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NBA Trade Talk Includes Pau Gasol & Kevin Love; Vince Carter Is Nearing The End

Vince Carter

Vince Carter, Dime #21

Who’s excited to see Ricky Rubio finally play NBA basketball? We’re trying to see what the fuss is about. Rubio, who arrived in Minnesota yesterday, has great court vision and is adept at dribbling. The pluses – that we’re sure of – pretty much stop there. He defers and avoids creating for himself with no steady jumper. At 16, he was a phenom. But now at 21, what is he? Did he already peak? All is not lost for Rubio though. He could flourish if he develops his midrange game and incorporates floaters into his repertoire. You don’t have to be a five-star athlete to be a problem. It remains to be seen but, in the long run he can make things work in the NBA … Speaking of Rubio, we’re ripe for a discussion about which position “runs” the NBA. The “it’s a point guard’s league” motto has popped up more than a few times in the past year. Stars, vets and emerging 1’s left their mark throughout the season, from MVP Derrick Rose to long-time pro Jason Kidd to developing youngsters like Jrue Holiday and Darren Collison. Kyrie Irving‘s potential #1 status would perpetuate the trend. He may not be as good as his forerunners but it’d nonetheless be a symbolic gesture for the importance of the point … Swingmen, pure off-guards and traditional 4’s trail the league’s court generals. Yet things get really ugly when you get to the centers. The complete dearth of quality 5’s has us wondering what happened to the big man? Now, they’re mainly used to clog the lane, grab boards and get garbage points. Dwight Howard‘s far and away the best center in the league. We’re not holding our breath on seeing a revival via this year’s draft either. Enes Kanter is the most notable center prospect, but he hasn’t had many opportunities to shine against great competition. How much better would the league be if the center spot ever came back in a big way? … With a draft devoid of big names and big talents, you can expect trade rumors to take over Thursday night. Pau Gasol, Andre Iguodala, Monta Ellis, Chris Kaman, Jonny Flynn and Kevin Love are just a few of the names that have been mentioned as potential movers. At least give David Kahn credit for being aggressive. He got Rubio when no one ever thought he would. Now, he’s shopping the second pick in the draft and there also appears to be some truth to the rumor that Kevin Love could be had for the right cost. Kahn is interested in teaming Rubio with another Spaniard, Pau Gasol, and there are rumors a proposed trade had Love and the second pick in the draft going to L.A. for Gasol. We have a hard time believing that. But could the two teams meet somewhere in-between? … The Warriors are denying that Ellis is being shopped. Yet no one believes them. At some point in the next year or so, whether it happens now or at the trade deadline, Ellis will probably be gone … Perhaps the craziest trade rumor so far comes from Milwaukee where sources say the Bucks offered Andrew Bogut and the 10th pick to Minnesota to move up to the second spot. If Kahn pulled that off, he’d be off the hook for Kaaaaaahnnnnn jokes for at least a few months … While he more than likely won’t be traded, Vince Carter is on his way out of Phoenix. With his contract next season only partially guaranteed, the Suns plan to kick him to the curb within the next few days. Is this the end of an era? And if it is, what will be your definitive VC memory? At the time it happened, who would’ve ever thought the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest would be that? That was supposed to be just the beginning … And it looks like Toronto will hire Mavs assistant Dwane Casey as their new head coach … Check out the stories of some of the guys who came through Los Angeles this weekend for the Red Bull King of the Rock tournament … We’re out like VC.

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  • pipdaddyy

    Pau was crap in the playoffs, but no need to give him up if you are the Lakers. I understand they are still in love with Bynum, and its a luxury to have two good centers, but Gasol is way better than Love. As for Derrick Williams, anyone could use him, but it makes no sense if you consider him a PF, as Odom is likely already the best bench PF in the league.


    Trade Bynum for Dwight. Keep Gasol for his offensive, that feathery touch is handy.

  • Soopa

    …because Orlando would love only getting an injury prone attitude problem in return for the best C in the league the last 5 years and the next 5 years.

  • alf (from melmak)

    If I were David Kahn, I would draft Enes Kanter at number 2.

    This would give them a starting unit of Ricky Rubio, Wesley Johnson, Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, and Kanter with Martell Webster and Anthony Randolph as your sixth and seventh man.

    I guess most would agree that core could compete. They might even be fun to watch.

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    I bet Lakers fans would really appreciate if the Management trades Bynum to Kevin Love.


    I’ve said it loads of times; if the Lakers get the #2 pick and Kevin Love for Pau Gasol I am straight up just becoming a Lakers fan, because they clearly have some pact with the devil that allows them to rip off other team’s GMs.

    You people are seriously overrating Pau Gasol, getting #2 pick and Love for him is a complete steal.

    Then in the draft they either get everything they could wish for in Irving or draft Derrick Williams and Odom becomes expendable to use for going out and getting a PG… is Odom for Salmons and Jennings all that ridiculous… all things considered?

    If Kahn gets Bogut and #10 for #2 then the jokes will stop… it will be the best move of the summer.

    If he can’t get value for the #2 pick then I agree Kahn should just draft Kanter… it isn’t much of a reach and he fills the biggest need there.

    No one said anything about Bynum for Love???

    I’m out like any other teams chance of winning if LA has a team of:

    D. Williams


  • First & Foremost

    Why is everyone overlooking Darko? [laugh and pee a little] Anyway, he averaged 2 blocks a game attempting to hold down a defense that consisted of notable players such as: ??? A four that never contests a shot, a three that never rotates, and a one that looks primed to give up a big night.

    So draft Kanter if you want to, but you have to be confident that Kanter right now will come in better than Darko. You don’t draft a backup Center 2nd overall, isn’t that right Memphis?

  • Lee

    I like Dime’s analysis that Carter shot a dismal 42% … that’s close to Iverson’s career average.

  • Patrick

    It is a point guards league now because the NBA changed the rules. There are a few centers in the league that could have been significantly better contributors if they had played 10-15 years ago, and there are a number of point guards who would have been playing overseas had they come out at the same time.

    Bynum would have been a beast, Marcin Gortat could probably have been a 20-10 guy, and a few other guys would have at least had a chance. Centers used to play on the low block. It used to be a physical game. Now the opposing team’s point guard can play D on the center because the defense just falls down on every play. The first step in the dream shake was a hard jab in with the baseline foot. Today that would have been a defender laying on the ground 90% of the time, and as I hate hearing Mark Jackson say it would be a “smart play”.

    Think about how effective a lot of these point guards would be if they were still allowed to touch each other. Do you think Tony Parker would have ever led the league in points in the paint? Would JJ Barea have even been in the league to take that classless, but not really so hard playoff foul from Bynum? Would Steve Nash’s back have given out on him 10 years ago rather than just needing to lay on the floor between quarters? It used to be considered a soft euro thing to flop. Now 6’9 260 LBJ does it at mid court when the man he is checking is doing a reverse dribble.

    That’s about as much rant as I have in me. I love basketball and I will still watch it, but I liked it better when the NBA was a man’s league.

    Can you imagine a previous draft where anyone would consider taking a below the rim 6’2 point guard over a 6’8 athletic beast that shot 56% from 3?

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    @ iCARNACKi:

    Lakers would likely be the one getting the worst of a Love and #2 for Pau trade. I think you might be overvaluing Kevin Love. Gasol is one of the most skilled bigs in the league, hes proven himself in the playoffs, Love has put up great numbers on a horrible team. He had a miserable playoffs, but no reason to burn down the house just yet, he should have some good years left in him. He only helped lead them to the last two chips.

  • SoulChorea

    Kevin Love, eh? Well, change “Pau Gasol” to read “Andrew Bynum”, and you got yourself a deal.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @9 – preach it

  • Brown

    My memory of VC will be 1) the amazing dunk contest and 2) becoming a whiny, pouty little bitch and a shell of his former self.

    VC and TMAC could have been the best one-two punch the league has seen since Jordan and Pippen, but their egos got in the way. Neither of them ever did anything notable in the playoffs after leaving Toronto. The Raptors still haven’t recovered for losing both of them for essentially nothing.

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    I will never understand why players allow their contracts to be structured in a way that if they get cut they lose so much money. Just does not make any sense to me.

  • north

    the Mavs with an old Kidd, the Lakers with Fischer, and the Celtics with a relatively inexperienced Rondo… it might be a point guards season, but it is not a point guards playoffs.

  • deeds

    I truely hope no teams give Vince Carter a shot and he is out of the league for good now. Good riddence to that all-talent / no hustle / no heart waste of a human being. He could have been one of the all time greats but he just didn’t care.

    People wanting to get rid of Gasol are crazy IMO. Love is nice and all, but Pau was your best player in the boston series the last time you won a chip (i know kobe is better overall….i just mean THAT series). Sure he didn’t play up to par last year, but it happens to everyone once in a while. You don’t trade away one of the best big men in the league for a guy like Love who plays no D is puts up empty stats on a bad team. And i love me some Love…im just sayin.

  • Atom


    don’t forget the heat making it to the finals starting the ghost of mike Bibby.

    good point though, For all the talk of it being a point gaurds league, it’s been forever since a true point gaurd led team has taken it all. the last was probably the billups pistons, but still debateable.


    if you think kevin love is netter than pau you are on that stuff. kevin love played on a crappy team where he was the best player. thats it. he never out played the stars when they played each other. look nobody wants to play for Minnesota after you have played with the big boys. that’s a trade down, players want to play on championship teams.

    Vince carter was just stuck in a bad situation. nobody wants to play for Toronto, and when a kid gets placed in that loosing culture, and never on tv, it works on there mind. john wall is going thru the same problem.

    this draft is a bust i would sell my draft pick and make my decision from training/ work out camps and whose unsigned in the summer league. the only guarantee contracts are to players drafted in the first round, why bother. who knows who will be out there waiting in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

  • That’s What’s Up

    Vince/Marbury/Sprewell/Iverson – what’s with those Guards? they either gave up, or lost it and couldn’t adjust

  • P

    The rules do favor guards..not a fan of hand checking at all on the other hand if a defender is moving his feet allowing a little contact is a step in the right direction…

    For LA if Dwight comes in clean house other than that losing Gasol will hurt..Its time for Vince to chase a ring…again

  • JDish

    A’ight lets go NBA teams, cook-up some trade rumors that 90% will probably never happen cause this years draft lacks star power and well… any kind of controvercial material that would spice up the NBA at a time when things begin to get real slow. Last year it was all about the Heat, and Blake Griffin. Now it’s like … “so now what do we do?”

  • JAY

    “Vince carter was just stuck in a bad situation.”

    ^^^ Excuses, excuses, excuses. You can’t put Vince’s lack of motivation on anything else but himself. His decline began after he signed his first 7 years extension. That’s an indication of him being content with the money. Call it the Eddy Curry mentality –> Why try hard if I’m getting paid the same amount whether I bust my ass or go through the motions. That’s the effect of guaranteed money has on soft-ass players. Ballers will ball whether they get the big contract or not.

    “nobody wants to play for Toronto, and when a kid gets placed in that loosing culture, and never on tv, it works on there mind.”
    You’re talking like he changed into a hustling, motivated beast when he played with Kidd on the Nets, with Dwight on the Magic, and with Nash last year. He was still the same dude who would lay on the floor for a couple minutes holding his face after getting hit on shoulder.

    Are you really putting AI and Vince in the same sentence? Really? If Vince had just half of Iverson’s heart, he’d be a top 50 player. Too bad Vince has half Milicic’s heart.

  • JAY

    Half-man, Half-A-Milicic

  • JDish

    Qn: Is the shift in the way the NBA game is played now at fault for deminishing the importance of the Center?
    Think about it, the center is less important because now its like run and gun, throw the lob to the power forward who is crazy-athletic and can dunk the ball like a beast. Look at the Centers right now like Tyson Chandler, its pick and roll and throw it up there so he can just dunk it…thats basically the Center right there. Super athletic, flashy, can almost tear the rim off the hinges.
    Who are the traditional centers who still exist now, Andrew Bogut, Chris Kaman, Pau Gasol…(help me out here). But these guys are now less important than having Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul and such on your team.

  • Tha Boddy “draft journeyman”

    John Wall has been in the L a year and the Wizards have a great owner in Ted Leonsis who has already taken one bottom feeder team (the NHL Washington Capitals) and formed them into a top tier team. Wiz games will get on TV because of who John Wall is and the ppl who want play with him will come some with star power. Don’t assume the Wall will fall or falter in the DMV hes got got the Nations capital plus behind him

  • dbo

    What I’m afraid of is, Kevin Love may be overvalued, just like Chris Bosh was. An alright player on a very bad team that only did well because he was the #1 option. In LA he definitely wouldnt be option #1. This trade sounds intriging, but I wouldnt pull the plug on Pau just yet. I would put him on a ridiculous strength training plan and see if he could gain at least 10lbs of muscle. Then if it doesnt work out pull the plug next year.

  • Big Island

    I would make that trade if I were the Lakers. They are getting away from the triangle, obviously Jim Buss is going with Bynum as the centerpiece moving forward so the Dwight trade is out, and it might help them get a point guard. They pair Love with Bynum, tons of rebounds, and Bynum has the paint because Love can shoot. Then they get the #2 pick which will be Irving or Williams. If it’s Irving, you have your young PG, if it’s Williams, you turn him into a point guard in a trade. Minny is going to lose Love anyway when he is a FA, so try to get something now.

    The centers aren’t what they used to be because you can get by in college without having one. There are only a certain number of 7 footers out there. If I were coaching a college team, I am taking a 6’9″ athletic guy (there are more of those guys than 7 footers) over a 7′ project because you can hide in a zone defense. Plus it’s a 3 point shooting game in college so you don’t need a center. No big guys get to develop (remember how garbage Duncan was early at Wake?). In the NBA, you take the best available guy, and maybe a flyer on a big guy and hope he develops. The rules allow guards to flourish in the NBA, but the lack of big guys is due more to the fact that you just don’t need them in college anymore.

  • sonic

    Lakers would definitely want Flynn thrown into the deal if a Love-Gasol trade went down – just a thought

  • goattree

    @North – Not a point guards playoffs? The Lakers and Celtics both got bounced in the second round so I wouldn’t consider them as having much of an impact on the playoffs.

    Take a look at the Conference Finals
    – Miami – sure they had the ghost of Mike Bibby/the underappreciated Chalmers, but they are the only one of the final 4 teams without a legimate PG
    – Chicago – League MVP who plays point guard, nuff said.
    – OKC Thunder – Westbrook is arguably 1B to KD’s 1A options on that team. Very PG oriented (Game 7 triple double against the Mavericks, are you kidding me!?)
    – Which leaves us with the eventual Champions, and their “old” pg Jason Kidd. I’ve never been a huge fan, but dammit you gotta respect the guy. With career totals in the top 3 all time for three’s made, assists and steals, and now a ring to his name (one up on ya there Stockton), don’t you think Kidd deserves to be mentioned in the discussion of “greatest pg of all-time”??? The fact that he’s old and still playing amazing D on LeBron/Wade and knocking down three pointers, should just make you respect him even more.

    Fact of the matter is that this is a point guard’s league right now. Which is why this Raptors fan is hoping that Kemba Walker can bring some magic to the ACC that we haven’t had since Mighty Mouse left town (although Rafer Alston did tease us a bit for awhile there….)

  • beiber newz

    if the laker trade happens, u guys have to pen your eyes and realize derrick williams will not start over the more experienced laker LAMAR ODOM. please get that in your heads. why would kobe feel comfortable starting with a rookie? lamar knows the sysytem. he knows kobe. he knows how to pass. the starting lineup needs a guy with triple double capabilities. why am i the only one with this mentality? williams will be a good bench player for an established lakers core up until artest moves on. sheeeeeesh !!!!!!!!! UNDERSTAND THAT. AND STOP THE WILLIAMS STARTING FOR THE LAKERS TALK. THE LAKERS ARE NOT THE LOWLY TWOLVES !

  • deeds

    To say that Vince carter was put in a bad situation is a joke. The team he came into the league with had TMAC, Anotionio Davis, Charles Oakley, Doug Christie (in his prime) Alvin Williams, Dee Brown, Kevin Willis. And that team only got BETTER the next year adding Jerome Williams and Del Curry among others. He was THE face of a franchise and a country and was all over every single highlight. He wouldn’t have been traded straight up for Kobe bryant after his 3rd year. That’s how good things were for him. Then he stoppped trying the minute things got difficult whatsoever. He would have failed no matter where he was with the paper-thin psyche he has.

  • LakeShow84

    No we are not trading Gasol (a 2 time champion, Euro league champion, Olympic Gold medalist, ROY, etc,etc) for fucking Kevin Love lol

    That would be the dumbest trade in the past 5 years for us.. Even with the pick.. Williams aint going to be ready for another 2-3 years and dont even get me started on Irving..

  • CLAW

    @sonic: Good point, what if Johnny Flynn was thrown in as well? Lamar being able to play the 4 is another reason why you might do the trade. Yes Gasol has a better post game and plays better D than Love or Odom but the upgrade at PG of Flynn would be huge and Derick Williams as a 6th man coming off the bench, they get deeper and addressed their PG spot.

    Maybe I’m giving Williams too much love but in the tourney he was killing teams! Very athletic and does well in passing out of the double teams.

  • Doc

    Trade Gasol for Tina Charles.

  • CLAW

    So why did Shannon Brown say he wasn’t banging Gasol’s girlfriend? Didn’t he just get married? Is he related to Lebron in any way?

  • First & Foremost

    @ Post 30 – So what system exactly would Mike Brown be running that Lamar Odom is so familiar with? Lamar doesn’t even mind coming off the bench, he gets his anyway. IF IT WERE TO HAPPEN, I could see Williams getting the trial by fire & tough love approach. Play until he Fs up, go sit in the corner, and then comes back to the game once he realized his mistake.

    IF the Lakers made the trade and IF they get to select Williams… nothing says, “He left a great legacy” like passing the torch to a disciple.

  • D-NICE

    @ deeds and JAY….thank you for taking the words right out of my damn mouth…..can’t understand how some people can even try to stick up for Wince after seeing how weak hearted he really is….if a lot of his games weren’t televised and he didn’t get a lot of exposure when he was with T Dot(which is not completely true) how could some of the people defending him truly know that he was “just in a bad situation”? …..I can’t lie, I was a huge fan and that dunk contest just made him seem in “vince”able to me…until he showed me and true raps fans that he is a soft, whiny, heartless, injury faking, chump who cared more about money than winning and leaving a great legacy behind for other players to aspire to…..No heart + wasted talent equals wince carters epic fail

  • Bear

    When you look at the best players in the league, in the top 50 there would be more point guards in there than any other position.

    Love for Gasol? Not sure about that!!! Love is a solid player but can you really imagine him duplicating this season’s stats with Black Mamba and Bynum!!??!! NO WAY! (especially with Bynum saying he needs more touches on offense next season….ha ha Good one Andrew!).

    Lasting impression of VC….. Okay here’s where i rant!

    First off Vince was(is?)one of my favourite players. Yeah i know not a great choice, but i idolized the guy. I know he has many faults, and is hard to get Motivated (which you shouldn’t have to be in the NBA, it’s the NBA for F*ck’s sake!), but i stayed with him. In 2001 Toronto could’ve gone further and it came down to the last shot in game 7, i remember. All anyone talked about was vince arriving late to the arena after he attended his Graduation. Ballers have a relativly short career, look at antoine walker (BANKRUPT, SERIOUSLY??!!!!). Players like to have things to fall back on (Shaq, law inforcement, diploma’s). Yes they earn millions and millions but they get used to it and spend millions. Player’s want to know they have something after their playing days.

    Secondly, WHEN Vince can get motivated he can be amazing, when he was at New Jersey he was brilliant, if anyone say’s anything different they obviously didn’t watch them. They didn’t go as far as the previous years with K-mart, etc (Finals back to back)but they didn’t have such a in depth team. Kidd and Carter did all they could and couldn’t get it done, that’s the truth.

    Thirdly, In Orlando, Vince played alot better than people remember. They only focus on the bad stuff, Boston were on a mission in the east finals that year. Pierce was torching Vince (And Matt barnes, who’s alot better defender than Vince), but instead everyone says vince didn’t step up. If i was the magic i still would have Vince over Hedo! I will NEVER forget that Hedo was the main reason in my mind that Orlando lost game 4 in 2009 finals. He should have hit his free throws when they had the lead but he didn’t. Vince didn’t get to have a chance to throw away a game. With regards to the suns, even if they manged to scrap through to the playoffs, they would’ve been bounced out straightaway. Bearing in Mind Vince’s motivational skills, that’s not going to make him play hard. I hated seeing him in Phoenix, it was the worst i’ve ever seen him (Mentally, Body language, motivation and physical shape), and last year in Toronto was BAD! Phoenix needed to have a good pick and roll with Nash, instead they had Gortat or Warrick with him. They aren’t exactly STAT!.

    Finally, Vince’s ego didn’t get in the way at toronto, T-Mac’s did, that’s why he left. Vince got injured, struggled with it, when he recovered, so many of the players that were there either were traded, retired or too old to do anything from previous years. He lost motivation, no doubt. Is that an excuse, HELL NO! But that’s who he is, he never changed, the people disappointed in him want him to be someone that he isn’t. People surely have better things to do than moan that a player never became a greater player. Nothing can change, the only thing that MAY happen is a contender MAY sign Vince and he hit’s a shot or has a major impact in a game or 2’s outcome. It’s a longshot but stranger things have happened. Peace

  • VC sux A$$

    Glad to see that VC’s career is over! If only this guy had some ball$ of his own and a work ethic to go with his talent, he would’ve been the best player in the NBA these last 10 years…he had more talent than TMac, better athleticism than Kobe, but had the hussle and heart of Eddy Curry…what a waste of basketball life…can’t say much else VC, you never deserved to be an NBA player…you better thank the Big Man upstairs that you were born with all those natural gifts, but too bad you were such a momma’s boy that you weren’t man enough to take your talents to the next level…u’re a PU$$Y for life…good riddance

    ~Raps Fans~

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ Bear – I got some prime real estate for you in Afghanistan if you think Shaq needs law enforcement or his diploma to “fall back on”

    Antoine Walker had career earnings of 110 mil, not even counting endorsements. His bankruptcy is a product of him being a dumb-ass, not anything to do with his career length. Some players do need fallback plans. Most plsyers in the league just need to be smarter with their money.

    Secondly, can’t nobody convince me that Vince Carter didn’t waste his career. His career played out like the fresh young exciting rookie who was all over sportscenter to the developing player who could get his any way he wanted, to the young vet who couldn’t push thru pain or kick it to that next level when his squad needed it. Not even the Kobe, Mike level. I mean the Sam Cassell, Nick Van Exel, Jason Terry level when his team needed it. If we blamin TMac for Vince becomin what he became, then we need to look at how soft Vince musta been for TMac to decide that he didn’t wanna play with his own cousin and go home to chase his own dreams.
    It’s a damn shame Vince’s career played out like it did, but he has noone to blame but himself…

  • Skeeter McGee

    Damn was Vince fun to watch, especially with the Shox commercials for Nike and the dunk contest and all that. But at the end of the day, he was just a dude with a lot of talent, but not a lot of drive…

    If the Lakers decide that Bynum is going to be their anchor for the future, why not try to build for the future by only giving up an aging Pau? I understand Love was the best player on a horrible team (believe me, I used to cringe when analysts called him a superstar), but if they could get a Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight or even a D. Williams then why not? Kobe’s getting older, Fisher and Blake are fossils used as excuses for PGs, and the only real young player to build around now is Bynum.

    “…ship his ass out!!” – referring to Pau this time

  • Big Island

    I can’t see Vince getting a whole lot of action. He WAS the most atletic guy in the league, but his legs are gone now. Once the legs left, so did his game. I don’t hate the guy, I just can’t see anyone taking a flyer on him.

    Lakeshow – I hate to be the one to say this, but Jerry Buss gave the reigns over to the wrong kid. Jim Buss is a moron, Jeanie should be the one in charge. Love isn’t as good as Gasol. But Jim said Bynum was untouchable when they were talking about landing Dwight Howard. He is hell bent on proving Bynum is the next Kareem, so I could easily see them shipping Gasol out of town for Love and a pick. Love with Bynum would be a nice tandem, assuming Bynum stays healthy, but I don’t think he will. Minny gets one of the best players at his position and something for Love who is gone after his contract. Suddenly the Lakers go from really old to really young with Love and the pick. Instead of :
    Odom off the bench, they go to:
    Irving, Artest off of the bench.
    It isn’t bad, but Jim Buss will screw your team up. Sorry. I have a ton of friends who are Laker fans, and I actually feel a little bad for you guys now. He won’t stay out of the way of Kupchak running the team and it’s going to hurt for awhile.

  • beiber newz

    to first and foremost post # 30:

    it’s not whether odom minds coming off the bench, in fact he was pissed that he had to be the 6th man but understood it would make the team better. after seeing how the team flourished he embraced that role. but if the lakers get a rookie do you still think he “wouldn’t mind” coming off the bench behind a guy he was a college student a few months ago??? cmon son, i think not. he knows his teammates more than the newby williams. stop putting more stock in youth and athleticism and learn to appreciate smarts, chemistry and veteran leadership. which defines odom.

  • TheBaller

    I think it’d be smart for the Lakeshow to trade Pau for Love and the 2nd pick. They already have scoring with Kobe, Bynum, and maybe Lamar. Bringing in Kevin Love would increase rebounding ALOT, and plus he only averaged about 5 less points than Pau. To add even more, the Lakers have a glaring weakness at the point with D-Fish, and bringing in KYRIE IRVING would more than fill that spot.

  • Will

    They’re not gonna do it. They lose too much offensively by making that move. Sure Love is a walking double-double but with Kobe aging, and not scoring as much and as easily as he once did, they need someone that can put up 20+ points evevry night. I don’t see Love there yet.

  • This_Will_Hurt

    Paus a pussy, Love is a workhorse……I’d hate to see the bullshit Fakers land a up and coming force like Kevin. Him/Flynn and Knight/Williams/Irving would seriously be better than the aging scrubs they tried to compete with this year.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    Funny how so many people can speak so definitively about Vince Carter’s lack of effort, work ethic or motivation. You’d think they were actually inside VC’s head, or had actually spent any time around him at all.

    This has always been more perception than anything: Vince doesn’t make snarling faces and yell all the time, and once he admitted that he’s like every other NBA player and doesn’t give 100% every single time, so obviously he must not EVER try hard.

    I’ve said it before, you can’t put up the numbers Vince put up over his career — more than 20000 points, 4000 boards, 3500 assists, 1000 steals — without a strong work ethic and motivation. You can’t stay in the shape he’s in well into his 30s without giving effort in the gym.

  • CLAW

    @Austin: Grant Hill was on the radio a week after the trade of Vince to PHX. Grant was asked since he has come to PHX he has been healthy ever since signing here what advice did he have for Vince.

    Grant said, dude has GOT to stop eating so much sugar. I’ve never seen a guy that age that eats that much junk food. Burning Fire and Vince Carter have never been mentioned in the same sentence.

  • First & Foremost

    This Pau trade will not work. You can’t go anywhere without a backup Center. [Boston, SA, Orlando] Pau can give you minutes at either position. If the Lakers lose him for a 3/4 tweener, who steps up whem Bynum is in foul trouble/injured/suspended. Who on LA’s roster would be playing the 5?

    Do you really think Love and Odom can play together? LA would have to come off of some pieces other than Pau and his friendship. What else can LA even offer? Concert tickets to the CB4 reunion? [Yes Please]

    Williams over Odom. You see it all the time. Odom is paid as a starter and during the majority of the season he’ll get starter minutes, he just won’t have the title. Atlanta complained a whole lot about Bibby but no point in the season did Jamal Cawford start over him. Yet, Crawford got the 4th quarter minutes. Same thing WOULD/MIGHT happen IF such a scenario played out.

    If you don’t think Kobe/Bynum/Love could carry the starting unit… why would you give up Pau and sacrifice the depth of your team until the #2 pick comes around. Only Kobe is holding open their Championship window so in 2-3 years do you think he is still holding it open?

  • First & Foremost

    AB – That could just be a testament to the guy’s talent. Ask yourself, do you feel Vince could have taken himself to the next level? Kobe gets grilled for his shot selection but Vince double pumps, spins, drifts across the entire lane, to attempt a one handed bank shot. If you are going to do all that, just learn to shoot a damn floater.

    I’ve never cared much him but when you see a guy duck out of the way of a charge and then roll on the ground in pain, you have to wonder if he actually is keeping his body in shape. Freak accidents happen, but they don’t consistently happen to the same person in the same game and then at least twice a week.


    No way anyone can tell me that the #2 pick and Kevin Love for Pau Gasol is anything but daylight robbery for the Lakers… and some of you suggest Minnesota throw in Jonny Flynn too? How about Michael Beasley and their first born too?

    And Derrick Williams being 2-3 years away? How exactly?

    The Lakers are old and won’t win a championship with this core again. The Gasol for #2 and Gasol trade almsot single handedly rejuvenates their core with talented young players.

    Ya’ll are tripping if you value Gasol THAT much… you LA fans have got so used to ripping other teams off in trades that you expect too much. I’ve seen people genuinely suggesting that an Artest for Jennings trade wouldn’t be good enough for LA.

  • LABaller

    do y’all watch ball? i fell like most of the people here want this pau for love trade cause they WANT the lakers to fail. seriously?? someone said he avg’ed only 5 points less than pau. umm yeah when you have a team w beasley jackin and NO ONE else then you should avg 15 more. who else on that team can actually score?? Pau gets the board, gets the blocks, and the stats dont show it but his length will bother WAY more shots than love can ever. It’s not just about stats, its about the actual player. Pau has a 15-17 foot shot too btw, incase y’all forgot. His post moves are some of the best in the league for a big man.

    This all goes back to our short term memory vs. our long term memory. People just look at the current and even tend to forget about the recent past. seriously tho, Pau is NOT the one you wanna trade on that team even with his softness and mental fuck ups these playoffs. Keep in mind the lakers record since he joined the team and how much he impacted the championships we won. Also keep in mind the fact that for A LOT of those games HE played the starting center cause bynum was out!

    As a diehard life loving laker fan, this is NOT a good trade, sorry. and Big Island said it, Jim Buss is the dumbest F^*&in person to hand over the reigns to. Jeanie is and has always been a lot smarter. Jim’s ONLY claim is he was the one who pushed to have Bynum drafted. Now, I’m not saying i dont think Bynum is a quality 5, cause in this day and age is in the top 5 centers in the league when healthy. BUT, to mark him as untradeable and build around a dude that has this history of injuries just seems like someone (JIM) is trying to push his pick and not admit his fault. I would have drafted shaun may that day so it shows how much i know, but bynum at this point is a great starting center. HE IS NOT THE CENTERPIECE TO A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.

    why arent we concentrating on our 1 spot btw? that, to me, is the ONLY thing we really need to address. damnit, im done typing…but i know im right.

  • Skeeter McGee

    @Austin Burton

    Actually my good friend’s college roommate used to be VC’s personal assistant during his New Jersey days, and let’s just say from what he has told us, Vince was more about chillin’ than willin’ his way to a championship. Not to say he didn’t work hard, but he didn’t work Kobe hard, or at least as hard as ESPN says Kobe works…

  • Phileus

    VC had the greatest in-game dunk in history, leaping over the 7-foot French dude the Knicks were stupid enough to draft once upon a time.

    That alone was worth all his lost potential.

  • D-NICE

    Anytime there has been some kind of defense for VC, there’s always some kind of asterisk attached to it hahaha…stop making more excuses for a guy who already has a million of them….he’s wasted every opportunity he’s had on good teams…even when tha raps had a pretty decent team and could have advanced to tha eastern conf finals, he made a hard shot even harder and lost tha game….if you’ve watched a bronx tale you should know that….”There’s nothin worse than wasted talent”

  • Bear

    @ K Dizzle

    I’m not saying Shaq NEEDS a fall back plan, but alot of players do. I think everyone can agree that Vince had crazy athleticism, but that can only last for so long in a career, his mom wanted to see him graduate. Vince has always gone on about the love he has for his mom, so he obviously wanted to do that for her. I used Shaq as just an example for players setting themselves up in the future.

    I agree players should be alot more careful with their money, but the majority aren’t. That goes back to what i was saying about players having back up plans. Not all are going to become coaches, anaysists or “ambassadors” (especially since vince has not spent the majority of a career getting a team to the next level)

    I’m not trying to convince you that vince hasn’t wasted his career, he could’ve been alot better, but that’s down to him no one else. What gives anyone else the right to hate on him because he never got to the point that you wanted him to get at. Loads of players in history are like that, some had problems (shawn Kemp, Vin Baker) others made wrong career choice’s (Marbury, Spreewell) and others injuries (Tim Hardaway’s knee, Larry Johnson’s back). This happens in sports, i just feel there are plenty of players that could’ve been better, but weren’t because of various reasons. Hell, Vince may have chosen to not conform to whateveryone wanted him to be just to prove a point (unlikely, but still possible).

    I don’t think anyone is blaming (or trying to blame) T-Mac for what Vince became. T-Mac left because he wanted to be the “man” on a team not the sidekick. The Raps felt Vince was that “man” (and not to mention one of the most marketable players in the league back then), the wanted McGrady to stay he wanted to go. End of story, it’s not like he said Vince is not a “give all” player, so see ya. It was more like, “i’m good and no one notices because my cousin is throwing down on the dream at the buzzer to win games. When am i getting some love!”.

    Vince is what he is and it’s never gonna change no matter how many people (including me) want him to.