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NBA Trade Rumor: Jonny Flynn & No. 2 For DeMar DeRozan & No. 5

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan (Photo. Nicky Woo)

It’s no secret that Ricky Rubio‘s arrival in Minnesota most likely means Jonny Flynn‘s departure, but the question one everyone’s mind has been where will he land. The initial thoughts were that Flynn could be traded to either Sacramento or Toronto, and now it appears the latter has some legs to it.

From Stephen Litel of HOOPSWORLD:

Recent reports state the Timberwolves are in discussion with the Toronto Raptors regarding a deal which would send Jonny Flynn and the No. 2 pick to Toronto for guard DeMar DeRozan and the No. 5 selection. While the Timberwolves should continue their due diligence to see if they are able to get more from their assets than only DeRozan, if this is the best they can do, they should think long and hard about it.

In a straight player swap, a Flynn-for-DeRozan deal seems to make sense for both teams. The Raptors are in need of a franchise point guard, and the T-Wolves are in need of a starting two. And with Derrick Williams the clear selection at No. 2 in this month’s NBA Draft, Minnesota has every incentive to try and move this pick. We know that Flynn is on the block, and Michael Beasley‘s name has also surfaced in trade talks as well. Whether or not these are package deals with the pick remains to be seen.

What do you think of this trade?

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  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    I think this might work out

  • Scott

    Is Williams that much better than DeRozan? And is Flynn that much better than what the Raps can get at No. 5?

    Williams feels like a bust, and Flynn has played like one… meanwhile, DeRozan seems to be developing into a legit starting SG.

  • derik

    i wouldn’t touch DeRozan for anybody in this year’s draft class….

  • yentron

    steal for minny if they can pull it off

  • heckler

    does make any sense for Minnesota at all.
    if the best they can get with the #2 pick is a shooting guard who CANT shoot, they may as well keep the pick.

    Wolves are better off drafting Derrick Williams, and then trading him on draft night. In the scenario this season, the player is more valuable to them than the pick.

    also, Minnesota HAS to know that they will not be able to sign Kevin Love to a long term extension when he is due for one. That dude is gone-zo; back to the west coast for sure. might as well have Derrick Williams now and start grooming him for the (leftover) takeover.

    as for Jonny Flynn, I was a fan, but he just isnt that good of an NBA point guard. If Minny really wants to move him, Im sure they can still get more than Demar. They should just trade Jonny Flynn to Orlando and get Gilbert Arenas. why not?…

    Ricky Rubio
    Gilbert Arenas
    Derrick Williams
    Kevin Love

    and off the bench…wesley johnson, mikey beasley, martell webster, luke ridnour, anthony randolph etc etc etc

  • north

    I’d love to see Toronto try to send Jose to mentor Rubio in Minny and take back Beaz… The Wolves draft Williams and the Raptors take Knight if he’s there, or a center… I think the feeling in TO is that Bayless did a good job and deserves a chance with DeMar, Beasley, Ed Davis and a center they’d do ok. I’m sure they can get some bench or another pick for Bargnani.

  • beiber newz

    toronto will never win a title so stop caring

  • karmatic

    derrick williams plays a lot bigger than derozan, and can shoot the 3; not sure demar will ever extend his range out that far. i think derrick williams is already a better, and more versatile defender/shot blocker. giving up a #5 pick in a really weak draft for jonny flynn? neither one is likely to amount to much. the raps still need a true center, and need to get rid of calderon.

  • Brown

    Unless Calderon and Bargnani are shipped out, any trade the Raps make isn’t going to improve the team’s fortunes.

  • darko’s doughnuts

    Derozan is Derozan…Toronto is not Toronto

  • http://dimemag.com Tdot

    It’s more like flynn + no.2 for calderon + no. 5

    Demar isnt going anywhere, trust me.

  • Big Island

    If Toronto is serious, Minny should jump at that. Then yell “NO TAKEBACKS”.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    DeMar and Wes Johnson on the same team… -_-

  • the boss

    Wow being a toronto fan this is absolutely STUPID! Derozan has shown great improvement through the years and is easily the fan favourite on the team. At number 2 we can get Williams who is an undersized pf, most likely the next Beasley (bust) and flynn who is a nobody now. While at number 5 we may be able to get Knight (long shot) or Kemba Walker for sure who is easily better than Flynn



    If Toronto do this trade they should automatically lose their NBA team on the spot.

    I’d still ponder the merits of it if it was Flynn and #2 for DeRozan on his own. If he was in this draft with what we know now (which we do in the case of this trade) he would be the consensus #1 pick… he has more upside than anyone in this draft. They would essentially be trading DeRozan for Flyyn to move up 3 spots in a weak draft… they are idiots if they do that trade.

    I would LOVE to see Michael Beasley go to Toronto provided they keep Davis & DeRozan.

    I feel like Calderon for Beasley is perfectly acceptable for both teams. It gives Minnesota a veteran leader and mentor for Rubio and fills a big gap at SF in Toronto while allowing them to take whoever is left out of Knight/Walker in the draft.

    Beasley has been so unfairly treated in his NBA career it is bordering on criminal.

  • ab40

    derrick williams is not more talented than beasley, love and anthony randolph and webster and johson deserve time at the three. Rubio coming in and those crazy euro bigs on the fice this is gonna be a fun team to watch

  • jdid

    Dumbest trade idea ever. Must be from someone in Minnesota. Derozen has proven that he can play in this league at an elite level and will only get better. Flynn hasnt done anything and we dont know what we will get with a tweener like Williams.

    Anyone in the Toronto braintrust actually considering this is on crack.

  • bigger_dady

    williams’ ceiling reminds me of another no2 pick, williams, marvin williams….


    bad teams making bad trade that wont improve either one of their teams. this is why they are bad teams….

  • http://netshype.blogspot.com netstar

    Flynn’s hip is shot and he will never have the same explosivness