Latest News, NBA / May 5, 2011 / 4:00 pm

[UPDATE] Ron Artest Clotheslines J.J. Barea, Facing Possible Suspension

UPDATE: Word just came out that Ron Artest has indeed been suspended for Game 3 in Dallas on Friday. More to come…

This move by Ron Artest can be filed under “Knucklehead.” With a few seconds to go and the game decided last night, Ron decided to maul J.J. Barea for really no reason whatsoever. We understand being frustrated, but you can’t do this. After the game Phil Jackson said that he thinks “there’s a good chance” Artest is suspended for Friday’s must-win game.

Watch it here and let us know if you think Ron should be suspended:

Do you think it will help Ron at all that he makes like he’s trying to hold up Barea after the fact? And if you’re Phil or Ron’s teammates, what do you say to him in the locker room after this happens?

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  • G

    Kobe will probably say he is proud of him.

  • Taj

    “You Fu#@ing Idiot!”

  • notforgotten

    @ Taj – you say that and he does the same move on you! And this time he takes your head off..

  • notforgotten

    ha ha – he also took a shot at Lamar Odom’s ‘family jewels’ in the same play!!

  • doc

    Shawn Marion aint want no parts of Ron-Ron.But I say no suspension let the men get rough from time to time.He only did it because they have a team full of pussies.When Ben Wallace pushed the shit out of him on the melee night he ran after a fan.

  • NoLakerFAN

    I don’t think Artest did this deliberately. When you are that big, it’s hard to stop the train once it get’s moving. Gosh his inertia even strikes LaMar – which he didn’t intend either. BUT, a large fine is definitely in order.

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    flash backs of raja bells clothsline on kobe when i saw this highlight

  • SoulChorea

    he’s useless in this series anyway. Suspend him

  • Jeff Kaser

    Ron Artest is a sore loser. He needs to be suspended. This is normal behavior for this NBA badboy and officials need to refer to his past behavior problems.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Nice comments by Kidd after the game – said that the Mavs EXPECTED something crazy. Notice how no one came up to fake fight with Artest? Very professional.

  • Promoman

    Ron needs to be suspended and I’m pulling for the Lakers. That shit was deliberate as hell. You don’t measure somebody up, hit them, walk away, and then try the “It’s an accident approach!”.

  • K Dizzle

    Ron averagin 6pts and 5boards on 27%fg and 50%tp…..
    So it might actaully help him to seat a game and give the minutes to Odom and Barnes

  • Kretsche

    He surely gets a lot of street cred for getting after the smallest white boy in the League. Sesame street cred, that is. Tough guy…

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Artest is a thug. Used to find him entertaining but I lost a lot of respect for him here. Suspend him…

  • DFizzle30

    Ron Artest may be eccentric(to say the least) but why would he intentionally punch his teammate at the same time? Moreover, that movement was a technical, but it seemed like a swipe at the ball. It does though, ring of something that Ron Artest (given his history) would do…..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Shawn Marion is my dude, but he deserves a “C’mon son!” for that one. He instinctively stepped up to defend Barea, probably saw the look in Ron’s eyes and was like, “Umm, let me go get the basketball.”

  • That’s What’s Up

    actually Artest got one technical for clotheslining Barea, and another tech for kneeing Odom in the nuts

  • Jay

    This reminds me of the time in grade school when one of the mentally handicapped kids attacked my friend. I couldn’t like start a fight with the retard because well he was retarded. When retards do retarded shit you just gotta let the people in charge handle it. This retard Ron Artest should be kept outta the next game for the safety of the normal players, the way they seperated the retard at my school for a while after he randomly attacked my friend.

  • the cynic

    Not sure what Artest was thinking. Of course that probably says it all. This didn’t look malicious, but it did look moronic. Almost like he planned a cheap shot and was trying to make it look natural

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ JAY – speechless hahahaha but you’re totally right

  • Nyeme

    Ron Artest does play physical but he isn’t a dirty player though. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t malicious

  • That’s What’s Up

    I guess Ron Artest’s wife’s name is Nyeme

  • Robmo35

    Boy the Zen master really seems to have a grip on this team. First Caracter gets arrested in New Orleans, now this Artest nonsense, and Bynum calling out the rest of the team.

    Good luck Phillip

  • black swamba

    at least he didn’t try to choke him.

    @Jay, You got a point there, Artest does have serious retard strength.

  • Susej

    Undeserved! It’s because he is Ron Artest. SIGH! #reallakerhater

  • Sporty-j

    Im here to pour more gasoline on the fire. Hes suspended lmaol. Where is the Zin Master will all his knowledge and great quotes. Hes was so worried about Miami that he forgot about his team because he thpught he was coing micheal Jordan pt2. Micheal Jordan pt 2 & 3 reside in Miami on STAR ISLAND. The immitation 1 is in L.A. or so I have heard. But I do have good news to L.A. fans. You wont have to worry about being the sacrificial lambs during the finals. Somebody bring out the broom and fishings rods for Kobe and L.A. lol…

  • Sporty-j

    (with, thought, and coaching) sorry in a hurry and no im not taking my talents to south beach tonight…PEACE!!!

  • Taj

    @ Notforgotten – LOL… may be so, but when I get up and get my machete (If Gil can bring a gun to the locker room, I’m bring my machete) He wont think about doing it again… Give a fuck how big he is…

  • 808

    How is Artest’s cracking of Lamar’s nuts a defense that Artest didn’t do this on purpose??? Of course Artest wouldn’t deliberately try to get Odom too, but losing his mind and not caring about anything around him is vintage Crazy Ron-Ron…

    I laughed about all of those TV analyst comments about how Artest is so awesome because he went to see a therapist and how he now has things under control. The only reason Artest hasn’t blown up (before last night) was because shit has been GOOD. Ain’t nobody gonna be mad when you’re winning a championship. Let’s see how dude acts when things AREN’T going well….we just did.

    Secondly, I thought about that joke too last night–about the Mavs not jumping in to fight Artest. Scared? That’s the easy 7th grade answer. If Marion or anyone else jumps in to even go so far as to eyeball-dance with Ron, then what? Crazy Ron probably throws a punch…then Marion gotta throw a punch back. Next thing you know, not only Ron suspended a game, so is Marion.

    Shiet…the Mavs are smarter than that. Let Ron do his thing…Now the Lakers aren’t without their #1 defender and instigator and the Mavs are fully loaded, heading to home, and with a 2-0 lead.

  • spock

    i think Ron will get suspended not for slapping JJ’s face but for kneeing Odom’s nuts

  • JD

    great – 1 more reason for new fans to dislike the Lakers.

  • Nyeme

    @That’s What’s Up – When has he EVER played dirty? When have opponents ever come and said anything about him clipping them? Elbows? Sticking feet under them when they rise up for shot? Cheap shots of ANY kind? He’s only known for the Palace fight, and a fight when he was a Bull when Big Dog whaled on him.

    SO how can you say he did it on purpose?

  • hooper5013

    In no way is anything Ron Artest did Crazy. You guys kill me with that shit. It wasn’t even that serious. It was clearly a mishap. It was a bonehead play, but it was definitely not malicious. Ron Artest is a good basketball player, he plays great defense, and he is super unselfish. Someone threw a water bottle at him and he went to fight the wrong dude. So what move on

  • da man

    I’ve noticed a few people saying that what Artest did wasn’t “malicious”. While I agree he wasn’t trying to injure Barea, what he did does technically fall under the definition of malice (desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another)

  • Krayzie

    why is ron artest even near barea? odom is covering him and all barea is gonna do is cross half court and dripple out the clock….the fact that ron goes to double team him down 14 at the time is suspect….

    clearly not using his head