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Dime’s All-Shaq Teams

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal

With the sudden retirement of Shaquille O’Neal from the NBA, we got to thinking about all the great players that the Big Social Security Applier played with during his 19 seasons in the league. There’s a long list of All-Stars, but in making the list, we ask this question: Who was at their best while playing with Shaq? For example, the Kevin Garnett that O’Neal played with this season won’t rank as highly as the 2007-08 Amar’e Stoudemire that he shared the court with in his Phoenix stint.

Obviously, we’ll save all the center slots for the Big Aristotle himself, but without further adieu, we present the First, Second and Third All-Shaq teams:

First Team
PG – Steve Nash
SG – Kobe Bryant
SF – LeBron James
PF – Amar’e Stoudemire
C – Shaquille O’Neal

During O’Neal’s brief 2007-08 tenure in Phoenix, Steve Nash was a year removed from his second MVP award while putting up similar points, assists and ridiculous shooting percentages – that’s an easy one. Here’s where it gets tough. Apologies to a young Dwyane Wade that won a title with O’Neal, but as for shooting guards go, Kobe Bryant was arguably the greatest player the big guy has ever played with. And LeBron James was the last season’s MVP while playing with Shaq, so the small forward slot goes to him. As for Stoudemire, I’ll take him as being the best power forward O’Neal has played with in the frontcourt.

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  • Jeremy

    No love for Gary Payton? The Glove, baby!

  • Trey bing bay

    Gary Payton was old when he played with Shaq, definitely not as good as Nash, Penny, Rajon whom Shaq played with in their primes.

    Nice to see Eddie Jones in there, he was an under rated allstar.


    Played with the best supporting cast and didn’t appreciate it

  • Kevin Z


    I almost put Payton under honorable mention but I liked Skiles and Van Exel a little more than an aging Glove.

  • john

    I would take the 2006 Wade over the 2000 Kobe every day of the week.

  • top_gun

    2006 Wade gets fouled everytime he comes down the court according to referees. I’d take 1995-96 Penny over the rest.

  • sh!tfaced

    No love for Glen Rice? The original G-Money helped Shaq get that first ring in his two short (and dramatic) seasons with the Lakers.

  • yoda

    imho, production wise, horace grant was better than honorable mention, when he played with shaq. ac greene too

  • UncheckedAggression

    Disagree with a lot of the commentary and selections. Glen Rice definitely should have been mentioned, as he was just as important as Kobe in one of those seasons.

    And Wade a better teammate to Shaq than Lebron simply because they won a championship together? That’s just funny. Lebron in his last season in Cleveland was better than Wade ever has been and ever will be. Shaq was a shell of his former self in Cleveland, otherwise Lebron would still be there and on the cusp of two straight championships.

  • alonzo

    as much as a hated malone. thrid team? behind amare? dime gotta stop trying to be cool and gangsta and be a basketball site instead.

  • NYK

    i think the players are rated at the time and age when they were teammates with shaq.

    malone at the end of career over a 28 year old amare? what are you smoking?

  • K Dizzle

    There is no way that Nick the Quick is honorary mention and Rondo is on any of Shaq’s squads. 37 games in Boston where he barely made a blip means take all the Celts off these teams and throw on guys Shaq actually PLAYED with.
    Nick’s on. Eddie’s on. Anybody sayin Wade over Kobe after 3 rings is cracked out. Robert Horry over The mailman too. Ask Sacramento about that one…

  • Krayzie

    Bottom line – Wade in 2006 was better than Kobe in 2000-2002 plain and simple! And Wade in 2006 was better than LeBron in 2009-2010, forget the stats and all around game – Wade in 2006 knew how to close out games and playoff games and championship games….not the case with LeBron.

    I will say that Wade 2006 is possible the best single year player since the GOAT retired!

  • Krayzie

    Amare is 28 now, he was 25 in 2007-2008. Malone’s corpse at 38 ain’t shit compared to STAT at 25, or even 28!

  • Krayzie

    @post 13 –


  • Krayzie

    Further proof:


    Wade in 2006 had the highest PER of any player in the history of the NBA finals!!!

  • Conoro

    When you are given 97 free throws to shoot over the course of six games, your efficiency will inevitably rise.

    2003 Kobe is better than any year of Dwyane Wade’s career except for 2009, and it wasn’t even Bryant’s greatest…

  • crossphaded

    No Ron Harper either? Wack.

  • marcus the great

    horace grant played with shaq in LA too didnt he?

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @5 agreed. Then again, I think LeBron is the best player Shaq ever played with (at the time of them playing together).