bill walker as back ups.

    These moves make the knicks a more complete team and puts them in better position to compete in the playoffs. This also allows them the flexibility to make moves in the future.

    Getting CP3 or D12 seems very unlikely. If the knicks can pull off getting either one, I would give donnie walsh executive of the year.

    Roster ends up like
    PG – sessions, billups, douglas
    SG – fields, chandler, walker,
    SF – carmelo, shawne williams
    PF – amare, faried, shelden williams
    C – erden, jerome jordan, ajinca

  • OEasy

    New York’s Search For A Decent Coach.

    There, I fixed it.

  • beiber newz

    I’ve had a man crush on selby forever constantly writing comments on dime articles saying how good he’ll be. and new york is MY TEAM. o em gee. imagine how amazing that would be. all year I’ve been gushing over selby and now i hear my team is intrigued on drafting him. amazing.

  • derik

    should just wait till nash hits free agency

  • beiber newz

    @#6 derik..the knicks are looking for a pg that can build with.

    like the article says:
    “Ever since D’Antoni arrived, New York has been strapping their point guard hole with one band-aid after another. No long-term solution…”

    selby is theguy for the knicks. remember, selby was a TOP FIVE prospect before that debacle at kansas. this would be a steal because he has essentially played his way to a decent team with GREAT potential. usually good rookies are on bad teams because the rich can’t get richer in the lottery system (or that’s how its structured b4 trades and luck of the bounce).

    selby has the athleticism and offensive prowess of the new generation point guards that are taking over the league (so nash is a no-no)and an already structured mike-diantoni-system-saavy that this pick makes all the sense in the world.

  • Me

    I still wanna know who looks at carmelo anthony and amare stoudemire and thinks its a good idea to have them on the same team. I mean seriously.

    If that isn’t the opposite of the term “complementary players”, i don’t know what is.

    I still say they may as well get rubio. u know they want him, he’ll sell tickets, and the ball hoggers will mask his lack of top level ability for awhile.

  • IDOT

    I would like the Knicks, to either Get Selby, or Darius Morris from Michigan. Morris is a big 6’4 Pure Point Guard. The way he plays remind me of Gary Payton.

    I also, wouldn’t mind the Knicks trying to get Ramon Sessions again. Dude is so underrated.

  • beiber newz

    @ #8 :

    another amare/melo non-believer?

    its not whether or not their games COMPLIMENT each other, rather, do their games CONFLICT with each others. and NO they don’t.

    melo is a wing and amare is more interior. if you watch their games instead of youtube highleights, you would know melo is a willing passer except when he is on fire and thats when teammates feed him the ball. amare is a quick decision maker with the ball.

    stop hating and remember this page’s url for reference 2yrs from now when the knicks are in the finals.

  • YC

    Sure w dantoni

  • Kyle

    Nash has other teams that want him… like the Heat. He wants to get Rubio apparently. But so do a few other teams since the guy really doesn’t want to play for the T-Wolves.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions


    I love my Knicks as much as anyone, but only way we’re seeing the finals in 2 years is if we replace D’Antoni. He’s like Finals repellent or something.