NBA, Video / May 19, 2011 / 10:00 am

Udonis Haslem Posterizes Keith Bogans, Then Derrick Rose

If you read Sean Sweeney’s piece on Udonis Haslem yesterday, you kind of expected something like this to happen. But beating out LeBron with two SportsCenter-worthy dunks? I don’t think anyone saw that coming. That is, anyone but Udonis Haslem.

Who do you think wins the next two games in Miami?

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  • DH

    Why aren’t people going crazy over the dunk on D-Rose like they did Gibson’s on D-Wade? Wade never had a chance with the way it played out…and Rose actually did but still got posterized.

  • Colton

    I have said this ALL YEAR, Udonis Haslem is the second most important guy on that team … not most talented, or the person that will always make sportscenter everynight (although nice ass dunks). but he is the motor that keeps everyone playing hard. and for a team that goes wishy washy as far as effort goes, they need to see that energy and hustle to pull of their heads out of their asses. and i think last night, proves my theory. Udonis exemplifies toughness and hard work and he forces everyone around him to work their asses off by leading by example. … GO HEAT!

  • LeRoy Green

    Rose got his face dunked on NASTY. I applaud the effort…but Haslem threw DOWN on that boy. Rose tried to catch up but Udonis said F*CK that and hammered on him while Rose was in the Most Vulnerable Position.

  • DH

    LOL @ LeRoy’s “Most Vulnerable Position”

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    Man, I really didn’t think he was going to be able to complete that 2nd dunk, but he surprised me.

    @DH…because Haslem’s dunk was a lot more passive and less aggressive, and also because Gibson went right THRU Dwade, whereas Haslem kinda sorta went AROUND rose