Latest News, NBA / Jun 6, 2011 / 10:13 pm

Breaking News: Mark Jackson to Coach the Golden State Warriors

Former NBA assist machine and current ESPN NBA analyst Mark Jackson has been named the new head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Jackson’s deal is a guaranteed three-year contract worth upwards of $6 million. We will have more info and analysis on Jackson’s hiring in tomorrow’s SMACK.

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  • NYK

    mama, there goes that man!

  • Scalabrine 4 MVP

    shaq to replace him on espn???


    i understand we have to start somewhere. so mr jackson, you hurry up and get a winning record. leave the warriors because the owners are cheap and the warriors are a small market team that is never on tv.

  • beiber newz

    okc is small market too. it’s all about what team is on the rise. curry, d.lee , monta is a pretty good start for mj

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla


    Somebody actually gave this dude a head coaching job? Has he even been a player coach before, or assistant, or even video coordinator? Wtf? We are in a recession, the NBA is talking lockout because owners are crying broke, yet they hire people like Mark Jackson, Mike Brown, Diantoni, and Del Negro then pay them millions. Even though they have a terrible track record or zero coaching experience! Amazing.

    At least i dont have to hear his voice announcing any more games showing his lack of Coaching ability everytime he speaks. Now i just need Reggie Miller to get a job somewhere far away where i dont ever have to see his face or hear his voice and lame announcing.

  • QQ

    Well I think Jackson can be a crazy superstar dick rider sometimes (but I’m honestly entertained by his work), but let’s just wait and see what he does first.

    I mean come one, so called ‘great basketball minds’ that has been professional coaches for so long like Rick Pitino and Mike Montgomery messed up their NBA gigs, so I can’t go on that argument.

    And then a guy like Avery Johnson who has no prior head coaching job made the fucking Finals within two years.

    Let’s wait and see, people.

    You’re better than that.

  • beiber newz

    i know you’re tryna be cool by ending it with a notable mark jackson saying..bu let’s be real, some people on here are NOT BETTER THAN THAT like enfuego or as i like to say el burno bcuz dude calls himself enfuego because he’s burning from same sex std’s.

  • QQ

    Wow, you used my post to hate on En Fuego?

    Kinda desperate there?

  • egypt

    i think some of you need to get out more

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Wow, I was stoked they dodged the bullet with Mike Brown. Nothing this guy has ever said made me think he was some great basketball mind. These guys come in and pay a grip of money for a team and then hand it over to a guy whose never even coached a high-school game. No talk of Adelman? At least let Jackson earn his dues as an assistant coach somewhere. I give this a year, tops.

  • Ron Artesticles

    You know…It’s funny. You’d think a winning pedigree would have some bearing on whether a guy could coach or not. But then we have examples like Bill Russell in Sacramento & Seattle, Isiah in New York, Magic in LA. Bird was an exception in Indiana & he clearly admits he never coached that team; Rick Carlisle ran the offense & Dick Harter the defense. He was a figurehead who used them + his understanding of the game to steer the ship as best he could & did relatively well. Great points QQ on Pitino & Avery to describe Jackson. Personally, I’m kind of tired of retreads in the NBA unless they’ve won titles elsewhere, either as a coach or lead assistant. Adelman feels like the Rick Barnes of the NBA to me; always has decent talent, tantalizes his fans with possibilities, but seemingly always comes up short. The fact that people were considering Mike Fucking Dunleavy for the Lakers jobs should tell you something… Fuck has he won? Looks like the odd man out here is Brian Shaw, who may not get a look for awhile now, though it looks like jobs in Orlando (SVG is out by All Star Break or sooner, pending the lockout, if they don’t produce & they’ve regressed!) & Detroit, though I don’t get them possibly hiring Mike Woodson, since it’s clear Jason Kidd’s an even smarter coach:): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kquAEihYS0M

    Let’s see what Mr. Hand Down, Man Down does in the Bay before we kill him & his potential to nurture Steph Curry’s game at the point, push Monta Ellis to be more than a scoring blur & best utilize their athletic ability as a team on the run while balancing it out with some competent half court sets & execution. They still need a couple pieces, including a little more size, but they can be competitive & fun, IMO.

  • Kudabeen

    Jerry West and Mark Jackson?? Not bad at all.

    Golden State may be stealing that spot the Clippers are supposed to be able to step into next year as the next Thunder (2010) and Memphis (2011) team to come up…Houston may be that team as well…Things looking good out West for the young teams.

  • Mitch

    Mark will make a good coach But I think he needs to coach Blake Griffin/ or the Knicks he will fail with that team they are too small…He need a superstar … I think Kenny smith would have been a better choice but he seem scared to step up to the plate. Talk a good game , maybe get Charles to be his assistant LOL

  • Ochosiete

    I’m glad to see Mark Jackson get the opportunity to show Vangundy what he can do. We’ve seen all the retreads and the so called winners who have no people skills. It’s time for new blood.
    If Mark can get Monta to believe in him he’s got a chance. If not, it will be brutal. We all know Monta wants to be an all star and if the new system allows for that Mark is in. If not, Monta will be jackin’ up shots! Besides, with the logo in town the team might give it a go.

  • tb

    “You know the rule….hands down, man down!”

  • Celts Fan

    @ron artesticles. Bill Russell won a ring or 2 as coach… player/coach of the Celts. Thats the point though, none of those guys had anyone even close to as good as they were. You can ruin a good team if u suck as a coach but you cant make a shit, talentless squad into a champ no matter how good a coach you are.

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla


    All of you saying he deserves a shot, please list me his credentials? What he was an NBA player?

    If you have a 16yr old kid and he wants to drive your brand new chevy camero, you don’t just hand him the keys and tell him to flucking wing it!

    Avery Johnson was an player/assistant for a couple years so no, he’s not the same as Mark. He is more in Russells boat, who was also a player/coach.

    Mark Jackson hasnt even coached in the NBDL. Thats a huge insult to guys like Kareem, Ewing, Bill Cartwright, Thibadeau, and the other coaches who have credentials and resume’s. They are playing off Jacksons name/fame as a espn analyst.
    i cant wait to watch this dude in action as a coach, the should have a hard knocks training camp type thing that follows the GState Warriors. That would be automatic awsomeness!!!

  • QQ

    That’s not stupid.

    That’s an opinion.

    Just like how would you like to trade everyone in the Bulls including the ballboys for Melo. I would call that ‘a fucking stupid piece of shit of an idea’. But hey, it’s your opinion.

    IMO: I’m tired of a so called veterans get NBA jobs then mess it up over and over again. How many times have we seen that happen?

    And before Avery became an assistant, he’s just some old ex-player hanging out with the dudes in practice, until Don Nelson decided he has good chemistry with the guys (NOTE: not actual good basketball IQ) so he could at least be some kind of assistant in the bench.

    Haven’t we seen stories of coaches who spent 15 years in HS, 10 years and college, and then with those resumes, became assistants in the NBA? Then Avery became one for just being an ex-player of his coach? My point: COACHING DOESN’T FOLLOW LOGIC.

    You see hyper X’s and O’s guys like Lawrence Frank (who passed about 30 pages of plays and schemes as his resume) reach the 2nd round as his ceiling, and then you see Avery make the Finals.

    And Mark Jackson’s resume? You make it sound like that the Warriors picked a random person in their arena and decided that guy would be their next coach.

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla


    You’re not even using your brain on this one.

    Opinion or not, it’s stupid.

    Mark Jackson has NO RESUME for coaching. If you were Steph Curry’s agent, you’d be trying to get your guy outta there aSap.

    Avery Johnson was a ASSISTANT COACH after being basically a player/coach two years priot to that. Then was given the job by Nellie.

    Mark Jackson was sitting in the booth thinking of random ways to suck off Kobe. Thats far from a qualified resume to be the HEAD COACH of an NBA team.

    As for me wanting to trade Noah and Deng for Melo…..Well the Bulls had several stints in the playoffs where we needed someone other than Rose to score….SOMEONE OTHER THAN ROSE….TO….SCORE… Deng couldn’t do it… Noah couldn’t do it….but guess who is a scorer…guess who is a DAMN GOOD SCORER IN THE CLUTCH….Carmelo Anthony.

    So you again just proved how right i was about the bulls needing Melo and not Deng and Noah.

    Don’t gimmie that shit about defense either, because Lebron went BALLS DEEP on Loul Deng who tried his damnest to stop Bron. Bron killed Loul so bad that Scottie was forced to say he was better than MJ.
    I would guess that if Melo was in a Bulls uniform…He would have been giving Lebron 25-30ppg and Scottie wouldn’t be talking that dumb shit.

    But hey, stick to your stupidity and love affair with Noah. I hope he ends up on your team one day in exchange for Howard.

  • QQ

    ‘Opinion or not, it’s stupid’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Damn, you’re going metaphysical on me now?

    Fuck that shit.

    That’s why it’s called an opinion, it’s inherently neutral, it is only PERCEIVED as right or wrong.

    The Bulls losing to the Heat didn’t proved shit. You’re talking bout trading EVERYONE not named Rose for Melo. How would adding a scorer that never really led his team help Chicago over the hump?

    People forget that Melo was added to Amare fucking Stoudemire. It’s a wrap, right? WRONG. Number 6 in the East and a first round SWEEP by the Celtics.

    Trade Boozer cause he’s a piece of shit. But you’re talking about trading Noah, Deng, etc????

    Isn’t the reason them Bulls had the number 1 seed because of the SYNERGY of all their players, and you want a player that’s notoriously a locker room vampire on your team?

    Well, this is the poster who’s talking shit bout everything on his team after they seecured the FUCKING NUMBER ONE SEED.

    Enjoy Carmelo.

    PS: What a fucking stupid piece of shit.

  • QQ

    And yeah, lets’ see the list of coaches with vaunted RESUMES that messed up their shot at the NBA.


    You’re so obsessed with that fucking resume that you didn’t even noticed my points.

    I said Lawrence Frank. That dude who worked as almost every possible baskteball job, a player, a video coordinator, assistant, head coach. The coaching geek that’s almost bordering on insane when it comes to his baskteball schemes and sets. That guy with ridiculous basketball IQ. That guy who won a chip…. ERRR, NO.

    That guy whose ceiling is the second round of the playoffs. With fucking Vince Carter and Jason Kidd on his team.

    SO much for that RESUME you keep babbling about.

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla


    First off,

    It’s funny how Vince Carter is so great when you’re trying to make a point, yet you hate VCs guts in every other discussion and claim he sucked once he left TDot.

    But i digress, You bring to me Lawrence Frank and I bring to you Tom Thibedau. Thibs is a basketball nut himself, and it worked out well for him.

    Bottom line is you’re an idiot if you give someone a job without them having anything on their resume that says they are good at doing the job or that they done it before. That may work at your job as the fry cook at Mcdonalds, but this is the NBA they are playing with Billions of dollars.

    As for the Carmelo thing.

    He has been in one lockerroom, yet you are calling him a cancer? That locker room that included JR Smith and Kenyon Martin….but YOU managed to pick Melo out as the cancer??? that’s just idiotic.

    I no longer want Carmelo since he has now suited up for the Knicks. But that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t have been perfect for the Bulls. The playoffs proved that point. Yet somehow, during all YOUR RANTS about how the Bulls need someone else to step up and help Rose during the playoffs vs MIA, you forget that scoring is Melo’s specialty. So then i point out your ignorance to you, and you come up with sad excuses like “The Bulls don’t need Melo because he is a Jerk. They won because of synergy. Melo is 2nd banana to Amare”. It’s like watching a boxer flailing away after being dazed by a Tyson punch. Just go down son!

  • QQ

    Just go down? Naaah.

    Of course I hate Vince Carter, he’s a pussy wrapped inside a pudding. That’s how soft that bastard is. And my point? With your argument about ‘OOOH RESUMES’, Lawrence Frank should’ve gotten out something out of VC no matter how soft he is, because hey, Frank has a tremendous resume, right?

    With all that experience, Frank should have been able to turn VC’s career around and haters like me wouldn’t exist right? I mean come on now, look at THAT resume!


    And when you’re talking about Melo and you say scoring, you somehow forget the fact that it’s not the only thing in a basketball court.

    You claim to be a coach of whatever fucking league that is, and you forget about chemistry and teamwork? You just go on the streets, find the five best players who can jump the highest, even though they choked every coach they ever had and call it a day?


    A coach talking shit about chemistry and just caring bout someone dropping 30? DAMN.

    The players THEMSELVES that Melo has been somewhat of a distraction. You’re better than those Nuggets players who actually PLAYED with Melo? Who the fuck is going to argue with the PLAYERS THEMSELVES?

    And that’s my fucking point:
    And when a tremendous cancer like Kenyon Martin is calling YOU a cancer, you know something’s wrong.