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Ricky Rubio Nearly In Minnesota; The Title Party That Doesn’t Stop

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio (photo. Nicky Woo)

We want to know what he was drinking. Was it Johnny? Maybe Jack. Maybe a little Hennessy. Whatever it was, it looks like it did the trick, as DeShawn Stevenson was arrested and charged with public intoxication Tuesday night in Texas. First off, you can assume that after winning the championship, the whole crewis still partying. What would you do if you just worked for a whole year towards a goal, achieved it, and then had nothing to do for the next four months (and you’re filthy rich to boot)? We’re thinking you’re hitting the club with a real deep V-neck. DeShawn’s response to the episode: “When you’re a champion, everything is under a microscope.” Or a breathalyzer. Abe is clearly on cloud nine, and we don’t blame him. However, he’s surrendered any pull to call the Heat “classless,” as Stevenson did earlier this week … The Ricky Rubio mystery continues as Minnesota’s top sleuth, GM David Kahn, continues on the case. After it was recently announced that Rubio had agreed to boat it over and play for the Wolves next year, the former wunderkind mentioned he’d be discussing his future with Barcelona after just winning an ACB Championship. Now, new reports are confirming that Rubio has finally inked his NBA rookie contract. We just don’t know what to believe these days. What we do believe are the stats, the stats that say Rubio scored a total of three points in a three-game finals series for all the marbles in the ACB, contributed in part by a big squadoosh in 10 minutes in the final game. The word out there is that he’s gained some quality size over the last few years and that his game is more equipped for the NBA game than Euroleague stylings…but we don’t know, squadoosh is squadoosh. Either way, we’re sure Kevin Love is smiling somewhere … Rick Carlisle came out giving all kinds of props to Miami coach Erik Spoelstra during the Mavericks exit interviews. Carlisle said Spoelstra had the “toughest job in basketball” this year. The dude is right. Carlisle had the job of winning as many basketball games as possible, and he did. Spoelstra had the job of winning a ring, and that’s it. With expectations that high, and with three of the top five-to-10 basketball players/primadonnas in your starting lineup, your whole season is banner or bust. We’re not sure how Spo slept at night (especially with Pat Riley creepily standing over his bed). Despite coming two wins shy of a ring with a team that just finished their first full year together, we think that Spoelstra did an incredible job. And that he’s got great hair … In more Heat news, Miami extended Mario Chalmers a qualifying offer, making him a restricted free agent this offseason. Now Miami has the ability to match any contract tendered by another team. After coming out of the 2011 Finals as one of the real winners (knocking down big shots, playing solid D, not being afraid of the moment), we’re thinking Chalmers might get some interest from any team looking for a good back-up point (ahem, New York). Let’s wait and see if owner Mickey Arison will match and continue his venture into the luxury tax. Good thing it’s not our money … How good do you think Derrick Williams can be? … In an interview with Sports Illustrated, former King Antoine Wright ripped the organization, calling them unprepared and unprofessional. He says they never had scouting reports and that DeMarcus Cousins‘ attitude was terribly out of control. Interesting … We’re out like Rubio from España.

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  • D.I. Dollar

    Deshawn just getting his pre-parade on. Can’t a brotha live?

  • Crazy J

    DeMarcus Cousins = cry baby

  • Big Island

    The cops did Deshawn a favor. They couldn’t leave him there, he’d get shot/stabbed, whatever. If they picked him up and took him home it would be a racial profiling thing, or playing favorites to a celebrity. Pick him up, charges will get dropped, he’ll be home safe. It’s all they could do. If I won, I’d be wandering around someplace, no clue where the fuck I was too.

    And Lebron is still classless. Fuck you Dime writer.

  • Young Gunner AKA Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    You almost have to give Deshawn a pass on this lol

  • Duke

    What happens when Rubio avg 8pts 3ast all while lighting it up from the field at 32%?

  • alf (from melmak)

    I could be wrong, but I maintain that Ricky Rubio will be a special player in the NBA. Think Rajon Rondo version 2.0.

    Out of mind (Out of sight) scenario 3
    Bill Laimbeer gets hired as the new Detroit Pistons coach while the Indiana Pacers takes Rasheed Wallace. They will become the first coaches in the history of the league to get into a fistfight with each other during a regular season game.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL @ Coach Spo having great hair… At this rate LeBron might beat him first going bald…

  • Rafa23

    After reading the Stevenson thing I just had to laugh and think: ” So what?”
    I dont think there is anything bad about being hammered when you just won a ring.

  • http://www.cracked.com/funny-353-kobe-bryant/ Atom

    The cops were probably like “this guys so drunk he cant even see his hand in front of his own face, we must get him to jail for his safety!” Fuck that noise. Personally, I’ld be disappointed with Deshawn if he wasn’t completely waisted right now. Wander around any apartment building you want to buddy, you earned it.

    Antoine Wright sounds a bit like a jilted girlfriend but I can’t help but wonder if there is some truth to what he is sayings. Kings look like complete crap and play with the cohesion of a pick-up squad. And the thing about Cousins was that everyone knew about his attitude prior to the draft but I assumed in taking him the Kings would have made that priority one in trying to fix. I got the impression they just let him run shit and now he has just gotten more out of control. It seemed like the Maloofs were just letting the Kings implode so no one would care when they grabbed them and moved to Disneyland.

  • ab40

    if Rubio was going to play for Barcelona nest season they would’ve let him play in the finals. These guys aren’t dumb. They know if there will be enought doubt from the states they can sign him again for another three or four year contract.

    Antoine Wright and the Kings. Boring article.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I respect the job that Spo did, but that little pincer move he does with the front of his hair was one of the 5 things I Loved Least about the NBA this year. He kept doing it on camera every time there was a close-up in game. Disturbing.

  • Kudabeen


    Rubio > Rondo 2.0??

    How’s that? 2.0 suggest he’d be better. Rondo the 50% fg shooter/finisher, 10+ ast, 2+ stls, 4-5+ rebs…and one of the best team and on ball defenders in the entire league…that Rondo? Rubio will be a new improved model? gotcha.

    We just need to stop comparing for comparison sake…Two very different players. LeBron/MJ/Scottie/Magic is non-sense. Dirk/Bird is non-sense.

  • Quedas

    “With expectations that high, and with three of the top five-to-10 basketball players/primadonnas in your starting lineup, your whole season is banner or bust”

    Bosh is one of the Top 10 players in the NBA? Seriously? I mean, the guy is a hell of a player, but… Top 10?!

  • That’s What’s Up

    Stevenson just blew a .10 a full day later.

    Dude was LIT UP

  • Dan Tanner

    I want to blow a .10 on your man meat salami That’s whats up. You sure sound sexy with your facts you hot ass nugget you ;)

  • LakeShow84

    ^^^^fffuuucckkk we stuck with this all summer?^^^^^

    I know Dan Tanner is someone else on here.. bust em out DIMEMAG please lol

  • Big Island

    Lakeshow – It’s probably Sporty J trying to run everyone out of here. Of course he probably screwed up trying to be Dan Tanna from that old tv show, but I guess I’ll let it slide.

    Dan – let me save you the trouble of typing : Island – I’ll let it slide in your mouth while we screw.

  • Dan Tanner

    oh geez, fair enough Big, holy crap. and no Sporty J is a mess. If there was one person I would like to see a Target store dropped on it would be LEBRON. Lakeshow, dont call me out, can’t we all just get along!