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[UPDATE] Mike Brown Will Be Named The Lakers New Head Coach

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

UPDATE: Reports are now that this a is a done deal. Chris Broussard just tweeted the following: “Deal is done. Mike Brown and Lakers agree to 4-year, $18.25 million deal. Team option for 4th year. Brown gets $2.5 mil if option not taken.”

Out of all the potential head coaching candidates for the L.A. Lakers, Mike Brown wasn’t considered a favorite. Most figured he was at the bottom of the list, below Rick Adelman, below Brian Shaw and possibly below Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Dunleavy. But somehow it appears Brown has emerged and will be named the new head coach of one of the most celebrated organizations in sports.

While the former Cleveland coach was considered a favorite for the Warriors job, CSNBayArea.com is reporting that two league sources now say he will soon become Phil Jackson‘s replacement. The move hasn’t been made official, but the sources expect Brown to sign a four-year $18 million contract.

Shaw was the logical choice at the start of the hiring process because of his great relationship with Kobe Bryant. Kobe endorsed him early on, and most figured that’s all he needed. But as the Lakers move into a new era of basketball, it’s probable that Shaw’s strengths (his familiarity with the triangle and the Jackson-era) came to hurt him.

From there, Jerry Buss moved on to Adelman and Van Gundy. Both have more of what we are used to seeing from a Laker head coach: an offensive genius and a knack for entertaining basketball (Adelman) or a big name capable of dealing with big personalities (Van Gundy).

So how will Brown fit? Tom Ziller of SBNation says it could work:

Under Brown, they’ll be prepared; there’s no question about that. Jackson is famously chill on the sidelines, in terms of directing traffic, especially on offense. He has instilled a system (the Triangle offense), he has taught the system, he trusts the system, he trusts the players to implement the system. He chills. Brown may not have that conviction of a system, but like Jackson he’ll trust his players to make the right plays.

While it was rumored Brown clashed with LeBron James at times in Cleveland, he is a fantastic defensive coach and helped turn Cleveland into one of the best teams in the league. Still, the Lakers haven’t consulted with Bryant yet, and there is a chance he may scoff at the idea.

On the exterior, Brown doesn’t appear to be a traditional fit in L.A. But maybe that’s just what this veteran team needs.

Is Mike Brown the right fit?

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  • YC

    Haha LAs screwed hands down

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    This is great news… for everyone other than Laker fans.

  • s.bucketz


  • Peble

    Hate the decision, moving away from the triangle is going to suck and Brown has absolutely no offensive resources as a coach, he doesn’t know how to react in certain situations and we need a coach who knows what he’s doing. Terrible hirng.

  • The Goods

    Wow Mike Brown?!

    Yikes, this is not what Laker Nation had in mind for the replacement to Phil. Clearly the organization wants to go in a completely different direction and cut all ties to Phil and the Triangle. This is really a shocking move on several fronts and to be honest I cannot see how this works out well in the long run.

    Mike Brown, albiet a seemingly very nice guy, has always struck me as a yes man that ultimately ended up looking like a punk in Cleveland who was ran around by LeBron. I just cannot see him walking into the locker room and getting the much needed vote of confidence from Kobe. I see Kobe eating him up and spitting him out, Lakers need a coach that can challenge and stand up to Kobe. The only way that will happen is if it is someone that Kobe greatly respects. Lord knows it took long enough for him to even form that relationship with Jackson.

    What also strikes me as more than a little strange is that the organization has basically come out and said they are looking for a bargain coach and do no want to pay top dollar for someone. As a proud card carrying laker Nation member, that is what stings the most. It smells of the organization not wanting to do whatever it takes to win anymore. Perhaps this season really did take that much out of everyone.

    In conclusion I am pissed if this is indeed the route that the Lakers go down, I think it speaks to perhaps an even bigger problem for the organization in the next few years.

  • boomshakalaka

    This is awesome. I am of course, not a Laker fan.

  • cru_thik305

    this is a good fit. after seeing the laker’s defense against the mavs this year, they absolutely need a defensive minded coach. between kobe, gasol, odom, and bynum they have enough offense. but think about it: the one game they double team dirk in the playoffs, the mavs tie the post season record for 3’s. this team DEFINITELY needs help on the defensive end.

  • Celts Fan

    @the goods – he gets the vote from Kobe cuz now it’s essentially Coach Kobe. Good luck w/ that. muahahahahaha

  • Kobeeeee

    Wasn’t April Fools Day 2 months ago?

  • deagletime

    The cornerstone for the beginning of the Blake Griffin Era in LA.

  • Dee


  • Underboss

    Relax, he’s not that bad. The Lakers will be fine. He’s a good defensive coach. For the criticism he receives for not being a good offensive mind, how else would you use LeBron? If you all have noticed, Spols has taken the cuffs off LeBron during the conference finals, as did Brown. Mike Brown’s resume: coach year, championship with the Spurs, best record two years in a row, great defensive coach. Better hire than JVG.

  • cru_thik305

    cosign, thx underboss.

  • Nyeme

    This is an interesting choice. It does get away from the triangle, which helps everyone but Fisher. Maybe they will play a more freestyle offense most of the time, and they still should have the discipline to run a half court game. They still need to address the PG, so Kobe doesn’t have to bring it up, set up the offense and then get open.

    Defensively they will be fine

  • sh!tfaced

    All he preached in Cleveland was “give to LeBron and get out of the way.”

    Kobe will definitely looove him.

  • control

    Wow…this is a horrible signing for the Lakers, and a great signing for the rest of the league.

  • First & Foremost

    How is this horrible? Were the Lakers supposed to upgrade from Phil Jackson. Where do you just find a coach that can do better than the one who took your team to the finals 7 times in the past 11 years?

    As for Kobe’s vote of approval, what coach is going to come in and tell him what to do? He is a 5x champion that still believes he can play at an elite level. It will be like a person who doesn’t have kids telling a parent how to raise their kid.

    Whatever offense they run will still work. Feed the post and then let Kobe take over in the 2nd half. That is at least good for 50 wins with the talent they have.

  • LakeShow84


    LMAO @ Everyone talkin shit

    Ill take Mike Brown in a heartbeat.. Dude is a defensive genious whether people like to admit it or not.. He was schooled under Pop and will HOPEFULLY retain Shaw and Person..

    Honestly we need him with the way our defense was so fuckin inconsistent this past year..

    And whoever said Mike Brown was a yes man to Lebron is ignorant.. Brown used to warn GILBERT he was laying down on Lebron too much and warned him not to give him his way all the time or it would backfire.. and we all saw what happened..

    Mike Brown is solid.. id rather have taken Adelman but we had a choice between offense and defense and we chose defense..

    i think we’ll be fine


    Everyone’s talking shit because there are a lot more coaches out there. It’s not like every available coach was already taken.

    But yeah, no other way but down after Phil.

    And I hear Golden State is really interested in Brian Shaw

  • Deez Nutz


  • KnicksFan

    BAD move..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    As long as Brown keeps one or two of Phil’s assistants to serve as “offensive coordinators” while implementing his own defense, the Lakers will be fine. It’s not like Phil is the only man in the world who knows the triangle.

    On a personal ego level, Kobe may welcome this as a challenge. If he can win a title with a coach that (1) LeBron couldn’t win with, and (2) isn’t Phil, Kobe would prove he doesn’t need Shaq OR Phil to win a title.

  • sh!tfaced

    Plus Kobe would love to show up LeBron by doing what he never did – win a ring with his old coach.

  • NYK

    what happened to Brian Shaw?

  • Big Island

    I think it’s a good hire. Not as good as Adelman IMO, but still good. The Lakers need to scrap the triangle anyways, start looking post Kobe era, and figure out what to do with Bynum, Gasol etc… Besides, outside of Pop, who is better out there? JVG? Larry Brown? Jerry Sloan would last with Kobe for about 10 minutes of practice. Mike Brown knows how to deal with a spoiled superstar, brings D (don’t think Barrea will be going nuts next time), and has experience.

    As a Laker fan hater, not necessarily a Laker hater, I hope it blows up and they win 4 games all year.

  • Nyeme

    @Austin – they don’t need the triangle anymore. It doesn’t help anyone on the team but Fisher. it wsa too much passing for non-passing and non-cutting players. A free-wheeling offense is best for them, and even better if they get a PG.

  • SoulChorea

    See, Kobe’s gonna be motivated no matter what. He’ll always find SOMETHING to prove. It’s the rest of the team that’s gonna be the key – I can’t see Odom and Shannon Brown even HEARING SmartBrother’s voice in the huddle. They’ll tune him out as soon as dude walks in the door at training camp. Are you KIDDING ME? Adelman and Van Gundy were the only choices to make. This is TURR-BLE.

  • SoulChorea

    I have a baaaad feeling he’s gonna bring Varejao with him….

  • Shenger

    What a terrible hire. Adelman was my personal favorite, mainly b/c of the offense he runs. Mike Brown has no offensive schemes whatsoever.

    If the Lakers wanted to hire a defensive coach, why not JVG? I know he’s been out of coaching for a while, but his teams were mostly on point defensively in Houston.

  • dlight

    This ain’t even gonna be fun ragging on the Flakers. Buss/Kup must want to keep the reigns from KB24?

  • dlight

    Did MJ win a ring without ZenMaster? Kobe hmmm motivation on overdrive

  • K Dizzle

    Haters go Full Retard when they don’t understand a hire.
    Mike Brown goes 121-37 in his last 2 seasons, but because Lebron “didn’t think he could do it on his own, Mike Brown’s a bad coach? Lol I’m readin posts like he couldn’t win with Lebron like that means somethin.
    You take that team that Lebron nut-huggers were callin shit and you bring that Coach of the Year over to a squad with Kobe, Pau, Lamar and Bynum n you think he worried about the offense?
    We alright, haters.

  • UncheckedAggression

    Brown’s obviously a good defensive coach, but those offensive deficiencies are real. If he gets s decent offensive coordinator then maybe it will be all good. I still think it’s a bad hire and I’m happy about that. I was worried they were gonna get Adelman.

    “an offensive genius and a knack for entertaining basketball (Adelman) or a big name capable of dealing with big personalities (Van Gundy)”–I’m sorry, but Adelman fills both of those roles better than Van Gundy.

    I think the biggest thing Laker fans should worry about it Kobe dominating Brown. That team is championship caliber, but they gotta play team ball to get there. So Brown is gonna have to stand up to Kobe. We’ll see if that happens.

  • common sense

    all i gotta say is lol.. mike brown??? seriously… its gotta be a joke

  • YC

    You guys really think kobe will go along with this guy? LA power will shift to clips next season hahaha unless howard goes oneal..

  • the cynic


    Come on, Adelman was there for the taking

  • the cynic

    On the bright side I won’t have to watch his crappy analysis on TV anymore

  • GMC

    dude this is the guy whos playbook is smaller than a piece of toilet paper… wow lakers are doomed

    lets hope kobe can score 50 a night with all those iso plays…

  • bola

    the lakers problem is not getting some offense but controlling it.. with mike brown and the way he let james roamed free in cleveland, the same may happen with kobe or bynum or artest.. pau is too disciplined to do that..


    I don’t think this is anywhere near as bad as people are making out. I do think in Cleveland his offensive gameplan was shall we say… lacking but now we’ll get to see what the situation really is and his defense is excellent which automatically upgrades an area of weakness for LA.

    Brian Shaw made sense but inevitably that move would have just maintained the status quo, it will be interesting to see how this move pans out and what personnel changes will be made.

    *I am not a Laker fan… not at all*

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    FUCKKKKK !!!
    All i can say is I hope my gut is dead wrong.I mean DEAD wrong about this.Woulda liked Shaw, Alderman before we picked this cat. Again my gut reaction is FUUUUCCKKK !!!

  • OneZero

    @smoove chip

    all together now, FUUUUCKKKK!

  • Phileus

    Mike Brown’s records in 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 with “not enough help” for LeBron in Cleveland: 61-21, 66-16

    LeBron’s record in 2010/2011 in Miami: 58-24

    Clearly Mike Brown didn’t owe everything to LeBron.

    That said, I don’t think he was the best possibility, not by a long shot.

  • Shot In Ya Face

    I think Laker fans are upset because Brown isn’t as big of a household name as Adelman, Van Gundy, etc. I’m surprised the Lakers didn’t go after Jerry Sloan, who IMO was the best available coach. Maybe Kobe didn’t approve but I thought Sloan would have been great.

    Anyways, any coach who’s mentor was the best coach in the NBA, poppovich, gets my approval.

    Now that we have a new coach, can we finally remove Fisher as starting PG? He’s still an important piece for the Lakers, just to keep Kobe happy, but dude is way over the hill and was one of the key reasons Lakers D sucked ass.

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    @ onezero
    How badly did Rick screw up that interview ?..that’s all I can think.Looking at his time in houston with minimal help,i thought he’d be a shoo-in if they wanted to veer away from the triangle.To maintain the status quo,keep shaw.It was a two man race.I mean Brown is ok..but Lakers head coach ok ? Whatever man!Well Mike,welcome to the torture chamber.How I wish Thibs was on the block..Im done venting…deuces.