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Opposites Will Collide In Dallas

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook (photo. Jeff Forney)

How long will it take the Mavs to get the creaky joints moving again? The Western Conference Finals finally kick off in Dallas tonight at 9 p.m. ET and the Mavs need to be sharp after having more than a week off. One team is coming off a dragged out, never-ending, physical war while the other has been sipping on green tea and getting deep-tissue massages on all of their old limbs. On the other side, how will OKC react to starting out on the road? Home-court advantage ultimately helped them against Memphis but Dallas’ notoriously riotous crowd may catch them off guard. Additionally it’ll be interesting to see what version of Russell Westbrook shows up in Game 1. Perhaps he’ll be the playmaker from Game 7. Yet, with Kidd guarding him, we bet he drifts back into “Durant who?” mode. As long as he controls that, we’re fine with it. On the other end, can the Mavs’ bench continue to apply pressure after their extended break? Jason Terry shouldn’t be a concern given his track record. But cats like J.J. Barea and Peja Stojakovic look a tad suspect considering how well they played against L.A., especially Peja. Thing is, Peja can get into lulls of alright-to-poor shooting. Keep an eye on him. It’ll be interesting all the way around and while mostly everyone wants Dirk to finally get a ring, some new blood would be fun as well. If the Mavs advance to the Finals, it’ll be the 13th straight year that the old timers from the Lakers, San Antonio or Dallas have won the West. Where was everyone else all these years? … Before the start of the WCF, the NBA will have the Draft lottery at 8:30 p.m. ET. Who needs to win it the most? Who do you want to see win it? Will Kahn be planning to draft his 29th point guard? And does everyone agree with us when we say Kyrie Irving should be the number-one pick? … With so many still unanswered questions in Boston, Doc Rivers finally truthfully spoke on the Kendrick Perkins trade, saying the timing was off. Perkins’ contract will always come to justify it. But it just shows being pennywise isn’t always the best route. Dude doesn’t quite fit in on the Thunder like he did in Boston. Nevertheless, he’s provided the toughness they sorely lacked last year and they’re a better squad for it … We got a chance to chat with the TNT boys covering the Chicago/Miami series yesterday, and besides TNT revealing that the ratings for Game 1 showed it was the most watched NBA game of all-time, we picked the brains of Reggie Miller and Steve Kerr. While Reggie did compare Serge Ibaka to a young Hakeem Olajuwon on the defensive end, much of the conversation centered around Miami and what to do with their rebounding weakness. After Erik Spoelstra sidelined Erick Dampier and Zydrunas Ilgauskas for the first game (even though they’ve combined to start pretty much every game at center all year long), now what? Does Spoelstra bring them back? Does he give more minutes to Udonis Haslem? Does he go big with Wade at the point? Lots of questions and not a whole lot of time. Miami is picking their poison either way. When your star player’s (Wade) kid is dunking on a Nerf hoop and screaming “Gibson!” you could be in trouble … Game 2 between Miami and Chicago won’t take place until tomorrow but we’re anxious to see if Chicago can play even better. Luol Deng was an unsung hero for the Bulls all year as their secondary scorer, and he outplayed LeBron in Game 1. On the other hand, Carlos Boozer could be a more visible offensive force. Having Chris Bosh drop 30 on your head after you dissed him is about as far from a good look as it gets. How will Boozer respond on offense? When it comes to his defense, well, we’ll leave the criticism to Scottie PippenAmar’e Stoudemire is now officially a New York legend, earning his first NYC billboard to promote Sheets energy strips. But who came up with their slogan: Take a Sheet! … Life lessons from Tony Allen‘s Twitter feed: can’t grit and grind without stayin drug free twerps … We’re out like Take a Sheet!

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  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Great piece. Chicago/Miami series.The bulls was so excellent in Game 1. Offense, defense Dribbling, passing, shotting wise. I think the main weapon of the bulls is there bench players. As we all know. There bench score on the first game was 23 against 13 by Miami.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    Go Raptors in the draft lottery!!!

    Too bad I can’t cheer for them playing basketball

  • Arno

    Actually, the Bulls had some accuracy problem and could do a much better job shooting and taking care of the ball. And that means trouble for the Heat.

    How can they overcome the Bulls defense ? Yes, it looks like Boston’s in its conception. But there’s a huge difference : everybody can guard anybody in the Bulls starting five. When he was 15 and playing in France, Noah guarded point guards. Boozer, IF he wants to defend, will put a body in front of any slasher. Not to speak about Deng.

    All those guys are long and quick. If the Heat keeps running iso for alternately for Wade and for James, they could as well go back th South Beach immediately. But how do you put a real offense in a couple of days ?

  • egypt

    bulls shot 48% on 3’s and took 19 more shots….


    The goddamn Heat caught up with the law of averages, everything those asswipes threw up in the Boston series were going in and now they can’t shoot for shit against the Bulls. Gotta love the karma, bitches.

  • hahns

    is it just me or does kendrick perkins not have that scowl he had in boston anymore? he left a piece of his soul in boston.

    tony allen on the other hand seems like he just got meaner.

    also- listening to the inside trax of spolestra….the guy is NOT a great motivator…i just hope hes good with the x’s and o’s

  • Stephen Jackson

    If it’s the law of averages then it can’t not karma…I’m just saying before I’m out…


    I don’t care who wins the Finals as long as it isn’t Miami… sorry Wade I like you but…

  • control

    What is up with Wade? The guy looks like he got stung by 1000 bees and is allergic to his, like, his face is swollen up to the point where he almost looks like a chubby white kid. He looked like he partied WAY too hard before game 1, hopefully he’s been in the gym since. I don’t really care of Miami loses, but I want to see some good games at least!


    Nah, Perk still has his mean mugging in top form. My brother, who doesn’t watch basketball at all, seen Perk when he came up on the screen and asked if he just got kicked in the junk or something.

  • KBY

    They should hire that guy from The Wire


  • JAY

    Reggie Miller is smoking some ish. Anthony is like a young Hakeem? Wtf? Hakeem was the best defensive center I’ve ever seen.

    The NBA scheduling is horrible. Bulls/Heat get 2 games off and they didn’t even travel? How many games off do they get between game 2 and 3?

    ** I just checked… game 3 is on SUNDAY. Fuckin horrible scheduling. The deeper teams should be able to use their depth to their advantage. Fatigue is no longer a factor in a long series for teams with short benches. Wade/LBJ/Bosh, Durant/Westbrook, etc can afford play 45/gm without consequence. They have 4 days to rest. That’s retarded.

    Gimme the good ol days, when team played back-to-backs in one city, then a day or 2 of travelling before playing in the next city.

  • First & Foremost

    @Jay – There is this one black lady in Chicago that b**** slapped David Stern into moving the game from Monday to Sunday. She rarely takes a loss on something she wants.

    NBA worked out a deal last year when the WWE changed venues in Denver but unless Jordan promised to make a comeback, there was no way Oprah backs down in this situation.


    Law of averages, karma, even out, due to happen. The same old shit. The Heat are fucked no matter what law or karma, Captain Jack Shit hahahaha

  • JAY

    @ F&F
    Lol! Nice post. But how does it affect her shows? They tape early in the day and air in the afternoon…. not that I watch her show or anything.

    The scheduling has been like this for at least a decade. I’m tired of waiting for games!! Playoffs ending in mid-June??? WTF!?! Where I’m from, we only have like 4 months of good weather. I hate staying inside watching a game when it’s nice out. The long playoffs eat into my summer enjoyment! I’m gonna have to start doing a rain dance on game days so i don’t miss the nice hot days/evenings.

  • First & Foremost

    From what I heard she was taping in the United Center. Who knows why they couldn’t do what LA does when changing the floors or set up over. Either the taping would have ran too long but I guess it gives the Heat more time to put in that Princeton Offense.

    I can’t help but believe the Heat have some type of offense. Mike Miller doesn’t break his hand in practice defending Lebron in an isolation play. Either Lebron was coming running off of several screens OR the two of them are highly suspect.

    “Oooo, Lebron you broke my thumb.”
    “Yo, Maverick. How can Lebron explain this without having Lebron look like… you know… a fruit?”
    “Say it happened in practice. We’re out of recording tape anyway”

  • jdizzle

    So will Amare be asking reporters if they wana watch him Take A Sheet also?

    @JAY yea Oprah using the UC to tape her last episode. Ofrah take yo big ass to the All State Arena!!! As far as Game 3 not being until Sunday that shit is wack!

  • JDish

    It’s tough to choose between two great squads in the Dallas Mavericks and the OKC Thunder.
    For several years now Dallas has been the team that was playing great but was always missing something, which would lead to their early exit in the playoffs (except in 2006). Now they truly look like a stacked deep squad that has the right mix of talent to get to the finals and win the whole thing all together.
    The Thunder are, I must admit, the team I’m rooting for cause of their youth and energy, and Kevin Durant is becoming more and more of a superstar. I just hope that the Thunder have what it takes to match up man to man with the Mavs. I believe they do, I guess now it comes down to the battle of wills. GO THUNDER!

  • http://dirk dirk

    go mavs

  • LeRoy Green

    dirk says:

    go mavs


    LETS GO!

    gotta whoop these youngins 2nite! Won’t be easy but i hope the Mavs come out like they’re on a mission and make this a statement game. Its gonna be interesting to see how much zone we play because we used it alot in the regular season against the Thunder. The zone has its weaknesses of course – creates some lanes for Westbrook to sneak thru and leaves more opportunites for them to get offensive rebounds- but that 2-3 zone had the lakers LOST out there so hopefully it can be effective against the inexperienced Thunder.


  • LeRoy Green

    dirk says:

    go mavs


    LETS GO!

    gotta whoop these youngins 2nite! Won’t be easy but i hope the Mavs come out like they’re on a mission and make this a statement game. Its gonna be interesting to see how much zone we play because we used it alot in the regular season against the Thunder. The zone has its weaknesses of course – creates some lanes for Westbrook to sneak thru and leaves more opportunites for them to get offensive rebounds- but that 2-3 zone had the lakers LOST out there so hopefully it can be effective against the inexperienced Thunder.


  • QQ

    The Heat will probably win game 2, Sporty J will talk shit and posts 30 comments, The Bulls will probably dismantle them in game 3 in retaliation, Sporty J will post about two posts saying ‘I aint hiding’ and disappear until they win again.

  • First & Foremost

    I just so happened to be browsing the intertubes and came across an article that said the NBA owners proposed a $45M hard salary cap. The current cap is at $58M

    What do you guys think about that?

    Since you guys asked… [The Heat will now create a Hoop-it-up league.] This helps the NBA balance out talent and we will soon see which guys truly play for the love of the game. On the other hand, Josh Childress made $10M per in Europe so if player care that much about the almighty dollar some may cross the pond.

    I’m all for lowering player salaries AS LONG AS ticket & hat prices have a similar decrease. Kdizzle can’t afford too many more swingman jerseys to rock in the club.

  • cesar


    miller compared IBAKA to the dream. not anthony.


    Its all about the Mavs this year. As much as i like Chicago against Miami, the Mavs have to win it all. The old dudes gotta smack down these yunguns just one more time before it all changes.

  • JBaller

    I have to take a sheet! No, Really, I have to take a sheet really badly.

    Amare and NYK took a sheet in the first round. I great big sheet!

  • JBaller

    This reminds me of an old joke where a foreign guy with an accent is in a hotel and his bed only has one sheet so he goes to the front desk and says “I want two sheet on the bed” and the hotel worker says “you cannot shit on the bed here, go back to your own country”

  • LakeShow84

    Im getting real tired of this whole “evil” Westbrook thing..

    Dude is a young player and is going through his motions of finding himself as a player.. dont forget hes a combo guard who is being dressed as solely a PG, with a green light to shoot..

    Shit Id be confused too lol

    but hes still a dynamic player.. one of the best talents we got in the game.. hes TOTALLY supported by Durant and his other teammates.. should be good enough.. Everyone in the media acts like they know the answer for everything



  • LakeShow84

    @ Egypt

    Expect those extra shots and 2nd chance points to continue their current trend.. Bulls frontcourt to active/athletic for MIA’s frontcourt..

    best believe Chicago runnin tip drills all day in practice lol

  • Sporty-j

    Mr.Irving going #1 is a no brainer. Its time for Spoelsra to vench Mike Bibby since he has been playing like hes in Atlanta since the playoffs have started. Unleash the beast in Eddie House to replace Bibby and play Haslem even if hes 70%. Haslem can grab freaking rebound for crying out louf. Last but not least. We need to quit worry about Derrick Rose so much and having everybody cheat off there man to help out on Rose. When we dp all that cheating everybody else for the Bulls are left wide open. Wade needs to take on the challenge of shuting Rose down like Jordan or Kobe would. Lebron needs to shut Deng down. Simple game plan for Spoelstra in game 2.

  • Big Island

    Westbrook going nuts for the first 43 minutes isn’t a bad thing, it’s in those last 5 when he dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and shoots a 19 foot jumper where it drives people nuts.

    Ibaka is not Hakeem.

    Miami would have probably the best Hoop-it-Up team of any NBA squad. Damn, I used to love those tournaments…

    And I am actually taking a sheet right now, thought about Sporty, decided to post.

  • JAY

    @ cesar.
    Lol. Thanks for the correction. My coworker was talking to me about Joel Anthony at the time… that’s probably why I must have wrote “Anthony” instead of Ibaka.

    Either way. Ibaka = young Hakeem on D?? Hakeem always controlled the defensive end from his first season. Ibaka’s presence doesn’t intimidate people like Hakeem. Not even close.

    Maybe if he said, Ibaka with Perkins can play the role Hakeem played in his younger days when he played with Sampson…. then I’d give that a pass. Not straight up, He’s like a young Hakeem on D. GTOH Reggie.

  • JAY

    RE: #29
    All those adjustments sporty mentioned is part of the reason why the Heat won’t win in Chicago. They have to make waaaay more adjustments than Chi does. On top of what Sporty posted, they are still considering “how much does Wade stick Rose”, “should they play zone like they did vs Philly”, “small-ball or go big”.
    Chicago just has to go out and play Bulls basketball. The kind of ball that they’ve played all year and is proven to work. Miami will be scrambling for solutions… and it will get worse when they are down 2-0.

    Sporty… Spo is a shit coach. Just admit it.

    “We can’t run isos against this team. Isos won’t work!!!” – Spoelstra

  • JAY

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Spoelstra instructed LBJ/Wade/PG to run a 3 man weave. That’s the only other “play” he knows.

    In the 4th quarter…
    Spo: “Ok guys. We’ve iso’ed them to death. I think they’re onto us. It’s time to run the other play in our arsenal…

    *blank stares from Heat players*

    “Come on guys!! We run it all the time when we warmup in practice… the 3-man weave!! I think it will throw them off enough to forget our other 2 plays… Iso-3, and Iso-6… We’ll run the weave 3 or 4 times up then go back to our regular plays. Everyone get in here!!!! Even you Magloire!!! Ready? Defence on 3… 1-2-3…”

    LBJ: “Fuck off.”

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Reggie Miller has actually been on the court with Hakeem (young, prime and old version), so I’d say he has much more credibility on the topic than the rest of us. If he says Ibaka reminds him of young Hakeem, I’m not gonna say he’s wrong.

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @JAY Ibaka is just as good as Hakeem defensively and has a chance to be even better. Do some of you watch the game? Ibaka is the bestdefensive PF in the game and impacts the game on the defensive end of the floor just as much as Howard. Wait until dude works on his offensive game…

  • JAY

    Former players throw comparisons out all the time. Just because they played against them doesn’t automatically give them a “my opinion is right” card.
    Credibility, my ass. We can’t disagree?

    They are human. They get over-zealous. They over-react. Especially when said player is currently playing very well. Likening Ibaka to Hakeem is an overreaction to his current level of play. I bet if you ask Reggie in August if Ibaka plays defence like Hakeem, forgetting what he said yesterday, he’d do a complete 180.

    Hakeem owned that half of the court, even early on in his career. Ibaka doesn’t. Ibaka’s timing doesn’t even come close to Hakeem. And natural instinct?? Hakeem was ALWAYS around to bother every shot in the paint. Ibaka? Nope. Hakeem had that Mutombo-like instinct… the same natural instinct D-Howard has. Ibaka instinct isn’t the same… he just jumps high.

    I find it funny that Reggie says one thing and JUST because he’s a former player, you refuse disagree… like you never watch Hakeem play to form your own opinion.

    Eddie Johnson(yup, THAT Eddie Johnson) once wrote an article once that said ALL NBA players have a true love for the game…. even guys like Eddy Curry who are obviously more interested in the paycheck than actually being on the court. I guess you agree with that too. IMO, Eddy Curry is just lucky enough to be a big SOB with some skill. If he truly loved the game, conditioning would never be an issue. Fact is, it’s been an issue since before he was drafted.
    …but a former NBA player said all NBA guys love basketball, so it’s gotta be true.

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY & AB

    Just look at ex player GM’s as far as talent scouts..

    Most the time they SUCK ASS..

    Im sure Kevin McHale has made some comparisons.. And we dont need to reference his GM skills..

  • JAY

    @ Sporty J: “Ibaka is just as good as Hakeem defensively and has a chance to be even better.”

    Has a chance to be better defensively than Hakeem? Right. Hakeem was a one-man wrecking crew. Hakeem was named All-Defensive first-team in his 3rd year… isn’t Ibaka in his 3rd year now? He’s got a long way to go if he’s going to catch Hakeem’s 9 selections to an all-defensive team…. especially since he’s already the best defensive PF in the game, as you say. Right, Sporty?

    According to you Ibaka “impacts the game on the defensive end of the floor just as much as Howard.”
    Can you link me with you dealer? That stuff you got MUST be good.

  • LakeShow84

    And while i agree Ibaka is a GREAT shot blocker i think our league has a shortage on those..

    So we jump out to the edge of our seat on something that only deserves a lean..

  • JAY

    Cosign Lakeshow.

    MJ took Kwame Brown 1st overall.
    And before the 2000 Draft, he said he had the #1 pick that year he was taking Darius Miles, as the easy pick. GTFOH!!!

  • First & Foremost

    Then in that same draft he declared Joe Johnson as the best player.

  • QQ

    Mark Jackson called Kobe, Bron, Wade, and about 5 more players the ‘the best player in the world’.

    SO going by the ‘Ex NBA player can’t be wrong’ logic….

    If we have multiple best players in the world, but it’s ‘the best player’, there can only be one…


  • LeRoy Green

    Ibaka is the bestdefensive PF in the game and impacts the game on the defensive end of the floor just as much as Howard



    one good season and he’s as big an impact as Howard smh

    Ibaka’s a good defender, we’ll see how many times he can block Dirks fadeaway this series. These young guns still gotta show me somethin, its been a great run thus far but they got more showin and provin to do and more dues to pay.


  • Jade

    Props to JAY for the rationalization !!!

  • Sporty-j

    Argueing with some of you guys is a waste of time. If you cannot see the similarity in Kobes game compared to Jordans game. Or Ibaka on the defensive end of the floor compared Hakeem. It does not take a Recruiting 5 star expert in football or basketball to see the similarities or an ex player or whatever. All you have to do is watch the game yourself amd see form an opinion for yourself. Keep in mind thougj that old school players will always be praised more than new school players but yet today players are way bigger, stronger, and faster in all Sports. Defensive and offensive schemes are also way more advanced…

  • Jade

    Kobe similar to Jordan ??? Name on Championship when Jordan had ONE big guy 1/4th as skilled as the ones Kobe had whenever they have won the championship !!!

    Note to Dumbasses everywhere: Lakers lost because their big man (Gasol) didn’t show up !!!

    Note to Everyone out there: Jordan woulda won the freaking Championship with Odom as the second wheel and freaking Artest as the third option !!!!

    Now I know all the Kobe cocksuckers are gonna jump on this, so I will say it clearly….I have seen Jordan play in person…and I have seen Kobe play in person… and Jordan was averaging 30 in the playoffs with hand-checking !!!

  • Sporty-j

    As technology and etc gets better. So doed the game along with everything else. I just wish I could see the world 100yrs from now when we all are gone…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Calm down, people. Of course all of us have eyes and opinions and are free to form our own opinions. I didn’t say guys like Reggie can’t be questioned, all I said is that I’ll give his opinion on the Hakeem comparisons more weight than somebody who has only seen Hakeem on TV or from the stands.

    That said, I think it’s funny how so many media/fans pick apart the decisions of GM’s and coaches and actually think they could do a better job.

    @QQ — I think there’s this concept called “Changing one’s mind.” That might explain Mark Jackson calling multiple guys the best player in the world.

  • Sporty-j

    I doubt that there is 1 Laker fan out there that would argue with that. You guys act like he said Ibaka is just as good as the dream lol. Some of you guys just say stupid things I am starting to realize and seem like you are just looking for an arguement or blog fight. JADE goes way off topic and starts talking about how Jordan never had a skilled big man. What does that have to do with there game being similar?

  • Sporty-j

    Its like OMG! Did you hear how Reggie compared Ibaka on the defensive end of the floor to Hakeem? How dare he! Hakeem would not even have a ring if Jordan would not have retired. Bulls management dont run Phil out of town and Jordan has 10 rings easily…

  • First & Foremost

    To backup AB’s point about changing one’s mind…

    Analogy Time: Remember that girl you were with that said you were the best she ever had?

    It is all about marketing. You can’t go to a Lakers-Celtics game then the analysts bring up a debate about CP3 vs. D-will. Whatever the game they’re doing, someone on the floor is the best player in the world at some aspect. Would you want to be doing a girl and all she is talking about is how good her ex was? It cheapens the experience so she/announcers have to be over the top and make outlandish statements. The truth doesn’t matter.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    F&F is right. But it does get on my nerves how media/fans act like something always has to be “The Best” or “The Worst” with no in-between.

    During Heat/Celtics Game 1, Jeff Van Gundy was breaking down a Boston defensive breakdown when he called James Jones “the best shooter in the gym.” Mark Jackson called him out, reminding JVG that Ray Allen was also in the building. So instead of just admitting, “OK, Jones is the best shooter on the HEAT, and to Boston’s defense that’s all that matter,” JVG felt he had to defend his statement and briefly argued that Jones was a better shooter than Ray. (He later recanted.)

  • LakeShow84

    Cosign Sporty J

    Jades an idiot lol

  • LakeShow84

    Ill one up the kudos and say F&F AND AB are right

    The media is PAYED to talk out of their asses half the time.. ur not going to hear much about different teams when watching 2 certain clubs go at it..

    WEAK, ANNOYING and IGNORANT but thats the nature of the beast.

  • Big Island

    Comparing current players to players past is always going to bring out arguments. Certain guys like Lebron or Dirk have changed what you perceive players in a certain position can be. Then you go through comparisons with a skillset and it gets even worse. Ibaka is a good defender, really good. But comparing him to one of the greatest defensive players ever, at any position, is going a bit far. I get that they try to sell the game, and Durant being an offensive freakshow is played out, but Ibaka isn’t Hakeem. Howard is a bigger Ben Wallace but he gets more love than he should because there aren’t any great centers for him to compete with. Kobe’s game is very similar to Jordan’s, but he isn’t Jordan. Penny wasn’t Magic. There are a million examples of guys being compared to players past.

    Point being Ibaka is really good, but Hakeem was in a different league, regardless of what Reggie Miller says.

  • Sporty-j

    Yes she is lol with Lakeshow84. Must be that time of the month, but she needs to settle down. JAY get your girl off of dimes…

  • First & Foremost

    @AB – of course I’m right.

    But that kind of commentary has to be done. You have to make fans believe that they are watching the best in the world at some aspect of basketball. In the middle of a GS game you’ll here, “This is the best backcourt duo of undersized guards under 26 in which both are lightskinned AND both need the ball – IN THE WORLD”

    Watching a Wolves-Clippers game – “These power forwards are the best under 23 big men in world at combining their size and instincts for rebounding – in the world.” It is a psychology thing, of making casual fans feel like they just the best player in the world so that they’ll attempt to follow said player.

  • Sporty-j

    Kevin Durant vs Dirk Nowitzki??? I have my money on Durant In 6

  • First & Foremost

    This has been bothering me for some time now… Sporty-J – stop calling it dimes! I really don’t like to get on people about small stuff like that, but dude, it is Dime Magazine. You don’t say FootsLocker, do you?

  • what!

    The mavs deserve alot more respect…no one wanted to face portland in the first round…mavs won…then NO ONE wanted to face the “lakeshow” at all..mavs dominated..I dont see OKC being near deep enough to keep up with the mavs….who scores when Durant is on the bench? Marion will play decent D on him…Westbrook will “try” to carry the team but will fail…he may score 30 plus but thats on 25% shooting…like normal.

    yes the mavs shot insane from 3 in the lakers series…but…drop that percentage 10% and the mavs still dominate them.

    Mavs and Bulls in final…tight series…Mavs on top! Neither OKC or Chi have the size to match up with Dallas.

  • Sporty-j

    Lmaol at F&F! They do have to sell the game in todays sports and because they need a check. But some people get to emotional when you compare a RB of todays generation with Barry Sanders or a CB to Deion Sanders. Its as if its blasphemy or someone said that particular player is better….

  • Sporty-j

    Since I like you! Ill say Dime Mag. Analogy-Dime Magazine…

  • LakeShow84

    F&F bruh apply for a job here ur killing me LMAO

    “This is the best backcourt duo of undersized guards under 26 in which both are lightskinned AND both need the ball – IN THE WORLD”

    LMMMAAAAAOOOOOO…………… i think ive heard that before tho lol jk

  • LakeShow84

    And technically speaking it would be FEETLOCKER..

    Right???? lol

  • First & Foremost

    Follow me @Dimes_Magazine #NotonTwitter

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I’d rather hear an announcer say, “Player in front of us A is like Current All-star B or past All-star C”, rather than “A is like ALL TIME GREAT player D.”

    Makes the comparison more fair for both the player in front of us AND the All time Great. No need to raise expectations for the young man, and no need to cheapen the memory of an all time great.

    Because seriously, how many athletic, shotblocking big men have come through the league in the last 15 years and were possibly compared to Hakeem? And how many ended up being in the top 3 defensive big men of all time? PERHAPS Dwight Howard?

    Like someone mentioned above, Howard is the benchmark when it comes to defensive bigs in the game today. If Ibaka isn’t even as good as the best TODAY (and, as much as I like him, he’s simply not), then how can he be fairly compared to Hakeem?