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Ron Artest Gets Punished; March Madness Loses Its Voice

Ron Artest

Ron Artest, Dime #21

Things went from bad to worse for the Lakers. After getting abused for 96 minutes by the one team still left in the playoffs known for never playing all 48, L.A. now faces a Game 3 on the road tonight without their starting small forward, Ron Artest, who either lost his mind and went Rambo on J.J. Barea or decided it was a good time to have an impromptu game of limbo. He was suspended by the NBA for that altercation in the closing seconds of the Mavs’ Game 2 win. Now, for those of us who watched the game, we all saw it coming. There were little clues along the way that Artest was going to do something crazy before the night was out. An elbow here, a late blow there, the fact that the back of his jersey reads “Artest.” It was predictable. He’s known for this, letting all of his frustration boil up until the last possible instant and then raining all Hell down on some unsuspecting victim. Why couldn’t Phil Jackson see it coming? Probably because he was too busy leaving Steve “I-look-like-a-deadeye-serial-killer-who-can-shoot-people-but-not-jumpers” Blake in the game to throw up heinous threes … Andrew Bynum probably cares very little about Artest. He’s channeling his inner Keyshawn right now, and letting everyone know they better give him the damn ball. And help him on defense. Bynum called it “trust issues” yesterday. We call it stupidity. Who else do the Lakers expect to help them win this series? Kobe is so beat up, he’s attempted just one shot at the rim through two games, Pau Gasol is frolicking in some far off land and the rest of the team couldn’t beat Mater Dei right now. Get Bynum the ball. All season long, he’s killed Dallas; guess who Bynum’s highest scoring average came against? That’s right, Dallas, at 16.4 points in five games. We think we would take our chances with the guy who’s actually playing hard. Still, Magic Johnson had this to say on SportsCenter about his old Laker squads: “Pat Riley would have probably thrown Bynum off the team” … The Celtics are pinning a lot of hope on the return of Shaquille O’Neal. Well, maybe the players aren’t; they know he isn’t going to solve the Miami defense. But the media is. The reality is that the Diesel probably isn’t changing anything despite being expected to play in Game 3 on Saturday night. Even if he can get them easy buckets, he won’t be able to stay on the floor long enough to make a big difference. If the Celtics get back into it, it’ll be because Rajon Rondo quit messing around and started dissecting the Heat’s point guards, Paul Pierce stopped whining/making really annoying faces and started playing and because Kevin Garnett put an end to Chris Bosh‘s existence. Besides, Miami’s Udonis Haslem is just as close to coming back and seeing playing time. Who would you rather have? Honestly at this point, we might think about taking Haslem because even if Shaq really can play, how in shape could he be? During all of these months that he’s been hurt, how many sprints do you think he’s done? Probably no more than David Stern has. Or Greg Oden … Interesting question: with the Spurs already on vacation, and the Lakers and Celtics on the brink of quicker-than-expected exits, who has the brightest future? San Antonio has the great ownership, the Lakers have Kobe and the attraction of Hollywood and the Celtics have Rondo and a celebrated history … Jamal Crawford on Chicago’s Game 2 performance: “If that’s their best shot, we’re in good shape.” Insert Atlanta Hawks joke here … After 16 years as the voice of March Madness, we learned yesterday that play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson won’t be back with CBS. The two sides couldn’t come to an agreement on a new contract. Without him, it’s surely going to be different next year; now when the inevitable upset happens, we’re going to be listening to some old, crusty guy pretending to be hyped. A part of us all died today, but hey, lets petition to have him replace Dick Stockton. How much more fun would the NBA Playoffs be with Johnson? At worst, we won’t be hearing anymore about “David Rose.” Either way, we’ll miss this … Yesterday also marked the end of an era in Maryland basketball history. Gary Williams, the Terrapins’ coach for the past 22 years, suddenly stepped down, his frenzied style of coaching appearing to finally get the better of him at 66 years old. While Maryland has had a rough couple of years, their teams of the late 1990s to early 2000s were awesome … We’re out like Gus and Gary.

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  • bdownunder

    i still see the lakers winning. and you can’t call the mavs soft if they loose, the lakers way more talented and just haven’t played that way. in saying that, would love to see dirk and kidd progress and win a chip.

    if mavs have to face off the heat, that’d either be a chance for karma or just a son of a bitch moment, cause this heat team way more talented than the last they met in the finals and just as dallas has proven, regular season results don’t mean shit

  • Ian

    they did the lakers a favor with the suspension. if the league wanted to punish the lakers the fine shoulda been for artest to play the full 48.

  • pipdaddyy

    Why no respect for Odom? Even though he is a PF, he’s likely better even at SF than Artest … and should have no problems with a matchup of Marion. I expect him to have a big game Friday.

  • cdubb

    Scoring 16.5 ppg isn’t exactly what I call “killing Dallas”. Bynum was pretty good, though. But still he does have to step his game up in order for the Lakers to get back on track. First and foremost they gotta stop Dirk. And w/out Artest I don’t think they can contain him.

    Dallas in 5.

  • M.L.

    Gary Willaims it will be weird not seening him on the sideline, never knew a coach that sweated that much haha, but wondering who Maryland’s coach will be.

  • K Dizzle

    Steve Blake is a 40% career 3 point shooter. Every 3 he took on wednesday was a good shot that he’s hit repeatedly in his career. Unfortunately, since he’s come back from his illness, he hasn’t been hittin. “Heinous” is a bit of an exaggeration.

    Lakers today, baby. The playoffs start…

  • Jay

    Hey editor, shouldn’t you know simple grammar? There shouldn’t be an apostrophe in “Its” within the title of this article.

  • silkysmoke

    Different writer for this blog entry, yeah? The voice and tone seems a lot more negative and “hating” than any other I’ve read. What’s with the bitterness?

  • Soopa

    The Lakers could really use some old fashioned coaching.

    Phil’s “Zen Coaching” has been proven to work (when you also have the best player in the league), but has he ever come up with some really genius tactical adjustments in a series?
    Or an end of game play when your thought “damn, howd he draw that up?”

    The triangle and letting the players figure stuff out on their own is okay when your winning, but shouldnt a lot of the heat be directing towards him for not having his team with the right way?

  • Soopa

    *the last with = play

  • drew


    even as a laker fan, we all see the writing on the wall. i wouldnt be surprised if we somehow got game 3 and 5 but lose in 6. this team has had motivation issues all season long, and the bench is non existent, while pau has regressed this yr. add that up too kobe’s permanently mangled fingers where he cant shoot straight consistently like he did before, and you’ve got major problems that get exposed against a quality team in dallas. props to dirk and cuban, even as an opponent i hope dallas takes out miami should they meet in the finals, dirk deserves it as he’s caught too much flak in the past.

  • Skeeter McGee

    That Dick Stockton and “David Rose” line had me rolling haha!

    Could this be the year of the Diggler? Dirk is doing some serious work these playoffs… But even with the 2-0 lead I still feel like Kobe is going to go psycho-Mamba on ‘em and lead the Lakeshow back. Because if they lose, we will probably see old Kobe being like “yeah.. who? SHIP HIS ASS OUT!” hahaha

  • Skeeter McGee

    @ sillysmoke…

    I agree. Sounds like someone needed to get laid last night, didn’t, then took it out on the blog…

  • Brickshooting J

    You guys mean “its voice”, right? Step up, fellas, you make your living writing.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Good smack. Couple of good jokes. Good work.

  • 12thman

    “Pau Gasol is frolicking in some far off land and the rest of the team couldn’t beat Mater Dei right now.”

    Rare form today!

  • pat

    The hawks aren’t fearing the bulls at all…intersting.

  • QQ

    I hate Austin Burton’s tremendous biased towards some players (I mean TREMENDOUS; those players aren’t biased to themselves the same way Burton is biased to them. It’s that fucking bad)…

    But I wished he writes Smack again. I want my Smack funny and witty, not with a pathetic attempt to sound gangsta and ‘tuff’.

  • QQ

    Love the Dick Stockton line.

    Can we have a petition on Dick Stockton not getting within 5 feet of a microphone?

    Every time Dick Stockton speaks, David Stern wishes the NBA never existed. It’s that bad.

  • LeRoy Green

    Lakers today, baby. The playoffs start…


    you LATE K Dizzle, the playoffs already started and your team is down 0-2. I think the whole Lakers team is asleep just like you (except Kobe), but maybe after yall are down 0-3 yall will wake up a lil bit??


  • QQ

    Shut the fuck up Leroy Green.

    You represent the worst kind of fans in sports: The shitheads who appear when their teams start doing something, but is nowhere to be found ANY OTHER TIME OF THE YEAR.

    You aren’t wanted here. Get the fuck out.

  • control

    “You represent the worst kind of fans in sports: The shitheads who appear when their teams start doing something, but is nowhere to be found ANY OTHER TIME OF THE YEAR.”

    Weren’t you on “vacation” while Lando was getting beat down? I ain’t saying, I’m just saying, haha.


    “add that up too kobe’s permanently mangled fingers where he cant shoot straight consistently like he did before” if Kobe’s fingers are so mangled he can’t perform, then maybe he should have shut it down and had them taken care of instead of being a “tough guy hero”. If a guy is injured enough that it affects his play, he needs to shut it down, or tell his fans to stfu about it, it ain’t no excuse.

  • ToAn

    haha..great comment section today. even the readers get more intense during the playoffs. could someone please explain the “Mater Dei” insult ? My predictions: lakers and chicago today. miami and memphis tomorrow.

  • top_gun

    There are 3 games left in Dallas and 5 in total. All they need is 2 more wins, out of 5. Chances are Dallas will win the series and if The Heat are headed to the finals, Dallas has the best chance in beating them.

    With that said, as much I respect the Spurs, thank God the finals weren’t Spurs vs. Boston.

  • JAY

    @ ToAn: “Could someone please explain the “Mater Dei” insult?”
    They’re saying a high school team would beat the Laker “others” today.
    Funny shit.

    And here’s mister fairweather again. “MAVS ALL DAY BITCH!” Lol! “All day” since 4 days ago. Dude’s fanhood was born on Monday.

    Next week, if OKC advances past Memphis I’m going fairweather too. I can’t wait to pull the “YEAH! OKC ALL DAY!” like I’ve been a hardcore Thunder fan forever.

  • JAY

    And for the record… and I think a lot of people here share my thoughts too… nobody has a problem with anyone supporting another team. or maybe even coming out of the woodworks. It’s just wack when you were never an expressive Mavs supporter, and spew this shit…

    “all you Lakers fans sit down and shut the FUCK UP.”

    Capslock?? For real? You really highlighting those two words?? And you wonder why dudes are on you like we are? I’m not even a Laker fan, but you need to slow down homeboy. You weren’t around before and now they got 2 wins and you’re on top of the mountain.

    You like a young dude who is too scared to approach a chick until you find out she likes you back… then you’re all over the bitch.

  • The Goods

    Win tonight or it is probably all over, that’s the fate of my LakeShow tonight. All of Laker Nation is gripping right now and very much fearful this could be the end of the road for this composition of guys under Phil’s leadership.

    It has been brought up before in different forms, but I believe it is really worth asking and considering if Phil Jackson has simply gotten to a point where he does not have the same drive and desire he once had. Is his message lost on the players and has his style run its course? Some may see this as blasphemy given his record, and believe me there is no greater supporter of Phil than I.

    Do the Lakers need a new direction, a new voice, someone to chart a different course with this group of guys(depending what the front office does player personel wise). Would Brian Shaw be just an extension of Phil and his methods? Perhaps it is time to shake it up in regards to their offensive philosophy? Scrap the triangle.

    I just wanted to throw a few thoughts out there, I’m looking forward to Game 3, but am asking myself some larger questions in regards to the Lakers. Has Phil lost his effectiveness? Are the Lakers really done, we will see.

    But by all means…Let’s Go Lakers!

  • sh!tfaced

    hey hey hey delusional motherfuckers!!!

    that’s right, all of us Boston and Laker fans out there. We’re all fucking done. It’s a new era. Enjoy it while it lasted. LOL.

    Still seeing the Lakers win the series they say? LOL, shit, man, I will suck yer godamn cock if the Lakers win. Biggest reason why I hate the Lakers, it has always been them godamn delusional as Jack Nicholson fans. LMAO!!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    as a letdown Spurs fan, the only joy I can find is in the lakers losing

    I mean I hate the mavs, but I really do not like the lakers

  • That’s What’s Up

    actually, after reading post 28, LET’S GO LAKERS!!!

  • QQ

    @ control:

    I was really on vacation, but if you chose conspiracy theories because it’s more fun, go ahead and enjoy.

    And EVEN if I was really hiding from all you cats as the Magic were being slaughtered, it’s not THIS kind of bullshit. This is a whole different level right here. Talking smack now, but being COMPLETELY absent from October to April? DAMN.


    1. I was here defending Orlando when you cats said we will be at .500 after the trades. EVERYONE was talking shit here.

    2. I was actually here when we were ultimately eliminated by the Hawks. I was here, licking my wounds, admitting my team’s shittiness, giving props to Dwight, and getting ready to follow my guys next season cause it’ ORLANDO ALL FUCKING DAY’.

    So go ahead. Believe I was hiding from you during the Orlando losses. If that makes you feel better, suit yourself.

  • LAballer


    get ready to have some bukake done on you kid

  • First & Foremost

    Everyone needs to take a step back and ask theirself… Has there been a pro-Dallas commenter on here all season??? Yes the Mavs flew under the radar but when the injuries piled up, no one spoke out. When Portland was beating them you heard “I could see Portland winning this series” instead of “Don’t worry, My Mavs will come back.”

    IF the Mavs make it out and face the Memphlahoma Grunder (dagwaller) and go down 0-2, said Mavs fans BETTER SHOW UP.

  • Kobeeeee

    Really. It is always the same. When the Lakers loose it is mainly because they do not go inside enough. Why don’t they understand that? One of the principles of learning is repetition. And loosing this way has been repeated enough. Do they wanna get into a hero situation, do they really do not comprehend? What’s up? I mean – if someone is paying me millions of bucks for doing things I love…I would risk everything. These guys are well-protected with long contracts so go go go…..Andrey B. is right content wise. But he should have said that in the locker room. I mean he is 23 and he did not itend what is being interpreted into now…

  • QQ is an idiot


    I agree with you 100 percent on Phil. He made absolutely NO adjustments in game 2. I’ve never thought he was a good in game coach. His late game plays are often the exact same every single time and almost always result in 3 point attempts even when the Lakers only need 2. I will say I believe he is a great motivator but he fails to kick his team in gear when needed and he let them develop that bad habit this year of losing games and coasting in the regular season. They didnt take the regular season seriously this year which is why all this is backfiring on them now.

    AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. # ONLY WORKS IN TWITTER. I’m tired of stupid people using this on blogs thinking its a new form of communication or something. # is a hashtag that is useless on blogs. Stop using it and looking retarded

  • Big Island

    @Drew – Kobe’s mangled fingers? He is shooting the exact same as he always has, right around 45%. Anyone who has played basketball longer than 10 years, at any level, has f’d up fingers. Don’t make excuses for the guy.

    I don’t hate on the Lakers, just Kobe, but good for Bynum for calling the team out. They should just tell Bynum that it’s his turn to put up or shut up, force him the ball, and see what he can do. If he balls, keep him and bring in a good pg (Paul or Williams) and get rid of the triangle. If he’s balls, ship him out, get Howard. As a Dirk fan, I am a little nervous still.

  • CLAW

    Damn, I wanted the Mavs to take out LA till shitfaced comment #28 now I think I have renewed hope for the Lakers get ready shit faced, “Dropping loads, dropping loads!”.

    @F&F: There have been Mav lovers on here mostly when Dirk was going off at the beginning of the season but haven’t heard from them in the playoffs till now but I’d still be very uneasy if I was them. Can Dirk put his foot down on the throat of Kobe and snuff em out, with a 0-2 lead you would think so but I wouldn’t bet against it.

    @JAY #26 comment: LMFAO on the analogy!

  • CLAW

    A “mangled” finger, you know Larry Bird broke his finger playing baseball in college and it never set right. He said he was never able to shoot as well as he did in college because of his finger. He had a decent NBA career.

  • LeRoy Green

    LMAO @ QQ and Jay

    its all fun and games, we’re fans remember?

    You ask where have i been all year? I been watchin my team have another great season, I love Dallas wether win or lose. I did comment during the season but not alot. I ain’t hidin from nobody tho, just enjoyin the league cuz its the only time i watch TV period.

    Yall sensitive as hell tho! lol “you know i just be sayin that to get you maaaaaad” *mason betha voice*

    all bullshit aside, who do yall think Phil will start in place of Artest? Matt Barnes? and can Shannon Brown/Steve Blake play any WORSE than the other night?? Can’t wait for the game, fans are doin a Blue Out with all blue shirts. Our crowd usually sucks and has a show me somethin/what have you done for me lately type mentality but 2nite we oughtta be extra hype.

    Peace fellas, don’t cry over words in a white comment box. Youre better than that


  • LeRoy Green

    and FYI:

    the Mavs closed the regular season out like SHIT. I seriously thought they would have a HUGE let down and lose in the 1st round. Around the office we made our playoff predictions and I boldly said Blazers in 6.

    I’m a ride or die Mavs fan for life, but I’m also a realist. After the refs gave Wade the Jordan treatment and we let the Heat beat us 4 games straight I was devastated. We’ve been inconsistent for years but i love the squad no matter WHAT.

    Even after the Mavs beat the Blazers i said Lakers in 5 or 6 for this series. I’m not a blind fan just talkin shit, I just enjoy the moments when i CAN talk shit cuz it usually doesnt end good for the Mavs in the playoffs lol

    I watched when the kobe/shaq lakers came back from a 30 pt deficit in that regular season game years ago. I watched when Kobe (my fav player) scored SIXTY F*CKIN FOUR POINTS IN 3 QUARTERS…so i know what can happen. Mavs fans have seen this movie before, we’re just hype that we are in the position we’re in right now. Enjoy the games fellas. No hatin after we’re up 3-0, cool??

  • IannyB

    Odom owned marion a last year remember,so he’s at abetter point in his game whilst Marion has regressed. Also Kobe has the rock in his hand too often for him not to average at least 10 assist the rest of the playoffs. Now the issue begins with Gasol…did he choose to vacation earlier than the team had anticipated.Right now how many Laker fans would swap him for Marc.

    Lakers in 7!!!

  • JAY

    @ Leroy
    Ha! No doubt. If we didn’t know who your team was before, now we do. Lol.

    Now I’m going back into my box until the fucking Toronto Laughtors do something. Those bitches make me miss Vince Carter… and I hate that guy.

    And here’s a stat to hold onto though… out of the 238 times a team was down 0-2 in NBA playoff history, only 14 times a team has come back to win the series.

  • LakeShow84

    OK heres a comment so everyone doesnt think im going ghost cuz we down 0-2 lmao

    We still takin this series too

    I wont believe it until i see it..

    And if we do lose this series, which we might because Dallas has everything they need to douse us,


  • LeRoy Green

    out of the 238 times a team was down 0-2 in NBA playoff history, only 14 times a team has come back to win the series.


    One of which was the Heat beatin the Mavs in the finals.

    Every time ppl say this stat i just cringe….cuz i’ve WITNESSED it happen and I know that its always possible no matter WHAT the numbers may say SMFH

    I expect the Lakers to smother Dirk tonight and make it impossible for him to shoot a high percentage and isolate all game. If Terry and Peja can get hot….I think we got this.

  • CLAW

    So Lakeshow did you go to the same “vacation spot” as QQ did last week? Hopefully Sporty Spice can get the location he might need that next week when Miami falters.

  • LakeShow84

    Fish and Kobe know how to navigate a 0-2 hole..

    Just ask the Spurs lol

    BUT if there was EVER a switch now would be a great fuckin time to flip it.. we need EVERYONE to play better and fuck Pau ima say the bench needs to step up.. No Odom either is going to make it harder but the killer B’s need to man up.. we lost that game 1 lead because of them..

  • K Dizzle

    @ CLAW

    For real tho, how much are KG, Rondo, and Pierce gonna hate on Shaq n Danny Ainge if Miami goes up 3-0?

    Lakers need to switch up strategy. Dallas makes you have to pick ur poison. Either we go with lettin Dirk go off with the 1 on 1 matchup(last game he went 5-5 on Pau, but 5-11 on LO) or we double everytime, except for whoever guardin Jet and make one of their other guys try to be the hero…
    Kinda giddy ’bout tonight. If we were waitin for the backs against the wall moment of the year, it’s here.
    Get tonight’s game and shut Barkley up

  • Mt. Pleasant

    Lots of criticism lately to I want to say great smack today. Even with no games there was lots of good info and jokes.

    I don’t care about the punctuation in the daily bball blog and 99.99% of others don’t read it to pracice their proofreading either.

  • QQ

    LMAO at these haters talking smack bout my ‘sudden disappearance’ but forgetting the fact that I was here when we were ultimately eliminated.

    If I would hide from you guys, it’s AFTER we were eliminated, not before.

  • Big Island

    I hope Dallas wins, but since I live in LA, I don’t want the Lakers to suck if that makes sense.

    I learned my lesson a few years back when I was sporting the Dirk jersey in a sports bar out here for a Lakers/Mavs game (yes, I was that gay) with my die hard Laker fan buddy. Dallas was up by 20 something in the 4th and everyone left except for a group of like 5 guys at this one table off in the corner. They never said a word, the Lakers came back and won, and a drink shows up at my table from them. I payed their tab for the night and took it like a man.

    That story seemed cooler before I typed it…

  • CLAW

    @K Dizzle: People talk about a must win game too much but tonight is must win game for both Boston and LA, they don’t get this one they will be pretty much toast.

    I could see the Lakers actually playing better with Artest out which gives Odom more PT and he has been the best defender on Dirk, if there is one. Blake also needs to find confindence in his shot because he had open shots and they looked UGLY!

    Perkins isn’t nowhere near an All Star but taking him out of the lineup and your backup options are Big Baby and Shaq? WTF was Ainge thinking?

  • LakeShow84

    Its crazy how DEEP Bostons front court was when the season started.. even with Perk injured..


    They dont look so deep.. Jermaine O’Neal might as well retire after this season..

  • control


    I wasn’t sayin, I was just sayin, you know? We all know you rep Magic good or bad, it’s just funny to see you get insecure and defend yourself 8 times :P.

  • LakeShow84

    Control is mind fuckin QQ as we speak

    dont be mind fucked QQ.. fuck his mind right back lol

  • da man

    I know it might seem like moving Odom to the starting lineup is a good thing. However, the whole reason Odom even comes off the bench is to give that second unit a dependable scoring threat. Plug him into the starting five and the Lakers will be lucky to score 15 bench points with the way they’ve been playing.

  • bdownunder


    i feel your response and you make some good points. but as a bulls fan from the 90’s we copped similar flack. i just can’t write the lakers off until they’ve lost 4 games. and if you’re on the court, you’re healthy enough to play – kobe’s fingedrs banged up his last 2 titles, shouldn’t make a diff this year.

    it’d be an interesting series if they win this game today, thats fo sho

    i’m outey

  • QQ

    I would mind fucked hm back Lakeshow if only the Lakers would stop mind fucking yall. LOL.


    Bow we don’t need excuses now.

    Yall down 0-3. No fucking excuses now.