Featured Gallery, NBA, Video / Jun 6, 2011 / 11:45 am

LeBron James Crushes Reporter’s Antagonistic Question After Game

I was cracking up at this whole sequence when I caught it after the Game 3 last night on ESPN. This reporter – in his Ed Hardy or Tapout shirt or whatever it is – was clearly out to get a reaction from LeBron in this post-game press conference when he suggests that James is “shrinking” from the big moment in the 4th quarter. James kills him and then does his best not to laugh…

What do you think?

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  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Shock Exchange

    I know the Shock Exchange pokes fun at Lebron a lot but dude earned my respect when he “mushed” that reporter last night http://clicky.me/5XLq . Not in a million years would a reporter have asked Barkely something this ridiculous.

  • McSimon

    That fool got shot down like Bambi’s mother

  • Patrick Cassidy

    To James’ credit, he handled it the best way possible – he didn’t get pissed or flustered by the reporter’s ploy. He just put the dude in his place.

  • follow thru

    whether bron plays good or bad people will always hate, winning shuts them up.

    it’s like asking dirk: dirk you made the last 12 points for dallas in the clutch but made that one stupid pass…we think you shrank from the big moment….

  • Will

    Now that was funny. I love how he made him feel so small but did it in a very tactful manner. Priceless!

  • Not Forgotten

    Patrick Cassidy, I must disagree. LeBron James is not trying to ‘not laugh’, rather he is covering his mouth so that the mic does not pick up what he really wants to tell this buffoon of a reporter and get fined by the league later.

    What a silly question.

  • K Dizzle

    Thank goodness for ‘stupid questions’ cuz if all the reporters were just kissin ass and tellin everybody up on the podium how great they were, it would be a slow as hell newsday. More stupid questions please:

    1) “Dywane, why you feel the need to shoot everytime?”
    2) “Dirk, why did Chris Bosh get open for that baseline j to win the game?”
    3) “Coach Carlisle, are you being outcoached right now? Yeah, they got the top 2 players but are you being outcoached?”

    Sometimes u need those stupid questions to switch it up

  • hahns

    respect. i still hate him though.

  • Scalabrine 4 MVP

    the guy still wrote the article though…


  • JAY

    Just an observation. These boards explode when Lebron messes up but hardly anyone wants to give him props for showing maturity. He handled that very well. I like the little shot he gave the reporter.

  • JAY

    Thanks for the link Scal. i thought it was a good read.

  • http://recoverthegospel.com Eddie

    I guess the reporter 4got all about the Boston & Chi-Town series. Who assisted on the Bosh shot? Who scored on Bron down the stretch in the 4th? What were his final stat lines at the end of the game? Did he get a W? Yeah,…Crickets.

  • Andy

    Hey remember when Lebron played real defense? I mean butt down, feet sliding, body to body defense. I can’t remember a time either. I applaud him for handling that question very well, but if he wants to talk about defense, ask him about the job Deshawn Stevenson did on him, a true defender who will never get the respect he deserves.

  • NYK

    i’ll be the first to admin that i hate lebron (tho not as extreme as some posting here) but damn you can’t have a better and more professional response to that douchebag

  • crush

    Lebron was basically praising himself on defense.

  • QQ

    Dude got whacked there LOL.

    And totally agree with Bron putting the reporter in his place.

    Dude’s probably earning less in a month than what Bron is tipping the ball boys to get some chick’s number in a game.

    Might as well know your fucking place before you ask a question like that.

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    that was funny as hell. fkng hate lebron but that was sweet.it’s like he was throwing himself an alley.. lol

  • feature

    Lebron is a great player but really he just proved what the guy was trying to insinuate about him not being a superstar right. Superstars close (along with defend), thats what the reporter was saying.

  • Silkk

    …to everyone bashing the reporter “still feel like Lebum put in his place”? If so go check Lebum’s fourth quarter stats from games 4 & 5 and prove that the reporter is wrong…lmfao!