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Miami: See You At The Crossroads

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. David Alvarez)

There’s only so long an NBA career can last and LeBron James has officially reached a crossroads. Yes, he’s only 26 years old and in his eighth season, but that’s almost a negative. How’s this all still going on? 11 points through 60 fourth-quarter minutes in the Finals. A lower scoring average than Chris Bosh in the biggest series of your career. Being thoroughly dominated and overshadowed by Dirk Nowitzki. Being outscored in a game by DeShawn Stevenson. Being guarded often in the second half of two games by a 38-year-old, 6-4 point guard and doing NOTHING about it. Those things are inexcusable. Indefensible. Now, he’s down to two chances. If Miami doesn’t win this…we don’t even want to say. Sunday night is shaping up to be one of the more interesting NBA games, well, ever … On the other side, if the Mavs finish off this improbable run, where will Dirk sit on the all-time list? Is he one of the top 10, top five clutch shooters of all-time? … So there’s no question Monta Ellis is on his way to becoming the next big-time player traded. Not only have the Warriors started to leak inquiries with the Sixers and Iguodala, with Memphis and Rudy Gay and even with the Bulls and Luol Deng, but now people from Ellis’ camp seem resigned to the fact. If he is gonna be traded, send him somewhere that is a scorer away from competing for a title, they are saying. And now there are reports Ellis and David Lee couldn’t stand each other last season, and didn’t even want to see each other off the court. Funny how this stuff always seems to come up when someone is on his way out of town … Is there a reason why Pat Ewing hasn’t been given more of an opportunity to climb the coaching ladder? He spoke yesterday about reaching out to the Knicks. He’s only helped turn Dwight Howard into a monster, the same person who couldn’t even execute a drop step when he first got to the league. With his good friend Mark Jackson getting a shot, maybe Ewing’s time is close? … And supposedly, former team cancer Bonzi Wells worked out yesterday for the Knicks and he “impressed.” On one hand, 94% of Knicks fans just muttered “Greeeeattt…” as they threw their hands in disgust. On the other hand, we miss Bonzi … Leandro Barbosa might be following the money trail, and that thing leads right back home to Brazil. Barbosa has a $7.6 million option with Toronto next year, and his brother says they will definitely look into going back home. Supposedly, the sponsorship opportunities are tremendous … Rolling through Los Angeles, Derek Fisher made sure to set up a dinner with new Laker coach Mike Brown. How much you wanna bet that in between bites of steak, Brown was all over Fisher like: “C’mon. What does Kobe think? Does he like me?” … Damn, Scottie Pippen has been taking some heat lately. The latest comes from Stan Van Gundy, who told reporters that he isn’t sure whether Pip was even a star. The same affliction that his brother suffers from (going one step too far with everything) has made its way to Stan … We got a chance to catch up with Charles Barkley yesterday, and while he was surprisingly neutral with LeBron (“being treated a little unfairly”), the Great Mouth touched on something about Shaq that we don’t think is appreciated enough: The Diesel never had serious injuries. Yes, he was hurt all the time with minor stuff, mostly as a cause of coming into camp outta shape. But to be that big, we were all blessed to see him on the court in his prime instead of street clothes, considering all the great or potentially great centers whose careers were robbed from them. You know what else? This whole conversation just makes Dwight Howard seem even more unique (he’s missed seven games in his whole career) … And Jimmy Kimmel has been killing it lately with the NBA gigs, whether it’s pulling pranks on players or singing about them … We’re out like Bonzi.

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  • control

    Ewing might have actually hindered Dwights development. Guy had him for 6 years, and didn’t look like he did shit at all with him, then Dwight gets one summer away from him and suddenly turns into a beast. Ewing was overrated when he played, he will be just as overrated as a fucking coach. Ewing just LOOKS stupid as fuck…

  • beiber newz

    lebron doesn’t have the CREATIVITY. it’s simple. why do people not see that. am i beiber newz the smartest guy on dime? it sure seems so. everyone just looks at lebrons strength. and size. and speed. but they seem to forget…does he really possess better dexterity or moves (ala allen iverson/kobe) to get in the paint? NO NO NO. lebron sure is huge and strong but A.I. was much better at getting to the rack because of his MOVES. lebron is just big. that is where his advantage is. it got him 2 mvp’s. lebron is also intelligent. high basketball IQ can get someone, anyone far on the court, hence all the brian cardinals of the world. lebron, if only he possesed the moves of allen iverson or even jamal crawford would then be by definition, unstopable. imagine if ALLEN IVERSON had lebron body?? oh em gee !!

  • beiber newz

    control sounds white

  • TJ 2

    its going to be a long summer in Miami! they need to get some help on that team! maybe play james jones more, or even eddie house, they would be more productive! they should do like Portland did back in the day when they would play damon stoudamire the first three quarters (he was the starter) and play greg anthony in the fourth. they should just play james jones in the fourth! or whoever they can pick up next year for next season! Congratulations Dallas! NBA Champs at last!!!

  • beiber newz

    and ps…for all those already counting miami out, they have 2 games at home. it’s not a 5 game series. they still have life. u oogah-bogah’s.

    and the scary part is they will only get better after this season. on top of experience and natural talent growth, they’ll add more guys. good guys, not eddie house types or james jones types, but solid players. i wouldn’t put it past them to add tracy mcgrady to run their point. he had a respectable year. also kwame brown would be a huge upgrade at center for them, which is sad, but he also had a respectable year.

    another pg option for them can be shannon brown. another center option can be chuck hayes who is a work horse. and he fits perfectly with them. a couple more rebounding/defensive options for them can be dalembert or reggie evan (who would probably be a bench player for them).

    HOWEVER, their best free agent option and most unlikely, would be DAVID WEST who would probably need the full mid level exception to join. but my point is, this heat team will continue to be the nba’s target until wade and lebron retire. maybe they lose this year (i strongly believe in dallas hoisting the ’11 trophy) but they WILL continue to contend.

    understand, i am speaking strictly as just a laker/knick fan. and i have no angst against miami. never have. hell, i used to put wade and james on the same team in 2k. with that said, regardless of the hate out there they receive, that won’t stop them from improving. that won’t stop them from challenging. hate is for the fans. yall don’t do the running or sweating. yall do the talking. keep talkikng. they hear you. but talking is no defense. talking is a way for fans to make themselves feel better. hate is the best form of flattery. all the best get hated on. i reiterate, it’s just a form of respect.

    no1 seems to hate brian scalabrine. hmm i wonder y? is it cuz he’s not a threat? u heat haters make me sick. not necessarily that you hate them. that’s fine. but ……you know what, i’ll keep my reasoning on that aspect to myself. you guy continue to hate, but they get the checks. y’all just ‘check’ them out. who knows, they probably had sex with your relative at some point. u mad?

    go ahead…….hate them some more. but that won’t stop them from getting better..and better..and better..and better..etc. etc. etc.

    in conclusion….GO LAKERS GO KNICKS

  • beiber newz

    IN OTHER BEIBER NEWZ: mike dunleavy was just won $13 mil from the weird and bad donald sterling. good for him. he got his money. go judge. i thought david stern would have done something about sterling by now. anything.

  • beiber newz

    i run thru your city. your money ity-bitty
    i rap bars for black cards, i just show y’all pity.
    your g-f is my b-f she let me in her kitty

  • beiber newz

    i wonder if lebron feels so bad that he’s starting to think the younger durant is better than him. no way. he wouldn’t think that. even if he is experiencing dark times.

  • beiber newz

    by the way. LOOK AT THIS REF !!!! he is gyrating like crazy!!!


  • Oscarisalakerfan


  • brazzle

    Lebrons been relying on his athleticism his entire time in the league. Why develop a post game or a consistent jump shot when you can sprint straight into everyone and either dunk or get a foul call?

  • This_Will_Hurt

    What the fuck?! Did you seriously post and refresh that many times in a row just then???? Holy Cardinal. Who has that sort of time to waste? Yeah, I’m on here now; this late…but I’m not posting 5-6x in succession about bullshit.

    I’ve been a Lebron fan since him, Wade, and Bosh came into the leauge & I can’t help but to think he’s gonna show up for 6/7. But it’s odd because every ‘big’ game that ‘matters’ that he’s played in up to this point has gone awry. It’ll be interesting for sure to see where he stands and how he plays when it’s do or die. Do or die for real. This ain’t the Twitter bitch.

  • bakedbeing

    Somebody please do something about the mouthy guy.

  • ab40

    lebron should just delete his twitter.
    and did you see that article at yahoo with lbj asking another player if he wants to join the team calling himself king james.

    I still think he’s an amazing player but I think he’s injured. That black tape on his left wrist.. no one talks about it but I think it’s at least bruised. That is the hand he uses to take a driblle before the shot he’s shooting poorly now. I’d like a game 7 but I wouldn’t mind the Mavericks to win game 6 in Miami.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ ab40

    unless you actually know of an actual injury like Dirk’s torn finger or DWade’s busted side, please keep the medical crap off our eyes. Last year, it was “the elbow”, now after a ‘good, not great’ triple double, you think LBJ’s hurt…and y’all wonder why most hoop fans look at LBJ fans sideways.

  • That’s What’s Up

    …anytime I see a Beaver Newz post I just scroll right by.

    Mark Jackson always says he wants good offense over good defense, any day. Maybe that’s part of the reason Ellis will be gone. he gets his points, eventually, but that dude jacks up balls like he’s on the Pop-A-Shot machine at the arcade.

    …and concerning Lebron, DOC summed it up in post #51 in yesterday’s smack

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @TWU – yea, there are certain people whose posts I haven’t read since the playoffs started haha

    @ control – I was thinking the same thing. Didn’t Howard get some tutelage from Hakeem last offseason? I think Ewing’s biggest problem might be that he doesn’t understand something about the game, whether it’s X’s and O’s or some other coaching thing. Obviously, I’m not with the Knicks or the Magic, so I don’t know. But you see former players getting coaching gigs all the time, so something must be up.

    It’s entirely possible that he sweats on everyone through his suit. Or maybe people are concerned that his knee pads will extend beyond the coach’s box.

  • karmatic

    dwight howard is gonna last a long time, without injury, cos he is ONLY 6’9″ tall, with no more body fat than a popsicle. he jumps so high and fast that he only needs 1 or 2 new moves to turn into the new hakeem, his free throw shooting is getting better….BUT the refs have to start calling all the fouls that get committed on him- right now, they only call half, and dwight is still far and away the most fouled player in the nba- the atlanta hawk’s hacking by pachulia, armstrong, etc on dwight in the playoffs was disgusting.
    monta ellis can score in his sleep, still not sure if anyone can make him play defense, or even if he knows how. bonzi wells never played d either, so i guess both would be perfect for the knicks!

  • sh!tfaced

    Ewing just doesn’t have the basketball IQ to be a good coach…


    Three words…

    Annoying As Fuck


  • beiber newz

    Haha I’m popular

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    Worst Dime posters:

    1) Bruce
    2) Beaver News
    3) Alf
    4) Tyrone
    5) That foreign dude who always claimed his girl was translating for him. I think he was Dutch?

    Numbers 4 & 5 were at least comedy.

    Beaver news only slightly edged by an ignorant racist for the number one spot. You should be very proud.

  • QQ

    @ 22:

    Sporty J’s not on your list? Step up your game, bruh.

  • Doc

    Ewing aint getting no job because he probaly cant coach.What the hell did he teach Dwight?The man still aint got no moves.

  • pipdaddyy

    David West is basically the same player as Chris Bosh: a jumpshooting PF who does not really like to play inside. Miami does not need him and cannot afford him.

  • Atom

    @23: I don’t know. I dont always feel like I’ve waisted my time after reading his posts. Guy just seems to really like the heat and went on a bit of a premature drunken celebratory rampage. I don’t share his taste in teams but you have to admit that shit has been pretty comedy.

  • QQ

    Dude’s keeping it real lately though. Seeing Bron’s not performing in the clutch, he’s actually calling him out.

    Meanwhile….. Austin Burton still finds ways to make excuses.

    Sometimes I’m really confused: Who’s the crazy Heat troll and who’s the ex-writer in a national hoops website.

  • Atom

    @ QQ:

    Wow. Funny you say that. I was gonna make Austin an honorable mention but thought maybe I was only one who felt that way. I don’t think he is horrible though, and he seems to know a lot about the game generally, I just find his opinion rediculous sometimes and the logic he employs to suppurt them often fundamentally flawed.

  • control


    That shit ain’t comedy at all. It’s hard to even take the shit seriously or get through an entire rant, based completely on his posting name alone…


    Come on, you can’t say AB is a worst poster or even compare him to SpunkeaterJ. Sure AB has that weird Zach Randolph mancrush for some reason, but all the guy is ranting about is how the perceptions and opinions of the public and media are so vastly skewed against a few players, for no other reason than that they have so much scrutiny.

    Everyone hates against LeBron, but other guys get a free pass when they fuck up, and he doesn’t. People and media get stuck on the expectations, which then get hyped up to unreachable levels. There’s no excuse for LeBron’s douchebagness, but how come guys who are on the celtics get free passes when they are even bigger douchebags? There are A LOT of nba stars who are completely assholes and douchebags, but you don’t really hear about it because they don’t have the spotlight on them as harshly as LeBron does…and the reason LeBron does have the spotlight on him so hard is because he is probably the best player in the nba (the guy could fucking seal that title if he picks up some fucking post moves this summer).

    All AB is arguing about is that he wants to see some equality in view points from people and media…what so hard about that?

  • QQ

    As I always say when I’m criticizing AB.

    I respect that dude. Dude’s being paid to write hoops. You can’t be professional sports writer without exceptional basketball knowledge. Hell, I’m an anonymous commenter while he’s getting a check to write bout the game.

    With that said, he often uses that knowledge to post just absolutely ridiculous statements to defend some players (read: JAMES, LEBRON).

    I mean… Dude used Mario Ellie’s Kiss of Death to defend Wade and Bron’s celebration in this years Finals.


    One scenarios about a dude who made a three with 7 seconds left. To win the fucking series. To overcome a 3-1 deficit. To advance to the West finals as a fucking number 6 seed.

    The other’s about two dudes who decided to celebrate with 7 minutes left. In a fucking GAME 2.

    If that ain’t ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY REACHING, I don’t know what that is.

  • QQ

    @ control:

    I wrote about that in the Lebron article.

    Lebron’s a once in a millenium talent. Players of that magnitude will be unfairly judged whether we like it or not.

    I mean do you expect people to go easy on Jay-Z after a horrible single? On the other hand, people are just contented with Chingy making tunes that can be used as ringtones.

    Don’t sell Lebron short. He’s TOO great to for you people to settle in comparing him to lesser players.

  • Big Island

    Atom – I think you are talking about Jurg maybe? He always starts with “hi hi from jurg”. Believe it or not, I actually like Sporty and Austin for some reason. Even though I rarely agree with what Austin says, he can at least argue his points, defend them, and in a well written form. I like Sporty for the exact opposite reason.

    I know this may seem hard to believe, but I have loved one man more than Dirk (The Rock is running a close third) – Patrick Ewing. I had his jerseys, posters, cards, I even did the super gay “play with his card in my sock” thing. Wow, that seems so much worse typed out. If they would’ve had his shoes out in HI I would’ve rocked them too. Love the guy to death, but I would have a tough time hiring him as a coach. He’s an assistant on a team that has suspect coaching, hired to teach a center who still doesn’t have much of a post game, when all he really had was a turnaround, a drop step/travel into the middle, and a nice mid-range jumper. Combine that with the getting head at the strip club thing and I think that’s why he isn’t considered for a head coaching job.

    Apparently I have a thing for 7 footers who haven’t won championships. Hopefully that changes tomorrow night.

  • sh!tfaced


    Haha. Nice list.
    – although I got a shitload of drunken posts that says otherwise. LOL

    1. the lame racist
    2. the clueless douche
    3. the DIME wannabe
    4. the illiterate gangsta
    5. the eurotard

    6(?) the DIME has-been?!
    lol. damn. come on, man. in some ways, AB just likes the challenge of being on the side of the underdog, so to speak.
    he’s like a public defender, he’ll represent guilty-as-hell scumbags that no other lawyer will touch.

  • Sporty-j

    Yeah Dallas… Its time to come back to Miami… Dallas has not shown me anything to make me believe that they can win in Miami. After we win game 6 Dallas will feel the pressure in game 7 and choke. That defense will be fired up tomm. LETS GO HEAT!!!

  • control

    “Dallas has not shown me anything to make me believe that they can win in Miami”

    So, them actually WINNING a game in Miami didn’t show you that? What would it take then?

  • Adam

    Anyone else hearing the rumors about LeBron’s fiancee hooking up with Rashard Lewis? Just saw a few mentions of this in the comments on PBT, wasn’t sure if y’all had some insight on this.

  • sh!tfaced

    Coming back 15 down in the 4th to win it not good for anything?

    The homer goggles must be welded shut for the remainder of the series…

  • Sporty-j

    Hey Q.Q. you dont like me fam? I like you and think your a very cool dude. We dont agree all the time and you always dissed my Heat really hard like the rest of theses poster. I just defend my Team like you would defend your Magic. If people from all over the world like you guys started calling you a banwagon Heat fan and the whole world hated you. You would start fighting back to because we have been critisized about even using toilet paper for when our players use the bathroom or blow there noise. My goal from since you all started calling me out when we were 9-8 was to make you Haters lives a living hell because I realized that: That these guys really hate us. So I fought fire with fire. True Heat fans are hard to find lately and I understand that. If you ask a Heat fan who there fav player is and they say Lebron. Thats a banwahon Heat fan. If that Heat fan says Wade like me. Thats a loyal Heat fan but keep in mind that Lebron has a lot of loyal fans so of course they are going to naturally be new Heat and follow there fav player. I should not have to post what high school I went to, what hosiptal I was born at, and other private inf just to prove a point. I could have googled it for all you know and plus we all are grown Men and its elementrish to be honest. My feelings are hurt right now because I viewed you as a cool dude and my friend to be honest. And I had you as 1 of my Dimemag top 5 posters because you make me laugh but its cool. God bless you anyway my Brother…

  • AJ

    Dudes, Jurgo was awesome. Straight comic relief in the comment section filled with idiots. Who can forget him owning Str8baller and anyone else who seemed to challenge him?

  • doc

    AB is always defending people.Tony Parker as the top point guard was another crazy one.

  • sh!tfaced

    what the…? didn’t know the WNBA smack was in full swing this early…?

    come on, ladies. lets leave the goody too nice gay butt fuck bash fest aside. save the damn ‘feelings’ for the offseason. lets talk some real shit and beat each other senseless…. lol

    one or two more games til a possible lockout. might be a loooong offseason.

  • JC

    Wait. Barbosa is worth over $7.6 million?? Amazing. Get your money, my man, be it in North America or South America.

    I don’t see the Bulls doing better by trading Deng for Ellis, simply because Deng isn’t a glaring weakness at the 3. In terms of trading Deng, I would be comfortable with Gay or Iguodala replacing him. Come to think of it, that would be kinda sick to see Rose-Ellis-Iguodala starting for the Bulls.

  • sh!tfaced

    “In terms of trading Deng, I would be comfortable with Gay…”

    Shit, man, that just doesn’t sound right…

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @sh!tface. Yeah that did sound a little gay. You should see the post yesterday when Big Island had a stalker at post 117 lol.

    Than Big islands comes back and replys: F&#k it, Beggers cant choosers. If you supply the beer, I will give you a courtesy round…Than he says: >>>>> What for it…>>> Now what for it…>>>


    I was like WTF… No wonder Y hes trying to hit on Big Island. If that did not sound right…

  • Sporty-j

    (Wait for it) I meant

  • beiber newz

    hahahaahahahahah yooo. you guys have rankings??? lol ! i’m actually holding my stomach.

    you guys are such losers. HA! i’m actually honored. sometimes it’s good to be known to be hated on. just means you guys pay attention to me. so tell me, how my ass taste??? lololol

  • beiber newz

    it’s so funny, you guys have made dime cliques? like amazing. that is so sad. shows you guys need that bond to make yourselves feel cool? hahaha wow.

    i really think you guys need help. who looks for friendships on a comment board?

    soooooooooo sad. wow !

  • sh!tfaced

    lol. yeah… missed out on that… stupid midyear inventory had me by the balls…

  • Sporty-j

    Hey QQ are we “cool” now that we have got a understandinf of each other???

  • beiber newz

    wow! sporty-j….are you a man or a pre-teen boy?

    you sound so soft right now. looking for love from commenters. people will hate you in life in general for whatever reason. ignore them. and make it positive.

    u sound like a sap

  • sh!tfaced

    just scroll past, sporty… lol

    number one on the list if it weren’t for pre-existing retarded racism.

    friendship my ass… douche is right, looking for it maybe sad but craving for attention (and keep on getting ignored) in a comment board is downright motherfucking pathetic…

  • QQ

    Sporty j and that awesome post… you just disturbed everyone here in Dime by writing a fucking ‘friendship’ letter.

    How can I fucking say no?

    WE COOL.

  • sh!tfaced

    so you guys gonna kiss now or what?????

  • Big Island

    Hey guys! Can I come play too? I just finished my book report and my mom says I can ride my bike to your house if yanna. I can bring some Capri Sun and orange slices that I have from my soccer game this morning too. She gave me $20 to order a pizza, but I don’t like mushrooms, but I can pick them off if you guys like them. I can bring my Star Wars dvd over. I gotta go, mom just finished cutting the crust off of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich! And I have Funyuns.


    Wow; so much to get through.

    LBJ is a once in a lifetime physical specimen and even purely based on statistical production a lock for the HOF, he just doesn’t have it mentally… he isn’t Alpha.

    If Dirk wins the championship by putting his team on his back like this… he jumps up a considerable number of places in the Top 50 players list… he has been nothing short of amazing…

    Why are all these teams throwing their hat in the Monta Ellis sweepstakes that don’t actually need him? I’d like to see some teams that actually need a scorer at SG make a play for him. Losing Deng at SF in order to fill the SG spot just means the Bulls will be starting one of: Bogans, Korver or Brewer again next year… not to mention that Ellis is a poor fit for their team whereas Deng is an excellent fit (No homo).

    Bonzi Wells was finished 5 years ago.

    Ewing deserves his shot (No homo).

    Barbosa should take his $7 mil and be very thankful.

    Shaq was the epitome of consistency… even now I feel like he is still underrated/under appreciated the guy was a force of nature.

  • Sporty-j

    QQ you sissy. I cant believe you fell for that you punk. I would never be down with you or CLAW and I just wanted to show Dimemag. How gay you are lol. How you going to come on here Dissing me and than fall for that. But wait, I forgot! You are an Orlando Magic fan so you are use to the B.S. that Otis feed you guys when he say: “Arenas and Turkoglue noq gives us a big 3 Magic fans. So lets go beat the Miami Heat”. I would never be your friend you chump and be down with you and your Man CLAW gay a$$ click…

    P.S.-I got you SUCKER! Miami against the world TRICK! AND LETS GO HEAT! Bring yall a$$e$ down here Dallas. Sorry QQ but we have bigger fishes to fry right. See you later AliGAYter. So before I go once again… TELL ME HOW MY A$$ TASTE???

    How you like that 1 Mr.Bieber? I was just setting him up. But you almost spoiled my suprise…

  • Sporty-j

    (right now) I meant…

  • http://deleted Sporty-j

    QQ I was just kidding. I do love you. In fact, I would like nothing more than to sit down and watch the game with you after some Jersey Shore. I have sum Mike’s Hard Lemonade (2 share) too. We can rip shots off of a bottle

  • beiber newz

    shitface says douche is “right” but uses the word ignored. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF IT’S RIGHT IF YOU DIDN’T REAAAAAAAAAD. HAHAHAHA WHAT A CONTRADICTION

  • beiber newz


    it sounded sooooooooo bad from here when i thought it was real. hahahha he looks so bad now. (qq that is)

  • beiber newz

    big island…that has to be the post of the year (#54). i was laffing thru out the whole thing

  • beiber newz

    this is what shitface and atom do on the weekend:


  • sh!tfaced

    lol. this fucking serious? mofo is more retarded than i thought. at least the racist ain’t so effin clueless with his arguments.

    that’s why they call read, REEEAADDD. its not IGNORE, but READ.
    you can read and ignore at the same time. ignore, in this case, is not responding to your earlier posts (and not the previous ones, dumbass).

    and contradiction is what your doing on your own. do you actually REEEEAAAADD your own comments?

    sorry for using the word IGNORE – that’s just half of what it is when it comes to beaver. IGNORANT suits you more…

  • beiber newz


    claims to give advice to ignore me. i’m not gonna delve into what you just said. but all i will say is hmmmmmmmmmm you seemed too have read, ananlyzed and RESPONDED to what i said to you that you which is why you decided to give a thesis and explanation of it. HAAAAAAAAA

    what a TRUE SMOOSH.


    u dum squirrel !!!!

    I CAN GUARENTEE you enjoy seeing my name in comments so you can read it. you probably agree with everything i say.

    you’re like a little school girl who claims she hates a boy because she really LIKES HIM. get off my dick. you fucking loser.

    you claim to hate me but you’re obsessed with me. you want to be my friend. you want to find comfort in me. you want to BE ME. suck my fucking ballz. you dirty filthy slut.

  • beiber newz

    hmmmmmmmmmm you seemed too have read, ananlyzed and RESPONDED to what i said to you* which is why you decided to give a thesis and explanation of it


    try to ignore me this time. which i know is hard for you…because you really want my acceptance. but you are a mistake of life. you are a broken condom. you are a drunken night of teen love. you are a garbage found baby. you need to just slide down a razor blade and fall in an alcohol river.

  • control

    Man, the trolls on here have really taken a dive from the Tyrone, YOUNGFED and Jurg days. Even Jurg’s failed English was easier to read than some of the horrible thought structure, bad grammar and spelling of the current crop…god damn.

  • sh!tfaced

    wow. motherfucking wow.

    a delusional douche and a dumbass retard with a homo grandeur complex.

    a stage five clinger as well.

    all in one.

    dammit. so that’s why they all ignore you. sorry, man, i didn’t know you were a real fucking psycho.
    maybe next time when i’m wasted enough.

    learned the shit the hard way. lol

    note to self: “SCROLL DOWN”

  • sh!tfaced


    nah, as scattered as it is, beaver seems to have a firm grasp describing himself and making it look like another.

    if you read it right, he seems to be talking to himself, really…

  • sh!tfaced

    and oh yeah, don’t forget to take your meds, pzycho…


    WTF? I’ll say it again. ANNOYING AS FUCK.

    Can’t even argue right. Claims to have duped ‘em into it. But all you see are the lame ass insults and not bothering to rebut the argument.

    Freakin nutjob is even copying the way I laugh at him.


  • beiber newz

    lol im so popular. u guys make me feel so good. and not jus becuz ur lips are wrapped around my nutz

  • beiber newz

    and ps. thx 2 en fuego 4 reading what i posted. did your mom give you the money i gave her to get you your ointment that should handle your en fuego problem? i mean burning problem? she calls me her sugar daddy. i wanted to give her some change to get you the ointment. she wasn’t good enuff for cas. u shuda seen how she got on her knees when i threw all those dimes and nickels on the subway rails. what a douche..like mother like son.

  • beiber newz

    and i stress again..try your hardest to ignore that lol but i know it’s tempting to respond. as i usually say the right things to trigger a response from u wanna be me’s.

  • Dan Tanner

    Sporty J, what I have with Big is none yo business. However if you want to stick your curly-q in my treasure hole, well, we can do that. As long as you pretend you are Lebron hunking it away on some white stripper!

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    I see somebody is really bucking to move up on the list. Sorry but not so fast son, racist still > psychotic douche. The effort is certainly not appreciated though.

    @ Big Island: Jurge, that was the guy. He was entertaining for a while than it just got tired. Probably wouldn’t mind seeing him round once in a while though, I just didn’t need to read stories everyday he made up about all the euro pussy he was banging.

  • beiber newz

    it’s funny how people think they can sum up someone from posts. ha. really think about that. you guys probably go on dating websites. and worst..u probably believe the pics they put up is them. ha. sad sad sad lives you guys are living.


    Goddamn BEAVER. You don’t even make sense. You’re not only a psycho, you’re BANDWAGON PSYCHO.


  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    And the constant groveling to Austin to let him write a column. I finally said Austin should just give it to him so I wouldn’t have to hear about it anymore.


    Somebody got it right. STAGE FIVE CLINGER. HAHAHA

  • QQ

    The fact that you baited me, then made that ‘BWAHAHA, I GOT YOU RIGHT WHERE I WANTED, BWAHAHA’ stuff that villains do in B-movies MAKES YOU MORE AWESOME.

    I don’t fucking care if you hate me or not. YOU’RE AWESOME.

    WE COOL.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    @ Beaver: If you have to look at videos of dudes sucking each other off, please do that on your own time. Nobody needs to see that here.

    Aint no cliques homey. Everybody just doesn’t like you. Deal with it.

  • Silkk

    …95% of the comments are of guys trashing one another rather than comments on the original topic…smdh. I actually read most of them with hopes that they would revert back to normal comments…smdh…

  • sh!tfaced

    motherfucking wow again.

    even though i had penis in my mouth just once, it doesn’t make me a loser. i’ll say it again, you are just a delusional douche and a dumbass retard with a homo grandeur complex.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. So I got a impostor now? Does that make me famous too? Goddamn psycho…

  • Ian

    ewing was the dumbest and most overrated player ever.