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You Must’ve Forgot: My 10 Favorite NBA Commercials

Allen Iverson

Dime #1

I’m not normally one to mute commercials. First off, I’m not 80. And second, I’ve never had a problem with most. Sometimes, you’ll get annoying ones. Yet every once in a while, you’ll catch a gem. But some of these commercials being run now in the playoffs…man, specifically that T-Mobile one with the weird hipster dude rapping, that’s just outlandish, nonsensical gibberish. It’s an ugly monopoly; I feel like I’m seeing the same ones over and over again.

The industry’s commercial game is either dying a slow death or I’m just looking back with rose-tinted glasses. Back in the day, everyone was putting out dope commercials, from Jordan to Nike to Reebok. Now all we have are the NBA commercials, which we’ve been revealing for you guys here. Still, they’re hit or miss. No classics.

I needed some fresh air. So here are my 10 favorite NBA-related commercials ever. This isn’t a GOAT list. This isn’t a definitive list. It’s my list. My favorites. The ones I grew up with. The ads that can still take me back to a place and time.

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The summer of 1999 was a weird time. I think I watched more soccer during that Women’s World Cup than I have since. Nike did the right thing and capitalized on it. Not only that, they picked the perfect dude for the ad: KG. He pulls it off perfectly. On another note, I didn’t remember a lot of Garnett’s old commercials. The dude had multiple classics that I completely forgot about. I wish we could have Da Kid back.


Do I really need to say anything? I’ve never tried so hard to record a commercial as I did with this one. Every TV break, I had the tape ready, remote in hand. I needed this. So timely. So creative. I only wish they had made a spinoff with just J-Will.


GP‘s look after Kidd says cuddling: priceless. The Fun Police spots were on point. This one was always my favorite. The whole commercial is so random, from the laundromat to the inclusion of Damon Stoudamire (even though he could hoop, he just looks awkward now next to two legends).


Amazingly, all of the kid actors in this spot had the motions and the mannerisms down perfectly. Actually, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Those old tapes will be engraved in a certain generation’s mind forever. Every JB commercial always came correct, and this one was no different. With MJ watching on at the end, it was powerful. A great goodbye.


Back before everyone hated him, LeBron was really good in these commercials. No matter how many times I watch this, it still makes me chuckle. It’s weird how times change. Back then, James was loved because he was funny and down-to-earth, and a clutch killer on the court. And oh yeah, everyone despised Kobe. Fickle right?

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  • Matt

    When I was young, I loved this commercial. Still reminds me of late nights shooting jumpers in my driveway.


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    I know it was a bite off the Jadakiss/Iverson spots, but I loved the KG/Styles commercial.

    Also, the “Look Me In The Eyes” Jordan Brand ad was on-point.

  • sh!tfaced
  • Joe


    remembering the good ol days

  • Nyeme

    I like the Fun Police with Googs and he says “Whats about him? Whats So Fun about that guy!!?!” Then Googs jumps and they restrain him.

    What about a Grandmama? KJ & En Vogue? Mitch Richmond/Dan Marjerle? Webber “I don’t believe in role models, but you mine”? Iceman barbershop?

  • Darius

    My 2 fav commercials by far were MJ’s “Look Me in the Eyes” & A.I A6 commercial with Jadakiss

  • Mikey F Baby

    The Iverson/Jadakiss commercial definitely should have made the list. A6


  • Krayzie

    Jordan Brand – Lead the Charge could possibly be the best basketball commercial ever. Makes it look like they are going to war, and the couple seconds where Chris Paul’s hearing is lost is genius.


    Also, the Vince Carter vs The Raptor commercial was pretty sick too.


    The MJ vs young MJ was great, also the VC vs RJ dunk off commercial was nice too

  • http://facebook.com/togstadlives Big Freeze

    I always enjoyed the MJ Gatorade commercial where the old Jordan plays his younger self:


  • This_Will_Hurt

    ‘Let your game speak’ is unbelievable. David Stern shut down that thuggist hip hop vibe that AI was bringing into to league didn’t he? Haha; “okay guys you can listen to your rip raps but these baggy street clothes and jerseys gotta go!!!”

  • top_gun

    “I’ve failed over and over again, and that is why I succeed.” Best quote and my all time favourite Jordan commercial. It’s amazing how he has so many great commercials and Kobe has very few. I’m also surprised you left Kobe out of your top ten list.

  • Jo Jo

    Here is the commercial that started it all…
    Converse Weapons!


  • Kevin K

    Wow, I like your selection but you didn’t include Melo M3 commercial. The beat, the stuff that goes on, and the end?? Almost all Jordan commercials are good and this should have been top 10.


  • SolaC

    Yes Joe.

    VCII, with VC dancing. These random classic Nike commercials are why they’re the leading sneaker brand. Advertising.


  • Albeezy

    Nike Shox w/ Vince Carter and Gary Payton.