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2011 NBA Draft: Picks 15-60

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard (photo. SDSU Media Relations)

We will be keeping a running blog, breaking down the NBA Draft post-lottery pick-by-pick. Check in with us for any comments, trade rumors/sleepers/Kahn stuff or questions. We will be here all night.

15. IndianaKawhi Leonard, SF 6-7, San Diego State
Sounds like Leonard is on his way to San Antonio, where he will fit in as a glue-guy 3. Richard Jefferson on his way out?
16. PhiladelphiaNikola Vucevic, C 7-0, USC
The next Jason Smith?
17. New YorkIman Shumpert, SG 6-5, Georgia Tech
New York just needed someone who can actually play so we don’t see anymore lineups with ‘Melo, STAT and like three D-Leaguers.
18. WashingtonChris Singleton, SF 6-9, Florida State
Big-time defender. The Wizards need that since their collective IQ on that end is awful. Can he be another Shane Battier?
19. CharlotteTobias Harris, SF 6-8, Tennessee
He looks EXACTLY like Patrick O’Bryant. Thank God he doesn’t play like him. If he can make shots, he will get minutes. The Bobcats need any type of help on that end.
20. Minnesota - Donatas Motiejunas, PF 7-0, Lithuania
A few years ago, people LOVED this cat. Now, his star has dimmed and still only 21. Everyone seems to think he has attitude issues. (on his way to Houston)
21. PortlandNolan Smith, PG 6-3, Duke
First real big surprise of the draft. Can he play the point?
22. DenverKenneth Faried, 6-7 PF, Morehead State
Denver loves tough guys. He will fit right in.
23. HoustonNikola Mirotic, 6-10 SF, Serbia
Fran just said we won’t see him again for four years. That’s an investment. (on his way to Chicago)
24. Oklahoma CityReggie Jackson, 6-3 PG, Boston College
OKC promised him really early. No one believed Sam Presti would do that. This is leverage should Eric Maynor prove too costly.
25. BostonMarshon Brooks, 6-5 SG, Providence
Some called him the next Kobe Bryant (sounds like he’s on his way to NJ for 27th pick).
26. DallasJordan Hamilton, 6-8 SF, Texas
Hamilton was talked about as high as the lottery. He dropped for no real reason at this point, although his attitude has been called into question in the past. (will head to Denver)
27. New JerseyJaJuan Johnson, 6-10 PF, Purdue
He will got to Boston where he will step in as a homeless man’s KG.
28. ChicagoNorris Cole, 6-2 PG, Cleveland State
He will head to Miami in a proposed trade.
29. San AntonioCory Joseph, 6-3 PG, Texas
He’s a tough kid, isn’t afraid of anything and is a decent offensive player.
30. Chicago - Jimmy Butler, 6-8 SF, Marquette
Marquette guys are ALWAYS tough. No wonder the Bulls want him.
31. MiamiBojan Bogdanovic, 6-7 SG, Croatia (he’s headed to Minnesota)
32. ClevelandJustin Harper, 6-9 PF, Richmond
Needs to get “tougher.” (on his way to Orlando)
33. DetroitKyle Singler, 6-8 SF, Duke
He lost SO much money coming back.
34. WashingtonShelvin Mack, 6-3 PG, Butler
NCAA Tourney hero will now back up John Wall. Washington has had a great draft.
35. SacramentoTyler Honeycutt, 6-8 SF, UCLA
Nice all-around player with a really smooth skill set. Sacramento needs a wing player like this.
36. New Jersey - Jordan Williams, 6-9 PF, Maryland
Lost a bunch of weight since college, but still shouldn’t have left school.
37. L.A. ClippersTrey Thompkins, 6-10 PF, Georgia
Blake Griffin practice dummy.
38. HoustonChandler Parsons, 6-10 SF, Florida
Skills aren’t questioned. Rest of what he brings is.
39. CharlotteJeremy Tyler, 6-11 C, Japan
Say what you want, but he’s finally in the league. (he’s headed to Golden State)
40. Milwaukee - Jon Leuer, 7-0 PF, Wisconsin
Shoots. He’s from Wisconsin. Naturally.
41. L.A. LakersDarius Morris, 6-5 PG, Michigan
Hometown kid. The Lakers love those big PGs.
42. IndianaDavis Bertans, 6-10 SF, Lavtia
He’s going to San Antonio. He must be good.
43. ChicagoMalcolm Lee, 6-5 SG, UCLA
UCLA players always surpass expectations in the pros.
44. Golden StateCharles Jenkins, 6-3 PG, Hofstra
The Warriors always do well with smaller guards who come into the NBA after long college careers.
45. New Orleans - Josh Harrellson, 6-10 C, Kentucky
He’s a banger. That’s about all you can say about him. (he’s going to the NYK)
46. L.A. LakersAndrew Goudelock, 6-3 PG, College of Charleston
Shows up during big moments. When you’re on the Lakers, you better.
47. L.A. Clippers - Travis Leslie, 6-4 SG, Georgia
As if the Clippers needed any more ridiculous athletes.
48. AtlantaKeith Benson, 6-11 C, Oakland
Wingspan of 7-4, and blocks a ton of shots. But if you’re not engaged all the time, you won’t make it at this point.
49. MemphisJosh Selby, 6-3 PG, Kansas
Finally. Seriously though, what happened last year?
50. PhiladelphiaLavoy Allen, 6-9 PF, Temple
He’s a great rebounder who plays bigger than his height.
51. PortlandJon Diebler, 6-6 SF, Ohio State
One of the best shooters in the draft. Looks more like a European player though.
52. DetroitVernon Macklin, 6-9 C, Florida
Came into college with a big reputation, but never really lived up to it.
53. OrlandoDeAndre Liggins, 6-6 SF, Kentucky
Solid all-around player and teammate. Offensively, he’s kind of weak.
54. ClevelandMilan Macvan, 6-9 SF, Serbia
They called him a “bull in a China shop.” Sounds like he will never play in the NBA.
55. Boston - E’Twaun Moore, 6-4 SG, Purdue
He knows how to get his own shot, and will fit in well with the culture in Boston.
56. L.A. LakersChukwudiebere Maduabum, 6-9 PF, Bakersfield (NBDL)
Craziest name ever.
57. DallasTanguy Ngombo, 6-6, Qatar (he’s going to Minnesota)
They didn’t even have video of this guy.
58. L.A. Lakers - Ater Majok, 6-11 PF, Sudan
Even the Laker fan was falling asleep.
59. San AntonioAdam Hanga, 6-6 SG, Hungary
He looks like he can really play. And it’s San Antonio. WTF
60. Sacramento - Isaiah Thomas, 5-10 PG, Washington
He’s our guy, and we love him. He can really play by the way.

**Houston sending Brad Miller to Minnesota for Jonny Flynn and Motiejunas**
**sounds like Denver and Portland will be swapping Andre Miller & Raymond Felton**
**Boston drafted Marshon Brooks for the Nets & New Jersey takes JaJuan Johnson for the Celtics**
**Rudy Fernandez going to Dallas**

And until next year…

What do you think?

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  • sh!tfaced

    Leonard might be another steal like granger


    On one of these threads about a week ago, I said Leonard was a good fit in San Antonio if they wanted to trade into the 1st.

    Vucevic is not another Jason Smith, not at all. I really like the pick.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Kawhi Leonard will be traded to the Spurs in a package for George Hill.”


    I’m going to bed now, its 2.30 AM here.

    IMO there have been more fail picks than good ones… guess thats why those teams were picking early in the draft ha-ha.

  • sh!tfaced

    Motiejunas to Houston…?

  • sh!tfaced

    quitting time. better go out before we hear dick vitale going crazy when pick kyle singler… lol

  • Ian

    Not hill
    Fuck me trade parker hill was the reason I was gonna keep watchin nba bball after manu and td retire.

  • beiber newz

    although he is serviceable, george hill won’t be an all star. hopefully that qualms your anxiety.

  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz


  • Ian

    nah beiber its doesnt but thanks man

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Lakers coulda used McCamey, Hansborough, Lighty, Pullen AND Thomas so I’m reservin judgement…

  • http://Dimemag.com DreFamous

    Isaiah Thomas should have been gotten picked. He’s way better than alot of the guards chosen before him. Cory Joseph in the first round! Are you Kidding me? He should have stayed in school.

  • beiber newz

    kdizzle…lakers get a freakin D !!! the only reason it aint an f is cuz i like darius.

  • Joross


  • pipdaddyy

    “New York just needed someone who can actually play so we don’t see anymore lineups with ‘Melo, STAT and like three D-Leaguers”

    Billups still plays for the Knicks, guys.

  • Frank

    Do the Lakers actually thinnk these guys have a shot to play in the league or are they burning picks because they have no roster space?
    I can hardly believe these guys are better than Jamie Skeen or Matt Howard..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    As much as I’m a fan of college basketball and would like to see the guys who have earned their stripes in college get drafted, we know the draft is more about potential than production. That’s the only way you could explain something like Cory Joseph going so far ahead of Isaiah Thomas.

    I know it sucks not to have that moment of hearing your name called, but if you can play you will get your shot. So for guys like Kalin Lucas, Chris Wright (Dayton), Demetri McCamey, David Lighty, Ben Hansbrough, etc., this isn’t a tragedy. Just kind of frustrating if you’re a college fan.

  • JAY

    Cosign AB.

    Even moreso with the lockout looming. It’s obvious the GMs draft for potential expecting the upcoming year to be a write-off.