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Dime NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried (photo. Guy Huffman/Morehead State University)

21. Portland – Kenneth Faried
6-8, 228 lbs. PF
Morehead State, Sr.
Faried, the Division I all-time leader in rebounds (post-1973) and second in double-doubles, is a high energy player and high quality defender. He will fit in with any team from Day One. And with the chance to play alongside LaMarcus Aldridge and Gerald Wallace, the Blazers frontcourt just got a whole lot stronger.

22. Denver – Tyler Honeycutt
6-9, 180 lbs. SF
A big fan favorite of scouts, Honeycutt has been likened to talented NBA players such as Tayshaun Prince. He has not yet been dominant, but the potential and upside are obviously there. The Nuggets need depth at the SG and SF positions, and Honeycutt provides that.

23. Houston (From Orlando via Phoenix) – Reggie Jackson
6-3, 208 lbs. PG
Boston College, Jr.
The next in the line of explosive, long (7-foot wingspan), fast and athletic point guards maybe hidden away in Jackson. Elite NBA teams all have a player that fits that description, and Jackson is ready to be just that. Even with Kyle Lowry at the helm, there’s no way Daryl Morey passes on Jackson.

24. Oklahoma City – Markieff Morris
6-9, 232 lbs. PF
Kansas, Jr.
The other half of the Morris Twins, Markieff is all hustle and provides the consummate team attitude on the court. Chances are he won’t still be around this late, but I’m sure his college teammate, Cole Aldrich, wouldn’t mind.

25. Boston – Nikola Vucevic
7-0, 260 lbs. C
USC, Jr.
While Vucevic measured as the biggest player at the draft combine, size isn’t necessarily limiting on his skill set. At 260 pounds, the 7-footer averaged a double-double during his junior season at USC, and his agility and 15-foot jumper make him capable of stretching the floor. For a Celtics team in need of a future down low, Vucevic is their guy.

26. Dallas – Jereme Richmond
6-8, 195 lbs. SF
Illinois, Fr.
It was pretty shocking to see this dynamic freshman and future lottery pick declare after just one year, but Richmond’s ability to rebound from the wing and defend makes him a very attractive late first-round pick. And when you’re playing in the NBA Finals, you can take a chance.

27. New Jersey (from L.A. Lakers) – Justin Harper
6-10, 225 lbs. PF
Richmond, Sr.
Over four years at Richmond, Harper improved each season, becoming an asset as a stretch-four. What he brings to New Jersey is talent and size – two things they won’t turn down.

28. Chicago (From Miami via Toronto) – Travis Leslie
6-4, 205 lbs. SG
Georgia, Jr.
The best pure athlete in the class; Leslie can jump out of the gym and has been improving his game little-by-little for three years at Georgia. For a Bulls team in need of a scorer at the two-guard spot, Leslie could be considered a steal in a few years.

29. San Antonio – JaJuan Johnson
6-10, 225 lbs. PF
Purdue, Sr.
A great career ends and a new start begins for the athletic and skilled All-American. He will need to improve his strength to make it at the next level, but the Spurs could use his size right away.

30. Chicago – Nolan Smith
6-4, 185 lbs. PG/SG
Duke, Sr.
He is a direct reflection of Duke Basketball; progressed every year, great intangibles and has become a quality combo guard. For the Bulls, the last pick in the first round could help spell Derrick Rose without worrying about losing a lead.

Who do you think your team should draft?

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  • matt

    Valanciunas will not be drafted by the raps. BC will take so much heat if he selects a euro or even international again. According to draftexpress, the raps r looking to improve their d and draft defesnive players. 2 players come to mind. bismack biyombo + Kawhi Leonard. And since bismack is an international, kawhi might be # 1 on BC’s draft board. Too many possibilities in this draft for the top 10. The 2011 NBA Draft AKA the NBA’s 1st role player draft.

  • Brown


    Couldn’t say it better. If the Raps take a European PF, there might be a riot in T.O. I’ll be shocked if they don’t take Leonard.

    I like Tristan Thompson to the Warriors, but they’ve had a revolving door drafting big men. It might be time to go against that trend, but there’s really not much to choose from.

    This draft class is painfully awful, and the biggest crap-shoot I’ve seen in years.

  • heckler

    whats this chatter about Toronto selecting an international player? ….they are the only international NBA team?..arent they?

    as for Minnesota with the #2 pick.
    tough pickings for them landing at #2. it’ll most likely be Derrick Williams. But how are the Wolves gonna find minutes for him?
    they already have Wesley Johnson at the 3 and Kevin Love at the 4. and Michael Beasley as the first forward off the bench. not to mention martell webster and anthony randolph too.
    where is Kurt Rambis gonna find minutes for Derrick Williams? at whose expense?

  • beiber newz

    SELBY IS THAT DUDE !!!!!!! mark my words. all starrr


    If your PF or C is from Euro, you got issues.

  • Stainless

    the raps draft choice will probably be knight if he’s still there, walker, or bismack biyombo

  • SoulChorea

    That fool is way too high in the air in that pic

  • K Dizzle

    Charles Jenkins ssssssssssssshhh

    to the Lakers with one of our 4th 2nd round picks


    I think if Houston come out of this draft with Chris Singleton and Reggie Jackson then Daryl Morey deserves major props.

    I really hope Toronto don’t take Valanciunas over Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker… aka Radoslav Nesterovic v2.0.

    If they need a center then grab Dalembert in FA.

  • CTP

    Hoping the Jazz take Knight, and not Kanter- knight is gonna be sick, and the jazz need a d will replacement.

    I’m nervous about Kanter– he had one amazing game.