• Detroit Dave

    Bulls can win the series but if it goes to Game 7, I’m picking the team with the best players on the court: MIAMI

  • Stephen Jackson

    I think Dirk is a Top 5 player…not a Top 10 to 15!

  • the truth

    Dirk is definitely top 5

  • sweetv0mit

    One point to mention too is Tom Thibs was an assistant coach in Boston when they were whuppin LeBrons Cavs so ima bet that’s a big part on how they’ve been able to “contain” him.

    Also, is it okay to compare the Celts last year and Bulls this year? I think they’re kinda similar, will match up well and its a pretty good argument. Pen it Dime!

  • OverPowered

    Reggie Miller sucks…I wish I could just mute him

  • BigStick

    @sweetv0mit hell yea that’s why Chicago was able to neutralize LeBron. What a coincidence to have on your side if you’re the Bulls. Little pieces like that are definitely in their favor for this series…don’t think we’ll see anymore blowouts, though.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    KD is about to find out who the real “best PF in the game” is.

  • Berlin

    @ 2 and 3:
    I agree, definitely top 5. I don’t know what Reggie has been smoking lately…