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No One Wants It With KD & D-Rose

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Jared McMillen)

Since we know the NBA won’t do it, we’re sorry Seattle. The NBA’s New Big Thing took their biggest step since leaving the Emerald City with a 105-90 series-clinching win over Memphis. When two teams are so evenly matched, so deadlocked after six games that only one all-or-nothing, do-or-die showdown can decide who goes on and who goes home, it’s like a scene from a Clint Eastwood movie: in the end, it’s just Clint, a hand cannon and bodies. Games like these build legacies. This one was all about OKC’s stars (who balled so hard we’ll forgive their Revenge of the Nerds postgame looks) with 39 points from Kevin Durant, 17 from James Harden and Russell Westbrook (14 points, 10 rebounds, 14 assists) showin’ up with the first Game 7 triple-double since Scottie Pippen‘s in 1992. By being aggressive at the rim, Durant really opened up some good looks for himself on the outside. His catch-and-shoot abilities are just insane. When he’s 65 and loses all ability to run and jump, he’s still going to play as a 6’11” guy who sits in the corner and drains threes. It was as if KD finally sat everyone down and said “Listen, I make the bread for us around here, so y’all just get on my back.” Not that he would ever do that, but you get the point. We don’t know if we’ve ever seen a guy that big that can shoot it like that (except for that dude he’s playing next round). And Westbrook showed us how a point guard can do everything right even when he’s not shooting the best (4-for-12 from the floor). In all other ways, he was phenomenal – finding Durant on back cuts, following his shot after misses and doing some acrobatic s$%& to avoid contact at the rack. Harden hit three huge treys in the third quarter to break it wide open; Mr. T rocks the illest beard-mohawk combo. That’s a bad man right there … Memphis played tough, and kept getting after it in the fourth (behind 14 points from O.J. Mayo), but they just couldn’t get the stops they needed to cut into that lead. We mistakenly thought Harden’s trey with under three left was the dagger. Actually, it was his no-look drop pass to a trailing Durant on the very next possession. OKC opened up a lead of 19, and closed the coffin door. R.I.P. to the 2010-11 Memphis Grizzlies. But with Z-Bo (17 points, 10 rebounds), Mike Conley (18 points), Tony Allen and Rudy Gay all locked up for next year, we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the last celebrations on Beale Street … The Western Conference Finals are set for tomorrow night: the Thunder and the Mavs. Who should be the favorite? … Derrick Rose is continuously reminding us that he’s a different animal, and honestly looked like the best player on the court in Chicago’s 102-83 Game 1 statement smackdown of the Heat. What was Mike Bibby doing Saturday night knowing he was going to be guarding Rose? Was he shaking? Was he popping in old Arizona tapes to remember what once was? Rose was scoring on everyone (28 points, six assists), but it was Luol Deng‘s 21 that was the key. Miami’s perimeter D cut off his patented slash-and-cut game, forcing him to get most of his looks off rebounds and from range. He said thanks and drained four threes. Miami did outshoot Chicago 47 to 44 percent from the field, but the Bulls had 13 more offensive rebounds and took 19 more shots. … For the Heat, Chris Bosh (30 points, 9 rebounds) showed out – he was The Big One. If you told the Heat that Bosh would play like that, they would’ve taken it in a second along with an expected W. Carlos Boozer (14 points, nine rebounds), what do ya got? But it’s all good if Chicago can continue to make life hard on Wade and LeBron (a combined 12-of-32 from the floor). We couldn’t tell if it was Chicago forcing, or the stars settling (they combined for just 11 second-half points), but either way, they took way too many jumpers. They need to be more aggressive moving forward if they want to get past Los Toros. The Bulls are just too versatile defensively; Everyone can literally guard anyone. Chuck called it the best defense he’s ever seen … New rule: when someone gets owned at the rim, they should have to give up some piece of property, like the deed to their house. If that was the case, after a vicious two-handed tomahawk right in D-Wade’s grill, Taj Gibson would’ve won himself a sweet villa in South Beach in the second quarter. Reggie Miller was so pumped about it, he went over-the-top on Steve Kerr (“It’s getting physical here in the booth”). This made us uncomfortable. But that wasn’t even Gibson’s sickest dunk … We’re out like getting in Taj’s way.

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  • NTstateOFmind

    first and foremost…

    sporty J, suck a fat D you front running, bandwagon jumping, piece of sh!t


  • westbrookisnodrose

    Heat got pwned

  • Soopa

    So I guess the Heat was satisfied with beating Boston.

    Absolutely no effort from Wade and James. I mean theres a stretch of like 5 possessions where Wade wasnt in a defensive stance at all, not once! And he was guarding Rose! WTF?

    Are the emotionally drained?

    …or is Chicago just peaking at the right time?

    KD is the man. Loved what Russell brought to the game, tho he still had some horrible turnovers.

  • QQ

    I would like to start this post with my a few quotes from the expert, Sporty J:

    ‘I just feel like it is such a waste of time to make us have to waste our time and play the Bulls.’

    ‘Funniest joke I heard last night was from 1 of my friends who said that the Bulls wont get swept by the HEAT.’

    ‘Is it me or did Derrick Rose look sad right before they won. Its like he had just realized who he had coming up next and realized his season was about to come to an end. Did you all see the fear in his eyes’

    ‘Somebody get the brooms out for chicago. You Bull fans are going to be so hurt after this.’



    What a sad, sad piece of shit.

    IT’S BASH A SPORTY J DAY!!!! TAKE A SHOT, IT’S FREE!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jerkishbehavior.com

    4 words: Taj Gibson 4 President!!! Those two dunks were orgasmic…pause and soenwhere in brazil varejao is smiling as his souls rests a lil easier.

  • lester

    that dunk on dwade was brutal.

    i know wade is smaller and stuff, but wow, Gibson just destroyed him.

  • egypt

    they took 19 more shots, wade and lebron both played their worst games of the postseason, 5 million offensive rebounds, miami bench literally did nothing….

    so it wont be a sweep… meh

  • bola

    maybe sporty j has taken his talents somewhere else

  • Jade

    I suspect we wouldn’t be seeing Sporty-J (aka Scary Spice) until the Heat wins one !!!

  • erob

    The bulls haven’t lost to an elite team since early December, have not lost more than 2 games in a row all year and have completely dominated 4th quarters all year. If the heat don’t win game 2 this series is over……

  • Billy Hoyle

    stop the bs for a sec and watch kobe’s interview made funny!!!!!

  • knoc99

    watching that game felt good. Miami will be back with a vengeance in game 2. But the bulls are crazy full of energy that I think theyl still take it.

  • john

    Hey guys, Heat fan here, didnt saw the game ( I live in Italy, 6 hours of dif. ) but all I want to say its that we just need to win game 2 and the series is over. Chicago will not beat Miami in Miami.

  • Quedas


    You know they already did it this year, right? Heat fans, your unshakable arrogance is getting embarrassing at this point… Win first, brag later, OK? You actually are a great team, that plays great ball, that’s all you should need. So please take your feet out of your collective mouths and shut up already…

  • That’s What’s Up

    @Jade – I think SPorty-J is more like Sporty Spice

    Wade looks old and rickety, and he’s probably only 28 years old

  • steve nasty

    Heat 4-2

  • http://Dimemag.com Chrisballz

    Gibson=OMG. I literally said that like Natalie Portman in THOR ( great movie btw. She was so hot)
    That put back dunk was SIIIIIIK. he reached crazy far bak for that one and put it down. Was loose as hell.
    Bulls energy and hustle won this one. Every loose ball, every rebound they all wanted a piece of it.
    There D was suffocating. They play a team. Not as 3 like in Miami. In bulls everyone has a go. Guys come off the bench and play like they are in all star conversation. And there starters all share the load. The GM did a great job putting this team together.
    Great win for them. Hope they can keep it up!

  • http://www.lakers.com smoove chips

    First, Taj you ruthless !

    Second,KD took on the game like Master Chief. Grown shit. Still Z-bo’s oozes cool even in defeat.

    Third, only thing better than watching OKC…the bulls defense. Shit was beautiful.

  • http://first.com First!

    “He said thanks and drained four threes.”

    Great line!

  • http://www.lakers.com smoove chips

    oh and dime,way to get your swag back. The last coupla smacks been nice..
    short,witty. Keep this one page format. How many times we gotta tell youz guys. Fuckin blocbuster…er dime lol !

  • First & Foremost

    Who want so bet that Chicagorilla was slapping his living room floor and defensive sliding around his entire place after the game?

    Other side bets – Everything he has to throw away today will be done as a two handed tomahawk and screaming at the nearest person, “DID YOU SEE THE GAME LAST NIGHT? SHIT WAS BANANAS B.”

    And the show goes on – If left alone for 17 seconds he will be mumbling “We goin’ to da ship” over and over.

    I’m just messin with you, enjoy your team’s victory.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Wow – Taj Gibson is a monster. Chicago played great, and look like the may be heading to the finals soon. One more thing: will everyone PLEASE give Bosh some credit? Of course his season averages and scoring numbers were going to dip this year; he’s playing with 2 of the most dominant scorers in the game. He showed last night he’s still an elite player and he demands repsect.

  • JAY

    Just to remind Sporty Spice what I posted on Friday in response to his silly “Heat will sweep” post. —> “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Heat get blown out in game 1… actually, I expect it.”

    Big 2, Big 3, Big whatever…. it takes a TEAM to to advance to the Finals. The Heat are not a team, and a cohesive healthy team has exposed them to that fact.

    If you didn’t think the Celts series didn’t leave them a bit drained either physically or emotionally, you saw it last night. The Bulls will overwhelm them this series.

    The Bulls defense is ridiculous. I’m inclined to agree with Sir Charles. I haven’t seen a defense like that in a long time. They are so good that Boozer’s defensive deficiencies are hidden.

  • JAY

    Referring Bosh –>”He showed last night he’s still an elite player and he demands repsect.”

    Bah. Vince Carter still bangs out monster games once in a while too. Fuck that. Good game from Bosh last night, but that’s all the credit I’m giving him. Bosh is soft.

  • LeRoy Green

    SHEEESH them Bulls looked GOOD last night.

    Miami’s done. All you bandwagon fans will be ignorin the finals talkin bout you can’t wait till NFL season cuz you THOUGHT you had a championship team to root for with Miami, but you’re wrong.

    The Bulls are for real, its obvious that they play as a UNIT and they communicate on D better than any team i’ve seen in a while. And like i said last week, Rose is the best player in the league and is proving it more and more every game he plays. As a Mavs fan I can’t even front…i’m fuckin scared to DEATH of what he’s gonna do to J Kidd if we make it past the Thunder. Shit will get UGLY out there lol.

    Hey Spoelstra, have you ever considered givin Eddie House a lil more minutes?? Considering that Mike Bibby is absolutely worthless?? If Bibby’s not gonna hit open shots then get his diddy kong lookin ass the FUCK outta there SMFH. I understand he’s probably a better ball handler and passer than Eddie House…but thats what you have Wade and Lebron doing. You don’t run sets any way, just iso or pick n roll for the big 3 so give House a chance to knock down some wide open 3’s.

    If Mike Miller, James Jones and Eddie House hit shots like they were supposed to then Miami would have a chance if they sped up the game and made it a track meet. Spoelstra’s too stupid to figure this one out and he’s gotten too comfortable with his stars winning games off athleticism alone. Bulls in 5, if not 4.

    R.I.P Miami Heat, its been fun to watch, but move over and let the real beast of the east take over this shit.

    Mavs 4 life but god dam it ain’t gonna be no cake walk to a chip is it lol

  • jdizzle

    I guess KD was ready for his close-up. Props to Memphis Tenn. They could potentially be a top 5 seed next year.

    I won’t shit on Sporty-J (even tho he deserves it) just yet cuz its just one game. If we play D like that every night don’t be surprised if u see a 7th banner in the rafters at the UC. As long as we cut down on turnovers and crash the offensive boards Miami won’t be able to get transition buckets which is basically their whole offense. Bosh hits us for 30 and we still win by a dub? Sheeiitt we’ll take that every night! And the dunks by Taj? SMH…somewhere Anderson Varejao is saying ”Thank you Taj Gibson!”. And lost in all of this is the fact that Miami STILL hasn’t beaten us yet!

  • drizzlerulz

    Did the Heat really not dress a center last night? i understand wanting to be quick, but surley they realize that the Bulls are full of bigs. That was mind-boggling to me. Also, go Thunder. They looked really good yesterday, KD and RW were on their games.

  • heckler


    can we PLEASE get a Heat/Mavs final..

    …if nothing else, just for the fact to see DeShawn Stevenson and LeBron James go head-to-head for a ring.

    Let’s see if the OVERRATED comments Stevenson made yrs ago still applies…

    what a GREAT (theatrical) matchup that would be….

  • heckler


    no mention about Rick Welts?

    Phoenix Suns CEO came out and said he’s a HOMO.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    “Clint Eastwood, a hand cannon, and bodies!” hahahaha love it. Perfect way to describe Durants game yesterday. Dude went baaaaaalllllllsssss deeeeeeepppP on Memphis. Props to DRose’s Evil Twin Russ Westbrook with 14ast 14pts and 10rips. Kid has no idea how good he can be.

    I’m not going to address Sporty as he has already been raped in the first few post.

    Im mad Dime didnt use my idea for today’s smack.
    A picture of Taj Gibson banging on Wade or the tip dunk with the caption
    “put your 22’s in the air if you shitted on’em”

    Why did the Bulls win so big last night?
    Tom Thibedau. Thibs is somewhere laughing his ass off at Spolestra and his lack of coaching ability or control over his team. If the Bulls lose this series, Thibs might go on a drinking binge for losing to Spolestra.
    Thibs threw out new plays (he stole Boston’s 1-3 pick n roll), made the perfect substitutions, and used the Miami iso offense to the Bulls advantage by packing the lane.
    It’ll be intresting to see if Mia can adjust.
    I do feel that Chicago was better prepared as they have played two teams who played their best ball vs Chi. While the Heat played Philly who probably didnt belong in the playoffs and Boston who’s injuries and age costed them that series.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    You have no idea how right you are! Hahahaha good shit though, actually made me laugh.

    I won’t premature ejaculate over 1 win so im not going to talk shit like my team is the greatest thing since doggy style was invented.

  • jzsmoove

    Spoelstra is a failure. When a coach cannot coach/reprimand stars you do not belong in the NBA. When your coach cannot coach your offensive juggernauts properly you might as well ask your players to jump Leonidas’ abyss voluntarily.

  • boomshakalaka

    Why the hell hasn’t Wade asserted himself more as the team’s leader?!!??

    I can’t believe he’s being so damn passive about Lebron taking the driver seat.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    last post for a while

    This is the text i sent out after that first dunk by Taj

    Wade: Granpa, if i put nuts on a wall, do you call them wall nuts?
    Granpa: yes.

    Wade: Well if i put nuts on a chest, do you call them chest nuts?
    Granpa: yes.

    Wade: And if i put nuts on my chin, do you call them chin nuts?
    Granpa: hell naw nigga, that means you got Taj Gibson’s d!#k in ya mouth!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Real pumped about a Chicago-Mavs Final. How many times can you say that your 2 favorite teams are in the Finals together!??! (Unless you’re a Lakers-Celtics fan ha).

    Mavs-Thunder will probably dominate tomorrow’s conversation, so I’ll let that be for a while.

    Chicago’s defense is really good. Don’t know if I’d say it’s the best of all time or anything crazy (Chuck). The last couple years, people were throwing Boston’s defense similar love – so I guess it’s all Coach Thibs?

    Before the season, if someone had told you that Carlos Boozer was on a dominant defensive team, would you have believed them?

  • JBaller

    It looks like coach Thibs is showing the League that his focus on defense & rebounding is the real deal. He got a lot of cred in Boston, but so much credit went to the old big three. Now he’s got a whole new group focused on his priorities and their killing it. Meanwhile, Boston didn’t look much like the team that’s been so good for the last three years without him.
    Thibs= COY
    Bulls=2011 Champs

  • JBaller

    BTW, just want to clarify that I’m no Chicago homer, nor am I a bandwagon jumper. I’m just making an objective, if somewhat obvious, prediction.

    Next year we’ll see my NYK in the ECFs…

  • Big Island

    Heckler – Nobody cares if the Suns CEO is gay, same way nobody cared when you said you love the cock. It’s a non-issue Sweetie.

    I want the Bulls to win so badly, and seeing that bang on Wade, the only issue I had yesterday was the down time between the games. I’m guessing there’s no way the Dallas/OKC series is as good as the Memphis one.

  • drew

    man, game 7 between okc/mem was SO fixed it’s not even funny. i had no dog in this fight, but memphis got shafted as zbo/gasol got hacked numerous times with no calls while durant and company got away with murder on defense, yet you couldnt touch them when they drove into the paint. the nba, where ref influencing happens.

  • JAY

    Jamaal Magloire played extended minutes for the Heat.

    ^ Reason the Heat won’t do shit vs The Bulls. They have to play a Toronto-bred worthless piece of shit. Yesterday Magloire was reminded of what the rim feels like on that almost-missed dunk attempt. They should bring in Antonio and/or Dale Davis next year for some added frontcourt depth.

  • QQ

    Damn, and Sporty J STILL aint here. Might have gone to the same island I want to when the Magic were eating shit. (Yes, self depreciating humor is NEVER bad.)

    Damn that Bulls defense was so good, it’s actually more fun to watch than the offense of most teams in the L.

    I was actually thinking the Heat will get this game seeing how the dismantled their past two opponents, while the Bulls have been somewhat underwhelming, except in Game 6 vs ATL.

    This is still a long series, but the way the Bulls played, they making everyone lose their shit right now. THEY BE BALLIN.

    And besides that game 1 win = Sporty J’s ego being shredded to pieces. THAT ALONE makes this win worth it.


    Chicago’s D is crazy good. Im totally jumping on their bandwagon for this series (well, kinda, i dont know any hoops fan who grew up in the 90’s who doesn’t like the bulls at least a little)

    The Bulls are just the epitome of proper basketball. defense, energy, depth, well rounded role players, a great coach and a humble star player. Compared to the Heat, with their Egos, Isos, Ring chasers and a coach with zero control over his players… The Bulls are the Anti-Heat… I dont wanna read too much into one game, but if the Bulls can take care of business at home in game 2, things will be lookin good.

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    oh and before it gets lost in the Heat bashing.

    Durant and Westbrook just defined the definition of CLUTCH.
    Game 7, season on the line, coming off a loss, and you come out and play your best game of the series. You are able to do what you do best….but you do it better than you did all series. Combine that, with the ability to hit game winners an IMO, thats how you define clutch.

    A lot of people only look at the glitz and glammer of being clutch in Game winning shots. But there are many more important things that define a clutch player. Here is my way of determing a great clutch performer

    Run stoppers: Making a play that stops the other team from pulling ahead or coming back. Could be with scoring, defense, or passing.
    (think Paul Pierce vs Lebron in the 2007 or 2008 east finals that went 7 games and the C’s won on the back of Pierce who went toe to toe with Lebron. Paul just made sure that any attempt by Lebron to take over a game was thwarted by him making a great play.)

    Closing time: when its time to focus in for a close out game or a big time game vs a great team, thats when you seperate the greats and the good. Great players take their all around game to another level. They focus in to the point where they are seemingly always making the right play on both sides of the court and throughout the entire game.
    (perfect example is Allen Iverson’s game 7 performance vs Toronto in 2001 or 2002 playoffs. His shot was off so he used his passing and defense to beat TDot in probably the best game ive ever seen AI play)

    Game winners:
    The most looked at category when ppl talk about clutchness. and while it is a part, i think game winning shots is just a small part of being clutch. People leave out game winning defensive plays like Bird stealing the ball vs Det on the Isiah inbounds pass and hitting the cutter while falling out of bounds to win the game or Jordan stealing the ball from Karl Malone just before hitting “the shot 2″.
    How about John Stockons rebound and full court baseball pass to Malone for the dagger lay in/doft dunk in the 97 finals vs Chicago?
    Anyone who takes and makes bad shots can hit a game winner (JR Smith for instance), but it takes a true baller to make the right play in the clutch.

    And lastly,
    Inspiration: can your clutch player inspire his teammates to take it to their highest level and perform when everything is on the line? I spent my childhood watch MJ so i’ll use him for this example. Steve Kerr in 97, John Paxson in 93, And the 92 finals bulls bench in game 6. We already knew MJ could hit crazy game winners, but who knew he could or would inspire his teammates to do the same?
    In the 92 finals game 6 vs Por Jordan was having his worse game of the series and it looked like the Blazers would push the series to 7. Then MJ came out and in came….Bobby Hansen??? Along with Stacey King, Cliff Levingston, BJ Armstrong ans Pippen, MJ cheered on his team as they came back from a huge 4th quarter deficet. Then MJ came back in and finished the job.

    In 93 he made the pass to Pax for the game winner to complete the 3peat

    In 97 he told Kerr to “be ready” in the huddle, just before he kicked it to him for the game winner.

    That is my definition of clutch and Westbrook and Durant defined that yesterday.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Why the f did the Bulls go small against the best rebounding team in the L? Also its never a good sign when the team you are facing has 5 of the best 6 big men on both teams. The only way the Heatles win this is if the big 3 go OFF and Magloire/Dampier/Big Z all suddenly don’t suck. And that’s not gonna happen.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Also where the fuck has this Westbrook been all post season? Making the right pass, rebounding hard, and not pulling up for retarded shots. If OKC play like this no one can beat them. No one. Gonna be a fun series them vs Dallas.

  • K Dizzle

    As a Lakers fan, times like yesterday was a good time to enjoy hoops objectively.

    1. Chicago’s defense is ridiculous. Been like that all year. So public service announcement: If you wanted Melo and were actually willing to give up Deng, Noah, Gibson and a pick, please put the bottle down….and slap the shit outta yourself. That much depth and havin 10 of your 12 guys(sorry, Booze and apologies to Korver cuz he was gettin dirty last night) play lockdown d is murder with a coach like Thibs.

    2. This series ain’t over. Bosh and Wade both play like that, it’s a loss everyday. Miami just found out what Toronto fans been knowin since forever: If Chris Bosh is your leadin scorer, you ain’t goin nowhere. The quietest and most “whatever” 30 points ever…That bein said, series don’t start til the hometeam loses a home game.

    3. Great series between the VANCOUVER GRIZZLIES and the SEATTLE SUPERSONICS. Pac-Northwest representin. two young teams on the huge upswing next season. Rudy gets back, but Griz GOTTA resign Gasol and Perkins should be healthy for OKC. West gonna be murder to get into 8 spot next season. Love the one poster talkin smack about OKC gettin the Stern “fix” even after all the upsets. Bruh, you missin the boat…

    @ Chicagorilla – 93 wasn’t Mike. Scottie, inside to Horace, out to Paxson. 3 ball.

  • LakeShow84

    Honestly im thinking that Chi/MIA series going 6-7 games.. But then again defensive teams usually pick up steam late in games.. Chicago in 5????? lol nah im going 6.. I think Miami defends they homecourt first 2 games..

    LETS GO DIRK.. you sons of bitches better get this done lol i stilll…… havent…….. accepted it lol

    @ Sporty – J


    i guess it aint a sweep eh????


  • JAY

    K Dizzle, beat me to it….
    “93 wasn’t Mike. Scottie, inside to Horace, out to Paxson. 3 ball.”
    That was against my dude as a youngster, Sir Charles.

  • JAY

    Ohhhhhhhh Spoooooooorrrrtyyyyyyy……………

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeere aaaaaaaaarrrrre yooooouuuu???????????

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Lets leave Sporty alone, he’s obviously in a very dark place right now

  • LakeShow84

    “i mean i literally SPIT UP my drink all over the place when my boy said it wasnt going to be a sweep”


    D. O. U. C. H. E

    And i swear AB u better not come out the cuts defending anyone LMAO frickin public defender in here..

  • Skeeter McGee

    Chicago D so personal they oughta buy dudes dinner first, damn. Even Nicki Minaj’s ass got more room in them jeans then Heat players do on the court…

  • K Dizzle

    Sorry re: post 46 #2. Lebron and Wade play like that, it’s a loss…

  • QQ

    I actually laughed out loud when I read the ‘frickin public defender here’. HAHA.

    It’s weird cause that’s how I fell most of the time he defends someone (97.2 percent of the time is Lebron – who ISN’T even his favorite player. DAMN).

    I’m like ‘does this dude just goes out there for the sake of having to be an apologist to someone?’.


    ‘You don’t get (insert name here) because yall too mainstream for the reasons I have for being an apologist for (insert name here).

  • LakeShow84

    Crazy how much PIE Wade going to have on his face if they lose this series..

    You know ALL OF Chicago wants Rose to do this.. Wade flirted with Chicago showed them the ass and ran off with his on and off again ex..

    LOL and i heard Rose took those slights personal..

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    AB would make a killing as a defense attorney

    “Okay jury SETTLE DOWN, the victim was a grown ass man you think he could have you know avoided being shot? Also don’t pay too much attention to my client saying he did it, everyone says stupid things in the heat of the moment.”

  • QQ

    Judge: But he already said he did it.

    AB: *does a sarcasm filled reply like ‘Why do you hate my client so much?’.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow

    Wouldn’t you?
    Chicago’s one “weakness” is a legit 2guard.
    DWade comes on his visit to da Chi. Rose is tryin to sell him on the beast they could form. 2 hometown boys, in the backcourt, fullcourt pressin, averagin 25 each, got the depth up front AND money to add one more all-star piece. DWade flys out. Chicago thinks they made an impression. Few days later, the 3 sign in Miami.

    I’m not makin this up: Watch D Rose when DWade’s on him. Regular season, he put that jumper in his eye for the game. Playoffs, whenever Flash switches onto him, his eyes light up and he wrecks shop on some “I’m the King of Chicago” groove. Beautiful to atch a dude establish dominance like that lol

    GTFOH with that “I couldn’t beat those guys on my own” lol

  • That’s What’s Up

    Where is Sporty Skirt, aka Sporty Spice, aka Nostradumbass?

  • Sporty-j

    I have got to admit. I dont think that i have ever seen a defense that fast. Those guys were sworming, suffating, and cutting off every driving lane. I have to admit! I had nightmares about that defense last and it was hard for me to because i thought that the Bulls were going to back down. I doubt that Wade and Lebron both play that bad in game 2, we will rebound as a team in game 2, get out on the fast break a little bit more, Haslem will play in game 2, and Wade is going to go off in game 2. Its about time somebody is going to finally give is some competion it looks like. After we eliminate Chicago. I dont want to hear you guys crying in june about how you guys are trying so hard to like the Heat and jump on the banwagon. But that guy Sporty-j makes it so hard for me to like those guys, root for those guys, and jump on the banwagon. We dont want you guys to like us, root for us, and dont jump back on our banwagon. Thankyou Chicago for awakening the beast…

  • QQ


    PS: what’s a ‘ban wagon?’ Is it what people ride when they’re banned or something?

  • That’s What’s Up

    post 60 forgot to sign off…

    Sporty’s Mom

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    That was an interesting reply Sporty but don’t worry the sweep is still in play ;)

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    thats right it was a kick out from Ho Grant to Pax in 93′. The point is still the same though.

    While the Bulls are looking really nice right now, i’d still give up Deng, Noah, and Gibson for Melo right now!
    It seems like everytime the Bulls have one good game yall forget all the other problems with the team. You forget how terrible we looked vs Indy when only Rose could score.
    As for Melo, if Thibs could create a defensive team with Boozer i’m pretty sure a line up of
    Rose, Brewer, Melo, Boozer, Asik
    And a bench of Kurt Thomas, Cj Watson, Korver, and some fill-ins
    I’m pretty sure we would still be were we are today.
    Not to mention for years to come.

    If Thibs can get Boozer to play D, im pretty sure he could get Melo (who is a pretty decent defender when he tries) to buy into playing D.

    One game vs Mia doesnt erase an entire season of Noah getting abused by opposing centers or Deng getting raped by opposing Wings.
    Instead of giving the credit to these avg players, how about you give the credit to Thibs and his defensive strategy’s?

  • Sporty-j

    Im not like you cowards that when my team loose. Go into. Chicago was fired up and played a great game last night. Watch game 2! The world will be a better place after wednesday night and so will Dimes board the next morning when i get on here. Enjoy your gay orgy for 1 day though. You cowards deserve it. We can catch Bin Laden, but when you cowards teams loose. Your know where to be found and only come out if the Heat lose lol. Thats ok though because come June. You all will be repenting.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO @ Thats Whats Up

    @ KDizzle

    Seriously tho i just love it because he is humble so u wont catch him smiling or talkin about it..

    Hes going to quietly shove it in Wades face ALL SERIES..

    I mean givin the way Rose is playing this season.. Who wouldve made a better 1-2 punch?? Rose and Wade or Wade and Lebron.. barrin teams and coaches..

    Im thinking Wade and Rose simply because NO backcourt could keep up with that kinda speed..

    @ SportyJ

    Soooooooooooooo u DONT think they gonna sweep them?? im confused lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ ChiTown

    I can kinda see your point but i think a lot of us are wary of Melo’s ATTITUDE..

    You dont want to inject that kind of attitude into a young ball club.. i mean seriously dude doesnt play defense because HE DOESNT WANT TO.. yet he still wants all the main man kudos..

    Fucked up attitude and u dont want a fairly young core of players playing with someone inconsistent like that..

    Take the sum of the parts playing like they are with the BELIEF they all have..

    ON the flip side i see whatchu mean in Thibs being behind the defense.. if he can make Boozer seem like a decent defender he could probably make Bibby look like vintage JKidd.. ok that was a stetch lol

  • K Dizzle

    @ Chicagorilla – you ever think the reason Thibs “system” works so well is cuz he has the defensive players and the depth to implement it?
    Sorry, but a lineup with Boozer and Melo is actually worse defensively than a lineup with Melo and Amare.
    Not just the defense either, since Melo’s shown he CAN’T play without the ball in his hands, how do you expect him to play with Rose, who SHOULD have the ball in his hands.
    NBA’s all about matchups. Noah’s the best center out east, Joel Anthony too small, rest of the Heat’s centers can’t keep him off the glass. If they advance, he matches up perfectly against Chandler and will outhustle Perkins to death. I’m feelin like this team might go all the way to the Larry O’Brien trophy with you still sayin “Yeah, but we’d be better with Melo”. This is DRose’s team. The pieces were brought in to compliment his game. Try to appreciate what you got.

  • JAY

    @Sporty: “but when you cowards teams lose”
    Bruh, my team is Toronto… they’ve BEEN losing. I’m here all the time. Get at me. Lol.

    Wade and Lebron won’t go off next game homie. Wanna know why? The Bulls are focused on stopping those two guys. they don’t care about anyone else. The secret to stopping the Heat are to trap, hassle, and harrass the 2 best slashers in the game. How many times did they get into the paint last night?
    The only way the Heat get a win in Chicago, where the Bulls only lost 4 games in the regular season, is if Spo comes up with a great game plan and they actually run plays to get other guys open looks

    Has Spo run a play all season?

    Funny, in the huddle the camera caught Spo saying, “We can’t run isolation on these guys. Isos just won’t work!!” Then you can see Wade’s face tweak like, “Then wtf are we gonna do?” Lol

  • JAY

    Cosign everything Dizzle is saying right now. Preach brother.

    You can’t just play defense with any players and expect to be a good defensive team. The same can be said about taking a defensive roster, and trying to get them to play an offensive oriented system. Could D’Antoni have led the ’03 Pistons(or whatever year that was) to a Championship like Larry Brown did?? IMO, they wouldn’t even have advanced past the first round with D’Antoni at the helm.

    I’m amazed that ChiTown is still trying to push that “We’d be better off with Melo” stuff. That’s insane.

  • First & Foremost

    I don’t think Melo would be a good fit at all. The trade would have been along the lines of
    Denver gets: Deng, Noah, James Johnson at the time, 1 maybe 2 Firsts, Rose’s Skittles Machine, Food & Liquor 2, and an elevator ride at Sears Tower.

    Chicago gets: 4 year supply of aspirin, Earl Smith, Melo, and the CVT Hi-def Blu-Ray remastered extended edition of ‘Kobe in Colorado 2.4′ full featured commentary done by Shaq.

    The benefit of Deng is that he is a team player. Throw in Melo and it might not work. The entire scenario comes down to Melo’s contributions on offense being BETTER THAN Deng/Noah on defense.

    Yeah Deng gets punished by superstars at his position but he does a decent enough job. Yeah Noah gets punished by stronger players but how many times does he play Bogut/Howard?

    The Bulls have gotten away with Boozer being weak on defense but could they really get away with defensive holes at 3 positions?

    Analogy Time: You can get away with wearing a sock with 1 hole in it. You’re flat out dirty if you wear socks with multiple holes in them.

  • JEAR18

    HEAT will take game 2 … but damn .. they wasted a good game from bosh LOL .. its all good .. this series aint over … and whats with the CHI TOWN fans giving HEAT shizz about celebrating after boston .. when they doing the exact samething right now .. HAHAHA ..

  • Sporty-j

    @lakeshow84 I was thinking about the Lakers when i said that we would sweep the Bulls. But i forgot that Dallas already swept those guys so my bad homie. How is Gasol doing anyway and did Kobe and Shannon Brown give him his girl back yet? You know what they say happens once you go black mamba lmaol… Oops Kobe did it again lol.

  • JBaller

    Chicago would be far worse with Melo. He’s a great baller and I’m glad we got him in NY, but it’s true that players need a system that works for them to thrive in. NY is still miles from the finals, but Chicago is a lot closer than anyone thought before the start of the season. I hope they go all the way.

  • LakeShow84

    Aye Sporty brought up an interesting point tho

    What happened with Kobe and Paus girl?? Did Kobes wife break them up?? someone in here should kno lol

    And that was a nice try to dig under my skin..

    Luckily im impervious to 15 year olds lol

  • Sporty-j

    Did you cowarda really thibk that i was going to go ibto hiding? I would never give you cowards the benefit or doubt. I would never beg for and will always gout blazing with my boy DWade and my Heat. On a side not. Can Dimes please give F&F the funniest man of the year award. His analogies are by far the best and most funniest. I think i might gave to put him in my fav 5 of Dimes top 5 poster. Why is a Toronto Raptor fan even posting on Dimes JAY? This is a Playoff teams conversation so plz see your way out. You should have stop posting on here after the playoffs started or after july 8. When Torontos greatest player in Franchise history left the buildind. THE END!!! Next???

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol at Lakeshow84! I got to admit. I do try to get under your skin. But that s#%t never works the way it works for some ovf these other cats on here. Hell ill even admit that i give up trying. Where is that punk CLAW? Why isnt he all over Dimes spitting his venom and hate towards the Heat. Must be hanging out with that gay CEO for the Suns…

  • LakeShow84

    Sporty Spice throwin barbs now everyone!!!!

    But really tho……

    Its not a sweep anymore right????????? LOL

    MAN when i was at home i SPIT OUT ALL OVER MY TV when i saw the Bulls were beating the Heat.. CRazzyyyy

    Almost amazazing lol

  • mules

    “The Bulls are just too versatile defensively; Everyone can literally guard anyone.”
    Slow your roll Dime. Ya’ll know Kyle Korver plays significant minutes for Chicago, right?

    @ Heckler:
    A Heat/Mavs finals would be nice but the DeShawn/Lebron “Feud” would be about the least dramatic part of the series…we already know who won that battle.
    After the Doneghy-esque officiating in the ’06 finals, the Mavs are owed a title. No better team to take it from than Miami.

  • LakeShow84

    The only way you could get under my skin would be to come to Northern California and woop my ass on a hoop court wearing a Lebron jersey talkin mess the whole time..

    That would dig at me perfectly lol

  • Sporty-j

    [sorry for not reading over what i wrote before hitting submit]

  • Phileus

    I still think it’s Miami in 6. Bulls haven’t even held onto homecourt advantage yet, and people are already acting like the series is over.

    I don’t really care about the outcome though, and I have to admit it would be really nice to see the Bulls in the finals again.

  • http://dimemag.c mike

    heat’s half court o sucks, if big 3 don’t combine for 80 + they are average team, Bulls in 5 or 6

  • LeRoy Green

    Has Spo run a play all season?

    Funny, in the huddle the camera caught Spo saying, “We can’t run isolation on these guys. Isos just won’t work!!” Then you can see Wade’s face tweak like, “Then wtf are we gonna do?” Lol


    hahaaaa i saw that shit too! I swear i was sayin the same thing when Spoelstra said that LOL First thing i thought was what the HELL do you mean iso’s don’t work?? thats all yall got! lmao

    After being eliminated by the Bulls, you can BET the Heat have a new coach going into next season

  • That’s What’s Up

    If the Heat lose Game 2, Riley will be coaching by Game 3

  • Sam

    I don’t think anybody expects the series to continue like this, but Game 1 definitely made me reconsider the big advantage I gave to the Miami Heat in this series.

    James and Wade won’t give such lackluster performances in the games to follow, but Chicago is still going to have that size advantage. When you think about it, Miami actually faced two teams that had size problems (remember that Boston traded Perk, didn’t have Shaq, so were relying on Jermaine O’Neal to be their CENTER and that Philly doesn’t have a good center to begin with.) Joel Anthony was such a huge part of the last two series, but Omer Asik and Joakim Noah really have the skill to make him irrelevant.

    I’m not sure the Heat win this anymore, although I’m not going to suddenly say Chicago will sweep.

  • Lattener4Pres2012


  • Big Island

    In a game filled with fast breaks, Miami is scary. In half court, they’re average at best. Wade and Lebron need the ball for people to clear out. Bosh will “post up” about 18 feet out, and clear out. They don’t work in a half court set. Chicago can clear our for Rose who can kick it to guys who can shoot or dish to Boozer or Noah cutting. It’s a nicely put together team. I am still not going to rag on Sportie (I wish I could dot the i with a heart) yet because Lebron and Wade are really, really good.

  • Big Island

    And Melo isn’t helping any team he goes to get over the hump.

  • LakeShow84

    Cosign Big Island

    If Chicao can keep the turnovers down and keep MIA from running and getting to the line it makes it even tougher for MIA to win..

    They thrive off of fastbreak points..

  • the cynic

    Tom Thibedau was the free agent signing of the offseason. I always thought he was the real power behind the Celtics, but to have the immediate impact he has had on Bulls is incredible

  • SportZone

    check out Kevin Durants comments on the Mavs

  • williehobbes

    Watching M.I.A.’s (pun) offense make’s me appreciate the greatness of Phil Jackson even more. The knock on Phil has always been “well anybody can win with Jordan & Pippen/ Shaq & kobe”. But what made Phil great was that he got maximum production from his all-stars AND the role players. Paxson, Armstrong, Grant , Levingston, Perdue, R. Brown, Burrell, Wennington, Fox, Shaw, Horry, etc.

    I guarantee you that Pat Riley gives Phil at least a courtesy call this summer (hell, he might have done it already). Phil might not be tired of coaching….he may be just tired of coaching the Lakers.

    One more thing….LeBron has a receding headband

  • bdownunder


    you are just a punk who can’t get off wade and lebrons dick. if you can’t handle a bit of smack on your own, step aside

    i’m all for backing ya team, but you takin on wade and lebrons “me against the world mentality” you might end up like pac – smack style

  • JAY

    “Why is a Toronto Raptor fan even posting on Dimes JAY? This is a Playoff teams conversation so plz see your way out.”
    First off, fuck the Raptors. Since they’re crap and been crap I don’t even watch they’re sorry ass anymore. I like watching good ball and the Raps piss me off. I hold no allegiance to any team left. Consider me an impartial opinion, and an outside observer the Bulls and Mavs are playing the best ball in the Playoffs.

    Do you think think the Heat showed much versus the Sixers, aka the worst team in the playoffs, and a beat up, slow, old Celts team? I’m not making excuses for the Celts but compared to the Bulls, they were exactly that… beat up, slow, and old. They were overwhelmed by that Bulls D and i expect them to come back in game 2 with a better effort but they aren’t beating Chicago in Chicago…

    …and sweep will still be possible.

    Oh yeah. Spo sucks. Even you have to agree.

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    I think the Thunder have to wait one more year. The Mavs will win in 5 or 6. Recent history suggests that if a team is older and the higher seed, they win the series, and the age difference between the Mavs and Thunder is almost 8 and a half years. That being said, I’m rooting for the Thunder, but I wouldn’t mind seeing J-Kidd top off his career with a ring.


  • That’s What’s Up

    I really want to see

  • That’s What’s Up

    100 comments for the day

  • That’s What’s Up

    mavs and okc tomorrow night

  • That’s What’s Up

    …and the phoenix GM is gay

  • QQ


    Well done. HAHA.

  • JDish

    I have to say, some good smack today .: “it’s like a scene from a Clint Eastwood movie: in the end, it’s just Clint, a hand cannon and bodies” lol
    Gotta love it, in my opinion the teams that needed to be in the conference finals are there. I mean some good story lines represented are:

    The feel good young team rising just in time = OKC Thunder
    The deep talented it’s-about-time team = Mavericks
    THE Best team in the nba Record-wise/with MVP = Bulls
    The Super Team put together to win it all ( – PG) = Heat
    Oh, and Bulls rip game 1 away from the Heat, this is going good already.

    Taj Gibson … PUT THAT BACK!

  • Q

    The shit yall are just starting to realise about Chicago ive already stated at the beginning of the year… Its sad to come back to this site and see the same guys who were doubting, now actually thinkin wow the Bulls do have great pieces and Rose is that type of talent.. It makes me furious!!