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Dirk Calls Out Jason Terry; Mama There Goes That Man!

Jason Terry

Jason Terry (photo. Reebok)

Down 2-1, the Mavs are close to the edge, desperate and in Dirk‘s case, aggravated. Nowitzki sounded off on his longtime teammate Jason Terry for the way the sixth man has been shrinking in the clutch. Dirk blamed some of the team’s four quarter issues on Terry being unable to shake free from LeBron‘s D (he’s been guarding him a lot in crunch time). Dirk knows they can’t win without Terry. In Miami’s two wins, the JET has yet to make a fourth-quarter shot … Looking ahead to Game 4, the writing is on the wall for Dallas. Digging themselves in and out of holes in the game’s critical moments is killing them. It’s difficult enough for jump shooting teams to make runs; Making it a habit simply won’t cut it on the NBA’s biggest stage. Plus, Miami has Dwyane Wade. Spoelstra finally got a clue and let Wade create in the waning moments. Dallas can’t leave Kidd and Terry hanging when they check D-Wade, and might have to switch things up with DeShawn Stevenson defending Dwyane for longer stretches. Wait, did we just say that? … The Warriors announced they’ve hired Mark Jackson as their new head coach, giving him a three-year deal. It’s hard to understand his appeal. Golden State bypassed potentially great candidates like Dallas assistant Dwane Casey to hire a coach without any coaching experience. At least Warrior fans should be happy knowing the guys won’t get caught with their hands down on defense. Jackson did get backed by Donnie Walsh, who told Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick that the former Pacer isn’t just bright but “extremely bright.” Other than that, it’s par for the course right now to ridicule this move. But who knows? Just because his catch phrases suck doesn’t mean he can’t be a decent coach. All he has to do is get Monta and Curry to shoot a lot and he should at least be better than Kurt Rambis. Also, the Sixers and Warriors are in talks to swap Ellis and Andre Iguodala. What do you think? … Knicks fans, rest easy. Isiah Thomas repeated that he won’t return to destroy New York. Still, he maintained in a radio interview that he really had just one bad year. Isiah, it was much worse than that. Anytime you becoming a legitimate running joke, you know you’re failing. We remember when Jerome James had a breakout playoff series for Seattle, and immediately, the joke was: “Isiah will definitely sign this dude to a multi-year deal this summer” knowing James’ playoff run was a complete fluke. Well, guess what happened later that summer? … With rumors mounting that Chicago will at least look into trading Carlos Boozer, we’ve been messing around with ESPN’s Trade Machine to find a deal, any deal, that could work. Our efforts made us realize two things. One, Boozer’s contract pretty much makes him Chi-town’s property for the long haul. There aren’t many squads who’d spring at adding a PF who can’t finish inside or defend the paint and is owed $70-plus million. Second, the talent pool for available shooting guards is extremely shallow … Yesterday, we introduced you to Jimmer Fredette‘s girl. In the words of First & Foremost: Yeah… OKAY… So let me get this straight. He drops 30 points on someone, gets praised back on campus, called his girlfriend to wish her a good night, recited “THE PLEDGE” and then went to sleep alone. Whateva … Despite a loss, Kevin Durant dropped 41 points in his opening game in the Goodman League in DC … At the E3 Expo, the year’s biggest video game showcase, NBA 2k12 showed off the game they’re working on for next fall and somehow got Kobe to show up. 24 played as himself, and forced up a shot on the first possession. Then after declaring how real the game looked, the Heat came down and banged a three on him, getting KB to switch and joke the game actually wasn’t realistic at all … A crazy guy teaching crazy people: Ron Artest is the latest Laker to get involved with reality TV. He’s set to film a show called “Last Second Shot” where he will mentor a group of parolees … And the Pistons finally fired John Kuester. We feel like that actually happened a week ago … We’re out like HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN.

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  • NYK

    i need a primer on how to decipher Mark Jackson’s catchphrases. seriously what does hand down man down mean? where’s the man down? there’s never a man down when he says it emphatically.

  • ProphetGK

    Really? You don’t understand what he means? You’re hand ain’t up you’re gonna get your face shot off…

  • Big Island

    Haven’t people been talking about Mark Jackson as a coach for the past 2 or 3 years? I’m pulling for the guy to do well, but for your first coaching job to be as an NBA head coach, yikes.

    And even though everyone in the world agrees with what Dirk said, I don’t know about letting that out of the locker room. I still love Dirk, but we’re gonna play “just the tip” for the next few nights. Pants down, man down!

    Am I doing that right?

  • Big Island

    So my crack staff said that the Knicks were thinking of hiring him to replace Thomas as head coach back in the day. I don’t really know what that proves.

    Speaking of crack, where has Sporty J been at the past couple of days?

  • beiber newz

    if you had to choose..between being rich with no swag to get women OR having sex with model types everyday but live in a beat up home in poverty..which would you take?

  • Me

    unless there was something i missed, Dirk sounded more like he was praising LBJ’s defense on Terry rather than knocking jet for shrinking in the clutch.


    I am a role player, sure I give myself silly monikers but you are the star player, you are supposed to lead by example. Whatever I provide is just bonus points.

    Damn you Adolf!


    Upon being informed of Adolf calling out Terry, Akon song is being played in the locker room. James, Bosh and Wade quietly chuckle………….

    You can put the blame on me. Why doesn’t anybody want to take blame? Verizon backed out, disgracing my name. I’m just a singer trying to entertain because I love my fans, I’ll take that blame. Even though the blame’s on you, I’ll take that blame from you. And you can put that blame on me. You can put that blame on me. You can put that blame on me. And you can put that blame on me!

  • drew

    if mark jackson’s coaching is anything like his color commentary, the warriors are in trouble.

  • ratman

    Damn Bruce your Mama must have dropped you on the head a couple of times..

  • K Dizzle

    1. Mavs fans now know how Laker fans felt during our series waitin for Pau to wake up. Terry givin you a taste. At any time, he can wake up and drop 30, doesn’t matter who’s on him…but right now, his confidence is shot.
    “Hello, Tattoo removal parlor? I need to get a tat lasered off….”

    2. @ ” Second, the talent pool for available shooting guards is extremely shallow …”
    Jamal Crawford
    Delonte West
    Anthony Parker
    Caron Butler
    Deshawn Stevenson
    Arron Afflalo
    JR Smith
    Wilson Chandler
    Rodney Stuckey
    Tracy McGrady
    Reggie Williams
    Mike Dunleavy
    Shannon Brown
    Chris Douglas-Roberts
    Mike Redd(yeah, I know…but he’ll be cheap, I betchu)
    Sasha Vujacic
    Mario Bellinelli
    Willie Green
    Shawne Williams
    Daequan Cook
    Jason Richardson
    Mickael Pietrus
    Marcus Thornton
    Sonny Weems
    Leandro Barbosa
    CJ Miles
    Nick Young
    Maurice Evans
    Josh Howard

  • alf (from melmak)

    Here is the list of coaches Mark Jackson played for (in alphabetical order) — Larry Brown, Lou Carnesecca, Pat Riley, Jerry Sloan, and Lenny Wilkens.

    Do you guys believe that with what he learned from them, he is bound to fail? Good teachers produce good students most of the time.

    @ K Dizzle
    Thanks for the list. But from it, I would only consider Jamal Crawford, Delonte West, JR Smith, Mike Dunleavy, Mario Bellinelli, Jason Richardson, and Leandro Barbosa.

  • deeds

    K Dizzle….nice list, other than the fact that 95% of those players are garbage and barely in the league. The only guys from that I would want on my team are Jamal Crawford, Butler (if healthy….big if), Chandler, J Rich and MAYBE Barbosa….but he is far from a sure thing.

  • QQ

    I think Mark Jackson could coach.

    Just like what I said, I see ‘grizzled coaching veterans’ such as Pitino fuck up a NBA team, so you might as well give the newbies a chance.

    Coaching in the NBA usually doesn’t follow logic. You see a guy like Sam Mitchell win the the COY one season, and then you watch him the next, you’ll go ‘This guy can’t fucking coach to save his life’.

    So, let’s give Jackson a chance.

  • heckler

    Mark Jackson should be able to make a decent coach. who cares if he doesn’t have experience. NO coach has experience until they begin coaching. and dont gimme that bullshit about being a CBA headcoach or an assistant coach.
    …if you hire a headcoach who doesnt have any headcoaching experience for your NBA–he sure as hell had better played point guard in the league.

    and remember, Mark Jackson IS/WAS the reason the NBA made some rule changes. there is now a 5 second backdown rule because of him. he used to play point guard down on the block (lost art with PGs nowadays; most are strictly top of the key perimeter players) and back his defender down; same as a big man. but since he was a PG, the NBA made the rule change.

    BTW….its not Knicks fans who should worry about Isiah Thomas; its Detroit Piston fans!

  • First & Foremost


    I feel like going out and buying me a Dime Magazine.

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    Hopefully he’ll be smart and assemble a staff with head coaching experience

  • DNice

    Ron Artest mentoring paroles? Really?? Hands down, fans down!

  • ToAn

    @heckler…what is this 5 second backdown rule you are talking about? i watch a lot of nba but I’ve never heard about that…and I also think we should first give him a chance, i think he will have the respect of yooung players as he has a good name in the league. and he clearly can learn curry a PG lesson or two.

  • top_gun

    I thought the 5 second back down rule was made cause of Charles Barkley.ime, get to the bottom of this please?

  • Brown

    My first reaction to the Mark Jackson hiring was “that’s a great move for Steph.”

    Jackson has been passed over for head coaching positions numerous times in the past few years. I’m glad to see him finally getting his chance. As someone already said, I’d rather have him than an NBA retread who’s only ever had moderate success. I think he’ll make a fine coach, I’m just not sure what anyone could do with that roster.

    G-State needs to make that Iguodala trade yesterday. He’s exactly the type of player they need. Ellis is a great talent, but I’ve never been comfortable with his role on the team. He’s an ideal 6th man, something I’m not sure he’ll ever accept.

  • APE

    An Ellis for Iggy swap would result to 2 things:

    Corey Maggette 2012 for the Warriors.

    Allen Iverson 2012 for the Sixers.

  • First & Foremost

    The 5 second rule has been in place for a while. Because of Mark Jackson they expanded it to include backing a player down. If a player is at 1/2 court getting pressured and not advancing the ball to the basket and gets stuck for 5 seconds – violation. Same thing applies to if a player has his back to the basket, dribbling the clock away. He isn’t really making a move to the basket and his defender is close enough to be considered apply pressure.

    You get around it by making an entry pass into the post. As long as the dribble isn’t live he can stand all day. As soon as he dribbles he has 5 seconds to make a move or pick up his dribble.

    Bottom line – it was boring to watch a player use the entire shot clock backing a player down.

  • Danny

    Has anyone ever gone to see Durant and Beasley at Barry Farm? I wonder how ghetto it is…

  • jdizzle

    ”You talk about a guy who’s never coached a day in his life…”

    Don’t really know how its gonna work out. Mark Jackson seems like a no nonsense type of dude. I think he should show some YouTube mixes to win them over, but if they ever see what Tom Chambers did to him then he loses all credibility lol!

    In Terry’s defense, its pretty hard to do much of anything with a freak of nature guarding you.

    So who did Artest have to dangle over a 20-story balcony to get his own show?

  • Steve Nash

    mark jackson would back a player down all the way from the free throw line and then kick it out to byron scott when there was 3 seconds left on the clock… i used to hate that as a Knicks fan (although Mason did it all the time)

  • First & Foremost

    @Danny – I’ll put it this way. Regardless of Red that traffic light is, you run that b****.

    Mark Jackson will be fine as the coach but you have to let him get his type of players and system in there before you judge if he is a failure or not. What will his players/system be? IDK.

    Coaches that don’t have any say in personnel issues always fail. Look at the best coaches at any level in any sport. They bring in their own players to match their system and have success. College coaches have it the worst. They change systems and are stuck with the last regime’s recruits. By the time they finally get their guys and go through meaningful growing pains they get fired. Rich Rodriguez WVU-MI

  • JAY

    @ F&F: “Same thing applies to if a player has his back to the basket, dribbling the clock away. He isn’t really making a move to the basket and his defender is close enough to be considered apply pressure.”

    In the NBA, we see players dribble on the perimeter with their backs to the basket killing clock w/ a defender on them all the time. Chris Paul does it all the time while he waits for the play to develop. Either the refs never call it, or it’s not an NBA rule.

    It sounds similar to a collegiate rule… if a defender is within arms reach of an offensive player for 5 consecutive seconds, that’s a violation. It doesn’t matter if the offensive player is standing still, or moving around, back to the basket, or not… the guy with the ball must separate from the defender further than arms reach to reset the 5-second count.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I think the Warriors were reducing costs, so why not take a chance on Mark Jackson.

    Two Mill a year is a steal for an NBA coach.

  • That’s What’s Up

    …and I wonder if “The Pledge” still allows for Fredette’s little girlfriend to nibble on his jimmer

  • Swiss Chocolate

    I don’t like the Ellis/Iggy swap because Iggy isn’t a spot up shooter. Teams won’t respect his catch and shoot jumper just like when Maggette was with the team. Plus, he needs the ball in his hand to be effective offensively. Ellis is still young and on the verge of being an all star. I don’t like the trade at all.

  • First & Foremost

    Section XV—Five-Second Back-to-the-Basket Violation
    An offensive player in his frontcourt below the free throw line extended shall not be
    permitted to dribble with his back or side to the basket for more than five seconds.
    The count ends when (1) the player picks up the ball, (2) dribbles above the free throw
    line extended or (3) a defensive player deflects the ball away.
    PENALTY: Loss of ball. The ball is awarded to the opposing team out-of-bounds on the
    nearest sideline at the free throw line extended.

    Brought to you by NBA.com
    My explanation omitted the “below the free throw line extended”

  • K Dizzle

    @ deeds
    Puttin up a list of restricted n unrestricted free agent 2s lets you know who actually knows ball….n who don’t. 100% of those guys will be securely in the league next year.Even Mike redd gonna get a deal cuz somebody gonna wanna know if he still got that stroke, and he’ll be cheap. Hopefully, your team’s gm will recognize that players like Afflalo, Chandler, Young, JR, Barbosa, Butler, Williams, Thornton and Delonte can be a big piece of their lineup. Shoot, there’s not a player on the list I wouldn’t want my Lakers to invite to camp.
    I’ll educate. U follow.

  • First & Foremost

    Rondo got called for it against the Heat early in the season. Arroyo stopped his fast break, he stood under the free throw line extended dribbling, while his team got into position. Does it get called often? No. The flow of the game doesn’t really allow a player to be that idle. Yeah, CP3 isn’t breaking the rule because of where he is on the court.

    Big men don’t get called for it because he either makes his move in 2-3 dribbles or is forced to pass out of a doubleteam.

    I think we are on the same page now Jay.

  • JAY

    @ F&F
    So basically the rule doesn’t encompasses perimeter players. PGs can stand there all they want, as I said.
    The rule is to prevent stagnated offense due to post-players holding the ball and not doing anything.

    Simply saying “when a player has his back to the basket” isn’t true for that rule.
    And this isn’t true either…
    “If a player is at 1/2 court getting pressured and not advancing the ball to the basket and gets stuck for 5 seconds – violation.” <— that's the collegiate rule I was refering to.

  • LakeShow84

    Wilson Chandler is a steal for anyone..

    Up and comer right there.. one of the last last 2 guards who actually has a MID RANGE GAME..

    And defends..

  • LakeShow84

    And guards (PG’s especially) usually make for solid coaches..

    Mark Jackson is one of the best to ever play PG so i think he knows how to lead a team..

    GS will be alright..

    And the Iggy deal needs to get done like yesterday.. restore some order to the chaos of who’s the #1 in GS lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — “Coaching in the NBA usually doesn’t follow logic. You see a guy like Sam Mitchell win the the COY one season, and then you watch him the next, you’ll go ‘This guy can’t fucking coach to save his life’.”

    That’s because the Coach of the Year voting doesn’t follow logic. Instead of actually rewarding the best coaching job, it’s turned into: “We (the media) predicted a certain level of success for your team, you exceeded expectations, and since it’s impossible that we just misjudged your roster’s talent, it must mean you did a great job coaching subpar talent. Here’s a trophy.” In a lot of ways, Coach of the Year is more like the Most Improved Team award.

    So then what you have COY winners coming from mediocre and/or young teams who surprised people. But the next season, the expectations are higher, the surprise factor is gone, and the roster probably hasn’t changed that much. So if the team doesn’t meet these new expectations, the coach ends up looking bad or getting fired for supposedly underachieving.


    I saw the “SportsCentury” on Isiah Thomas recently, and they were talking about the ASG freeze-out on Jordan. Apparently one reason the vets may have resented MJ is that he showed up to All-Star Weekend wearing a big-ass fur coat and a ton of jewelry and allegedly acting like a douche.

    It’s funny how this story has been spun over the years, like the mean old vets tortured poor lil’ Mike just because they were jealous that he was so great. Can you imagine if this happened in 2011, with the way our media works and how cynical we are? If Blake Griffin showed up to ASW wearing a fur coat and tons of ice, he’d never hear the end of it, and the freeze-out would almost be encouraged. CP3 would be applauded for putting the kid in his place. Isiah is still vilified.

  • CLAW

    So MJ was wearing a fur coat and lots of jewelry because that is how he rolled? ANYBODY have a pic of MJ with a fur flippin coat, or was it a flashback of American Gangster?

    Now AB is an apologist for Isiah Thomas, which added to Lebron James seems about right.

  • K Dizzle

    @ AB

    Isiah is only villified because of what Jordan became. If MJ was a one-time all-star and fizzled away, it would be a non-story, but dude won 6 rings, dominated and changed the game. U saw Magic get on Mike’s good side quick when he saw how it was gonna go, Isiah was too slow to get onboard. Not to mention, Zeke was too busy whoopin on Mike in the days where you weren’t buddies with the competition. That led to the Pistons walkin off the floor before the clock hit 0 and then led to the 92 exclusion of Zeke from the Dream Team

  • LakeShow84

    MJ being a douche isnt news to anyone..

    People think Kobe or Shaq or Lebron can be dicks???

    Jordan DEFINES dick head douche..

    Best bball player to play in all probability and the biggest underground douche to ever walk the earth..

  • Mt. Pleasant


    I think there was probably more to the freeze out than just his outfit.

    I’m sure that MJ wasn’t the last kid to show up at the all star game with tons of ice looking like a jackass. Pretty sure that prior to the dress code half the NBA showed up looking like idiots. Look at the draft.

    Griffin was the big star going into this all star game. I think he could have shown up to this years all star game wearing anything and he would have been fine. Guys wheeled out cars and choirs and nobody seemed to care.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @Mt Pleasant — Well, whatever we deem in 2011 to be acting too cocky, my point is that if a similar situation had happened today, I think more people would make the youngster the villain and side with the vets. Especially if said youngster was somebody who’s already polarizing, like an Allen Iverson or Cam Newton or LeBron-type.

  • JAY

    “I’ll educate. U follow.”

    ^^ Damn. K Dizzle bein’ real smart-ass today. Lol. Win.

  • Curt G

    Jordan is a douche. Don’t believe me? Watch his HOF acceptance speech. The guy has a serious issue with letting stuff go.

    As for Dirk calling out Terry, I don’t think he has a right to given who has been guarding Terry in crunch time. That said, Terry also bricked a few wide open looks in the first quarter where James got lost in Dallas’ multiple pick and roll offensive set. That should be Dirk’s legitimate complaint with Terry. For that matter, he needs to definitely call out Barrea who apparently couldnn’t throw a ball in the ocean from a boat if he needed to.

    All in all, I don’t see how Dallas can win this series. To put it like Magic, Dallas played they best that they could concievably play the last two games and they still split those games winning one by 2 and losing one by 2…. a wash. Statistically speaking, Dallas is just as likely to win another game as they are to lose another game which is to say, they have no statistical advantage. Ansdd let’s face it, from Game 1, it was obvious that Miami’s gamplan is to make Dirk carry the load in crunch time. Though he has been able to do it in all three games, he was only able to provide enough to win in only one of those games. Miami is methodically removing everyone else from the equation while also continuing to allow (primarily) one-on-one coverage of Nowitzki. I won’t even lie and say that I thought that would work… but it has. Oddly enought though, if Dallas dos not win, their window is not completely closed (though it might be for Kidd) but they definitely need and upgrade at point and a better wing player at the 3. That’s no knock on Terry (though I’ve never liked his game) but he is a big part of the reason why Dallas is jump shooting team.

    A lot of people in Dallas might hate me for saying this but the same Dallas team with Harris possibly takes the advantage over Miami. I am not all that sure that benching Beaubois toward the start of the playoffs was the right thing to do either. Think about… the kid was a budding star in his own right but now all of that confidnece is shot to h*ll. He’ll NEVER be the same player.

  • LakeShow84

    If Dallas wins tonight somehow this series turns to their favor..

    Miami coming out looking for blood.. Dallas mightve yapped a litttleeee toooo much lol LBJ bout to be all over Terry like a pitbull on a poodle tonight..

    And the D will be even TIGHTER since DAL said they’ve seen better this postseason..

    If they can withstand this game they lookin good again.. just good lmao

    @ Curt G

    Magic said Dallas played as good as they can play????? With ZERO bench production??

    Magic says some goofy shit on the podium nowadays.. And thats coming from a Laker fan lol

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ JAY

    Great post.
    Sucks for Dallas that the guys in suits, Roddy, Caron, Haywood could actually help them in this series. Don’t know why they activated Roddy then don’t play him. I mean, damn, Roddy was the first rookie in NBA history to shoot at least 50 percent from the floor, 40 percent from 3-point range and 80 percent from the free throw line.
    They don’t think he’ll be at least as good as Barea?
    And why isn’t Brewer playin? Dude is a 6’9 wing with long arms that LIKES to defend. How you don’t even try him on DWade? Carlisle missin oppurtunities.
    Dallas is in trouble. Last min of the game 3 showed the whole series. Dirk hits tough shot after tough shot, looks for Marion, he’s not there and what’s he gonna do at the 3 pointline? Terry misses a wide open 3. Mavs stop Wade, stop Lebron, so then Bosh takes n makes a jumper he wanted no part of. Then Dirk finally misses one. Game.
    I still hope Dirk and Kidd get their ring, but they been playin catchup to DWade & Co from game 1…

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Lol @ Magic says some goofy shit on the podium nowadays.. And thats coming from a Laker fan lol

    Preach, bruh!
    When he said that stupid ish about the Lakers needin to blow it up, I almost choked. Like this team just came outta 3 straight Finals, won the last 2 and your solution is to blow it up? Terrible insight. I laugh when dudes think a Hall of Famer’s opinion means that much more..
    No matter what you think, it’s still just an opinion…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @KDizzle — “I laugh when dudes think a Hall of Famer’s opinion means that much more. No matter what you think, it’s still just an opinion.”

    Look at it this way: If you were stranded on an island (think “Lost”) and you needed some crude surgery performed, but nobody there was an actual doctor/surgeon, who is your next best option? An award-winning superstar retired nurse, or somebody who just watches “ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy” a lot?

  • LakeShow84

    Id go with ER..

    Very insightful show..

  • beiber newz


  • KnicksFan

    If Thomas was re-hired i’d burn down MSG

  • beiber newz

    ^now you’d be a suspect if it ever got an arson attack smh didnt any1 ever take law class. don’t incriminate yourself.

  • beiber newz

    ps. the fbi can hack into internet waves and check users url’s. it’s worse if it’s a personal computer becuase they’ll come afta the owner. which would be you.

    i’m an aspiring lawyer. all those making fun of me on dime can kiss my rich ass !!!!!!!!!