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NBA Trade Rumor: Spurs May Trade Tony Parker

Tony Parker

As we briefly mentioned in Smack today, there are rumblings that the Spurs are using Tony Parker as bait to get into the top 10 in Thursday’s NBA Draft. Parker, a three-time All-Star who averaged 17.5 points and 6.6 assists last year, just recently turned 29 and still has three more years and $37 million left on his contract (plus a final year for $12.5 that is unguaranteed).

Yahoo! Sports writes:

The Spurs have talked to teams in the lottery, including the Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings, who hold the fifth and seventh picks, respectively. The Kings are determined to get a frontline point guard, and have also talked with the Denver Nuggets about Raymond Felton.

It’s unclear who the Spurs would prefer to take if they acquired a high lottery pick.

If the Spurs were to trade Parker, George Hill could become their starting point guard. League sources said Hill also has drawn trade interest from teams willing to give the Spurs a pick near the back end of the lottery.

ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeted earlier that San Antonio wants to attach Richard Jefferson and the $30 million left on his deal into the trade, which would ultimately screw up any opportunity to deal with Toronto or Sacramento. Neither of them would want Jefferson.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski also tweeted that the Spurs’ brass has coveted Kings’ forward Omri Casspi for a while, and would probably find a way to bring him to San Antonio along with the pick (Casspi hasn’t exactly been overly happy in California this past year).

The guy the Spurs are targeting? Jonas Valanciunas says DraftExpress.com’s Jonathan Givony. The seven footer would be the perfect Spurs pick. His buyout has teams shying away from picking him, even though he’s probably considered the top international prospect and has All-Star upside. At just 19 years old, he probably won’t be in the NBA until 2012-13 at the earliest. Basically, exactly the type of guy San Antonio always steals.

Keep in mind that Parker has been outspoken all year about San Antonio’s future. He’s said multiple times he doesn’t know if the Spurs can still contend, and seemed to break a level of trust with the organization.

The problem with all of this? By breaking up whatever is left of their core, and then drafting someone who might not contribute for two to three years could spell doom for Manu and Duncan (especially if they also take back salary in return). They can’t afford to wait.

Still, these trade rumors point to one thing: if the Spurs are going to make a move this summer, it will probably involve trading their franchise point guard.

Is it the right move to trade Parker?

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  • cesar

    lol a parker and udrih meeting again!

  • cesar

    spurs wanna create an euroversion of the 99’s twin towers w/ splitter and valanciunas?

  • cesar

    [im brazilian, ‘n’ i know that tiago is brazilian too, not european, ok?]

  • Celts Fan

    Ya. Great move. This isnt at all like dumping chauncey to make way to stuckey. Not at all… SMH

  • nba

    Do a trade with Portland and Sacramento

    Spurs get:Andre Miller,5th,Rudy Fernandez

    Trail-Blazers get: George Hill

    Kings get: Richard Jefferson,Rudy Fernandez,Spurs draft Pick 1st and Blazers draft pick 1st

    I think this makes sense for everybody Spurs get a good back to Parker without braking up there core they also get the 5th pick Blazers get a True PG in Hill which won’t be easy to find in the Draft and Kings get a Starter and a 6th man like MANU in Rudy on there tean and 2 picks which would make there team WAY better

    6th Fernandez

    6th Roy

    (Draft pick)
    6th Miller

  • Big Hook

    If the Spurs do this, they might as well trade Manu and tank the season to get a high pick in next season’s deep draft.

  • Big Hook

    @nba no way the Kings take on Jefferson’s contract and move down from #5 to #21 and #29. Basically you want the Kings to trade #5 for Rudy, #21 and #29.

  • beiber newz

    like i said before..parker is the most tradeable asset the spurs have. manu who?

  • Dan Tanner

    trade the whole team, they are all old and flop like motherfuckers. Seriously that entire team deserves to never win another title, they flop harder than Chris Bosh.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Hide yo’ wives!

  • That’s What’s Up

    In the last year Parker got divorced, banged Brent Barry’s wife and them told the world his team was shit.

    In San Antonio they call that the Fuck-Up Trifecta.

    Grounds for immediate dismissal

  • heckler

    if the spurs expect to keep playing into the nba finals, then they gotta make a move. somewhere somehow. i dont think any of us believed they were really as good as their 60win season. i remember HALF of us on here picking the Grizz to win the 1st round series.

    what the spurs should actually do, is TRADE timmy duncan before its too late. i think his best years are behind him. but timmy still has trade value around the league. trading tony parker aint a bad concept, be he aint gonna net san antonio anything worthwhile. btw, george hill is NOT ready to be a lead guard. the comparison to rodney stuckey is quite accurate.

    imagine if the spurs traded tim duncan and richard jefferson to the utah jazz for the #3 pick, derrick favors and memhet okur…HAHAHAHAHA….pure comedy!!!

  • beiber newz

    @thats whats up: barry’s wife is hawt. i just googled her. i’m not mad at tony. but he broke more than one of the 10 commandments by doing that shameful act. shame on him

  • Duncanrules

    Good, I’m sick of seeing him miss easy as fuck layups. Somehow I think S.A needs to make a run for D12 and use Tony and maybe Blair, Bonner, and Anderson as bait. Also try to get Steph Curry while we’re at it too.

  • premise

    the spurs need get rid of popovich. Popovich should have been starting or at least giving major minutes to tiago splitter from the begining, especially after dejuan grew titties in feb. He should not have played the big 3 the last few games of the season, then I believe the spurs would have beaten memphis in game 1 thereby possibly changing the outcome of the series.

  • http://www.twitter.com/tootalented21 Talented

    Maybe……………………………….Miami Heat?? Unless Mario Chalmers goes off for 51, then Tony Parker: Welcome to south beach..

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Hm…so the Spurs sacrifice a few wins this year to get a better talent in this draft…thus improving their chances to get a stud in next year’s GOOD draft.

    Yea, I’d say they know what they’re doing.

  • First & Foremost

    @dagwaller – That idea is so absurd, it might just work… again

  • Ian

    thats not happening.
    get parker the fuck out i want hill to start anyways.
    pop please give splitter mns next season or tank so we can pull a 97 again.

    manu cant get traded i wouldnt feel right rooting for another team.