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Who’s Better: Kobe Or D-Wade?

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Mannion)

They’re considered the two premier shooting guards of this generation. Both have won championships, Finals MVPs and both are on their way to the Hall of Fame. But was this year a passing of the torch? Have we seen the last of Kobe Bryant‘s reign? Is Dwyane Wade really better than him? Or will the Black Mamba come back next year refocused and eager to take his throne and cement his place as the best two-guard in the game?

Kobe or Wade. We argue. You decide.

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Dwyane Wade

I remember the first time I beat my dad in ping-pong.

Growing up, we had a table in the garage. Summer time was ping-pong season for us. Each night I would beg my dad to play. My mom hated it because she knew things always ended badly, but he loved playing too much to say no. Five minutes into the game, I’d be in my room getting chewed out for throwing my paddle against the wall. I hated losing. But that was the drill. I’d go down early, immediately snap into Ron Artest-mode and the game would be over.

But he got older and I got better. And one day I beat him. I remember the day because we played for more than five minutes. He was in shock after the first game. I was too. He immediately challenged me to a second game. I beat him again. Another challenge. Another win. I went 4-0 that day and never looked back. His pong-ping game had peaked. He was over the hill. Mine – ascending to new heights each and every day.

Kobe Bryant is my dad in this story – a sadistic killer, dominant for so many years, ruthlessly crushing opponents (me and my little brother) without pity or mercy. But dominance can’t last forever. Knees and ankles can’t either. Kobe’s gotten old. He’s lost a step and there’s no denying that. He’s forced to rely on his jump shot now like never before. His ability to blow by defenders is no longer there and his explosiveness at the rim is simply in the past. He has to pick his spots now, choosing when to exert maximum energy. He’s also become craftier, scoring with pump fakes and sneaky scoop shots. His post game and footwork have improved, but only because scoring has become that much more difficult. When is the last time you saw Kobe go scoreless (Game 4 vs. New Orleans) in the first half of a playoff game? My Laker friends refuse to admit it, but he’s over the hill. Like my dad’s ping-pong game, he’s peaked, and the rest of the field has caught up. Kobe will be 33 in August, with 15 years of NBA mileage. He’s getting old. But people do that. Humans get old. And believe it or not, Kobe is human.

Dwyane Wade plays me in this epic novel, except he’s already won a championship and didn’t get his ass kicked by his dad every night in one-on-one. Wade is at the peak of his powers, the top of his game. Remember at the start of the year when everyone and their mother argued that either LeBron or Wade would have to take a back seat to the other, that one of the two was going to take a significant hit in the scorer department? Well, all Wade did this year was finish third in the league in scoring (25.5 ppg) while shooting a blistering 50.0% from the field. Thus far in the playoffs, he’s averaging a career high 7.3 rebounds and is dominating defensively, averaging over three combined steals and blocks a game. He also ranks as the most efficient shooting guard in the playoffs per 48 minutes. Kobe is fifth. Flat out, Wade does more on the basketball court than Kobe. He scores and he defends. He attacks the basket and shoots jumpers. He puts pressure on the ball and erases layups. Yes, Kobe has had a more illustrious career. Yes, Kobe will go down as one of the greatest of all-time. But right now, Dwyane Wade is better than Kobe Bryant.

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  • kh

    Not even up for debate.

  • Detroit Dave

    On this Day, Thursday May 19th. Dwayne Wade is the better player.

  • Bizz

    The argument for Wade was a lot more convincing than the argument for Bryant, especially considering the argument was made based on who’s better TODAY…not over the course of their career. And when you look at it from an overall perspective, as much as I respect Kobe’s body of work over 15 yrs, if you take what they both are at this point, with everything they bring to the table, I’d have to agree with the Wade argument. Today = Wade, Career = Kobe.

  • http://www.mmajunkie.com rangerjohn

    dwade has passed kobe. kobe is on the decline and wade is on the rise.


    Ping-Pong and basketball is two different sports, you can’t compare the two. That is like comparing apples and oranges. My Dad can whip you and your Dad and as an added bonus, he will allow you get to pick the hand too, left or right. Pick the hand you beat off with for it wouldn’t matter!

    KB24 because he is a better all around player, inside, outside and defense! Sure Flash is capable of doing the same thing but with the same effects, that is a different matter.

  • moneystack$

    No doubt dwade is da better player rite now look at THIS years stats nd if stats don’t mean nothing just turn ur tv on nd watch a heat playoff off game its clear who is da better player nd if u don’t believe so ur either a heat hater or a kobe bryant butt boy

  • Detroit Dave

    @ Bruce. Do you think Kobe Bryant is a Top 2 defender at the guard position still? I was really stunned to see that they gave him All-NBA Defense this year. I would take Arron Afflalo’s defense over Kobe’s defense this year.

  • tl

    wade will be the 3rd best sg ever behind kobe and jordan. dude is a better off ball defender but kobe is a better on ball defender. but wade pretty much owns kobe when the heat play the lakers (like how melo always beats lebron).

  • Detroit Dave

    If Kobe made a concerted effort to avg 8 assist per game over the next few seasons, the Lakers will continue to win championships. If he still plans on “eating-first” as he put it and averging 25pts per game while taking twice as many shots as Bynum then their dynasty is OVER.

  • top_gun

    Dwyane Wade has far surpassed Kobe in terms of athletic abillity and possibly even on defense. As for shooting and post scoring, Kobe is still better than Wade. It’s a tough call, but like everyone else says, Wade is the better player at this moment in time.

  • John

    it’ not even close, Kobe is better player always has been always will be.

  • Celts Fan

    DWade has passed Kobe now, DWade can (probably) never pass Kobe historically.

  • JAY

    I agree with Celts fan. That is all.

  • matt

    Right now, DWADE is better, but Wade will never catch up to Kobe historically. Think about this, Kobe is only 4 years older than him yet was a rookie in the 96-97 season. Wade was a rookie in the 03-04 season. Wade is 29 already.

  • IannyB

    And d-wade passes the ball. If Lebron or D-wade had the cast Kobe has had for a while now,we’re speaking Dynasty!!

  • JD

    what? are we talking career wise, or this season??

  • Colton

    if the question is career, The Black Mamba, Kobe, NO DOUBT!
    but if its today, the Miami Mangler Dwyaaaaaane Waaaade!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    This would’ve been a better debate halfway through the season, or at the beginning of the season, but to me it’s pretty clear that Kobe is on the decline, and that Wade is at his peak. I’d take D Wade all day right now.

  • Diggity Dave

    Need to revisit this question in about six years.

  • D

    Man this is what happpen when you get put out of the playoffs earlier. I’ve heard some of the craziest shit in a lifetime with some of these journalist, coaches and commentators. Rick Carlisle saying Nowitzki is a top 10 player in NBA history. Mark Jackson calling JJ Barea the puerto rican Allen Iverson. Sports columnist comparing Nowitzki to Michael Jordan. Now this shit. Although not as outrageous as these ones this is ridiculous. Did Wade make 1st team NBA or 1st team defensive team this year? The answer is an emphatic hell no!!! Kobe made 1st team defense and all NBA 1st team again. The media and sports panalist vote for all all NBA team..and the media hates Kobe. And all defensive teams are voted for by the coaches you guys that is saying alot because his peers including coaches and Wade didn’t make all defensive 1st team again. Kobe has been voted to the 1st team for the 9th time. Not a bunch of fickle media sports personel voting for this one…this one is coaches who have knowledge of the game.

  • D

    Detroit Dave you would take anybody in that hell hole of a city Detroit. You guys suck ass. You were suprised Kobe made all defensive 1st team because you can’t afford NBA league pass and have to catch up by watching espn highlights of defensive plays that Kobe is never on. You see Lebron and D.Wade doing chase down block shots but thats not what wins games. Locking your man down for 48 minutes…The NBA coaches who vote for this team see this and know Kobe is a damn good defender which is why he’s made the team 9 times which ties MJ and Gary Payton and he will make it next year too. I’m taking the NBA coaches opinion over coach coach Detroit Dave’s opinion all day. Dime synonymous with Kobe Hatred and Lebron dick rider you guys will stop at no end with the Kobe Hatred the guy has been to the finals 3 years in a row and won 5 rings…the first year in 4 years he gets beat yall writing shit like this…you guys are ridiculous east coast biased ass people.

  • Dayinho

    Wade is better for 3 years. Kobe did his best serie against the Nash’Suns…

    You have to compare what Wade and Kobe did against the Big 3 Celtics… Their performances aren’t even close. The first lost but was a reel threat. The second won but because Gasol, Bynum and Odom were dominant.

  • http://dimemag.com Celts Fan

    @d – kobe all D 1st team was a joke based on reputation that most media members are saying too!. Guys still a good defender, but Wades better at this point

  • http://dimemag.com Celts Fan

    @d – kobes not an elite onball defender anymore. He tried vs cp3 in round 1 and couldnt stop him. Still damn good, but not best 2 in the league anymore

  • itsakademiks

    @ post 21 whoa there lil buddy its gonna be ok……

  • UncheckedAggression

    D- You’re out of your fucking mind. Kobe doesn’t lock ANYONE down for even half a game any more. So if you want to make an argument for him, I would suggest starting somewhere else.

  • JEAR18

    WOW .. if u listen closely .. u can hear all the kome fans .. running to they computers to put this article on BLAST LOL

  • bigdoggchad

    Wade really a lock for the Hall of Fame?

  • D

    1st Celts Fan synonym for Kobe hater your comment go to the shitter you guys were chanting MVP for Kobe when he came and dropped points in yall house before the KG and Ray Allen aquistion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsXPZVPIjxE.You guys are the worst and most fickle fans ever. 2nd do you know that the NBA coaches vote for this award they put him on this team. Coaches aren’t going to call that shit based on emotion they see the game and know who does what. Thirdly do you know Dwayne Wade didn’t even make second team all defense this year? What does that shit say Celts fan? Coaches around the league don’t even think your a 2nd teamer? That shits terrible but it is what is. Again I’m definitely going NBA coaches over a celts fan couch couch giving his bias opinions from a lazy boy in his moms garage.

  • Nyeme

    I think Kobe is still better as of this season, because he still scores in a variety of ways. Wade still relies solely on his athleticism, something Kobe hasn’t done since 2Yr in the league. Because of that, next year when the Lakers stray away from the triangle, watch Kobe regain some form. But I do think next year might be his last at the Elite Elite level.

    Being a defender, Kobe is still the better on the ball. Wade doesn’t really do on the ball, he is weak side. But it is sad that as a defender, they really don’t allow you an advantage with quicker players.

  • D

    the media even said Kobe shouldn’t have made it?LMAO u mean the media who half have never even played organized sports and the other half who were players were not stand outs themself (Tim Legler, Jon Barry and the like) against NBA coaches who are around the game and do this for a living. GTFOH.LMAO. Stop drinking the kool-aid cuz D.Wade and Bron shitted on your old ass team. Serious?Iguodala made 2nd team and DWADE didn’t that should let you know what coaches think of him on the defensive end. He better start taking coaches around the league out to dinner or something.

  • Stan Alfonzo

    Kobe the Black Mamba of course. I love D-Wade too but I don’t think he can ever surpass Kobe historically. This year D-Wade is better but we will find out next year. I’m still hoping he can comeback strong. Defense, 3 points shooting, mid range and knowledge of the game, Kobe is far better.

  • Detroit Dave

    Nobody said he wasn’t a good defender, I’m just saying that he def isn’t a Top 5 defender. KG shouldn’t have got the 1st team either.

  • D

    itsakademiks going corporate america white guy on me huh? your an idiot. UncheckedAggression i remember you when I use to write on here. I’m glad to see you still speak uggah boogah and have not evolved to how us intelligent human being speak. I just remember all your posts were laced with obscenities because you couldn’t think of intelligent words to express your opinions which is why I used the obscenities I used in my posts in an effort to call you out of your cave. I knew that you would only respond to obscenities you cave man. None of you guys are NBA coaches. NBA coaches have spoken and have said now 9 times that Kobe is defensive 1st teamer including this year. Again i’m going with the coaches vote. Serious though? No one addressing the coaches not even voting D Wade to the 2nd team? Iguodala making it and not him. NO respect from coaches who coach against him. Purchase league pass idiots stop watching ESPN highlights(reading cliffnotes)and than make an assesment about how good a defender Kobe or Wade are for the span of a whole game over an 82 game season if D.Wades weak ass can play 82 games as you know his ass will sit out games for a migraine.LMAO.That shit is unheard of from Kobe.A migraine you guys? He’s made the 1st team all NBA and defense the past couple of years with the use of 3 good digits on his shooting hand, bad knee and bad ankle. Not even comparable Kobe still better.

  • D

    detroit dave opinion < NBA coaches opinion

  • D

    unchecked agressions opinion < mal nourished infant childs opinion

  • Detroit Dave

    lol @ D

  • D

    Nah though for real @celts fan. I actually wanted you guys to beat the Heat and agree Kobes off ball defense leaves much to be desired it’s frustrating at time watching him help off of his defender just to watch them bust his ass with corner pocket 3 pointers because he doesn’t have the speed or agility to recover and get back to these guys in time to defend but on ball defense locking his guy down Kobe is that dude and I just haven’t seen that from D.Wade he’s a sportscenter defender and he gets blocks that make highlight reels but no grit for a whole game to lock a guy down and I also disagree with you I think KG is a 1st teamer still.


    Right now? Wade is better.

    All Time? Kobe. And it isn’t even remotely close to being close. And I am not a Lakers fan.

  • LakeShow84

    Ask yourself this..

    If Lebron and Bosh went and played in LA..

    Would there even be a arguement over who is the MAIN MAN??

    Id still take Kobe seeing when hes on there isnt another play who will impact the game like him.. SLIGHTLY less effect with Wade and Wade is fuckin bananas when hes on..

    Kobe got way more post/mid-range game while dealing with much more physical defense..

    Wade got that preferred treatment shit going..

  • Stunnaboy2K11


    Yeah no argument LeBron in a landslide

    Kobe is 33 year old, bad finger, bad knee bad back etc

    Wade is in his prime. No way I’m not taking 2011 Wade over 2011 Kobe. Don’t let the past influence you, Wade > Kobe at this point in their careers.

    and LOL @D man do you jack off into your Kobe jersey?

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Also the argument for Kobe kept bring up career shit, what does that have to do with 2011? I HATE that, when comparing two players for a single year what they did in previous seasons has got absolutely nothing to do with right now. RIGHT NOW Wade > Kobe

  • http://dimemag.com Celts Fan

    @d – i was at that game. That was Lakers fans chanting that shit. U know there are Laker fans other places than LA, right? And while i been going since the “david wesleys a key piece” dark days, most Boston fans didnt bother cuz most wont waste $250 to bring the fam to see a shitty team when you can watch it on TV. That chant was done in our house, but NOT by our fans. And bandwagon fans?1? Gtfoh. LA is known for being a terrible sports city, u just get every good FA, cuz who wouldnt wanna live in SoCal. Id loooove to see your attendance #s if you ever field a 20 win squad. Cant wait to see what the probable hardcap in the new cba and guarantee that you cant do what you always do and add great FAs all the time will do to your “diehard” fans once Kobe hangs em up.

    And yes, celts fan does = kobe hater. Not trying to hide it, but still dont change the fact Wades better right now. Kobes top 10 ever top 3-5 right now, but this yr he got passed by wade ajd bron. Aint no shame to it. Father Times undefeated. Our squads and SW both saw that this year.

  • http://dimemag.com Celts Fan

    *and SA

  • MattSmif

    Both are GREAT there are the obvious factors of Kobe being older and Wade still in his athletic prime but when you look at their numbers from this past season I’m more impressed with Kobe’s game. Kobe played this season coming off of a knee surgery and played less minutes per game and with the exception of Blocked Shots, Kobe basically matched the younger more athletic Wade in virtually every category…in less minutes.

    Take a look at their key stats…

    Dwyane Wade — Kobe Bryant
    AGE – 29 —– AGE – 32
    GAMES: 76 —- GAMES: 82
    MIN: 37.2 —- MIN: 33.9
    PPG: 25.5 —- PPG: 25.3
    RPG: 6.4 —– RPG: 5.3
    AST: 4.6 —– AST: 4.7
    STL: 1.5 —– STL: 1.2
    BLK: 1.1 —– BLK: 0.1
    TOV: 3.1 —– TOV: 3.0
    FG%: .500 —- FG%: 451
    3P%: .306 —- 3P%: .339
    FT%: .758 —- FT%: .837

    The way I see it, Kobe played the full 82 games which is a testament to his durability and ability to play through injuries…and put up the same level of production in fewer minutes per game. Their #’s are virtually the same in scoring, rebounding, assists and steals…Wade has an edge in blocks and FG%, while Kobe has an edge in 3pt% and FT%… I’ll take the Mamba! But it’s admittedly close, I don’t fault any one taking Wade but for the folks saying Kobe didn’t deserve to be 1st Team All NBA, I say look at these numbers they both produced at an elite level…it’s a “pick-em”.

  • Bojangles

    Why compare Kobe to Wade all-time when Kobe has been in the league for seven extra years? Seems like the comparison is only fair once Wade’s career has played out some more; while he only has one title now, he could get much closer over the next few years considering the talent of his current team.

  • chichindo

    Waal D’s bitter…. lol

  • UncheckedAggression

    Apparently D gets a little intimidated when someone swears in his/her general direction. Interesting.

    Anyway, I think almost everyone is on the same page here. If we’re talking about right now, Wade is obviously the choice. Career-wise it would go the other way. Of course, there are still some important years to be played so we’ll see.

    D- You really are way out of line (not that it isn’t entertaining). You’re holding Wade’s migraines against him now? Do you even know what migraines are? If you did, you’d know that anybody is gonna miss games when they are having them. Wade is unlucky enough to be one of those people. Seems silly to hold that against him. It’s clear you are completely incapable of being objective when it comes to Kobe.

  • kingralf

    how fucking weak is that argumentation, michael aufses?
    kobe had a better career, noone´s doubting that, but you try to validate kobe as a better player right now by saying he WAS a better player?

  • LakeShow84

    @ Stunnaboy

    Lebron wouldnt have the marbles to take it from Kobe lol

    And u know it..

  • LakeShow84

    Landslide my ass..

    I bet Kobe would murder dude in practice everyday just to humble him..

    there aint no touch fouls in practices..

  • control

    I bet if Dime traced the IP Adresses of half these posts, they’d trace back to inside Kobe’s nutsack.

    First off, the guy who did the write up for Kobe is on crack. When the fuck has Kobe ever “continued to set up his teammates”? That is Kobe’s main weakness, he HAS to be the man. The guy is slowing down, he NEEDS to take a group of games off so he can get his shit healed up, but instead he needs to be Kobe the tough guy and “play through it”. I’d rather miss him for 10 games than have him 70-90% for all games.

    Right now, Wade is the better player, no doubt. Lakeshow just condemned Kobe in his perfectly correct statement: Kobe WOULD kill LeBorn if he were on the Lakers. Because Kobe wants to be the hero more than he wants to win. He’d honestly rather be a losing hero than a winning teamplayer.

  • SportZone

    check the hilarious mavs song

  • Jack

    D-Wade today over Kobe today. But that doesn’t mean that D-Wade surpassed Kobe, rather Kobe is just saying what’s up on his way back down to Earth. I would take prime Kobe (pun intended) over a prime Wade.

    The fact that we have this argument, which is really about a prime Wade versus a declining Kobe, shows Kobe was the better player. When they start talking history, thirty years from now, they’ll be talking about Kobe and then Wade and LbJ together. Kind of like how we talk about MJ and then Stockton and Malone.

  • King

    in his prime only guard better than kobe was jordan. all guards

  • crossovam

    so if kobe is declining logically he will never surpass mj. yus!

  • IvoL

    Wade is better 3 years can prove it check the stats

    about Kobe being in the top 10 of all time it’s a crazy tought

    2-Wilt Chamberlain
    3-Bill Russell
    4-Elgin Baylor
    5-Oscar Robertson
    6-Kareem Abdul Jabbar
    7-Jerry West
    8-Karl Malone
    9-Larry Bird
    10-Magic Johnson

  • Celts Fan

    @king – add Magic and Oscar to that list, then ya, you right.

    @ivol – I hate Kobe, but he’s top 10. here’s the top 10, in no order

    MJ, Magic, Kobe, Oscar, Wilt, Kareem, Russell, Shaq, Bird, Duncan. Elgin and Malone never won a ring, so they can’t be top 10. Sorry, but in a sport where 1 guy can make a HUGE difference, being ringless has to keep you out of the upper upper tier all time. Those guys and Hakeem are prob 11-13 though…

  • drew

    overall resume.. kobe
    right now.. dwade

    eventual places in history? id say kobe

  • Ian

    your 4 and 8 belong to duncan and someone else with a ring maybe shaq. what celts fan said is 100 percent true.

    wade is better now easily (imo wade has always been better but im not going to get into that with the kobe fans)comon is kobe even top 10 in the league?

    @15 agree

    hehe sorry bro but it would be bron easy now.

    “I bet if Dime traced the IP Adresses of half these posts, they’d trace back to inside Kobe’s nutsack”

    did some laker fan just tried to blast anothers team fan base?? didnt laker fans booo their team off the floor this year after the lakers gave them 3 finals?? any other team gets a standing from their fans.

  • MattSmif

    @ Ian,

    I get your point and clearly you are not a Laker fan…apparently you were addressing another post but for the record…

    Lakers fans booed the poor effort and the ugly manner in which our team was dispatched from the playoffs. Had the Lakers lost a hard fought, back and forth, series and just came up short…I guarantee they would have gotten the standing O from the crowd. The expectation for Lakers Nation (like Celtics, Yankees, Cowboys, Steelers & other teams with winning traditions) it’s championship or bust. But the Dallas sweep ended so poorly with the overall bad game played by LA, the Mavs couldn’t miss and then the game ended on those flagrant fouls, the mood wasn’t exactly reflective and cheery…Trust me Lakers fans may get lampooned, stereo-typed and mocked by some but they are just as loyal as any team on the planet and they appreciate the GREAT run the team has had over the past 10 years and over their entire history… I’m just sayin!

  • http://www.twitter.com/tootalented21 Talented

    Dwyane Wade is my favorite player, ima start w/ that. At the beginning of their careers, as with many other superstars, their game started at the cup. Aggressive slashers. As Kobe has matured and grown he’s become more dependent on his jumper, which has been more reliably than Wade’s from any range and at any point of his career. I feel that Dwyane Wade hasn’t yet reached his peak but is close. He can still add a lethal jumper and even more range to his game, as well as tweaking an already decent post game for a guard. SO as of right now? No. I can’t say that Dwyane Wade is better than Kobe. there’s still alot to be done. But can he be? Yes.

  • http://twitter.com/MikeBreezyLHDC mikeb0389

    it has to be kobe..d wade is 2nd, but kobe puts up the same numbers while playing only 33 mins a game this season..all lakers fans know that he takes the first half to get others involved then in the 3rd quarter he goes on his usual 15 point rampage to remind the defense play time is over. and what is with all this “dwade plays better defense than kobe stuff”?? tell me what other superstar guards the other team’s best player, nomatter if it is rondo or dwade himself. dwade wont guard him he’s too worried about saving energy. and kill the old noise dwade is 3 yrs younger than kobe. remember when jordan was like 35? his jumper only got better. u think kobe has a wet jumper now??? wait till he gets older it will be rediculous.

  • Ian

    yeah it was about another post man but good point

  • doc

    Wade better now because Kobe slowing down.But he will never be better than Kobe was.

  • K Dizzle

    What doc said.
    Kobe’s played twice as long as DWade. It’s not anything DWade is doin, it’s that Kobe’s slowin down. Dude didn’t even practice once this season, that’s how banged up he was. Hopefully, a longer summer off will let us see where Kobe really is next season.

  • Clayton

    ridiculous arguement for kobe…its who is a better player not who had the better career. it is obvious that dwyane wade is better. put wade on the lakers instead of kobe this year and the lakers win the championship no question.