Smack / Jun 17, 2011 / 12:00 am

NBA Draft Trade Talks Heat Up; Dallas Has The Best Parade Ever

Shawn Marion

Shawn Marion (photo. Brandon Sullivan)

THAT’s how you party. After a few years of watching boring Laker parades – no one in L.A. ever seemed to get hype because, they only do this like once outta every three years – we got a special scene in Dallas yesterday. Whether you watched on TV, followed our live blog, or both, it was painfully obvious the Mavs were running on fumes. Mark Cuban could barely talk when the cameras got a hold of him. That’s a first. Then once inside the arena for a season-ticket holder pep rally, DeShawn Stevenson probably nearly got arrested for public intoxication again. Dude had no clue where he was. After that, they called Shawn Marion out for some dancing, and the droopy-eyed Matrix flipped the switch, called for the Dougie and got in 10 seconds of adrenaline-pumped stepping before he too ran out of gas. Everyone had the same look we all had senior year at graduation, our energy flushed from a week straight of partying. The Mavs fit all that into three days. Finally, there was Dirk, who had the same goofy smile he’s had on since Game 6. Something tells us a night out with the German would be life-altering … So how valuable is a center who averages 10 and 8? We’ll see in the next week or so. It’s being reported that Minnesota, realizing the Wizards’ crave the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft, offered the pick (probably Derrick Williams) for a package that included Washington’s No. 6 pick and young center JaVale McGee. The Wizards are probably toeing the line; on one hand, Williams has the potential to be an All-Star. But McGee is so athletic, so raw and so wild that you figure he’s going to get a lot better. Despite that, imagine a frontcourt of McGee and Kevin Love. Can the T’Wolves get more polar opposites? … At the same time, rumors persist that Cleveland wants Williams too and J.J. Hickson and Ramon Sessions are both available (Anderson Varejao isn’t for a pick). Who would you rather have out of the two young bigs: Hickson or McGee? … In other draft news, no one has risen higher or quicker than Jimmer Fredette. This seems to always happen with college vets: they come out and everyone can’t stop talking about what they can’t do. Then as the draft process moves along, GMs get tired of checking for prospects littered with potential, yet with basketball IQs of middle school kids, so they revert back to the college vets and start talking them up again. Oh, he’s a safe pick…you know what you’ll get…he’s gotten it done at every level. Sometimes it works (J.J. Redick, Shane Battier). Sometimes it doesn’t (Lonny Baxter, Adam Morrison). With Fredette, he’s outplayed everyone he’s gone up against in workouts and will probably see his name called in the top 10 … Can you compare Kyrie Irving to a sex tape? We canAmar’e Stoudemire told reporters he thinks LeBron needs to do a better job of carrying himself in a way the public can relate to. STAT said it would go a long way towards reconnecting and rebuilding that relationship, that no matter how great of an athlete you are, people want to see you as a normal human being. Sound advice. One thing we want to point though: LeBron, and probably some other athletes who are at that level of celebrity, don’t live in the real world. They just don’t. LeBron’s been called “King” since he was a sophomore/junior in high school. In a way, he’s almost been brainwashed. Finally, perhaps the criticism will get to him … In a rather odd journalism scenario, ESPN’s Chris Sheridan is suing Peter Vecsey and NYP Holdings, claiming they “published a maliciously false article” aimed at deriding Sheridan during last season’s never-ending Carmelo-to-NY saga. If this is all it takes, everyone in the media world will be lining up to go at Vecsey … And while it’s pretty clear he’s coming to the NBA, we’ll finally hear this morning from Ricky Rubio himself on his future … We’re out like sleep in Dallas.

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  • Luigi

    Ricky Rubio = Lionel Messi of basketball

  • bdownunder

    i hope the bulls target oj mayo and clippers get iguodala.

    williams will be a good fit in washington but i don’t know if i’d give up mcgee for him. be a bad trade for minny as noone at 6 really to fit well with them when they need vets. still don’t understand why not trade beasley and take williams…

  • Me

    @ Luigi:


    in a perfect world, Boozer (and that 2 guard and a pick or 2) would be traded to Memphis for OJ and Zach Randolph. I’d take time off work to watch that Chicago team throw down with Miami in the Playoffs.

  • GoEasy

    @ Luigi:

    You don’t even know who Lionel Messi is if you are gonna make such a stupid statement.

  • Young Gunner AKA Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    Still not sure why people are going crazy over Lebron’s parting shots but whatever.

    And I rather have Hickson over McGee on my team anyway of the week.

  • http://ralphaguilar.tumblr.com/ Ralph

    it was the best because this is the first time that the mavs win a championship and they deserve it. . Congrats Dirk and Mavs team…

  • McSimon

    CP3 is Messi.
    Kobe is CRonaldo.
    Artest is Materazzi.
    Who’s Lebron?

  • uqk

    @McSimon: Lebron…probably Drogba

  • Reezy

    Yup! haha

  • beiber newz

    beiber newz:


    their best bet is looking for a center to pair with favors.

    i’m really liking the youth movement in the league with the two most notable teams being the thunder and the clips.

    with the jazz having 2 picks in the first round, they are looking to head in that direction with gordon hayward, favors, cj miles(?).

  • bdownunder


    lebron is rivaldo… great but prone to acts of idiocy (refer to faking being hit in the face when player passed ball to him for a corner)

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Did you guys heard the news about Lebron?
    He’s taking his talent to WNBA. That’s how bad he wants a crown.

    I would like the Bulls to get Iguodala.


    DeShawn Stevenson is awesome.

    You don’t trade McGee to move up 4 spots in a weak draft, especially when you can draft Leonard at #6.


    I don’t think Cleveland are committed to developing Hickson, so they should trade him and get some value.

    Fredette is going to be what he’s going to be… he’ll shoot the ball… I don’t see him being more than a publicity boost and a scorer off the bench. Don’t think he should go in the top 10 at all… if he goes before Alec Burks the GM that picked him should be fired on the spot.

    Amar’e has had his problems in the league but he has NEVER acted like a douche bag… so his advice to LBJ isn’t too helpful… Amar’e is likable, Lebron isn’t. Lebron will not learn from his mistakes EVER. To say that Lebron is disliked because he is on another level of celebrity is ridiculous… both MJ’s were loved and there are plenty of other celebrities who are global stars who are loved. Lebron is a dick… end of story.

    Boozer and a pick for Randolph and Mayo? LOL… Randolph has just re-signed to a pretty team friendly deal and is better than Boozer full stop. Why would Memphis also throw in an OJ Mayo who actually regained a little stock last season?

    Iguadola would be great for the Clippers, Kaman alone isn’t cutting it though… Kaman and Aminu is a fair deal and everyone knows it.

    Harris/Milsap is a decent package… but a decent amount of salary too… who are they possibly going to trade for?

    Lionel Messi is regarded as the best player in the world ATM, Rubio is a guaranteed bust… how are the alike besides nationality and looks… ish?

    Lot of trade rumors; will be interesting to see where: Smith, Ellis, Iguadola and everyone else go this off season… could be looking at a completely different league come october.

  • beiber newz

    ^no word on who they are looking at specifically for harris.milsap but the Jazz could parlay the veteran duo into a “very nice piece or TWO”

  • http://www.MVPresidesinChitown.com Chicagorilla

    Iggy to the Bulls would be cool, but at what price? The Bulls have Ronnie Brewer, who is a mini version of Iggy to begin with.

    the Bulls need someone who can get buckets with the best of them, and preferably with range on their shot.

    Guys like Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay, Melo, Joe Johnson and DWade would’ve been perfect, but are off the market now for various reasons.

    OJ Mayo, Monta Ellis, Mike Redd are guys that meet those requirments but they scare me with their wanting to be the man. OJ and Redd were regulated to the bench last season and took it well. Monta acted like a bitch when GState drafted Curry which is kind of a red flag.

    Rich Hamilton could be traded and bought out, i think Chicago should wait for that while also persuing a big man.
    A big man who can score IN THE PAINT or PROTECT THE PAINT. Noah is not good enough at center to win a chip with, i think he’s a better PF.

    It’s time that Bulls management admit they flucked up witth the Boozer signing and trade that dude asap.

  • http://www.sdaasd.as Guitar Hero

    LeBron is probably more like FC Porto’s Hulk:
    great physical specimen,very good techincal ability,sometimes loses concentration and disappears from the match altogether.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Jimmer Fredette is just a glorified version of J.J. Reddick.

    Something is brewing in Utah. Why are they auditioning players projected to be taken in the late first round or second round?

    Aside from from Enas Kanter, Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight, and Fredette they are not auditioning other top tier prospects.

    Random question. Who was the porn star you jacked off the most? Is Tera Patrick on the list? Bree Olson?

  • Trey bing bay

    @iCARNACKi Messi is Argentinian. Rubio is Spanish. Not quite the same nationality.

    I’d take McGee over Hickson. He’s has more potential and well he’s much more exciting to watch.

  • yoda

    @ uqk

    drogba is a winner. lbj is cunt so he’s more like c. ronaldo. he can do a lot of things, but fails when he’s needed the most. thats why you can’t compare kobe and ronaldo. kobe is more like raul when he was young. dude just got his shit done. what ever it takes, he scores

  • sh!tfaced

    Jenna Jameson.

    Shit, I know my porn better than stinking soccer… lol

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ sh!tfaced

    They say that soccer moms are really good though. lol


    McGee is nice, but he would get BENCHED on a good team. Playing on pure athleticism only works when your team doesn’t really care about all the other things you fuck up… and he comes across as someone who will never really get it… if they gotta trade him to draft williams then they should. Him an Wall will be a solid foundation going forward, an it seems like such an obvious thing to say, but it really helps if you draft a sidekick when it comes to keeping your future star happy.

    On Rubio.. I’m looking forward to him getting into the L. its gonna take him a few years to adjust i think, because he does have flaws in his game and things he doesn’t do so well that most NBA players do, but he does a lot of other things brilliantly that most players just cant. i think in a few years he’s gonna be one of them most exciting players in the NBA… or playing back in Spain.

  • JA

    What about a Harris/Millsap for Bynum/Blake deal?

    Even though they say Bynum’s off the market, the Lakers need a bit of retooling in order to have another chance – and they definitely need an upgrade at PG. The Jazz could use a legit big to pair with Jefferson/Favors.

    A similar trade would be for my Raps to send Barg’s/Calderon for Bynum.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ alf

    i’m down with that…

    …as long as we’re talkin’ kids’ moms and not pro’s moms… haha

  • heckler

    Congrats to the Mavs. I didnt see the parade, but I could only imagine. I picked them to win the west when the playoffs started (although I didnt pick them to win the chip), they still made me proud as a basketball fan.

    DeShawn Stevenson needs to cool it now. enough is enough.
    take easy my neezy.

    JJ Hickson has already peaked. you gotta take Javale McGee over him any day of the week. sheeeit, even his mom is better than JJ Hickson!

    this draft sucks. the players might actually be good down the road, but this draft will suck. the only excitement will be who gets drafted at #3. and then who trades the rights to their pick for a future pick and cap relief.

    Jimmer Ferdette seems average as a basketball point guard. but i bet he could get minutes ahead of Mike Bibby right now!…hahahaha. Bibby SUCKS. I never really was on high Bibbs after that one playoff run in 2002. Jimmer will be like Eddie House.

    to me, this is actually THE BEST time of the NBA season. trade rumors GALORE.

  • P

    Parade was cool, nothing against Miami..Kidd Dirk Jet i was a Mavs fan for the finals

    this is a Depth draft any team looking for something more will have to wait

    Mcgee can turn into a more athletic Chandler someone sould try to steal him while he’s still putting it together

  • beiber newz

    LATEST BEIBER NEWZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ESPN’s Chad Ford wrote on Thursday that if the Lakers “won’t trade [Andrew] Bynum … Pau Gasol is their next best chip.”

  • beiber newz


    do you guys have any standards? i can understand having a favorite pornstar, I DON’T HAVE ONE, but to say you like it over a sport, or know it better than a sport..wow ! get a dayum life. LOSER shitface! you’re a FREAKIN loser and i knew it. you beat off all day bcuz you have no game in real life. you probably had dreams of havin sex with your mom. you probably hated high school. not becuz you couldn’t pass it, but becuz the jocks had the great life and you had acne and no game. so everyday was a bore of going home and buying tissue and lotion to excrete bodily fluids. you’re a loser shitface. a pure douche. you tool !!!!!!!!!

  • LeRoy Green

    The parade was CRAZY. I was there, it was wild, plenty bitches, fans out of control. COMPLETE PANDEMONIUM. Dallas has been riding with the Mavs for so long, we finally got to celebrate bein on top of the NBA ranks. Congrats to the team, I love my city.


    Sporty J waddup was happenin why i ain’t see u there????

  • beiber newz


    The Trail Blazers plan to wait until AFTER the draft to decide whether to offer an $8.8 million qualifying offer to Greg Oden.

    HA yea…it’s hard to believe they’ll just let him walk regardless of his history. they might as well give it to him now. stop the games.

  • beiber newz

    funny lil nugget i came across this morning:

    list of highest paid musicians for the last year:

    Lady Gaga – $90 Million
    Black Eyed Peas – $61 Million
    JUSTIN BIEBER !!!!!!!!! – $ 52 Million
    Usher – $46 Million
    Jay-Z – $37 Million
    Diddy – $35 Million (Music now accounts for less than 20% of earnings )
    Beyonce – $35 Million

    looks like the bieb topped giants such as jay z and beyonce. i wouldn’t put it passed shitface that he bought multiple copies of beiber material. what a dork.

  • deeds

    From experience I can tell you that Dirk is a WILD man to party with. I am from Germany, and i am sure most people will not believe me, but I have been out several times at the same place as Dirk (no we are not close friends or anything…talked a few times thats about it) and he loves to drink, and just loves to have a good time. Pretty much what you would expect out of him. Nash as well.

  • ab40

    Rubio is going press confrence was a few hours ago




  • That’s What’s Up

    I can see Dirk walking into a club with a long sleeve shirt and a bolo tie, and getting mad respect

  • beiber newz

    en fuego…go away. skat. shoo…git-atta-heee

  • Dan Tanner

    peeper newz. Your info is whack and full of knowledge. That be all.

  • Dan Tanner

    Ricky Rubio is the new John Stamos. A spaniard in Minnesota. No, no, only Russians!

  • Big Island

    That’s What’s Up – If Dirk walked into a place in a long sleeve shirt and a bolo tie he’d be getting my number.

    Beiber – Knowing more about soccer than porn makes you gay. It’s fucking soccer dude. Soccer. Titties>Footie.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Sporty-J was choked out by a Giant Bratwurst and has yet to regain consciousness

  • That’s What’s Up

    @ Big Island

    I’m a bit wary of you, but that was funny

  • Big Island

    That’s What’s Up – Unless you’re a 7′ German with a filthy jumper, you’re safe.

  • JBaller

    WTF happened to Smack? We got a guy named Beiber posting about pop star salaries and someone else taking a pole (pun intended) about your favorite porn star? At least no one answered Ron Jeremy!

    The Hickson/McGee question is a good one. If my team needed a center to do some offensive work within a system I’d take Hickson because he looks as if he could develop his game. As a Knicks fan we don’t need that with Melo and Amare, so I’d take McGee’s athleticism and shot blocking ability to offset Amare’s defensive limitations which are amplified by his offensive responsibilities.




  • Skeeter McGee

    He definitely has been brainwashed. He, referring to LeBron. If I was on covers of sports magazines and been talked about as the “savior of basketball” as LeBron was, I’d be the most big-headed dude out there. That being said, get rid of your boys running your enterprise and get some real people around you. Amare is one very, very smart dude, and maybe LeBron can learn from someone else who came in the league at 18 straight from H.S.

  • Skeeter McGee

    And you are on crack if you think this is the best time of the NBA season. I’ll take the heat of the Finals (no pun intended) over trade rumors anyday…

  • jdizzle

    @McSimon wouldn’t Artest be Zinedine Zidane?

  • Kevin

    Why do people keep saying LeBron should fire his management team? All they’ve done is help make him one of the 10 richest athletes in the world, and last I checked LeBron has the highest selling jersey in the NBA. Then people talk shit about “The Decision,” but more than 10 million people watched it. Sounds like Team LeBron is doing its job just fine. He’s not going to fire them because some overzealous media and hater fans are determined to make everything he does look bad.

  • McSimon

    Why the hell Zizuo?
    Zidane is one of greatest ever, can’t even compare him with anyone

  • Skeeter McGee

    If a buncha your boys were running your shit, do you think they would ever tell you you’re not the shit? Think about it. It’s like Entourage man, when you’re paycheck is coming from your boy, you don’t tell him how you really feel…

  • dbo

    best player in this years draft is Marshon Brooks, hands down.

  • Big Island

    I wouldn’t can my whole team if I were Lebron, but I would bring in a guy who could keep everything in check if needed. Just someone to say no, or let him know when he’s getting carried away. Yeah, he is one of the more popular guys in the league, but he is quickly becoming the least popular guy. When the biggest part of your plan is to be a global icon, public opinion is all that matters.

    I’d take McGee over Hickson. Neither guy is going to be be your go to guy, so I’d take the bigger, more athletic guy that can get you some garbage buckets, big blocks, and some dunks. they have the same ceilings as Tyson Chandler and maybe Antawn Jamison, and I’d take Chandler. Hickson might give you better numbers, but his impact won’t be as big. Like Chris Kaman has better numbers than Dikembe had, but everyone would take Deke.

  • First & Foremost

    The Hickson & Mcgee debate depends on the rest of your team. Up tempo, I’d go Mcgee. When that guy runs the break, well… you can just ask Kyle Korver. If I’m running 1/2 court sets or playing against some weak ass 2-3 zone, I’d roll with Hickson roamin gthe baseline/setting screens/hitting short jumpers. C’mon, have you see Mcgee’s hookshot? Plus, you can ask Dawayne Wade about Hickson on a run out.

  • beiber newz

    lol….where do i start?
    you know why you guys are turds?
    first off..did i mention SOCCER specifically? NO !!!!

    soccer is boring as hell. as many americans would agree, not ALL but “many” americans. so it’s a pretty safe bet that snail watching would draw more interest from youths in america than soccer.

    next…in knowing this, the DICKROD in post 39 had a message which basically said “ooogah boogah of course porn is better than soccer oogah boogah” ……..um okay! thanx for informing me. loser.

    ironically…you make it sound so obvious, like soccer isn’t cool. so why tell me that ANYTHING AT ALL is better than soccer?? dimwit.

    the loser in post 20 is the dumb squirrel. why mention that you know porn better than soccer? i don’t think i would have to know you to assume that.

    i used the word SPORT !!!!! you guys can get off my meat.

    why doesn’t the idiot in post 20 also say, he knows porn better than taking care of old people?

    or that he knows porn better than counting the hairs on a porcupine?

    or that he knows porn better than en fuego?

  • jdizzle

    @McSimon I mean as far as the whole headbutt thing. Im not gonna front and act like I know soccer. In fact the only reason I know who Zidane is is because of the headbutt.


    What a psycho loser. He goes psycho on anybody who disagrees with his fucked up stupid faggot opinions.



  • beiber newz

    lolol en fuego always knows how to make me laugh.


    That all you gonna say, faggot?

    You got nothin’ on me, bicht. That’s right HAHAHAHAHA

  • beiber newz

    lol lol … you’re pone special specimen. lolol anytime i need a laugh, you come through. in the mean time…i’m having trouble finding the word “bicht” in the dictionary. lol !!

  • Dan Tanner

    Bieber, you need to watch some porn. Type into google “girls with huge titties rimjobs while being choked” It will change your little life.

  • beiber newz

    dan tanner…surprised you didn’t suggest your favorite section “dick on dick action”. u fairy.

  • Zenchimo’d

    pimpslap and Dharris for lamarcus aldridge and a 2 round draft pick? jazz always find the diamonds in the 2 round of the draft

  • beiber newz

    i would kill for the lakers to steal the spurs draft scouts. they have been the best scouts since the dawn of time.

  • Dan Tanner

    Bieber, no. Type in “Big tittied Asian girl pukes on friend” into google. It will make your arm hair grow and balls drop off! THE SPURS SCOUTS SUCK ASS, lakers are way better, they ended up with Lamar odom, Chuck Glazer, and AC Green