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No Mega-Deals In The NBA Draft; Cavs Take Kyrie Irving At No. 1

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo. Jon Gardiner/Duke Photography)

After all the rumors, all the trade speculation, all the gossip, our biggest trade of the day came before the draft even started. Yes, we figured Kyrie Irving would go No. 1, followed by Derrick Williams and then after that, all bets were off because the prospect level just wasn’t that good. But we wanted moves. That’s what a bad draft guaranteed us right? We wanted the Lakers to break up their core. We wanted Iggy or Ellis to change unis. We wanted Tony Parker to get a cold look from Popovich and an exit out of San Antonio. Alas, the best trade we got was one between Charlotte, Milwaukee and Sacramento. The Bucks walk away with Stephen Jackson (who isn’t happy to be going there, surprised?), Beno Udrih, Shaun Livingston and Tobias Harris. The Bobcats get Bismack Biyombo and Corey Maggette while the Kings bring back John Salmons and nab Jimmer Fredette to come fight over who gets to dribble 20 seconds off the shot clock before firing with Tyreke and DeMarcus Cousins … Portland made a great move by turning Andre Miller‘s unguaranteed contract and the body of Rudy Fernandez into Raymond Felton. Dallas walks away with Fernandez (a nice addition if he doesn’t mope) and Denver gets Miller (what’s the chances he gets bought out? 90%?) and Jordan Hamilton (one of the real sleepers in this draft) … The most surprising trade of the night was definitely San Antonio sending George Hill home to Indiana for the No. 15 pick Kawhi Leonard. As JVG said, the Spurs must really REALLY love Leonard to give up Hill for him … How about our man Isaiah Thomas getting picked with the last pick in the draft by Sacramento? Congrats … Washington has to be one of the winners. Not only is their top pick, Jan Vesely, a pimp, but “he’ll win a dunk contest someday” (which seemed to have replaced “wingspan” as the word/phrase of the night) and looks like he belongs in some terrible ’80s comedy, but they also picked up a steal in defensive stalwart Chris Singleton and Shelvin Mack, someone who can definitely make their team … Or how about Charlotte? With GM Rich Cho on board, they made out with Biyombo and Kemba Walker … Everyone we’ve talked to seems to be split on Cleveland. Some thought they hit a home run. Others weren’t feeling their picks at all. Irving’s got a chance to be special, but now they have more PGs than Kahn. And Tristan Thompson, for all of his analytical supporters, felt like somewhat of a reach at No. 4. For a team with two of the top four picks, they were in a tough spot: a weak draft, and the players at those spots didn’t really fit their needs … The second round fielded some unintentional comedy when no one could pronounce anyone’s names for about 10 minutes and all the GMs just started drunk dialing Adam Silver, asking for players who were averaging like 0.7 points a game. But there is one guy we think can be a steal: Boston’s pick at No. 55: E’Twaun Moore. He’s solid all-around, and his personality will fit that team … Do you think any of these guys will someday make the list of worst draft picks ever?Jonny Flynn must feel awesome right about now. After finally leaving Minnesota, Houston is already shopping him to interested teams … By the way, Jeremy Tyler, the project, well the Warriors paid a hefty sum for him. Try $2 million. FOR A SECOND-ROUND PICK … And this is not a joke, but Ron Artest is trying to one up Chad Ocho Cinco by changing his name to Metta World Peace … We’re out like Metta World Peace.

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    Doggone Jeremy Tyler beat the system.

  • McSimon

    Bogdanovic to the Heat!
    Man I just might start liking those fools on south beach

  • http://theresastatforthat.blogspot.com deron

    Kyrie and Derrick are good players, but I don’t think they would be drafted in the top 5 of most drafts. Maybe the foreign players will surprise us 5 years from now. There will be a lot of hole-filling in this draft, no franchise-changing players.


  • sans

    I really think te 2nd round may end up better than the first round with Selby, Isaiah Thomas, Jeremy Tyler, and Mack all going there. My best bet is David Lighty gets signed after going undrafted, not that he’ll pull a Wes Matthews, but kid’s got game. I think Thomas is a huge snub, not that he’ll see too many minutes in Sacto’s crowded rotation, but i guarantee he makes Jimmer look foolish in practice a few times….before he lights up the D-League

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    For the 100th time, you can’t say it’s a weak draft this early. Give the guys at least a couple years in the NBA to see what they’re going to do.

    As far as Cleveland finding guys to fit their needs, I thought they needed just about everything. You ended up with two Top-5 picks for a reason: You don’t really have a foundation to build around. This is your chance to redefine your team.

    Congrats to my man Isaiah Thomas. My dad was PISSED that all these international guys he’d never heard of were getting picked ahead of him, but when Isaiah got picked he chilled out a bit.

  • pipdaddyy

    Lakers pick at 56 is great. First, a name noone can pronounce. He also scored a total of 2 points in 3 games in the NBDL :)

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Kyrie Irving will surely be the face of the franchise. He got star potential Even though his athleticism is not that great.

  • Soopa

    Why did Utah go with Kanter? They kinda gave up Deron for Favors…

    And then they draft a SG at 12. I guess they believe Devin Harris can get them into next season…

  • pipdaddyy

    @Soopa: Did not get that pick either. Al Jefferson is set at C, so why not just get a proven player in trade for that #3 pick? My guess is they were hoping for Williams to slide, who by most accounts can be an impact player.

    That’s gonna be a crowded frontcourt if Memo can return next to Jefferson, Millsap and Favors, but at least Kanter can develop in practice.

  • sh!tfaced

    1st round is filled with Internationals, Juniors & Senior and it regarded as one of the weaker draft classes.

    guess the saying ‘nothing beats experience’ doesn’t apply when it comes to the NBA draft…

  • sh!tfaced

    Will 2011 Jonny Flynn be as awesome as 2009 Quentin Richardson…?


    All the foreign guys getting picked early is definitely a sign this is a weak draft. its like no one was really sold on any american prospects so they figure why not take a shot at one of these guys. 5 foreign born players in the top 7 (yes, Canada is foreign).
    I loved what Jan Vesely said in his interview, he was asked what he thought about being called a Czech Blake Griffin and he says “Blake Griffin is an American Jan Vesely”… that and him showing off his hot girl makes him my favorite rookie. Him and Bizz Biyombo.
    The Rockets gotta trade Flynn for the twin that phoenix took, that was cruel. poor lil bastards.

    Finally.. which rookie duo will be the best?
    Irving – Thompson
    Rubio – Williams
    Burks – Kanter
    or Kemba n’ Bizz


    Drafts I liked: Washington, Sacramento, Golden State, Houston, San Antonio, Portland & Denver.

    Drafts I hated: Toronto, New York & Charlotte.

    I really liked Darius Morris to LA as well, think they got 1st round talent there.

    I think the steal of the draft was Isaiah Thomas, if he’s genuinely given the chance I think he’ll outplay Jimmer.

    I think the biggest reach was either Tristan Thompson or Iman Shumpert.

  • sh!tfaced

    Isaiah Thomas @ 50… looks like his dad lost another wager…

  • That’s What’s Up

    should be Metta World Piece


    First it was drafting and dealing PGs, now it’s drafting and dealing Euros.

    The Wrath Of Kahn II


    The Wrath Of Kahn II (European Gigolo)

  • http://elite-mma.com rangerjohn

    a lot of “draft and stash” type players where picked, seems to me like the owners and GMs expect the lockout to happen so they didnt go nuts on any “help us this year” type guys.

  • JAY

    Stop trying to sell that crack. The draft is weak. When a handful of the class’ best players elect to stay in school, it weakens the class.

  • Alex “Robocop” Murphy

    You know what was a weak draft? the 2000 draft. Who is still playing in the league? Kenyon Martin, Mike Miller(ROY), Jamal Crawford, Joel Pryzbilla, Hedo Turkoglu, Quentin Richardson, Jamaal Magloire’s corpse, DeShawn Stevenson, Eddie House, Eduardo Najera, Michael Redd’s Corpse, and Brian Cardinal.

    Only 2 NBA champs Cardinal and House.

    I think this draft is slightly better but you never know.

  • Let’s Go Hawks

    The Bismack Truck will be a force in the League and Kemba is a winner. I think the Bobcats will be horrible this year and hope they land in the Top-3 (they traded their pick to Portland and it is Top-10 protected). If they do that, the Bobcats could be looking pretty good in 4 years

  • Doc

    The Sixers picked that bum ass whiteboy from USC.We never learn.If dude aint make no noise in college what the hell is he gonna do for us.We have a new human nut taster in the Illadel.


    @ Let’s Go Hawks

    As much as I like the nickname Bismack Truck… I think he’ll bust and even if he doesn’t he’s an undersized center who is a defensive specialist drafted by a team that desperately needs offense. Saying Kemba is a winner is like saying Scalabrine is a winner… it means nothing. I don’t see him being better than Augustin could have been had he not been messed around. To think Charlotte could have added any number of players with their two picks I think they wasted them.

    I don’t think adding raw players in the hopes you tank to get a Top 3 pick is any way to run a NBA team.

    *Side note I laughed out loud at “The Wrath Of Kahn II (European Gigolo)”

  • Stunnaboy2K11

    Honestly it would have been better to let Isiah go undrafted, that way he can go play for any team he wants instead of being stuck to the Kings.

    Also how the hell does Jimmer fit the Kings? Really though they should have let him slide on home to the Jazz at 12.

    His brother is also the stud of studs.

  • Knicksfan84

    LMAO Doc that’s a wild comment…

    It don’t matter what draft, Knicks fans always hate the pick. STUPID. Iman Shumpert is potentially gonna be like Sprewell. The dude was the most athletic guard in the draft that plays D. I’d sign up for that EVERYTIME basd on what was available at that point.

    And he fills a need, Landry Fields is NOT a SG, he is a SF that can play SG in spurts. Put his suspect game back on the bench where it belongs.

  • UpNorth

    Denver received Jordan Hamilton from Portland with Miller in the deal for Felton. (Portland does not have Hamilton, as your article states)

    And Miller is expected to play for Denver. (He’s already spoke on wanting to help the team win)

    Denver receives:
    PG Andre Miller
    SF/PF Jordan Hamilton (No. 26 pick)
    Future 2nd Round Pick (from Portland)

    Portland receives:
    Raymond Felton

    Dallas receives:
    Rudy Fernandez

  • JAY

    I actually like what the Cavs did in drafting Thompson. He’s a workhorse with potential who can step in and play immediately. With this season to be Hickson’s contract year, I’m anticipating the Cavs to move him or not resign him next off-season, because between him and Thompson, Hickson seems like he is capped out as far as developing as a player. They will need a workhorse next year when the elite prima-donna players with all-star potential will be available.

    There’s no surprises with Thompson. He will run the floor from the 4 spot, he’s not afraid of contact and will defend his position. To me, they drafted a key piece that every team needs in Thompson… a glue guy.

    and Although I like Irving, I don’t think he’s going to be the face of their franchise. That title will go to the athletic freak they take next year. Irving will grow into the cool, steady point guard and will be a calm leader running the show.

    With almost no players in the draft that have that ‘wow’ factor, they picked up 2 steady players who will grow into pieces they will need to recover from Lebron’s wake. IMO, they drafted to set up next year’s draft.


    @Knicksfan. i gotta agree with you. i like the Shumpert pick, even if his name sounds like a dorky kid out of a bad sitcom.
    At first i was thinking.. what does this guy do that Fields doesn’t (actually at first i didn’t know who he was). But it seems is is far more athletic than Fields and more active on D. Both are guys who do all the hustle things that Melo wont, so they’ll make a nice rotation next to Melo on the wing.
    Sure, the Knicks still need to add size and rebounding, but they should look to do that through free agency, there weren’t any starting calibre Centers at that point in the draft.

  • jdizzle

    I think its a known fact that Duke PGs just dont work out too well in the NBA:
    Bobby Hurley
    William Avery
    Jay Williams
    DeMarcus Nelson

    I thought about adding Chris Duhon but he is a pretty solid backup. Good luck to Irving though. Maybe he will buck the trend and become an All-Star player.

    And congrats to fellow Washington High School alum DeAndre Liggins for getting drafted by Orlando


    @ JAY

    You argued that point eloquently and I can see what you’re saying but I disagree.

    If this year has taught us anything its that you never rely on next year’s draft, Cleveland needed talent and upside, not glue guys… their entire team was built around glue guys for Lebron and look where that got them. You take talent now you don’t take a low ceiling PF in the hopes his game will supplement the star you draft next year. IMO they missed out not taking Williams and then reaching on Tristan.

    What if they get screwed in the lottery next year and miss out on: Jones, Barnes, Rivers etc? Where do they get their star? No FA will go to Cleveland.

  • heckler

    is Larry Bird the new David Kahn?
    what the hell he is collecting point guards in Indiana for?
    darren collison, tj ford, aj price, lance stephenson and now george hill.
    I dont get it. how long before people realize Larry Bird SUCKS at his job?!!?

    Im not quite sure why Sacto made the trades they did. They took on more money ($24mil) by taking back John Salmons. And they could have just drafed Jimmer straight up with their #7 pick. I shake my damn head on this.

    Raymond Felton and Gerald Wallace are teammates again. How long before Portland packages Greg Oden to the Bobcats for Boris Diaw? lol

    Rudy in Dallas seems like a good fit. DeShawn aint coming back and neither is Peja. and Cuban gonna have to pay big dollars to re-sign lil JJ Barea. Rudy is a safe ‘just in case…’ trade for Dallas.

    is Corey Maggette now “THE MAN” in Charlotte?..YIKES! I hope not. ‘Bad Porn’.

  • JAY

    Thanks for the compliment. Good post too, but I think I didn’t fully express my feelings… To me, Thompson isn’t JUST a glue guy. I think he also has good potential. He was always among the top recruits since he left Canada to play ball in NJ, then in Nevada. His work ethic to improve is through the roof. What I meant to say in my last post is RIGHT NOW he’s a glue guy, like Hickson, but he’ll continue to improve and grow into a more key role because he’s always in the gym. As oppose to Hickson, who i think is just a glue guy. Taking talent now would have meant them taking Jonas Valan*%$&^%… whatever his name is, who they also liked. That would have meant waiting maybe a year for Jonas to come, and another year or two for him to improve enough to play quality minutes.

    As far as Irving goes, I agree with you that they missed out on Williams, but I understand their logic. It’s a guard’s game. Irving will be a good player, just not an all-star, which isn’t a bad thing being that there are so many great point guards in the league. On the flipside, there are a lot of players who can so similar things that Williams can do. Heck, Minnesota has already has 1, maybe 2 if you want to include K.Love. In this day, a true point guard who can play on both ends of the court always gives a team a chance to win games.

    “What if they get screwed in the lottery next year and miss out on: Jones, Barnes, Rivers etc?”
    Next year’s lottery is unbelievably loaded. Unless they make the playoffs this year(which we all know is impossible), they will get a player with all-star potential and will be able to play right away. I’ve seen Austin Rivers play on TV a couple times(i’m very impressed) and he is slated to go late lottery… and that’s not including the Euro guys that always appear out of nowhere. I’m not suggesting they draft Rivers, I’m just using him as an indication of how strong that class is.

  • JBaller

    Kemba and the Biz are going to be the best rookie combo I feel.


  • Big Island

    Heckler – Collison is the only decent guy on that list. I guess he (Bird) just picks until he gets one right?

    Two favorite parts of the draft – The dude who went to Toronto (I’m not even going to attempt to spell his name, hell, I probably couldn’t even copy and paste it) saying “I have not so strong body” when asked why he is compared to Chris Bosh. You just KNOW Bosh was watching the draft at a club or something and there was the record scratch with everyone stopping and looking at him.

    Jan Vesely. The dude made out with his hot ass lady, who either stood on a chair or is 6’7. Either way, she’s hot. Then says Blake Griffin is the American Jan Vesely. We had the following exchange:
    Me: I like this guy!
    Friend: Yeah, he’s cool. (The Blake comment is made)
    F:You know Blake Griffin is like “WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?!?!?!”
    Me:I know Blake Griffin didn’t do anything. He never makes a face.
    F: He’s probably doing push-ups right now.
    Me:Or running up a sand mountain with a tree on his back.
    Friend: We gotta get tickets for that game. Blake might kill him.

    So we proceeded to get smashed and go to our softball game. But not until after I zapped myself doing some drunk wiring on my Blazer (I don’t know why I did it. I DO NOT KNOW A FUCKING THING ABOUT CARS, but I’m gonna go wire a fucking fuel pump after 10 beers?!?!?!) We were up 5 going into the final inning, proceeded to give up 7 runs, and had to come back to win. I woke up with a dislocated middle finger and a strained left love handle (I know there isn’t a muscle under that shit, I strained my fat).

  • Chaos

    Cleveland needs to find a way to get williams or wesley away from minny. Minny has too many swing men and cleveland has none. They need some athletic scorers in that team as well as some guys willing to work

  • Krayzie

    Cleveland should have taken Williams #1. Minny would not take another pg at 2, so they take Kentor (sp? the guy that went 3rd). Utah takes either Irving or Knight if they take a point guard, if not they take someone else. At 4, Cleveland can take Irving or Knight.

    SO they ended up with – Irving/Thompson when they could have had Williams/Irving or Knight which seems like the better combo to me.


  • First & Foremost

    Chaos – Besides, swing men and hard workers they need:
    Low Post Scorer
    New GM
    New Owner
    More Comic Sans
    Away Team Parking Passes
    Shooting Coaches
    Traveling Barber Shop
    Magic Potion to get free agents to WANT to be in Cleveland
    More Cavalier Fans attending 42 games
    Less Lebron Haters attenging 02 games

    They know what they need, it is a matter of making an attempt to get them.

  • First & Foremost

    @Krayzie – That would not have worked. If Cleveland took Williams. Minny would have found a trade partner who would have taken Irving off the board. No way could they have possibly pulled off getting the best 2 players in the draft.

    Who knows, it could have worked out that Cleveland got stuck drafting 2 forwards because and missing out on both Irving/Knight due to other trades. Stop trying to mess with the spacetime continuum.

  • Krayzie

    @F&F – Utah would still have Kentor at 3, at 4 the Cavs get Knight. Williams/Knight is still a great draft.

  • JAY

    You don’t know that for sure.
    #1 – Let’s say Cle takes Williams.
    #2 – F&F is right and Minny drafts Knight on behalf of Toronto or another team who wanted him.
    #3 – Utah freaks out and sees Irving is still on the board @#3, so they take him.
    #4 – Now if Cle wants to take a PG, it’s a choice between Kemba or Jimmer with the #4. Both aren’t true PGs.
    You still think that’s a great draft?

    Point is, you can’t assume the teams had no backup plan. They may have had draft-n-trades in place if certain players were still on the board. Example, Minny may have had a draft-n-trade if Cle took Williams #1.
    F&F is right, don’t try to mess with the spacetime continuum.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    Interesting draft. Didn’t see thompson goin so quick, but good for him. Minor glut with Varejao, Hickson and Thompson tho. Apparently, cavs invited him late for a workout and he crushed every other prospect. Hope it carries over.
    I like the Raps takin a chance on that Lith. kid. Teams backin away cuz dude got a buyout issue are weak.He ain’t makin a difference for the squad next week anyways and nobody comin out was gonna improve the Raps this season so might as well pull a Dave Robinson and pick and stash
    a prospect who everybody had in the top 3 at number 5. Solid pick. Got some uneducated basketball minds cryin about the Raps always pickin Euros but in this case, it was a solid pick. I got more respect today for Colangelo for takin a dude who might not make it over here as Colangelo gets fired. Balls!

    As for my Lakers, I was feelin good after the first 2 picks. Morris is a legit big guard and Goudelock is a stone shooter. Both needs. Then the last 2 dudes got picked and I was spinnin the tale to my boys that we don’t have room for them on the roster anyways as they listin off 20 other players I actually knew…..

  • NYK

    Felton to blazer, i so wish the knicks could’ve swung something to get this guy back.

    the shooting of Chauncey with Felton as the runner with Douglas as the SG would’ve been nice.

  • First & Foremost

    Krayzie – Your scenario would have happened if they rated Knight a little higher. If they figured Knight/Irving were closer in potential then you take Williams and hope one slides 1 spot. However, if everyone thought they were closer, as soon as Williams came off the board. Every team that needs a point would have been on the phone trying to move up to the 2nd or 3rd spot.

    It could have been
    Cavs-Williams; Raptors-Irving; Pacers-Knight; Cavs-Kemba/Kantor/Jonas???; Wolves-Jimmer (just for kicks, when was the last time a team started 4 non-black guys?)

  • Ian

    The pacers do it every year I think

    Now can the spurs trade parker for hill? Fuck that trade give hill back.

  • Krayzie

    @ F&F – I once saw the Raps play 5 non-black guys at once. It was Delfino, Calderon, Bargnani, Resterovic, and someone else. But I was thinking to myself this is the first time 5 non-black people have been on the court at the same time for an NBA team since probably the 50’s lol.

  • JAY

    Probably the Jazz in the 90s.

    Stockton, Hornacek, Ostertag, Malone.


    The 50’s? Come on. LOL

    Remember the mid 80’s? The Celtics had predominantly white rosters – probably the last almost non-black team who were for real and had true ‘chip caliber.
    The ’86 team in particular was at least 60% and could actually field an all-white lineup at CRUNCH TIME (not just garbage time).

    * Larry Bird has been trying to clone it ever since he got to be in charge and acquired as many white players as he could but it hasn’t worked. He now gave that up and started stockpiling point guards instead.