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Dirk And Dallas With The Comeback Of Their Lives

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Monte Isom)

OMG. LOL. WTF. LMAO. Seriously, what did we watch? How did that happen? One minute Miami was introducing the first ever NBA Finals Dunk Contest, and the next the Mavs were canning Js all over the place, erasing a 15-point lead in the final seven minutes and grabbing the win they absolutely had to have, 95-93, after Dirk hit a layup with just three seconds left. Was this the swing game? It’s too early to say. But one thing it did do was turn this jaunt from a coronation to a series. After a 13-0 run by Miami near the beginning of the fourth, it felt like it was over. LeBron (20 points, eight rebounds, four steals) and Wade (36 points) walked back to the huddle after a D-Wade trey, smirking like they knew they were winning a championship in a week. So down 15, they fell asleep and the Mavs exploded, hitting the jump shots they couldn’t make all night. Dirk (24 points, 11 rebounds) scored nine straight points to end it for Dallas while Miami had two consecutive awful possessions that ended in ugly James’ threes. Tied up in the final seconds, Dirk somehow was left single-covered against Chris Bosh (4-for-16, 12 points), went right, spun back and got all the way to the rim, hitting the game-winner with his left (the injured side). With no timeout, all Miami could get was a floating three from Wade at nearly midcourt. Clank. Can we forget the lockout, forget the summer and just watch Dirk all day? Not only was he $ in the clutch, but he was hitting lefty layups all night, forcing himself to overcome the break. The Notorious J.V.G. joked that “There are some guys in this league today who would help him ice it” but still, what Nowitzki did was insane … Who let this kid out of the house? … You ever watch a movie that’s entertaining, but you just know exactly how it’ll end up? That was us last night. No matter how close the score was – even in the first half when the Mavs built up a nine-point lead – we never felt Dallas had a chance. How wrong were we? Early on after Jason Kidd hit a three to put Dallas up six, every Mavs’ starter had scored. They looked energized and ready to go. At the same time, Wade hit three of his first four shots and soon LeBron regained the lead for Miami. After a few transition buckets to start the second quarter, Dallas was up and shooting nearly 60 percent. The only way the Mavs will ever score enough points is if they get into transition and force some turnovers. They were doing that to start the second quarter, building up a six-point lead. Yet, they had the chance to really grab hold of the game, missing consecutive wide-open threes. Just like that, Wade jammed home a missed shot, then got a steal and dunk to re-energize the crowd. The Mavs led for much of the half, but a 9-0 Miami run sent it to the break all tied up … Keep reading to hear about Wade’s gangsta, Steve Nash the pimp and yes, Mike Bibby

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  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    Baffling how Mario Chalmers was open for THAT LONG!!!! Wasnt a question on how he got open but WHY was he open

  • http://www.newscardesign.com Beau

    To end a game like that heading back to Dallas… Hell of a swing. The Heats big 2 1/2 scored higher than their average D-Wade and baby Bron-Bron had monster games… Mavs won. They played like utter **** for 3 1/2 quarters… and they won. Huge win. I they’ll play better at home, and Mavs have the momentum going in.

  • yoda

    so, once again, dirk is soft and he ain’t clutch? just asking…

  • vintakular

    Wow, I knew that dallas could come back from deficits in the fourth but I figured Miami is seasoned enough to not let leads slip away like the Thunder did. Props to diggler and the dallas squad that game was epic.

  • gilford

    Except for the last two 3pt FGA of Dwyane Wade, he didn’t even touch the ball when Dallas is making their run. All I see is Lebron dribbling around then shooting a contested 3.

    But Yeah DALLAS WIN!!!

  • Ducky87

    Fun Fact: Mark Cuban sold his soul to Satan with 5min left in the 4th. Miami has to win (in my opinion) 2 games in Dallas. I hate the Mavs but can’t knock the hustle.

  • gilford

    Also, why the F*ck is Brian Cardinal(the lost brother of Scalabrine) on the court?

  • AZ

    AB, how da MavS ASS taste. Just about the whole 4TH ran through leClutch and the stat padding quarter. AND HE WANTED NO PIECE OF DIRK….NOT ONE PIECE. The guy that stopped the MVP and all Defense did not guard dirk…..the hottest scorer in the playoffs vs the hottest defender, we didnt see shit.

  • LeRoy Green


    Sporty J whattup doe???

  • Ricky

    How fitting was it that in the pregame they showed dirk practicing left hand layups and in the end it was those layups that won it for them!?

    I think lebron lost this one for the heat, taking those difficult threes thinking that he can make it consistently just because he was making them in the last game!!

  • fatro

    @ Gilford – everybody knows that without brian cardinal the Mavs clearly dont win this game. I mean the tempo, the defensive intensity, the subtle intangibles, even the refs all went the the mavs way the moment he entered the game. Greatness can only be contained so long on the bench. after getting his beak wet for seven minutes total in the previous three series R. Carlisle knew it was time for B Card aka the custodian, to finally release be released… We were all witness to his greatness tonight – 1 min 0 for 0, 0 points, 1 foul, and +/- ratio of a whopping -4 pts. sorry i have too much time on my hands.

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    Leroy get your ones in ! Just don’t disappear when we spankin that ass next year lol.You n all the mavs fans deserve that.

    I was watching this game thru the third quarter asking myself ‘How the fuck did this team sweep my Lakers when all they doing is let miami run dunk contests lineups, fumbling the rock and shot-clock violatin’ all over the place ?!’

    fuckin awesome game !!Sporty better be here today or imma laugh my asssss off lol.real talk though,that miami team is scary ! that ‘dunkathon they were holding was freakin demoralizing.A weaker team woulda folded for sure.Kudos to the mavs

  • gilford



  • K Dizzle

    @(the side that has the fractured digit)

    Kobe on the brain, huh, Dime?
    Torn tendons for Dirk…

  • AllDayEveryday

    remember that portland game they came back down 15 with like 4 minutes… and when the lakers had them down in game 2 … and then when okc was up like 12 with 4 minutes or so left. just call them the comeback kids already!!!

  • Soopa

    *Insert Dallas rap yo yo*

    Wheres Sporty J lol?

    The game was going just like game 1 until Terry showed up and hit some shot and then God.. err.. Dirk decided to ice the game.

    Miami even had a foul to give at the end…

    Im kinda neutral this series, but after the way Bosh, Wade and James showboated during the game (which im normally fine with, but I almost puked when Wade kept that hand up while Lebron pounded his chest) I must say I enjoyed Dallas stealing this one.

  • yoda


    you mean comback middle aged men? :)

  • Buckets

    Somebody tell Dallas that people don’t use Pejas anymore. Gosh he looks a mess.

  • darkdefender

    The only thing that will make Dirk’s finger better is a ring.

    Go get em Mavs

  • sh!tfaced

    That shit was as embarrassing as premature ejaculation…


    Racism my a$$. The GAME 2 meltdown is reason enough for a boycott. HAHAHA

  • Ian

    good thing dirk chokes and is soft right?

  • Aaron_41

    like i was telling my friends beofre. as long as the officiating is fair and square, the mavs have a good chance to win it all.

    so if dirk is considered soft and not clutch, then who is?. mavs in 7.

  • drew

    wade’s as much of a douche as lbj, ppl are just starting to notice it now. there was the bush league dunk at the end of game 5 in the sixers series, the bs ejection of paula pierce in game 1 when wade ran into him, now the celebration in front of the mavs bench like he won the championship. lebron was never as big a flopper in cleveland, but as noah would say, the 3 amigos are all going hollywood on us with the flopping too.

  • the cynic

    Jason Terry is the biggest douche bag in this series, but no one cares because he is Jason Terry

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    That is why I never criticize a coach/team for “running up the score” … because you NEVER know what can happen once you take your foot off the pedal.

    After the Heat went up 15 and most everybody thought it was over, Miami started playing ball control offense. They stopped attacking and ended up taking out-of-rhythm jumpers (LeBron, Bosh, Haslem, Wade) with the shot clock running down.

    Hell of a way to lose a game, but now facing three road games in a row, hopefully for their own good Miami learns their lesson quick.

  • NYK

    i was about to turn that shit off when wade hit that 3. then i’m so glad i didn’t because i watched the most epic collapse in nba finals history.

    feel bad for wade, did anyone see how lebron just dumped that rock to wade for the last shot? ROFL.

  • Stewart

    I thought Lebron was a closer?

  • http://dimemag.com TO

    most epic collapse in nba finals history? how quickly we forget the lakers meltdown against boston..

  • Vlad

    Dallas shows the heart of a real champion!Miami just too stupid….

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Have some more Dirk bitches!! I would recommend the Mavs “forget” to tell Peja when the flight is and leave his ass in Miami though. And Cardinal has no business on an NBA court. I would give Darrell Armstrong some burn before I would give Cardinal any more minutes.

    I hate the 2-3-2 format, think it is totally retarded and really screwed over the Mavs in 06, but now that it is gonna work out in their favor I am a believer. Just kidding, they need to make all the rounds the same ASAP.

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    Miami demoralizes teams. Dallas played great team defense in the first half, and Wade & James hit bad shot after bad shot………That was the first 40 minutes, Miami’s poor half-court offense caught up to them in the last 5 minutes. Dirk played like crap for most of the game, then he stepped up big time!


  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Dirk was playing like he hasn’t injured his finger. In your face LeBum. My Predictions Dallas in 6. GO MAVS!!!

  • vintakular

    Carlisle only threw out Cardinal because Peja was being god awful, little did he know Cards god awfuler…

  • fallinup

    Dirk Nowitzki is the greatest player to play the game. Just saying, ya know… since the Mavs won one game in this Finals…. that has to be the correct thing to say.

    ** wank wank **

  • Jear18

    Good game mavs … Total defensive collaspe by the heat .. I gaurantee that wont happen again .. And wade getting 2 touches during that mavs run is just wow .. Heat will be takin game 3

  • Celts Fan

    Consider this my formal apology to Dirk. Hes.come so far on d (hes just avg but thats a huge stride and a guy lime that just needs to not be a tirnstyle and you win the matchup) amd boards. Id said he couldnt disprove the not clutch tag in the reg season amd he.responds with a Godly playoffs incl 2 absolutely epic 4th quarter performances in the last 2 rds. Dirk is not soft and Dirk is clutch. I feel like everything i ever believed was a lie. Wow. What a performance

  • sh!tfaced

    Missing Person Report

    first name: Sporty
    last name: Spice
    time of disappearance: Just before game 2, 2011 NBA finals
    last known location: The cheap seats, American Airlines Arena
    birth date: unknown (est around the legal age, can barely handle his alcohol intake)
    gender: undetermined
    race: ask BRUCE
    aliases: Sporty-J, Sporty Spice, Miami Spice, Miami Cheat
    clothing: 2nd hand Miami Heat Chris Bosh jersey
    for any info of his/her whereabouts call: 555-CHOKE or email at heroball@sportyspice.cum

  • JAY

    Why is Jeff Van Gundy trying to push Lebron as the best player in the world and Wade as the 2nd best on his team? I dunno about you guys, but to me it’s a toss up. I just don’t see the obvious evidence of Lebron being better than Wade? JVG is boosting LBJ while Wade is taking over the game and making Dallas’ best defenders look like children. And if LBJ is better, why does Wade have so many nights where he plays better than LBJ? I’d say it’s split right down the middle, 50-50.

    People go on all day about LBJ’s basketball IQ, but Wade’s IQ is just as high. I guess the chest thumping, mean mugging, and walking around like George Jefferson influences JVG.


    Wow… what a 4th quarter… thats all i have to say.

  • Atom


    lol. Dude thought ECF were for the chip and has been too busy celebrating to realize the Mavs were about to derail his bandwagon.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Sporty-j is cleaning himself up after that Dallas Maverick Bukkake he took last night.

    We’ll see if Sporty-Jizz surfaces today.

  • LeRoy Green

    but now facing three road games in a row, hopefully for their own good Miami learns their lesson quick


    hopefully you can’t still taste lebron’s balls in your throat after this series Austin. Bandwagon hoppin sucka ass clown smh

    No shots homie.

  • LeRoy Green

    When Miami came out in that third quarter and went 2k11 on us, i thought it was OVER.

    That one tip dunk by wade was an OBVIOUS rim interference. James and Wade BOTH got some weak ass touch fouls but we overcame ALL that bullshit somehow. Every Mavs fan should be praising Marions name 2day. Without him both these games would have been blowouts.

    I’m glad Terry showed up last night (for a few minutes at least) but when he left Chalmers WIIIIIIDE open on that 3 I swear I was ready to throw my remote thru the tv screen smh Way too many mistakes and turnovers but we battled to the end and it worked out in our favor.

    I wanna see the Mavs play like their life depends on it for the next 3 games tho. Take care of homecourt and its redemption time.


  • Barn

    What about Wade’s flop on that buzzer beater yesterday?? Went down and stayed down, looking at the ref with sad puppy eyes after the game was done… smh

  • Roman

    The title should read: Lebron & Dwayne with the Meltdown of their lives- Damn, I thought Dwayne had been there before- posing stance in front of the Dallas bench. Idiots

  • trollne1

    This series reminds me of Team USA vs Argentina circa 2004

  • Atom

    @ Leroy: Marion has really surprised me in these playoffs. I thought dude wAs pretty much done but he has been huge. Stevenson and Barea also played great. Terry had his moments, but overall I feel like he is choking on the big stage like in 06. Chalmers was so wide open he couldve had a cheeseburger (and homey looks like he enjoys him some cheeseburgers) before he took that shot. Ild like to see more of terrys time go to barea. Guy was making things happen when he was in, they need his penetration to free up all their shooter

  • Chaos

    @deron. i got to agree dude, Mavs were playing great Defense and had they been able to hit their layups and mid range jump shots, they would have put the game away early, thanks god for the clutchness of Dirk..

    @JAY you are f*ckin righ! JVG is dick riding lebron like a rodeo show (Riley Freeman voice). he keeps trying to push LBJ as the face of the team when DWade is the one that was killing Dallas and killing a bunch of other teams with out having the ball in his hands as much as lebron. i think he haas more of a killer instinct as well but hey, i am not the media nor am i a former coach, what do i know

  • Ian

    I hate lebron but comon he’s (easily imo) the best player in the league.

    Celts fan
    Nice post

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Phew. If the Mavs can take 2 of 3 at home, they’ll be alright…

  • QQ

    15 point lead.

    7 mins to go.

    Wade holds up his hand as the Mavs call timeout.

    In front of the Mavs bench.

    With the ‘Bitch PLEASEEEE’ look.

    Lebron comes over, punches Wade playfully, talking shit.

    With the ‘You know we got this. WE GOT THIS’ look.


    Haven’t learned anything since the pre-season ‘parade’, guys? Complete bullshit antics right there.

    Sporty J, talk to us! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    And now that I’m criticizing their antics, NOT their game… That makes me a bandwagon jumper right Austin Burton?


  • control

    JVG is probably the best announcer I’ve heard. Guy is pretty funny, doesn’t mind calling out the refs when they are wrong and you can hear the other announcers trying to get him to take it easy on the refs because they are scared of the commish, and it’s like he doesn’t give a fuck.

    Great comeback by Dallas. Miami’s defense was some of the best I’ve seen for 3 1/2 quarters. Their guys are so fast, they close out on shots that should be OPEN and turn them into contested shots, it’s pretty amazing. That collapse was just karma though, can’t be acting like you won the chip before you actually win shit.


    Hahaha, nice post. Second-hand Chris Bosh jersey, haha.

  • http://www.nbaplayoffs2011.org NBA Playoffs 2011

    Watch the full Mavs 15-point comeback:


  • Big Island

    I was all over the fucking map last night. First I was pumped for Dallas to win, then it was “Miami just held home court. They’re supposed to.”, followed by “holy fuck this is bad” and Sporty is gonna be AWFUL. Then the aforementioned faggery on the Heat’s part happened. I couldn’t even give the Heat props at that point. Then the comeback and my dick just started getting ROCK HARD. That’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got. Then Dirk goes Lefty Malone, Wade goes whiny floppy bitch (seriously, everyone who has ever been poked in the eye knows he didn’t get poked in the eye), and I don’t even feel bad. I couldn’t sleep, I woke up pumped, damn.

    I haven’t felt this way about the NBA in years, I really haven’t. My man love, correction, little girl love (because I fucking squealed after the layup) for Dirk, combined with a hatred for the Heat, and I’m all in. It’s a perfect storm for me.

  • QQ

    @ Big Island:

    As your dick got hard, don’t ever forget the fact that somewhere in Miami, Sporty J’s balls are shriveling like no balls have shriveled before.

  • Sporty-j

    YES YES YES!!! Finally somebody pertends like they want to give us some competition. Why are you all calling me out? The only thing that last night guaranteed was that this series will go to 6 games so that ABC can make a little money. You guys saw it last night and I don’t need to get into the thousands of reasons why we lost. No matter how much Riley trys to pertect Spoelstra. The guy just knows how to F things up. What you guys need to realize that every time you come on Dimes to celebrate every Heat lost. That its bad luck! Chicagorilla should be blaming you guys as the reason why the Bulls basicly got swepted after they won game 1. Just like in a week Leroy Green will have you all to thank as the reason why Dallas never won another game most likely…

  • jdizzle


    But seriously can we all agree that NO lead is safe against Dallas? Like I said before, that German dude is on a mission

  • JAY

    @ ian
    If Lebron is the best “easily” the best player in the league, he first has to be “by far” the best player on his team. Wade is the dude carrying that team. Not just in the Finals. When they go to Wade as their #1 option, they win. Lebron is an awesome passer and made some more gems last night… but how many times did we see Lebron pass to lesser dudes when Dallas was making their run? Sometimes he plays hot-potato when it’s time to seal the win. Not just last night… almost all the time.
    LBJ’s skillset is more diverse than Wade, that’s a no-brainer, but Wade has everything going on right now. Wade kills dudes. He beats people at will. He makes the right passes at the right time, I’m talking swing passes not just the assist pass. Lebron doesn’t. I’m not saying Wade is better, they each do things the other one can’t. But for JVG to push Lebron as the best in the world is BS. If he makes that claim, then he needs to start talking about Wade too because they are at the same level.

  • Big Island

    QQ – Two things. First, you are assuming Sporty had balls to begin with.

    Second, I’m never comfortable thinking of another man (other than Dirk of course) when I’ve got a full chub, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been breaking Sporty’s name out lately. Why just this morning I woke up and my g/f was laying there. She rolled over and said she was going to treat me to a Sporty. I’m thinking this is great, getting morning head or something, right? Wrong. I was hogtied and she let about 20 guys into the room to take turns teabagging me and sticking their foot up my ass. I would’ve really hated it if they hadn’t brought coffee.

  • Sporty-j

    I love it when you guys come on Dime after every Hear loss and act like its a National Gay Holiday for you all. In a week from now I don’t want to hear you all talking about how you all are trying to like the Heat. But that 1 Heat fan Sporty-j makes it so hard for me to like those guys. Don’t try to jump back on our Banwagon in a week and stay off. Dirk is still soft. He just had a nice 30secs of play last night because the guys started thinking about what they we’re going to wear to the club last night. Joel and Haslem basicly have been punking Dirk. But at the end Spoelstra puts Bosh on Dirk for whatever reason. So you all can take Dirks German sausage out of you all mouth and it’s about time he did something rather than hold his finger. So GTFOH with that Dirk=Michael Jordan s%#t. He ain’t even Larry Bird…

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla

    intresting post by Austin.

    You didnt address the foolishness by LBJ and the Heat at all. They get a dunk and they pose, scream into the camera, maybe flex a little(@bosh). They hit a three and pose in front of Dallas’s bench (Wade) with 7min left, or tie the game with a three (Chalmers) and talks shit for 94ft.

    Im not saying tthey shouldnt have fun, but there needs to be a cap or a limit to the excessiveness of their celebrations. Mainly because it seems to motivate the opposing team.

    Also, other than the fastbreak dunks, MIA was taking and making very tough/illadvised shots. While DAL was getting open looks, but were just missing.
    Thats pretty much how the 4th qtr turned. MIA kept shooting jumpers and fallway 3’s, while Dal took and made wide open shots.

    Is Dirk still soft? Yes of course, by the original definition, a 7fter that doesnt want to bang down low and cant play D, yeh he’s soft in that sense, which is what i mean by soft.

    But apparently the word soft around here somehow means he’s not clutch. In that sense of the meaning, he’s proving that he’s gotten much better since 5-6 yrs ago.

  • QQ



    Someone give this guy an award.


    You and First & Foremost take the cake as the funniest posters here.

    Kind of a breath of fresh air, from all the bandwagon and biased/apologist bullshit around here.

  • Sporty-j

    Lmaol @Big Island!!! Its going to be funny when you all go back into your Cave’s hiding after Sunday night. What has Dallas really shown to prove that they can beat the Heat? They have been playing like s%#t the whole series including Dork and it will literally take a natural disaster like last night for them to beat us. We got to much speed for Dallas and by next week there will be over 100 Heat Hate posts crying about how the ref stole the series from Dallas and blah blah blah. Stop hating the Heat and root for Pure, Good, Dynasty. Dirk hits some big shots at the end of the game like Kobrick Cryant and now he’s GOAT status???

  • Speak Up

    Now everyone wants to be a Hater again, and the next time the Heat win everyone will be on there jockstrap. Fair weather fans….

    LBJ and Wade both took contested shots that had no business taking (the ridiculous three’s by LBJ and a few by Wade). They need to get more of there roleplayers involved. Of course LBJ and Wade are going to get double teamed in the fourth, they should have passed it to Chalmers or put Miller back in(Bosh had an off night). Overall hope this is a long series. Would love to see a Game 7.

  • Speak Up

    @ Jay

    Wade didn’t carry the Heat all the way to the finals. Lebron carried them for the most part. Look at the Bulls Series, the Celtics, hey and if you want look at the Sixers series. Wade had good games, but LBJ had greater games. Not a knock on Wade either because Wade is still a great player. In the finals however Wade has stepped up, which he has shown, and all that nonsense about Lebron passing to Wade with a few seconds remaining is only because Wade was further down court than LBJ. Watch the last few seconds and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Doc

    Miami choked last night.First of all they go to Bosh in clutch situations knowing he is soft and will get pushed to the ground and lose the ball out of bounds.Bron got scared when Dallas made their move too.It was old Bron.Jacking up BS jumpshots by waiting till the shotclock is low so he can act like it was his only option left when he can just bulldoze his way to the rack and get fouled.But he dont wanna shoot free throws in the clutch.Just give the ball to D Wade then when u get in bitch mode.But Dirk is a animal.He AINT SCARED.

  • Big Island

    Sporty – There is a big difference between GOAT status and being my favorite player. Dirk isn’t the GOAT, he’s a hell of a player, and I just like the guy more than anyone else. And honestly, I just hate the Heat. So when someone, like yourself, comes on a forum and says things like they’ll sweep, Lebron is the best, Wade is so handsome I pee myself a little when I see him, Bosh is a beast, and Miami has so many ladies and we have so much money and fun and the Heat are the greatest thing since sliced bread, you are going to hear it when they lose. And if they lose the series, you will hear a TON of shit. Buck up, take it like a man for the next few days, and come back on Monday to do it all over again.

    BTW, thanks for the coffee this morning.

  • LeRoy Green

    Terry had his moments, but overall I feel like he is choking on the big stage like in 06


    CO-SIGN. Terry has been shut down by LBJ and Wade for the most part this series. You can tell he’s frustrated and when his jumper is off he is mentally out of the game. I saw someone post that Mike Miller should’ve played more minutes for Miami and I agree. Miller is a bix x factor for Miami and Spoelstra went away from him when he shouldn’t have. Cant WAIT for Sunday night. If Haywood’s hurt who does Carlisle go to as Chandler’s backup?? and if Peja’s jumper is that broke again who does he go to?? Brewer? Should be interesting…

  • LakeShow84


  • LakeShow84

    I texted my boy after Wade hit that 3

    “the next 20 minutes will define Dirk Nowitzski’s career”

    I hate being right LMAO

    And Carlisle just SHOULDNT play Terry at all until he passes a sleep all night without pissin himself test..

    DAMN DUDE LOOKED HORRIBLE OUT THERE.. please gimme his +/- lmao and all of this happened with Dallas’ bench ONCE again playing like shit..

    Good luck in the D A L fellas..

  • LakeShow84

    And what is everyone talkin about Miami’s shot selection for??

    Those are the same shots they were taking in making at the end of games in ChiTown and so on.. even game 1 they were hitting tough 3’s..

    But when they stop fallin??

    The sky starts falling LMAO

    Bigups tho i was enjoying the Heat show last night.. TOO MANY DUNKS.. it was beautiful to watch.. Lebron is truly a once in a lifetime talent..

    But watching Dirk do his thing??? ONE MAN.. BEASTING LIKE THAT?? that shit was fuckin gorgeous lmao

    Goes to show u dont need more than ONE superstar.. Just need to have the most heart out there.. No dig just a fact..

    If Dirk pulls this out (and its far from over) he basically slams Wade with the same kind of Finals loss 5 years later..

    And so it would seem god would also have a sense of irony lol

  • Doc

    I dont think Terry choking.When Bron on him he aint got no choice but to be clamped.Bron just as fast and twice as big.Whenever he got a matchup with Chalmers he cooked him.He aint gonna do what Rose couldnt.

  • LakeShow84

    Hes turning the ball over like 3-4 times a game so far DOC..

    And missing the same shots he was hitting in the Western conference run.. Dallas moving the ball good and hes had a few SOLID looks.. he looks like he isnt sure of what hes doing.. and a MILLI SECOND is all it takes for MIA’s perimeter D to get up in yo ass..

    He played better towards the end last night tho GETTING TO HIS SPOT.. LIKE A VETERAN.. not running around like an idiot..

    I loved JVG said

    “What is Terry DOING?????”

    LMAO i was rollin.. then 2 possessions later he leaves Chalmers wide open for 3.. lol D’Oh

  • LeRoy Green

    I loved JVG said

    “What is Terry DOING?????”


    LMAO even at a nail biting moment like that in the game I couldn’t help but laugh loudly at Van Gundy. That shit was funny as hell

  • Big Island

    Gotta go with Doc on this one. James on a guy his height or shorter is bad news for whoever he is guarding. Everyone was bashing Bosh (dude got shook) with his D on Dirk and asking why Lebron wasn’t on him. If Lebron were on him, Dirk would’ve taken the fadeaway J or pump faked to try and draw the foul. Miami should’ve doubled his ass, and live with someone else taking the shot. Dirk is the only guy who can create a shot for himself, and one of two (Kidd) who can create one for the other guys on the team. Coulda, shoulda, woulda.

    Miami got cocky and got caught. In all honesty, they are too athletic for Dallas, but they have to stop all of that mean mugging shit. Bosh especially. Dude, you live off of 4 guys guarding Wade and James. And you still shot 25%. I could go 4-16 off of passes from those guys. Maybe. If Barrea were guarding me. And he wasn’t allowed to put a hand up. Or close out on me. From inside the paint. Fadeaway hook shots aaaallll day baby…

  • CLAW

    Damn that took a long time to go throught the posts but I’m still LMAO at shitfaced comment #38, I’m dying!

    Marion was a plain ninja for those first 3 quarters keeping the Mavs in the game and Dirk closing, unreal finish.

    All the Heat needed was a forklift and lasers after Wade’s 3 when they have already prematurely AGAIN celebrated a victory. And its official Lebron’s doucheness is rubbing off on Wade, love it.

    To Sporty Spice who thinks the Heat will just run over the Mavs in game 3, that place will be rockin Barea and Peja will be more comfortable and I expect the Jet to have more confidence and not want to laser off his tattoo. This could be a wrap in 5, though I’m still sticking to a Mavs 6 game win.

    @AB- So what is your slant on Lebron pumping Wade’s chest and acting like bitches that had already won? That is fine to do also?

  • JDish


    Props to the Mavs, and what a way to show their mental toughness. It AIN’T OVER TILL IT OVER! The Heat thought they had this in the bag, but truly the Mavs kept themselves close enough on the score board to make that comeback possible. And someone better give Terry a talk about keeping his head in the game until the last sec.

  • JAY

    @Speak Up
    “Wade didn’t carry the Heat all the way to the finals.”

    When did i say that? LBJ certainly has his games that he shoulders the load. I recognize and acknowledge that. Yet so does Wade. That’s why I said they are on the same level. Can anyone really say Lebron is the best player on the planet right now if his own teammate has better games half of the time?
    I don’t understand JVG saying “Wade is a great player but is only 2nd on his team” if Wade carries the team just as often as LBJ. Wade does it, IMO, in a more impressive fashion. I’m talking basketball here, not flashiness. Wade’s floor game is so bananas. His vision when he penetrates is among the best, if not THE BEST i’ve ever seen. He looks like he slows down to make his moves and it looks so easy.
    When JVG is trying to sell me that shit, I don’t buy it. LBJ isn’t alone as the best in the world. Wade is just as good, but his persona is not as in-your-face as LBJ is.

  • vintakular

    I gotta be real as a dallas fan, when Terry says “those guys celebrating wade’s 3 in front of us” got them mad is so hypocritical. He does the same thing every time he knocks down a 3 and does the arms out Jet bit going back the other way on the court. Dude shouldn’t be the one to be throwin stones.

  • LakeShow84

    Heat will lose 2/3 in Dallas barring any AHEM outside influences..

    Heat shooters (including Lebron & DWade) wont shoot good from 3 in a different Arena.. Especially Dallas.. ball bounces off the rim differently there for some reason.. or maybe thats just me lol

    But MIA going HAM from 3 wont be happening anytime soon seeing ALL THEIR shooters are mediocre..

    And speaking of mediocre why is Peja getting minutes when Brewer is sitting right there?? did he do something wrong??? Peja is UTTERLY USELESS out there at this point.. shit Brewer can run too.. Dallas hasnt had too much transition this series so far..

  • LakeShow84

    Honestly i liked the celebrating after the 3..

    I didnt see anything wrong with it.. Wade hit it in front of their bench but more importantly in front of his HOME CROWD.. let him hold his hands up..

    Lebron couldve been a LITTLE more reserved but still.. EVERYONE thought Dallas was done..

    At least LBJ wasnt dancing lmao he couldve Cryp walked upto Wade..

    And does anyone think Lebron and Wade trying to get the Finals MVP as a way of staking claim to that team??? it seems like it to me..

    Wade took a 3 from the same spot Lebron missed 2 from and it looked like he didnt even need to.. unless that was the soft spot on Dallas’s D.. i dont know..

  • Sporty-j

    I don’t give 2 s%$ts how cold the place is going to be. How gay or if Dallas is going to try to show us up by having Madonna sing the National anthem with lady Gaga, Kerry Underwood, and oh yes you guessed it>>>>Britney Spears as her “Super Team” of back up sing. I can care less if Lakeshoe84 is going to be playing the drums, if fagwaller will be playing the guitar, and if Stunnagirl2k11 will be playing the Piano. All I care about Flaw is what time is the championship parade is going to be scheduled for next week. If its going to be 80 or 90 degrees outside. And is Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra going to have a dance face off…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — “You didnt address the foolishness by LBJ and the Heat at all. They get a dunk and they pose, scream into the camera, maybe flex a little(@bosh). They hit a three and pose in front of Dallas’s bench (Wade) with 7min left, or tie the game with a three (Chalmers) and talks shit for 94ft.”

    @CLAW — “So what is your slant on Lebron pumping Wade’s chest and acting like bitches that had already won? That is fine to do also?”

    I was watching that particular play thinking Wade was trying not to crack a smile and stay serious, but LeBron’s enthusiasm won him over. Too early to celebrate? Not really. Players celebrate mid-game all the time, especially after “punctuation” plays: Jordan’s shrug, Jason Terry’s airplane, Shaq’s duck-walk, Durant’s mean-mug, Dirk’s tongue-out, etc. (Don’t forget, Dirk “celebrated” his go-ahead three right before Chalmers’ shot.) It’s part of why we love basketball, because we see players’ reactions and don’t want them to act like robots. And I don’t know about you all, but after that Wade three, I was thinking it was over, as did a lot of other people. Of course Miami is going to be nit-picked and criticized for it now in hindsight, but that’s what you have to deal with when you lose in a fourth-quarter collapse.

    Now I sit back and wait for QQ to call me an apologist … that is if he’s no longer talking about people’s dicks and balls.

  • Sporty-j

    (Singers and dance off)

  • dude

    @ Sporty-J:
    So what is your definition of soft? Bitching an whining after calls, crying after losses or flopping like Wade did on that last play?
    Last time I checked Dirk was playing basically 1 on 5 (or at least 3), taking the big shots, going to the rack on that last play and playing (and scoring) with an injured finger without complaining about it (like Lebron did after sucking in his last finals appearance) as well as having the biggest balls of all players during these playoffs.

    And how about your argument that he had “nice 30 seconds”… sounds like you only started watching the NBA this year, did you?

    So, I ask you again: what is your definition of soft? Was Jerry West soft in your opinion? Magic? Kareem? Bird?

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @AB

  • Big Sia

    lol @ “cable guy”…

    Bosh is trash

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    I liked how Wade tryed to act serious LMAO honestly when i saw that i liked it.. he was tryna walk past Lebron but Lebron just stayed in his grill.. oh those kids lol

    They’ll learn how to keep that focus..

    But it still wasnt right..

    And saying someone SHRUGGING or WAGGING their tounge out is not celebrating lmao be real.. thats a knee jerk reaction..

    A whole team chest bumping and confronting each other on the court and pounding each others chests.. ummmmmmm thats celebrating..

    Thats why Wade tried to avoid it.. he knew it wasnt over..

  • Big Sia

    Can’t understand how anyone could want Miami to win…

  • LakeShow84

    I dont even think JETS arms out running back up the court is celebrating..

    Its his moniker..

    He does it ALL THE TIME.. i doubt a VETERAN is going to celebrate after he hits a 3 in the 2nd quarter.. and ive seen dude do that..

  • Sporty-j

    Dirk has not done anything special during the Finals if you just started watching basketball. Soft is when you are letting guys like Steven Jackson at 6’7 get all up in you’re chest, get physical with you to take you off of your sweet spots, are checking you when it should be 50 point piercings for trying to stick you at that height and when your that skilled. For continue to run from the post when 6-9 Joel and 6-8 Haslem are sticking you while you still at the top of your game. For wanting to continue to hang your 7foot skilled a$$ at the top of the key all game game long because your scared of a little contact. Manu is the best Euro player that I have ever seen so far and is the only 1 that seem like he has balls between his legs. You see he’s already holding his finger as an excuse for when they lose. This is not the same Dirk we have been watching thru the playoffs. They lose and people would be ask today where is Dirk. Watch game 3 Dallas fan…

  • LakeShow84

    @ Sporty-J

    Lmao dude took you guys to the rack just enough id say..

    Game winning DRIVE to the rack ALA Wade or Lebron????

    Id say he manned up just fine with that finger he was ALREADY making excuses for..

    Such a dip sometimes lol

  • First & Foremost

    @Sporty-J You have to think basketball for a minute. Why would Dirk play in the post against above average post defenders? If Joel is uncomfy playing 15 feet away from the basket, Dirk with all his skill has the advantage playing further out.

    Of course the Heat fan would want Dirk to prove his toughness by playing in the post where the Heat defenders have a better chance of stopping him. That doesn’t make Dirk soft that makes him a smart player.

    Think of it this way, if Tyson Chandler was caught in a pick n roll and Wade has the ball. Do you think Wade would try to back down Chandler from 23 feet out? Or would Wade use Chandler’s weakness of perimeter defense? If Wade settles for a pull-up does that make him soft?

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @Lakeshow84 you bastard lol. That’s because Bosh was sticking him and he thought that that idiot Spoelstra was smart enough to use his foul to give. He did not know that Spoelstra was that slow and he sees why Wade wanted him as a coach to punk. Riley is knocking some since into him as we speak lol…

  • First & Foremost

    Analogy time: When pulling stuff out of an oven. Do you prove your toughness by grabbing a dish that is warmed to 350 degrees or do you use an oven mitt? You’d be lookin awfully tough in that emergency with 2nd degree burns and still hungry.

  • LakeShow84

    Thats the players fault..

    THERE IS NO WAY Spoelstra DOESNT tell his team they have a foul to give.. NO WAY

    MIA totally brainfarted on that one..

    But still the way it was going??? Dirk wouldve still made something happen after the foul lol

  • LakeShow84


    I like to think im tough so i may have to start going without the mit

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    LakeShow84 — C’mon bruh. Jason Terry is my dude (fellow Franklin HS alum) and the main reason part of me wants Dallas to win this series, but the “airplane” is definitely a celebration. Even when he does it in the 1st or 2nd quarter. Terry is the main Maverick who engages the crowd and tries to get them going, hence stuff like the airplane.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Sporty-Jizz is just as rattled as the heat are

  • Sporty-j

    F&F you are messing up my strategy lol. I thought we we’re cool? I put you in my fab 5 ahead of AB and this is how you do me? Dirk needs to prove his man hood. Get down low in the post(so we can trap him) and bang like Chris Bosh. Dallas will be lucky to win another game and I don’t care if it was played in snow. Bosh is going to have a big game 3 and shake off the rust. They better hope tha Haywood is ok. Cuz Chandler will be in foul trouble. Wade is nothing to be messed with when he’s pissed and you…

  • First & Foremost

    @Those overreacting to the Heat’s celebration

    IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME, yet now it is a problem. Lebron would be a Billionaire if he leased space on his nutz. When the Thunder do the fun bunch at 1/2 court no one has a problem. They are just young and having fun. When the Raptors go wild when Derozan has a breakaway dunk, no one has a problem. You can’t tell me, you don’t cheer for your team when they go on a run and the other coach has to call a timeout. Should the fans not cheer until the final buzzer? Celebrating mid game gets the fans involved.

    Tweeting that you made it to 2nd base is premature celebration. Let me guess, you have on the rape face until you bust a nut.

  • Sporty-j

    Oh and Speaking about coaches. Why do they always take Dirk out at the 6min mark of the 1st and 3rd. Rick has been even worse than Spoelstra during the Finals until the natural disaster happened last night. His coaching decisions so far has him right up there next to Spoelstra scratching your head. That’s why I know we got this rapped in the bag. Dude will help hand us a ship. I don’t know how Dallas made it this far with him as coach. But I forgot they basicly hand a 2nd round bye and when the Thunder had to go 7 games, battle West Brook ball hog addiction, and was just plain out to young to even bye alcohol.

  • Sporty-j


  • Mt. Pleasant

    Cosign Jay regarding Wade/Lebron.

    Lebrons the better athlete, and maybe the better player, but its at least debatable. Their stats are pretty close.

  • Big Island

    F&F – so DON’T tweet when I get to second base and I might get my hand down her pants? OK, I’ll give it a shot.

    I like a little bit of celebration, some of it is out of control though. If Wade hit that 3 with a minute left for the lead, then yeah, leave it up there. But up by 15 or whatever, and then doing it, you’re playing with fire with that much time left. When he dunked on Verejao that time and then turned around to step over him, it was gay. Iverson did the same thing to Lue and it was pimp because he didn’t go out of his way to do it. Football guys doing the first down thing or celebrating every tackle gets old too. Dude just ran for 8 yards on first down, chill.

    I hope SMACK doesn’t die down too bad the next couple of days. I don’t have a damn thing to do this weekend. Probably just drink in the pool.

  • LeRoy Green


    you’re exactly right about Carlisle subbing Dirk out so early. I kept sayin to myself, how the F*CK is Dirk already going to the bench when Kidd’s old ass is still out there? Miami keeps its 3 stars in the majority of the 1st quarter, meanwhile Dirk plays 6 minutes and he already needs a breather. I understand you want him in to close out the 2nd and 4th quarter but when he leaves the game our offense is terrible. Fortunately Marion held it down during those stretches but I agree that Carlisle shouldn’t pull him so damn early.

  • Rafa23

    Did Sporty just say that Bosh bangs in the post? WOW

  • CLAW

    Dirk is gonna make it rain in big D and Terry will get his swerve back. Bosh and Bang in the Post should not be allowed in the same sentence, unless it is to show opposites.

    I’m glad AB could come up with why it was alright for Wade and Bron to act like they have just won the series (let alone the game) with 7 minutes left, that is what I needed to hear before the weekend officially begins. Yes same thing as JT doing the airplane as he’s running down court, exactly the same type of celebration. GTFOH


    Bosh bangs in the post?! HAHAHAHA

    The homer goggles are on!

  • CLAW

    Was also losing it in the last couple of minutes in the first half when the refs kept making calls on the Mavs, it was like they didn’t meet their first half quota and needed to jack up the fouls.

    Is it just me or in close calls there hasn’t been replays alot of the times. On fouls it seems like they are trying to protect the refs by not showing anything. It happened quite a few times during the game.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — If you’re really gonna claim you haven’t seen dozens of NBA players celebrate in the middle of a game after a big play, you’re just lying for the sake of making a point.

  • the cynic

    Jason Terry has been trying to the choke the season away since the beginning of the playoffs. He has had 1 monster game all playoffs (a really monster one at that, lakers game 4).

  • CLAW

    Have a seen a celebration like that where the guy keeps his hand up and another comes and beats him in the chest and then the whole team gets around them and start high fiving? No I haven’t seen that DURING a game.

    I’ve seen Bird vs Dominique where Bird made crazy shot after a long distance 3 when THE HAWKS BENCH started hitting each other and laughing. That is a legendary level, having the other team celebrate like school kids.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @cynic — I wouldn’t be that harsh on Terry. He was huge in the closeout game against Portland, Games 3-4 against L.A., and Game 1 and Game 4 against OKC. And though he made some mistakes last night, Dallas isn’t in position to win that game without JT’s contribution.

  • the cynic

    Jason Terry is the old man version of JR Smith. He makes it rain when things are going well, but shows his true colors in a pinch. I used to really like Terry when he first came into the league, but over the years i’ve seen his game for what it is, a front running gunner. Terry has been making the same boneheaded blunders throughout the playoffs, but everyone finally took notice at the end of last nights game

  • the cynic

    Terry should change his nickname from “the jet” to “WTF!?!”

  • http://www.gofukurselves.idiots.org Chicagorilla


    Nah Dirk shouldnt post up because he’s weak in the post. thats why he’s soft.

    Wade wouldnt post up a 7ft chandler, but he would post up 5’9 JJ Barea, and if he didnt id assume he was being soft on that particular play. Because any other time he’ll bang a smaller dude in the post, create the double team and either score, get the foul, or find an open teammate off the double team.

    Dallas’s roster, with Kiidd, Marion, and Chandler have allowed Dirk to be a perimeter player because they have 3 of the best rebounders at their positions playing with Dirk. Great GM move and great coaching.

    Still, doesnt change his soft ass game. But mentally, he looks 10x’s tougher than he was before. Maybe its the confidence in knowing he has the refs on his side….lol, but lets not start that.

    Oh and as for your analogy, why the fluck would i be cooking in the oven? That sh!t is soft in itself!!! I got women who do that for me

    On the celebrating….
    @Austin, you seriously ain’t comparing a “shrug” from Mike after a 35pt 6-6 3pt FG in the first half, to Lebron doing combo shots to Wades chest Just after Wade finished posing in front of the opposing teams bench? Not to mention Lebron and Bosh’s excessive screaming and flexing after every dunk!!!

    Dude thats not even in the same ballpark as a damn “shrug”. You really reaching on that one. You need to just admit that it was too over the top and “hollywood as hell” as J. Noah would say.

    To Lebrons credit, i saw the “More than a game” documentry, he’s been acting this way since 7th grade. But IMO, thats the problem, its the same behavior and emotion of a 7th grader.
    I would never want my team to get that emotionally high during a game, because that opens the door for them to be equally emotionally low.

    Honestly, they look like an undisciplined AAU squad, that is playing against a really good high school squad. The AAU squad has the talent for sure, but the HS team runs their sets to perfection and have an unquestioned leader. Either team could win, but i’ll take the HS team in most cases.

  • LakeShow84

    OOOOOOO ok so now we’re saying Dirk is PHYSICALLY soft..

    Im sure he’ll take that knowing that he COULDNT BE ON THE COURT if he was “physically” soft..

    But i will agree and say dudes mental toughness has grown leaps and bounds..

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — “Have a seen a celebration like that where the guy keeps his hand up and another comes and beats him in the chest and then the whole team gets around them and start high fiving? No I haven’t seen that DURING a game.”

    Ever heard of Mario Elie? Seven seconds left, DURING a game, Kiss of Death.


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Chicagorilla — Do we really need to make a list of NBA players who scream and flex after every dunk, whether it’s the 1st quarter or overtime? Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin immediately come to mind. Nobody seems to have a problem with them, but Bosh is somehow worse?

    Wade and LeBron’s act last night was more “hollywood” than MJ’s shrug, but at the same time, MJ also shrugged at the announcers. Meaning he was literally playing to the media with that one.

    I know it’s fashionable to nit-pick the Heat for everything they do on the court and off, but sometimes it just makes you seem petty.

  • CLAW

    7 seconds compared to 7 minutes, still losing me!

  • the cynic

    doesn’t everyone trash K-Mart for screaming and acting like a retard?

  • LakeShow84

    And the celebration shit really wasnt TOO MUCH of a stretch for any team..

    It was a close game ALL GAME.. MIA goes up 15 (!) points in the with SIX minutes left and even the announcers said the game was blown open..

    MIA had every right to get juiced.. I think a lot of teams get hyped like that.. Even though i imagine Kobe would hit it and just make his piranha face on his way to taking a seat for the timeout lol

    In a sense u have to act like youve been there before.. and Wade has.. thats why he wasnt trying to get down like the game was over lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — Now you’re just flailing. You said you hadn’t seen that type of celebration DURING a game, and now you’re arguing semantics over exactly how much time is left on the clock to make it appropriate. “During” a game is any time before the clock is on all zeroes, can we agree on that?

  • the cynic

    all this ridicules talk about celebrating is making me realize how much I’m going to miss the Tim Duncan era

  • Sporty-j

    Since you crybabies always crying about the Heat celebrations because of you’re personal vendettas against the Heat. Plzz don’t watch our championship celebration next week. I thought that only females, babies, and only FLAW and his Q.Q.-pie whine this much. Not half of Dimemag readers.

  • CLAW

    That was the shot that won the flippin game and the series and you are comparing that to 7 minutes left in game 2??????????????????????


  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Elie’s shot gave Houston a three-point lead with 7 seconds left, while Wade’s shot gave Miami a 15-point lead with 7 minutes left. Either way, by your own definition it’s a premature celebration because the door was still open for the tables to turn. Am I wrong?

  • CLAW

    Terrible example, you can try to prove a point but just proves how ridiculous your argument is.

    Check out this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rto2_oYVs0I&feature=related

    Go to the 4:12 mark and 5:00 mark and look at the Hawk bench and this is IN atlanta

  • CLAW

    Damn it, in New Orleans not Atlanta. They had put the game at a neutral site.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @CLAW — OK, how about the John Starks dunk over Chicago? That was early in the series I believe, with 1 minute left on the clock. Chest-pounding celebration with teammates ensued. Is that “during” the game enough for you?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    My argument is that NBA players have been celebrating big plays mid-game for decades. Are you going to argue against it?

  • JAY

    Heat blow, no one likes lebitch. Different story than 06, lebitch joins team, I had to sell my heat jersey cuz of him and what he stand for. Let’s go Mavs

  • Sporty-j

    CLAW to Q.Q. conversation!

    CLAW: Hey girl! I’m just calling to see if watching the game. Lebron is all out here flexing trying to show his muscles. You can tell after that coach called timeout. That he went to the bench to rub baby oil on his body because he was not sweating before that timeout.

    CLAW: Yeah I know pumpkin! Don’t sweet Lebron. He always acted like he was all that since H.S. up her in Ohio. One time I tried to give him a high 5 at he scored a T.D. in a high school football game. And he left me hanging. Called me a f%$cking faggit like Kobe did that ref. Just because I was the only male cheerleader at our school and was the leader of the gay club at our school. He did me just like he and Wade did lil-Wayne.

    Q.Q.: Ohh girl I did not know you was the leader of the gay club at you’re school. What was the name of it.

    CLAW: The Akron Hammer undercover boys.

    Q.Q.: Girl forreal? Minds was the Coaco Magic SUPERMEN. Dwight Howard is my Idol. I hope he does not leave us or else I will blame Lebron and demand an apology from AB. Plus I don’t want to change the name of my balls. Or have that Championship trophy tattoo removed if he leaves. Hell our drought might last longer than Clevelands drought if he leaves.

    CLAW: I just hope he does not join Miami because they are Hollywood as hell.

    Q.Q.: Well girl let me go because the Heat are about to play. I have nothing else to do since we got
    eliminated by the Hawks.

    FLAW: Hell we did not even make the playoffs in Cleveland or Phoenix. So I’m going to go and watch the Heatles to. Bye Pumpkin… SMH

  • Sporty-j


  • Big Island

    @AB – I see the point you are trying to make, but your examples are terrible. Absolutely terrible. I’ve said this before, you make your points and explain them well. Whether or not people agree with you, you still make an argument to support your points. There is a time to celebrate a shot, or play, depending on the how big the moment is. From everything I can tell, you are an intelligent guy, well spoken (assuming that from your writing) but you know the difference between a big dunk (which everyone celebrates, regardless of the time), a 3 to win a fucking series after you’ve come back from 3-1, and what Wade did. Come on now.

    I used to play with a guy in a league out here, and we were playing some dudes he went to school with, all D1 guys. Anyway, my buddy was celebrating an alley oop he threw, repeat, he THREW THE PASS and walked off like he was the man. The guy he was guarding dropped 60 on us. He still talked about the pass. We lost by 2. Back to Wade, celebrating a play is one thing, but of all of the shots, in all of the places to do it, that was bad. If the Heat won, he’s being cocky or whatever. They lost, he looks like an ass. And then falls on the ground like he was poked in the eye after launching a 28 foot 3 off of one leg at the buzzer. He deserves the shit he’s catching from everyone.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Big Island — Elie and Starks aren’t the greatest examples, but considering CLAW only said he hadn’t seen celebrations “during a game,” they fit his criteria. But really, for 5 years I watched multiple NBA games every single night. I’ve seen TONS of guys celebrate momentum-swinging, seeming-dagger, punctuation plays from the first quarter on through overtime. My point is don’t act like Wade was doing anything out of the ordinary for an NBA game.

  • Sporty-j

    AB why do you argue with these dudes. They only come to Dimemag to vent there frustrations towards Lebron nowadays and blame him for everything that goes wrong into days world. When a player makes a big or nice play. The majority of the time they will celebrate. When Scottie Pipen dunked on Ewing. No body complained. When Jordan hit that game winner against Utah. Nobody complianed that he kept his hand up. When Jordan jumped around holding up his 6 fingers for the amount of rings he won. Or said act like you been there. Or don’t hug Pippen because you just finally beat the Pistons. But if Wade and Lebron even high 5 each other. Or let out a yell after a nice dunk. People start folding there arms across there breast and legs across each other. We are sitting here argueing about celebration for the most Hated team in NBA history. That’s like argueing about practice lol. Let these chumps have there day…

  • Big Island

    AB – Well said. I guess what I was trying to say is that I agree with what you are saying in this instance, but your examples were bad. Also, Wade deserves the crap people will talk about him since he does those things. Not just him, but all of the players who step over a guy, jump on a scorers table and say “this is my house”, and leave their hand up that long after hitting a shot deserve to get pee’d on.

    Sporty – Your examples are worse than AB’s were. I hated what Pippen did, but honestly it’s because I loved Ewing. He could’ve helped him up and bought him dinner (which he should have) and I’d still hate it. Jordan left his hand up after hitting the game winning shot FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP, and held up 6 fingers after WINNING HIS SIXTH CHAMPIONSHIP. They celebrated beating the Pistons who had beat them for years. This is the first year of the Miami dream team. Who did all of the hoopla/parade/winning not one, not two, not three, not four… They haven’t struggled for anything, they haven’t won the chip. When they do, flip the fuck out. Dance naked. Leave your hand lifted for a year. Until they do, people will hate them, and people will probably still hate them (I will), but you can end the discussion with 2011 Champions. Celtics won, people hated them. Lakers won, people hated them. Dallas wins, people will hate. Miami? People will hate. You’ll live.

    Wait, isn’t it late out where you live? Shouldn’t you be out clubbing and not monitoring “chumps” that are “argueing” about practice. FYI – When a red line pops up under what you’re typing, it usually means you have spelled that word incorrectly. Can’t help with grammar though. Sorry.

  • Sporty-j

    I don’t party every night to be honest. I was going to go to the movies to see X-men and play video games at Dave and Busters with my girl. But after last night I just wasn’t in the mode. I let her have her ladies night out tonight. Hell I don’t even want any pu$$y right now to be honest. Just waiting for Sunday.

  • QQ

    @ AB:

    I’ll probably talk about balls and dicks in the evening, but I COULD talk about pussies and breasts in the morning.

    You on the other hand… will STILL be a Lebron nut rider (and an OBLIVIOUS one at that) when you wake up in the morning.

    And you seem kinda surprised that we call you an apologist?

    ‘I only defend Lebron ALL the time, even the ones he himself admitted that is wrong. And I’m an apologist now? THE NERVE OF THESE PEOPLE!’.

  • Big Island

    LOL!! Now I just feel bad!

    Well if it makes you feel better, I now hope the series goes 7 and Dallas wins on a fluke shot so you can hold your head up high. I can read you a bedtime story if you think it’ll help. Or I’ll just have a couple of beers in your honor.

    Once upon a time, there was a shooting guard, we’ll call him Wayne Dade. He plays on a team with his best friend in the whoooole world Brelon James. Well they are VERY good players who decided to take part in a “welcome party” where they promised that they would win multiple titles. People who like other teams didn’t like these promises, so they stopped liking Brelon and Wayne, and started making fun of them. You can see that this would make Brelon and Wayne feel sad, so after a game that they lost, they cried. Now their very gentle coach, Spill, said that they should not worry about what people thought of them and to try their best. Their team is in the Finals.

  • Sporty-j


  • Big Island

    Unfortunately, they are playing the Mavs, and they are led by an evil German man named Dirk (couldn’t make up a name cooler than Dirk, come on…). The fans who like other teams decided that they would rather cheer for the evil German because if you try to stop him, he shoots you in the face, with either hand, from far away or right up close. Well Wayne and Brelon beat the evil German in the first game. And they were well on their way to winning the second game, but Wayne decided that he was going to rub it in and celebrated a little to long after a basket. Well that made the evil German angry, (start reading like a nursery rhyme here) so he shot at them from near, he shot at them from far, he even shot left handed, and unleashed an evil “AARRRHH!” So now Wayne and Brelon have to lay in the bed they made, and fight another day, and hopefully the evil German won’t get to have his say. But if he does, and they lose, just call up Wayne and say, “I still love you guys, we’ll win next time. I love you, Sporty-J”.

    Sleep tight buddy.

  • Krayzie

    I think Wade holding his follow through on the 3 isn’t that bad at all, we all have hit a shot that feels perfect once it leaves your hand and you hold that follow through for just a bit longer than normal cuz it just feels that good.

    My problem is with LeBron coming up to Wade and pounding his chest and being his hype man, even Wade couldn’t hold a straight face as LeBron is acting like a fool. LeBron was being Don King to Mike Tyson (Wade)!

    So don’t be mad at Wade, BE MAD at LeBron……Wade is a gamer, LeBron isn’t!!!

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol that is to funny!!!

  • LeRoy Green

    Is it just me or in close calls there hasn’t been replays alot of the times. On fouls it seems like they are trying to protect the refs by not showing anything. It happened quite a few times during the game.


    NO you are not the only one who noticed that! I remember at least 4 or 5 times where a WEAK foul was called on Dallas and for some reason a replay was never shown. I swear I said the EXACT same thing as I was watching the game. Coincidence??
    I was wondering if anybody else caught that SMH

  • JAY

    For the record I apparently have an imposter here… I didn’t post #134. How flaterring…
    The regulars here know how I post. That shit ain’t me.

  • Krayzie


    The play where LeBron drove and got Chandler his 5th foul when it looked like he just went straight up, the side replay froze for a few seconds then went back to live action….its happened a few times before where they freeze out the side replay on questionable calls….I’m glad others noticed this too.