Smack / Jun 9, 2011 / 12:25 am

Mavs Keep Talking; Philly Keeps Shopping Iguodala

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

Look who’s at it again. After making some disparaging remarks towards D-Wade and LeBron after Game 3 (calling the duo “great actors”), our boy DeShawn Stevenson is back again – this time calling out LeBron for “checking out” in Game 4. Now usually Abe’s commentary has us thinking “What did he say?” but this time the dude might be on to something. We just don’t get how a guy that big/talented couldn’t get to the rim. Four FTs. That’s more telling than his 3-of-11 line. DeShawn reminded us that D-Wade had it going (and he did), but how about the Heat get them both going at the same time? Isn’t that the point? Stevenson also said that LeBron’s passive offense is a positive for Dallas. Preach on brotha … It looks like Dirk‘s 102-degree fever hasn’t fully subsided a day after his German-Jordan “flu game,” but plans to be ready for Game 5. For perspective, Tyson Chandler said Dirk could barely speak during walkthrough the day of Game 4. Dude’s got balls … Kobe still won’t talk about Mike Brown. At an event to promote his new foundation, 24 wouldn’t speak on it. Not a good sign … As the state of New York waits for the replacement of Donnie Walsh, they all just let out a satisfying sigh of relief. Today, sources revealed that the Pistons have Isiah Thomas (along with Bill Laimbeer) on their short list to replace John Kuester. Is this a real possibility after Thomas’ last coaching stint (in NYC) was an epic disaster? No. Will it put a city of 8.1 million people to bed tonight? Maybe. If all the rumors of Isiah’s return to the Garden brought you to the bottle last week (raises hand), then here’s your sobering cup of coffee. Drink up … If you’ve been waiting a few years to find out the 76ers plans with Andre Iguodala’s contract, you’re gonna be waiting longer. After rumors flew around like a middle school clique about a deal that would swap Iggy with Golden State’s Monta Ellis, a brand new rumor is catching some traction. This time Iggy gets sent straight-up for Chris Kaman, his Youtube fireworks clip and his soon-to-be expiring contract. This definitely makes some sense for Philly: get some financial flexibility to couple with their budding talent. But this works on the flip as well, netting the Clippers a defensive stopper and third scoring option to put alongside Eric Gordon and that dude who dunks on tigers. Wow, a trade that actually makes sense! … Chuck’s doing his thing, again calling out Miami for having the “worst fans” and being a “whiny bunch.” Barkley keeps whispering sweet nothings into the ears of South Beach residents, who have started their share of “Barkley sucks” chants during these playoffs. Chuck may have a point – Dallas fans have been rabid animals compared to those in Miami – but c’mon dude, you gotta lock it up. You can’t wear out your Miami welcome, that place is freakin’ beautiful. You’ve got to patch things up, Chuck, in case you need one of those Miami getaways … David Stern said the players and owners are “far apart” on a new labor deal, but at least they’re talking … The NBA fined Gilbert Arenas for comments on his Twitter account, which he then defended himself by going back on Twitter to yap some more. Can’t they just let this man give away free sneakers in peace? … The Big O made some noise, saying he doesn’t believe MJ is the greatest ever, and says if you didn’t see older generations play, then you can’t speak on it. That’s cool, except it only cuts out 95% of the NBA fanbase, and just leaves people either too ancient to know what a dime is or those that can’t stay up past the second quarter TV timeout … If you didn’t catch the contest yesterday, we’re handing out two opportunities to customize your own adidas adiZero Crazy Lights. These joints are so light, they float. Seriously … We’re out like Sir Charles’ beach pass.

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  • yoda

    stevenson is an idiot. he should keep his mouth shut until end of series. this way, he just motivates lbj. idiot…

  • beiber newz

    clippers vs thunder will be an ESPN prime-time game within 2 yrs

  • beiber newz

    yoda the all knowing one..its not a given that motivation ends positively, cuz sometimes guys , even lbj, can be motivated to a point where they do too much or try new things or feel extra pressure that it ends in negativity. so it’s something within sports that people can’t control. no matter what an analysts predicts from game to game , it’s what happens on the floor that unpredictable. who knew lebron would stink it up in game 4? hmmm and who knew game 3 would come down to a last second shot by dirk that misses? my point is that analysts can analyze who woulda won the game, but they don’t know HOW the game would be won. for example, you just said deshawn should keep his mouth shut because (blank blank blank blank waever etc.). right there you made an analysis. but do you know, hypothetically speaking, that in tomorrow’s second qtr that wade will hit a 3pointer and get fouled to send the game into overtime? you dont know what’ll happen persay but you can make a simple analysis of who will win but not necessarily know how it’ll happen. it’s not a given that lbj will play well with that motivation or stink it up again. so no matter WHAT we think will happen, don’t know HOW it will happen. LBJ may just score 5 points.

  • NYK

    Deshawn better get away from the rim on defense cuz LeBron will be ferocious when he dunk on that empty head of his.

    just STFU and play! do they seriously think they can beat miami with the James Wade and Bosh playing well?

    I know the percentage speaks for itself but this one is for sure, game 5 winner will be champs, and if Dallas lose, I hope Dirk eats Stevenson for dinner.

  • beiber newz

    didn’t the lakers go down 3-2 to boston in the finals last year and end up winning the whole thing? don’t always trust percentages.

  • QQ

    The Smack title is kinda misleading. I thought everyone including Dirk decided to talk shit now.

    Of course, DeShawn’s gonna talk. For better or worse, he’s a punk. Always has been.

  • pipdaddyy

    What did Gilbert say to get fined?

  • beiber newz

    ^^^beiber newz !!!!

    The league hasn’t said what comments it specifically took issue with. Meanwhile, Arenas wasted no time in going back on the offensive via Twitter, writing “its okay it all evens it self out..i get fined from the nba……..im stealing cable from my neighbors..so bam bam jackpot…hahaha”.

  • Fish

    It’s good to see Gilbert back. He tweets far too much at times, but it’s great to see someone in the NBA just being a straight out personality. His latest tweets about his blind date were pretty darned funny.

  • beiber newz

    I bet dallas wins game 5. Book it. And wade will have an off game than how he’s been playing. Book that too.


    Stevenson is a retard… but at the same time, i kinda like what he brings to the team, not in a basketball sense, but him and Chandler definitely black the team up abit (can i say that? fuck it, i just did)

    I feel bad for the people of Detroit no one deserves Zeke. But then looking at the Pistons roster, it looks like Joe D was already doing his best Zeke GM impersonation when he gave those contracts to Villenueva and Ben Gordon?

    Iggy to the Clipps!!!!!! please someone make this happen, can you picture a starting 5 that has DeAndre Jordan, Blake and Iggy… they could have an all clipper Dunk contest at All Star Weekend and it would be one of the best ever.

    oh.. and Mavs for the win, they know they gotta take care of their final game in Dallas before taking their talents to south beach.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    I’m thinkin Gil got in trouble for his jokes on special needs people…..got a lil uncomfortable.

    @ LMNOP – how you gonna leave out the best basketball player on the Clips….
    #3 and #1….

  • the cynic

    got to agree with barkley, Miami has some of the worst fans in the league and its been that way for a while. Hopefully the fans will improve after 3 or 4 titles

  • Soopa

    Clippers could potentially run with Bledso, Gorden, Iggy, Blake and Jordan? They got Mo Williams who will problaly start cos of his shooting but thats a crazy athletic lineup!

    I like Deshawn. He is a nutcase who plays his heart out each and every night, what not to like?


    @ K Dizzle, my bad, stick EG in there, i overlook his dunking abilities ……….. they’re gonna need to build a time machine and bring in J-Kidd circa 2001 to run the point.
    But if the trade happens (the Iggy one, not the time traveling J-Kidd one) i think someone should definitely start a petition to get an all clipper dunk contest in 2012.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Tonight I’m looking for Dirk to slap the Heat upside the face with his 102-degree Bratwurst

  • beiber newz

    HMmmmmmm now that stories come out that deshawn stevenson was setup to say lebron checked out, I wonder how many people who bashed deshawn look stupid. Basketball games aren’t won by words. They are won by what goes on between the lines.

  • hahns

    @beiber newz

    i posted to say exactly that- if you listened to the interview youd know that deshawn didnt just randomly say “lebron checked out” – the interviewer asked him if he thought he did check out and he responded affirmatively. not shit talking, just answering an intervieweres question.

  • DNice

    Deshawn Stevenson is great, keep up the talking. A lot of people don’t realize what motivation can do. During the 2006 finals the Dallas newspapers printed a column that showed where the parade route would be when they win a championship after game 2!! Pat Riley and The Heat used that as motivation and Dallas didn’t win another game. Deshawn keep up the good work and motivate the Heat. We will win the next 2 and close it out in 6. LETS GO HEAT!!

  • That’s What’s Up

    @post 19
    yep, a parade route and some paid-off officials sealed the deal

  • shuttles

    Should be interesting to see how Lebron responds tonight. People are saying he checked out, and while I agree he wasn’t aggressive enough a lot of that was due to some phenomenal D by Jason Kidd. He has the lateral quickness and the strength to keep Bron from barreling to the rim at will. I think Lebron needs to have confidence in his jumper because he can shoot over him easily and he also needs to punish him down low on the offensive glass.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    First of all, Kobe’s being a punk if he’s giving the silent treatment on purpose. You’re part of a TEAM, Kobe. That means you have to respect the decisions of the higher ups. It’s not like Mitch Kupchak is giving the media the silent treatment all season long when they ask about your shot selection.

    If I’m the Clips-76ers, I make that trade.

    I love Dirk more than any man should, but please don’t call that game his Flu Game. That’s reserved for Jordan status, and Dirk’s game the other night just wasn’t on that level.

  • CLAW

    DeShawn is what he is, takes confidence to play in the L to think you are at the same level as Lebron and not fear him. I think you have to or you will just get dominated. The conversation wasn’t that bad he said Lebron took to facilitator and not aggressive – which is what he did.

  • common sense

    Respect to all of the dime aficionado for the analysis of Lebrons game 4 and his legacy etc on yesterdays Smack. Yall are some knowledgeable and entertaining cats, RESPECT.

    But check out Simmons take on the situation, pretty much sums up the scenario.


    why is someone interviewing stevenson ? how low on the totem pole do u have to be, to only get and interview with a guy who sits in his chair more than he stays on the court.

    i dont know what Joe d is drinking or smoking. he has killed the piston. its like every decision he makes is the opposite of what the pistons need. to hire Isaiah Thomas would certainly be a crack/meth head move.

    so philly is going to shop there best player around in hope of getting a what ? kayman ? i think they have a b list player center already. nobody wants to play for the clippers because the clippers are a bad team, poorly managed and cheap. getting traded down to the clippers is a career move you dont want to happen. people seem to forget that basket ball existed before the 90’s !!! MJ is the greatest, nike had a lot to do with that hype. majic was a 6’9 point guard who could play every position on the court. why arent you mentioning him ?

  • Sam

    James on the Bulls would have already swept the Mavericks. Just sayin’.

  • Big Island

    Common Sense, I read that yesterday afternoon. Then I sat there bs-ing with my buddy and he said “At least when Kobe did it, he had a real reason”. It took all of my super strength to not punch him in the nose. I don’t expect to see another game that bad from Lebron, but I’d love to. ESPN had a thing yesterday saying Lebron has sat out 6 minutes TOTAL in the the 4th quarters of the playoffs and was probably tired. Um, no.

    Today is going to be the worst day of my life. I wake up this morning and my gf wants to get another dog. I tried to remind her (politely) that we have a dog, and she complains that he wrecks the house. He’s a dog. They’re dumb. He runs in dirt and then runs in the house. I think I can squeeze in a workout, go to the bank, then I have to drive to BFE to pick up my mom’s husband’s mom, take her to lunch, and then drive her to LAX. If I make it back home in time, I can catch about 30 minutes of the game that is making me feel like everything inside of me wants to be out, before I have to go play a fucking softball game. Sweet. Good times.

  • JH

    Miami fans in Miami are weak. Of course they’ll be some die hard fans but you look at the crowd & see no excitement…just overly tan people more worried about looking good than the product on the floor.

  • beiber newz


  • beiber newz

    Madison square garden fans are tops on any list

  • LakeShow84

    I have no idea who will win today lol

    Part of me says Dallas wins the next 2 by the hairs on their neck..

    Part of me says Wade/Lebron will be too much for Dallas in the end..

    Then again that second point is built on the foundation Lebron will put up..

    Either Get Down or Lay Down Lebron..

  • This_Will_Hurt

    @JH you pretty much just summed up why Lakers have the worst fans in the league. They’re only fans when the team is winning and yet those people don’t even get to witness the game except from the television or in the cheap seats. It’s all just a red carpet event out there and that’s why they lose. Notice everybody else does the ‘Whiteout’ or ‘Blue’ like the OKC crowd…LA just sits there all f**king snooty and smug waiting on the camera to flash their face on the screen for five seconds.

  • LakeShow84

    @ This_Will_Hurt


    Eat a dick lol

    LA got the worst fans???? ol Simple Jack ass comments

  • beiber newz

    Eating penises is nasty.

  • LABaller

    LMFAO @ “ol Simple Jack ass comments”

  • CLAW

    Get a monkey Big Island! Hangover 2 quote (was the same as first but still had classic lines) “That little monkey snorted coke with me all night, jerking me off while I watched you make fuck with lady boy”

    Sactown has solid fans, they sucked and people STILL went, no worst fans are the ATL, they suck!

    At the end of a close MIA game you have a few standing up and you see the people behind them tapping them to sit down, bunch of bitches in South Beach! No seriously, there are some hot bitches there.

  • Ballin 305

    All this crap about Miami fans is unfair. The upperdeck and standing room only has always been packed and rowdy as hell. Even before this year. It is a little unfortunate that all the good lower bowl seats go to rich Europeans and rich Latin Americans who don’t give a shit. But that is a very small portion of the fan base. Who’s got money for those seats nowadays anyhow??

  • http://www.haywoodplanning.com D.H.

    With Mike Brown in town, how long until the Clippers are the hot team in LA?

  • LakeShow84

    Tiger dunk!!!!!!

  • LeRoy Green

    I got no paragraphs, no analysis, no bs to say today.

    Dallas, just play ya hearts out.


  • LakeShow84

    And before this game even starts lemme say



    Shit dude got the world of basketball being handed to him on a gold plate and he never even studied for it.. Lebron isnt a student of the game yet the media/world is so quick to hand it to him..

    Just earn it bruh.. take tonight and throw it in the face of all your critics..

    Most of Lebrons critics are fans of the game first and foremost so please believe if he goes off on some historical shit we may hate the man but we’ll love the game..

    I want to see it.. i want to be in awe of something legitimate..

  • CLAW

    @ballin – I’m sorry before this year they had standing room? Last year they had half empty arenas, they were probably getting people off the street for televised games to make it look like people were there.

  • LeRoy Green


    the Jordan “flu game” wasn’t what they told u it was.

    that nigga was hung over lol

    but i’ma let espn tell it

  • LakeShow84

    @ LeRoy

    Post the link i cant find it lol

  • Sporty-j


    Dallas has slowed down our championship celebration for to long now. The show must go on and tonight is the night Heat Mania takes over the world. Tonight is the night that we show the world why SPEED kills…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LeRoy — So you’re saying “The Flu Game” should be renamed “The Cognac Game”?

  • dlight

    I agree with DNice even though I wouldn’t leave my dog with Stevenson, bro has to have an edge to earn some burn against “gink” (King).. Clippers line up wouldn’t run any set plays nor could they -score in the half court unless you like only putbacks EG is Nice….

  • LakeShow84

    With Jordan you could call it the “blew hella weed and drank Ace of Spades champagne all night” game

  • LeRoy Green

    LMAO @ the Cognac Game

    but nah I heard that from someone who supposedly read that somewhere. Whether he was hung over/sick/high whatever, he did his thang regardless.

    @ Sporty-J you back to ya usual shit talkin self huh?

    “i’ont like that shit….”

    “i’ont like that shit..” *trey in Belly voice*

  • LeRoy Green

    and now the rumor is that Rashard Lewis smashed Bron’s baby moms smh

    next year they’ll say Pat Riley 69’d his grandma. Leave that mans business alone

  • Sporty-j

    I love how Leroy is taking cheap shots at Lebron. I hope that I see you tomm when we smash Dallas tonight… A???

  • Sporty-j

    Hey Leroy do you want to do a little side bet for tonights game???

  • Big Island

    Made it to LAX in an hour, fuck yeah. Chorizo and eggs for lunch, now settle in for a few beers, the game, oh wait, I STILL HAVE A FARKING SOFTBALL GAME!! I need more beer because we’re gonna get smashed in that. Softball. I play softball. Fuck you 37 years and what you’ve done to my body.

    I hope Lebron scores 70, Dirk scores 71, and Dallas wins by 2. At the buzzer. And since Dirk already hit one game winner lefty, hit one right, maybe he can do reverse lefty layup this game, and a reverse righty next, and I will NEVER take my jersey off. EVER.

  • Sporty-j

    Dont worry tonight Big Island you wont have to worry about putting on a Dallas jersey tonight…

  • http://www.lakernation.com smoove chips

    the cognac game rofl .Priceless.
    dallas smash !!!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Just gonna repost cuz I’m lazy:

    94.June 8th, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    K Dizzle says:

    @ cynic – Jason Terry took over Lebron and that’s all that matters, son. He came out and said Lebron wasn’t gonna hold him all series, he got laughed at, then he came out and stepped up huge in the 4th quarter of a must-win game, makin big shots, nailin clutch freethrows to seal it. Since when is hittin tough shots in a finals game in the 4th quarter a “BIG WHOOP”? Weak reply. You rippin Jet for takin and makin the shots Lebron didn’t even try with 38 yr old JKidd on him???? See how foolish you lookin right now? Your hate fails today, try again thursday.

    That is all

  • beiber newz

    hahahaha i was right !!!!!!!!!! post # 10 !! wade had an off night. only 6 field goals made. and they lost. bang and bang. holla at me u dime haters !!