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Philly Talking Trades; A Possibly Awkward Reunion In Cleveland

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson (photo. UT Athletics)

While their new draft pick won’t be coming to the NBA this season (Jonas Valanciunas and Toronto’s front office reached an agreement on his buyout and the power forward will be coming over for the 2012-2013 season), the Raptors learned that Leandro Barbosa won’t be leaving them. He exercised his player option for $7.6 million for next season. For much of the offseason, some in Barbosa’s camp pushed for him to return to Brazil, where there are some better endorsement opportunities and a new league that he could play in if and when there is a lockout. But alas, he won’t be going (all Toronto fans collectively bash their computers against the walls). Sorry Raps fans, you’re still gonna have to pay him (while Leandro’s probably still paying Nash for getting him this deal in the first place) … Toronto also picked up the team options for Ed Davis, DeMar DeRozan and James Johnson. No surprises there … Cleveland’s reach to grab Tristan Thompson at No. 4 in the draft was surprising for a few reasons. First, Thompson wasn’t in the conversation for much of the draft process. Then, he had a couple of great workouts, tested out well statistically and boom, he’s the fourth pick. Second, they could’ve traded down a few spots, picked up a few extra assets and still probably gotten their man. Now finally, Thompson is represented by Rich Paul, who just so happens to work under the direction of Leon Rose and CAA, who just so happens to represent LeBron James. Everyone is saying all the right things now, and maybe there won’t be any problems. But it wasn’t too long ago that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was ready to “Fredo” LeBron. Business is business, but the thing is, we don’t exactly trust Gilbert to keep it strictly business. He has a propensity to – how should we say it? – lash out. Someone needs to take away his Twitter account and give him a gag order. He’d probably be the first guy to draft someone and then alienate him before he even plays a game … If you’re Dallas, do you bring back DeShawn Stevenson? Chuck always says you need at least one crazy guy. But with Caron Butler on his way back from injury – and with his own contract situation – and with the arrival of Rudy Fernandez, will it be worth it? Abe made over $4 million this past season and figures to get the championship bonus from some idiotic team next season. That’ll be a lot of tattoos. Amazing, a guy can average 5.3 points a game, and even less in the playoffs, and still he might be too expensive for a team to hold onto. And you wonder why we’re about to be in a lockout … After the Lakers tried to convince everyone that they weren’t shopping anyone, now it’s Philly coach Doug Collins explaining that no one is looking to move Andre Iguodala, even after Rod Thorn basically came out and said that just a week ago. Please Doug. Don’t even get us started … Jonny Flynn is apparently ecstatic that he’s finally outta the woods and in Houston. It almost feels like he had his own draft day, coming up with a fresh start after a miserable season in Minnesota. There’s no cooler dude than Flynn, and we can’t help but feel good for him … All indications point to Denver getting a new deal done with Nene. But prospects don’t look quite as good for Kenyon Martin. He’s in a weird spot, a guy coming off the worst season of his career, with his mammoth contract finally ending (he made close to $17 million last year), and he’ll have to take a pay cut no matter what. Now a cut from $16.5 mill isn’t too bad. But does Martin want to do it in Denver? … If you could grab one center this summer, who would you most want? Nene, Tyson Chandler or Marc Gasol? Actually, we can think of a better question: Which one of these guys is most likely to get drastically overpaid this summer? … So Michael Beasley is out in L.A. working out with and getting mentored by former Laker Norm Nixon. You mean the same guy who once didn’t want to share the ball with Magic Johnson, and became such a distraction to the team’s chemistry that the Lakers eventually said enough is enough and shipped him out to San Diego? Awesome … And check out this tweet from Jay Bilas: A man in a store came up to me, “You look like a celebrity, but I’m not sure who.” “Jay Bilas?” I said. The guy said, “No, a celebrity.” … We’re out like Abe.

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  • beiber newz

    i never liked undersized players. with that said..the cavs culda had amare for hickson when the suns were thinking of trading STAT. lebron would have stayed with the cavs with a formidable front court mate. and building around those two with a defensive minded coach in brown would have been something special. the knicks would still be bad. the heat would still be mediocre and carmelo would have probably been …who knows. now the cavs wanna trade hickson but his value is low because teams know they want to get rid of him. the best they can hope for is to have another bad season in order to draft harrison barnes to man down the 3. i don’t like triston thompson..he’ll be good but will he be great? in order to get a valuable player, package thompson and hickson and varejao for a big or someone nice and more drafts picks. next years draft will be amazing. imagine if the cavs can get their hands on barnes and some1 like perry jones to run the 4. damn. cavs with those two and irving would be fun to watch.

    and for the record…you heard it here first..DOC’S SON AUSTIN RIVERS WILL BE A BETTER PRO THAN KYRIE. who ever lands him will have the next rose minus the hopes but all the intangibles.

    -the beib.

  • beiber newz

    hops* not hopes

  • superfreak6

    @ beiber

    I agree, they need to unload Varejao and hickson and thompson was a stretch pick at that spot, but I dunno how many teams want vajayjay’s grossly overpaid contract and hickson’s suspect D. Either way, they need to tank next season (whenever that is) and pickup barnes or rivers to play alongside kyrie. Would make for a fun team to watch for sure.

  • Promoman

    The Mavs could still use DeShawn. He’ll never be an All-Star but he gives them a tough defender and the Mavs don’t have alot of those.

  • Timmy

    isnt houston looking to get rid of Jonny Flynn?

  • beiber newz

    lol @ the vajayjay nickname

  • beiber newz

    flynn is not in houston’s plans.


    Basically I agree 100% with what Beiber newz said.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are fucking clown shoes.


    Michael Beasley to LAC for Chris Kaman?

  • top_gun

    Why is Dan Gilbert being attacked for taking someone in the draft that’s linked to LeBron James? On the contrary, he would be heavily scrutinized if he avoided a great player for the simple fact that said player was linked to LeBron James.

  • dirk’s penis is salty

    “The beib’s” is right. I think the cavs got a good pick in thompson and since he is good they should look to exchange him for a high pick and they should focus on tanking until they can build a good young core. The only problem with good young cores is to get them to stay 2gether.

  • Big Island

    Depends on your team as to whether you take Nene, Gasol, or Chandler. I hate to say I’d take Nene first, but I probably would, then flip between Gasol and Chandler. If you just need a defender, take Chandler.

    Beiber – I think everyone agrees Rivers will be better than Irving. At least I do.

  • beiber newz

    ^oh I didn’t know it was a concensus about river>irving. I just think it’s wierd that doc’s son is nice like that. The celtics should trade rondo for doc’s son and assets. Rondo is top 5 pg in the league and should be for the forseeable future. Unless they’s rather blowup the celts (cuz they will never beat the heat in a series) and package pierce and garnett asap for a top 3 pick in order to get rondo. Don’t be the suns and consider trading a nash type late in his career. The stock falls by the day. I dunno, a gm’s job is harder than most guys think.

  • beiber newz

    Top 3 pick in order to get rivers*


    Great analysis

    …of the obvious


  • JAY

    @beib: “I just think it’s wierd that doc’s son is nice like that.”
    What’s weird about that? Doc was VERY nice as a player, is now a coach, and Austin is an NBA coach’s son. There are players in the league who’s pops’ are crackheads or felons. Where’s the surprise?

    “Top 3 pick in order to get rivers”
    Easy there beib. Barnes, Davis, McAdoo, Lamb, Sully, Kabongo and others might have something to say about that. Follow the mock drafts. You might be right but Rivers, right now, is slated to go late lottery. Next year’s class is THAT strong. All the shitty teams have a reason to be excited.

  • sh!tfaced

    As much as I love Doc’s son’s game (reminds me of an athletic Jeff Hornacek), he ain’t no top 3 – yet. JAY is right, unless he does something real special, he’s projected as a late lotto pick in most mock drafts. It’s also very possible kid might even stay in school and not rush going to the pros.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ top_gun – completely agree! Dime bags on Gilbert a lot, and I really don’t understand why. Let’s see – LeBron rips out his team’s heart and soul on national television, and he’s supposed to just roll over and take it?

    I don’t think he went about things in a professional way, but he stood up for his city and his team. Shaking your finger at someone like that smacks of the same lack of professionalism.

  • Waggle

    Yeah they’ll probably package Pierce and Garnett together to trade up. That makes sense.

  • beiber newz

    i only say get rivers top 3 because i want to see doc coach his son. i also say top 3 because it would assure them that rivers will be there. but i don’t know about chemistry between father and son.right now it’s easy to overlook rivers and make him a late lotto. but i agree at the moment he is not highly regarded in the creme of the crop but he is still middle lotto not late. but that’s till close to late so it can go either way.

    and guys…i really don’t know why en fuego insists on starting internet wars. don’t yall think that’s corny? geez. let me be en fuego. i don’t like you, you never liked me and i have no clue why, but dude give it a break and leave me in my space, stay in your space en fuego and just leave me at peace. gosh. it was heaven having no shiit talk the past 3 days. and then en fuego’s mom gives her nerdy son his jizz stained laptop back. stfu before i cock slap your milf mom in the neck.


    HAHAHA. That time will come when you stop being a douche.

    “the beib”?! You gotta be shittin’. “You heard it first”. Fuck, man. Seriously? “LATEST BEAVER NEWZ”. Really?! And all those other lame annoying stuff you try to pull out. SMFH.

    The hoops knowledge is nice but if you could only lay off the douchebaggery, maybe I’ll stay off your ass.

  • Mikey F Baby

    Wow, no love for Deshawn. Damn, Dime.

  • JAY

    @ Beib and Fuego
    As much as you’ve grown on me, Fuego is right. Some of the stuff you post is kind of annoying. Especially, “Latest Beiber newz”, and referring to yourself in the 3rd person.
    For real, it’s lame. You got some good shit to share so I try to look past those little things but I totally understand what Fuego is saying.

    He pretty much said it in a nutshell….
    “The hoops knowledge is nice but if you could only lay off the douchebaggery, maybe I’ll stay off your ass.”

    I’m not trying to rag on you, just want to shine some light on it. I’m sure us two aren’t the only ones who feel that way. That said, this is the internet. If that’s how you want to be, fuck it. We’re nobody to you. Turn the douchebag level up if you want. Lol.

  • beiber newz

    90 % of en fuegos anger toward me has nuthin to do with his annoyance of me using my popular sayings. Most times he just antagonizes on anything I say. Like here recently. I didn’t use any of those terms but he just said something real ass like to me. He is just findin an excuse for hating my name. And please don’t fall for it. It’s the bully trying to find an excuse for bullying.

  • JAY

    Yeah. No doubt. I found it annoying at first butyou grew on me bud. Like a tumor. Lol.

  • beiber newz

    oh shit. lol i guess i’ll take that.


    HAHAHA. Nice.

  • beiber newz

    en fuego…put the beef on chill. i really don’t like drama, especially one’s where i indirectly am associated to (i.e me saying my name and not directly making fun of people)