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10 NBA Players I Wish Were Traded

Kevin Love

Kevin Love (photo. Blake Peterson)

Sometimes we lose sight that basketball players really are actual people. We scream and angle for trades, digest rumors like a plate of spaghetti and constantly run scenarios through our heads like we’re trading sports cards. It’s all a big fantasy world. But being traded isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Believe me. I see friends of mine whine when they have to move 200 miles away for a job (side note: amazing how attached some folks get to a hometown. Depressing. If you live in the same place your whole life, you are missing out. Big time.).

Athletes are humans too. Basketball players make iffy decisions just like we do. They snatch that last piece of cake. They check out Green Lantern. And they cry, especially if they’re Chris Bosh.

But I’m allowed to be selfish sometimes. If there’s 10 guys who I would love to see somewhere else by the time basketball finally resumes, these are them:

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Goran Dragic - For some reason, I always liked his game, and he gained serious street cred (at least back in the homeland) for going at Sasha Vujacic. But ever since then, he’s struggled, and his stock – at least in my mind – has really plummeted in Houston (who actually just picked up his option for $2.1 million), despite oddly similar stats. That’s what happens when you fall out of the playoffs. Let’s get him back in.

Ben Gordon – One of the NBA’s greatest unsolved mysteries right now is what happened to Ben Gordon? Where is the real BG hiding?

Take it back to May of 2009. The love train with Gordon was more packed than a NYC subway at five on a weekday. So what if he didn’t really defend. So what if you considered yourself lucky to get five combined rebounds and assists from him. In that classic first round Boston/Chicago series, Gordon dropped over 24 a game. In case we all forgot these past two years while the Pistons coaching staff was busy yanking around all their veteran guards, Gordon has a complete offensive game…he could be the PERFECT sixth man on a title team.

Swap him for Hedo Turkoglu and we can all go home happy. Gordon is the shot-creator Orlando always needs. Hedo is the man to replace Tayshaun Prince and open up more room in the backcourt. Both teams get the same s#$%%^ contracts.

Tyler Hansbrough - For some odd reason, I’ve grown to like this dude’s game. Really have no clue how it happened. He went from being the annoying savior of the American public to a nobody in Indiana to a somebody in NBA circles. No one follows the Pacers outside of Indiana.

Now? I actually enjoy watching him play his butt off. It’s not always pretty, but it’s a change of pace. He fits that Pacer team pretty well. The only problem is that I’m not really trying to watch the Pacers.

Andre Iguodala – *See Hansbrough* Am I missing something with the 76ers? I really think they might be the most boring team in the league and I can’t figure out why. They have some talent. They made the playoffs. Iguodala is one of the most exciting players in the league (outside of Dwight, the entire Thunder team & Hamed Haddadi).

His agent is trying to force him to California. Make it happen. Send him anywhere.

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    Goran Dragic is as overrated as Ben Gordon is underrated. GD is a backup PG… nothing more, nothing less. BG is one of the best 6th men in the L and he isn’t overpaid by THAT much.

    Only way Joe Johnson leaves Atlanta is if they are willing to accept absolutely nothing of value for him. He is overpaid by quite a lot but he’s still a somewhat young All Star… it’s a weird situation. I could see and support Cleveland or The Lakers going after him.

  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    Can we leave Kevin Love alone please? Let the man play. Minnesota cant be terrible forever

  • mark

    Gordon Hayward isnt on the T-Wolves. He’s on Utah. You probably saw Lazar Hayward’s name on the roster list and thought it was him.

  • Sean Sweeney

    @mark lol I know he’s on Utah

  • the truth

    I think he was comparing rubio’s baby face to gordon hayward’s.

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla

    i would love to see Steve Nash traded to Orlando. sure it would kill my Bulls hopes of ever beating them, but Nash made Amares life easy. Imagine what he could do with D12!?!?!?!

    Also, with Dwight behind him, Nash’s lack of foot speed on D would be voided out.
    Orl has the 3pt shooters to keep the lanes open for Nash too. Plus we’d see a ton of highlights and dunks from Howard and Bass

  • Waggle


    Steve Nash is also not on the Wolves.
    I’m pretty sure the writer was pointing out Rubio’s baby face in comparison with Hayward’s, not which teams they play on.

  • http://@Gerle4Clothes Ryan

    Suns never drafted Iguodala, it was Loul Deng.

    And Dragic was becoming a beast (24 4th qt pts on SA??) but had some “personal” stuff goin on last year. He thrived Behind Nash, where he belongs.

    Love needs to go to Orlando. period

  • Rainman

    Dragic racked up 2 straight games of near triple doubles, them the 3rd game finally got one, to end the season, playing starters minutes when Kyle Lowry got injured at the end of the season.(one or 2 of those games were with 20 points btw). He had lost his confidence in PHX last year, but seamed to have gained it back in Houston, let him stay there and back up Kyle Lowry where he is comfortable, and he can do good things. Another change of scenery can be horrible for this kid, he’s not the most mentally tough kid, and it could have negative effects on his psyche.

    This is coming from a longtime Suns fan, who has seen the ups and downs with Goran Dragic first hand.

  • Promoman

    Ben Gordon’s overrated. He can score in bunches but not only does he bullshit on defense, he’s also a foul wagon. That’s why he’s been coming off the bench since he’s been in the NBA. Dwyane Wade’s the same size as he is and he has the desire to defend. As for Stephen Jackson in Milwaukee, it won’t last. Scott Skiles is a good coach but his interpersonal skills suck. That’s why he gets fired every few years. His time with the Bucks will start winding down whenever the season starts.

  • CLAW

    Do like the Nash in Orlando scenario, though the Magic really have nothing to give unless they want to trade back players from their previous trade.

    DHow would be going off and Nash would just be dropping dimes left and right.

    Don’t forget shipping Kurt Thomas and draft picks for flipping cash! Sarver is an idiot. Dragic is a head case, has talent but just not the mentality to be a NBA starter.

  • sh!tfaced

    haha. have that same feel about kevin love – he should be somewhere else and not in minny.

    nash is just too nice and wholesome to ask to be traded. dude deserves to be somewhere else. sad to see him slowly rotting away in phoenix.

    loving the nash in orlando scenario as well. how much of a beast will dwight be with him there. plus steve will show jameer a thing or two about how to be a real point guard.

  • SoulChorea

    Yo. Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Tayshaun Prince. Let them cats leave and salvage whatever years they have left in their primes. This is just messed up to have them rotting in Detroit.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Ben Gordon isn’t overrated – he’s overPAID. That contract is bad.

    My heart would break if Steve Nash or McGee were traded – WAS and PHO are two of my favorite teams, so I’ll avoid touching those subjects.

    I really can imagine good things happening in Milwaukee. I remember a Sports Illustrated piece on AI and Larry Brown. They made it work. If someone’s crazy, why let someone that gives players a lot of slack coach him? They’ll just hang themselves with the slack.

    Some guys need discipline.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Also, Sean, that line about Indiana was cold but was really funny. Good work

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    Not sure money wise how it will need to work out but

    PHX could trade Nash for Arenas str8 up. Gilbert returning to AZ where he got busy in college. And with their wide open offense, Gil could really do some damage. Add in the fact that he can slide to the 2guard to replace Vince and play along side Aaron Brooks. PHX could be looking at an explosive backcourt, to go along with the two solid bigs in Lopez and Gortat.

    ORL gives up Gilbert Arenas and gets Nash. ORL has no idea how to utilize Arenas, so they may as well trade him. No way should he be backing up Jameer.

    Speaking of Which, ORL might want to include a 3rd team in order to get out from Jameers contract cause that dude is a backup.

    A line up of

    They need to tighten up their bench though
    Ryan Anderson
    Earl Clark
    D.Liggins -Rookie
    Malik Allen

  • K-Dawg

    Nash to SA?!?! That’s blasphemy! Nash ain’t going anywhere. He loves it in PHX. I just hope Sarver spends some money and gets the right talent around him the next couple years.

  • Don Rhymus

    If Nash goes, Grant Hill’s gotta go, too. Those two shouldn’t be playing out the string with a going-nowhere team. San Antone was mentioned…forget Nash going there for a sec, I think G-Hill was born to be a Spur. Think he’d be an upgrade over RJ and keep the spot warm for Leonard? Plus his BFF Duncan’s already there. Give him one more shot at that chip.