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Shaquille O’Neal Is Out; Ricky Rubio Is In

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio, Dime #43

Shaq. Shaqfu. Shaqtus. The Big Shamrock. Shaq-deezy. The Diesel. Superman. And of course, Kazaam. Shaquille O’Neal retired today after 19 seasons, the Big Shamrock himself finally calling it quits via the new social media platform Tout (never heard of it) – leaving us with one of, if not the most dominant, big man careers of all-time. Forgot what Shaq was before he started looking like a “before” picture from a Nutrisystem commercial? We’re talking four rings, fifth all-time in scoring, three Finals MVPs, a 58% career field-goal percentage, one MVP, Rookie of the Year, thirteen 20 and 10 seasons, and one famous late-night club freestyle where he requested his favorite former teammate share how his “ass tastes.” If you weren’t a Magic or Laker fan, The Big Daddy will forever be remembered as the dude who destroyed your bigs – it was the drop-step, spin-n-tear-down-the-backboard stuff, the Charmin-soft baby hook with the right hand and who could ever forget that perfect free throw form? The NBA created a defense (the “Hack-a-Shaq”) based solely on the idea that there was not a human in the league (check that, not a life form on earth) that could guard Shaquille O’Neal straight-up. Hack-a-Shaq was a refusal to guard him. A “helllll no, that dude is wayyy too big.” He was the guy that never needed to develop a 15-foot jumper (“I’ll just stay down here, thanks”), never needed to learn to make other teams pay for sending him to the line. He was the guy that didn’t give a s***. And that’s been the best part about watching Shaq over the last 19 years. When he first came into the league in 1992, the NBA had never seen a player quite like Shaq and as he bounces in 2011, we can almost be sure that the league will never see one quite like him again. Adios, Big Agave – we know you enjoyed the ride just as much as we did … So what happens when you drop Game 1 of the NBA Finals, you miss every open shot ever and then you find out that your one big-time, balls-out, blockbuster superstar tore a tendon in his finger? We’re thinking you probably pray that there’s nowhere else to go but up (or if you’re Mark Cuban, you probably buy something). It certainly looked like rock bottom the other night for the Mavs after their fluid offense was slowly asphyxiated by that stifling Miami D. We’ve got a feeling that Dallas should play better tonight (Dirk‘s tear is on his non-shooting hand), but we’re not willing to put a wager on it. Game 2, tonight on ABC. Directly before the Finals take two more nights off for a vacation in Vegas. Because that’s the only reason we can think to explain this scheduling … Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Scottie Pippen yesterday: Take a seat, young fella. I’M the NBA’s all-time leading scorer … While we’re getting all sentimental, we’ll have to commemorate Kevin McHale‘s departure from the TNT/NBA TV booth, as he’s been officially announced as the next coach of the Rockets. McHale and Chris Webber combined for some of the most scintillating, intelligent discourse about the NBA that we’ve ever experienced. Just kidding. But they are both entertaining as hell. McHale, we’ll only miss you have half as much as Shaq, but hey, we’ll still miss you anyway … At some point in this draft process, the Jazz were going to bring in Michael Stockton, the son of John Stockton, for a workout. They had to. We were sure of it. And there he was yesterday, working out for Utah’s brass. What we aren’t sure of is if he was setting dirty screens, dissecting people with pick-n-rolls and rocking nut-huggers … Jimmy Kimmel: “Every day, the NBA is looking more and more like someone Jesse James would leave Sandra Bullock for” … Toronto coach Jay Triano will not be coaching the team next year, but will stay around as a consultant … And oh yeah, Ricky Rubio has agreed to come over and play for Minnesota next season. We’re not Kahn-ing you either … We’re out like “The Big Baryshnikov.”

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  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    Sad day for the NBA! Shaq was a legend! Part of my youth is gone. So happy I saw such a legend in my time. I have a feeling he won’t go quietly into the sunset though.

  • McSimon

    I’m outstanding!

  • Sam I Am

    YESSSS RICKY Rubio Returns

    Go Maryland and goooo Mavs (beat the Heat!!)

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Farewell Big Fella. KAZAAAMMM!!!!

  • yoda

    man, can’t believe shaq retires. it won’t be same without him. after all, magic with shaq were one of my favorite teams, i just started to watch nba back then. too bad he ended career as celtic, but… good luck to him

  • john

    SHAQ was the only player in league HISTORY that was CONSTANT double team WITHOUT the ball, as soon as the ball arrived he was triple team ,,,, enough said

  • Kobeeeee

    “…pass me the peel, and I’ll slam dunk it like. Shaquille O’neal. Wicked, Wreck it.”

    For best Dunks in his Magic years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBXvNGdjM8E


    Good to see him retire but he still ain’t getting off easy. I can’t stand the dude for one more season, especially in Celtics Green. Little kids asking their parents, who is that big ape? Shouldn’t he be in the zoo?


    I will take The Dream over that big ape and his former teammate said this, “I got one more than Shaq.” Amen to that!


    I got one more than Shaq…………Sincerely KB24

  • john

    @ BRUCE –

    In my numbers Shaq has 3 and Kobe 2 ,,, Other wise Pippen can say that he’s got 1 more than Kobe ,,,

  • colton

    ya … we got it the first time, cockshiner!

  • morgan


  • Big Hook

    Shaq is a bad actor, terrible rapper, have bad taste in women, but one hell of a basketball player. I think the NBA instituted the zone defense after the Lakers’ 3peated to stop the man. So I guess that fat bastard changed the game in his own way. I still don’t like him, because I’d always thought he could of done more in his career, kinda like Vince Carter.

  • morgan

    and @BRUCE needs to stfu!!

  • Me


    I agree, except i’d leave out “one hell of a basketball player” and throw in “one big bastard who created a legacy solely off being bigger/stronger/quicker than everyone else at his position”.

  • Robmo35

    Rick Bucher has already reported Rubio wants to go to L.A.

    Just kidding

  • The Hollinger

    Wow everyone hating on Shaq are just idiots. If being big is the reason he was so good, then Eddy Curry should be the best player in the league right now. Shaq was the most dominant force the league has ever seen. Shaq in his peak was the greatest player EVER. Not even Jordan could compare. Shaq changed the rules of the game because he was so dominant. The reason we have so many rules restricting centers and big men today in the paint, is because of Shaq. No one could stand in front of Shaq when he was in his prime. Sadly the only thing that stopped him was himself and his lack of effort. Shaq never cared about bball as much as others (which isn’t a bad thing at all). If he wanted to he could’ve been the greatest ever but he decided to pursue other career goals. Oh and to those saying the Dream is better than Shaq, you guys have obviously never seen Shaq play in his prime. The Dream beat Shaq when Shaq was still a young player (in his 3rd season). Hakeem was in his peak and Shaq wasn’t even near his yet.

  • alf (from melmak)

    A salute to Shaquille O’Neal. Witty, funny, passable dancer (I think), an actor kids loved, and a future inductee into the basketball hall of fame.

    Something to think about: Without Shaq, Kobe Bryant would have three less championship rings on his fingers.

    Let me also weep for Dallas later. The villains might win this year but as Shaq once said: (I am paraphrasing)There will be a new samurai warrior that will take over.

  • sh!tfaced

    Would love to see Shaq replace for McHale. Otherwise, good luck with the next number your gonna wear, The Big 5-0…?

    Dude was just so dominant, most big men who could play center started just calling themselves power forwards…

  • heckler

    @ Dime Staff —

    ” Game 2, tonight on ABC. Directly before the Finals take two more nights off for a vacation in Vegas. Because that’s the only reason we can think to explain this scheduling”

    REALLY Dime crew?
    2 days off between travel date games is hard to explain?
    Its hard for you all to understand the NBA (like most other television participants) rather have their content on Sunday evening aas oppose to Saturday evening. Is it really that hard to figure out?
    2 days off between games when the host scity is shifting is reason for you all to question the scheduling?
    …and to think..the reason the NBA does the 2-days off between games changing host cities is actually FOR THE MEDIA types

    Heckler shakes head at Dimes continued stupidity. we love yall, but yall know how to act studpid alot.

  • heckler

    Side Note:

    Am I the only one that feels like Shaq checked out after 2006?

    I adore Shaq just like the rest of yall; but big homey unofficially retired years ago. he just stopped competing.


    Ricky Rubio shoots 30% from the field and 25-ish% from 3. No one cares about him except his momma. Isaiah Thomas and Reggie Jackson are both far superior prospects and they are expected to go early second/late first rounds respectively. Rubio is all hype, we would have gotten eaten alive in NCAA ball.

    Big up Shaq. Top 5 center easily.

  • JAY

    WTF–> “I’d leave out “one hell of a basketball player” and throw in “one big bastard who created a legacy solely off being bigger/stronger/quicker than everyone else at his position”.”

    If you can’t see the once-in-a-generation combination of size, skill, touch, power, finesse, and athleticism that Shaq had, you don’t know basketball. I bet the And1 guys impress you more.

    In contrast, and to make my point about how dumb the above comment is…
    Lebron is building a legacy of just being bigger/faster/stronger/more athletic than everyone at his position.

    FYI, it’s not easy to play in the NBA. To think simply being big is enough to become one of the greatest is retarded.

  • QQ

    What, Shaq only retired NOW? He’s been gone 4 years ago…

    For reals though, gotta give props to the Diesel. No one can touch Prime Shaq. NO ONE.

    And about giving props… (and to have another discussion with AB).

    Does this make me a Shaq ass kisser now?

    Just read your posts, and realized you’re a retard who can’t be allowed in a thoughtful discussion.

    Did you even read my points?

    I’m changing my stance regarding Bron cause he’s closing in on a chip? So you’re painting me as a bandwagonner now?

    Let’s say he doesn’t win it.

    His play these playoffs still proved me wrong, and I’ll STILL give him props.

    But how about you… You didn’t even read my post regarding you being a complete Lebron nut licker.

    Will you admit that you have a bias?

    Will you admit that no matter how ANYONE reads your posts objectively, they’ll still see ‘what a fucking ass kisser’ and it’s NOT their fault, cause it’s just the way you word your posts about certain players?

    And bout what you said… Players like Bron, VC, and Melo get the most hate, so naturally you’ll defend them most of the time?

    Damn, aren’t you just defending for the SAKE of defending?

    Is it the ‘well, Brons gets bashed alot. I’ll defend them Fuck the other point of view. He needs to be defended’.

    When I see Bron, I still see a douche.. and a player who’s leading his team.

    I see the other point of view.

    I won’t say ‘FUCK THAT. HE’S NOT LEADING HIS TEAM’ even though I’m seeing it with my own eyes.

    I won’t hate for the sake of being a hater.

    That’s bandwagon jumping now?

    So you’re contented in defending Bron cause at least that’s not bandwagon jumping?

    DAMN. What a fucking sad excuse to continue ass kissing.


    That big APE wasn’t winning shit prior to KB24 morphing in a baby-Jordan. Without KB24, he might just have 1 ring! Fat APE was had a poor attitude, just like most black people, yet you guys are defending him. Yeah, what do I know? I must a GOOK. You Darkies can relate to his attitude!

  • Buckets

    Who’s the first 1 pick? Me, word is born and, not a Christian Latener, not Alonzo Mourning….. Peace I gotta go, I ain’t no joke, so I’m slam it, jam it and make sure it’s broke.

    Peace Shaq


    Shaq knows he can’t do shit to The Dream1 That Big Ape said it himself! I really admire your honesty, it is time to strip you of the mythical title of — Most Dominant Ever.

  • K Dizzle

    @ BRUCE

    You do realize Kobe and Mike are both black too, right?
    Keep the generalizations to a minimum…


    Never has been a big man with that mix of talent, skill, quickness, strength, explosiveness, charisma and humor.
    Easily the best center of this century.

    Just jumping on the Shaq ass kissing bandwagon.

    Because people always wait until someone either retires or dies to say something nice about them.


    Apparently not BRUCE, who likes pissing against the wind. Really? An NBA fan but keeps saying shit about black people?

    The Dream is also black. Wrong sport, wrong century.


    I see them as Neegah, I see them as Uncle Tom. I concur, Jalen, I concur!


    Dude — How is he the best, when The Dream is more versatile on both ends of the court?

  • Big Island

    Bruce is an idiot. If bigger and stonger equaled anything in the league, then WTF happened with Stanley Roberts? Remember him Bruce? Actually played with Shaq in college? Dummy.

  • john

    Bruce is a 13 yr kid doing a “dangerous thing” calling people in the internet, just ignore the child.


    Dude – The Dream barely played in THIS century and when he did, he posted career lows everywhere, dumbass.

    The Dream wasn’t the same player he was in 1990’s, Chalky.

  • LakeShow84

    FUCK Shaq


    Thanks for the rings big fella.. and the funny moments.. i will say dude was the funniest player u’ll see on the court..

    YAK on someone and do that big as leg swing turning back up the court.. YAK on someone on the lob and run up the court staring at his hand..

    And whoever said Shaq was just big, powerful and quick dont know shit about bball and never watched the man play..


    What did i miss yesterday??? why QQ going HAM already??? lol

    Dont tell me we giving Lebron the greatest ever mantle already LMAO

  • CLAW

    Shaq was just physically dominant, got the ball in the paint turned and dunked on ANYBODY. I remember watching the game where he pulled the basketball support down, that was crazy.

    Hakeem did abuse him, I think the one person that Shaq really looked up to was Hakeem. Guy was just entertaining, spinning on his back and break dancing, and was like a big kid. These last few years though the various teams and never being in shape, should have stayed with the Suns just so he was able to stay in shape.

  • CLAW

    Flashback: Anybody remember Loyola Marymount playing LSU? LSU winning 148-141.

    Shaq with a triple double 20 pts, 24 boards, 12 blocks and the late great Hank Gathers 48 points and 13 boards.

    That was one of the most entertaining games to watch!

  • LakeShow84

    Hank Gathers….. crazy couldve been another Bill Russell.. Undersized and still dropping those #’s?????

    Saddest shit

  • K Dizzle

    Hank gathers was a beast. No joke.
    Between Gathers and Len Bias, the NBA lost a lot.

    Here’s hoping the Mavs bench decides to show up tonight. If they woulda played like this against my Lakers, they wouldn’t have got out of that series.

    We complained about Westbrook and Rose jackin, but somebody needs to tell Dirk he gotta jack tonight. 30+ shots. Why you passin to Deshawn?
    And Carlisle needs to get Corey Brewer in the game. Dude is a long, athletic 6’9 who defends. Worst case scenario, he makes Flash or Bron work for shots n fouls out…

    I’m gonna need a competitive series, Hoops Gods

  • Sporty-j

    @Dimemag-Why do you guys continue to let this racist guy Bruce continue to post on your boards. There are certain ways to joke and certain things you should not say. Until something is done. I’m boycotting Dimemag because I am shocked that you guys habe continued to let this go on with a blind and that nothing has yet to be done…

  • LakeShow84

    Barea needs to show up..

    Fucker was throwin floaters over Bynum CASUALLY..

    Looked TOO GIDDY game 1 and missed OPEN shots..

    Fuckers.. Mavs may just choke.. between their ball movement and SOLID zone rotations they should win this series.. just sayin lol

    While Miami has a FILTHY perimeter defense i dont expect the Mavs to miss that many shots game 2..

  • LakeShow84

    Or maybe i dont WANT THEM to miss that many shots lol

    Honestly at a point in that game 1 i WANTED Mia to go off just so we could see some good offensive basketball..

    I hate it when games get ugly.. it wasnt even defensive ugly it was just miss shots ugly..

  • LakeShow84

    You promise Sporty-J????

  • sh!tfaced

    148-141 in a college game is crazy.

    Hank Gathers was so good, he made Bo Kimble (and the Clippers) believe he could play in the NBA…

  • sh!tfaced

    lol. you don’t need to do that, sporty.

    pretty sure something similar might happen if the mavs win the series…

  • UncheckedAggression

    Claw–I never saw that game but I would love to check it out. I didn’t see Shaq play much in college and just a few clips of Gathers.

    It’s funny that the Heat games are so defense-oriented when they have two of the most entertaining offensive talents in the league. I’m enjoying the games because I like to see good defense, but lots of people around me keep commenting on how sloppy the games are.

  • Sporty-j

    I promise. I like this board but I might have to become a full-time member at just the Heat sight again with my Heat brothers if they continue to let him post his racist remarks. You should not find this funny either Lakeshow84 and be down for the boycott mission if something isn’t done not. Leave that stuff on yahoo…

  • LakeShow84

    Serious note Sporty-J

    hes the boards known racist.. and most the time we ignore him.. i suggesst u do the same thing.. and its the internet.. thickin that skin babyboy lol

  • beiber newz

    love your fellow man. make babies not war.

  • Sporty-j

    I did not know that and thought he was new. They still should not let him post that type of stuff either way because it does not look good on there site and sends a message…

  • LakeShow84



    Dont know i feel about that.. he basically single handedly decimated us for 3 years with his departure..


    I am known for two things here — being a pure and proud racist and hating on Shaq. I just can’t stand that big Ape. You guys are calling him the, MDV. Dude is not the MDV. If you were starting a team, and you can pick any player from any era, Shaq is not your first choice at center. MDV, GTFOH.

  • That’s What’s Up

    that’s just bruce being bruce.

    Word on the streets is a big brotha got ahold of his wife back in the day, bruce fell in, divorced her and he’s been ‘hunting apes’ ever since

  • CLAW

    @Sporty Spice – Please having to deal with you and AB is worse than Bruce, he’s just white noise who had his girl banged by a black dude.

    @Lakeshow – looking for a different plot in Game 2, the Mavs should be settled down they looked too impatient and their shots weren’t falling. I look for a big game from Terry and their bench to step up.

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL. What the…? Must be a full moon or something…

    Third thing… also known to usually have a “2 to 3 Lame Posts Limit”…

  • LakeShow84

    LMMAAAOOO @ Thats Whats Up & Claw

    i concur hahahahahha

  • K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – Shaq gettin that jersey retired, bruh.
    Deserves it too. Once he bounced, that was everybody else’s problem. I understand what you sayin that if he had just focussed on hoops, he and Kobe would would both have 3 more rings..Hindsight tho.

  • K Dizzle

    p.s. Ask the Clippers about bein decimated for only 3 seasons lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ Dizz

    HONESTLY i feel it..

    Ill always say thanks and appreciate what he gave our franchise.. I just hated how it unfolded in the end..

    But still doesnt take away what he accomplished..

    Any big man on the top 5 scoring lists deserves props cuz they did it without 3’s.. and in Shaqs case FT’s.. can u imagine his point total if he didnt need to be yanked in end game situations?? and could hit better than 60%..


  • Sporty-j

    No wonder why he’s such a proud racist than. I still don’t give a dam if Shaq was banging his wife or Kobe. He needs to chill with the racist comments. Not a whole lot of stuff get under my skin. But that’s 1 of them…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — You can’t blame Shaq for the Lakers struggling after he left. LA got two very good players in the trade with Miami (Caron and Odom), and besides, it’s not Shaq’s job to keep an ex-team afloat. That’s like blaming Garnett for the Wolves sucking right now.

  • john


    I’m with you my friend, until DIME control the racist thing, I will not post here anymore, and starts right now. Good bye.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    Yes i can and ur not a Laker fan so u cant chime in on this one..


    You dont trade the dominant player in the most rarest of positions for a fuckin happy meal..

    and while Odom is good, BORDERLINE great, he will always be an in between player.. not TRULY a PF but too big to be a SF.. can run the 1?? cant guard the 1.. and for surely never DOMINANT

    U trade a dominant player u should get an up and coming dominant player or a player who fits PERFECTLY.. We got neither..

    Shit we probably couldve swooped Wade if we dropped Butler and tried to fandangle it the right way.. Riley wouldve bet the bank on Shaq at the time i imagine..

    And dont gimme started on Shaq departures from ball clubs.. he should be looked at in a positive light this offseason lol

  • CLAW

    @AB – Wolves don’t suck, they got RUBIO! Western Finals baby! Is Kahn really that much of an idiot? I shouldn’t be asking a question with an obvious answer.

    You sometimes wonder if he took up Rick Barry on his offer to teach him to shoot underhand and hit 80% how that could have changed his game.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — My bad, I forgot that Shaq actually negotiated the trade with Miami. I thought it was L.A.’s front office.

  • Fraz

    Dime should do a Shaq vs. Wilt article. Wilt’s numbers are incomparable but athletically they have a lot in common. On and off the court.

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    It wouldnt have surprised me.. While we fell HARD the following year, MIA rose QUICKLY..

    Smart ass lol

  • LakeShow84

    Honestly i think Wilt was a better athlete than Shaq..

    I seen some footage of a REVERSE slam Wilt did and it looked unreal for a dude that big to pull it off.. he looked like a guard doing it..

    But then again i dont remember much from Shaqs Orlando days..


    Yeah, Yeah — I better chill with the racist remarks. I don’t want you to pull a 187!

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @QQ — What exactly are you looking for? I’ve admitted that LeBron is one of my favorite NBA players, and if that makes me a “nut licker,” then I guess everybody in this forum is licking somebody’s nuts. So as one of my favorite players, sure, I have a bias toward LeBron. Just like I have a bias toward Duncan, Z-Bo, Brandon Roy, T-Mac, and several others.

    I’ve said a hundred times that when I see what looks like unfair criticism or an unfair double standard, I’ll speak up (if I feel like it). You seem to think I’ll just defend LeBron no matter what. The reality is that I take things on a case-by-case basis. So when LeBron got a lot of shit for not shaking Dwight’s hand … when LeBron was accused of quitting in the playoffs … when LeBron decided to go to Miami, etc. … all separate cases. Same applies for Westbrook, or Melo, or Vince, or whoever.

    But you’re showing your maturity level if you’re gonna label any praise/defense as ass-kissing and any criticism as hating. And if you’re gonna call somebody a retard just because they don’t agree with your logic, well, that’s your issue.

  • LakeShow84

    See now we got BRUCE commenting into the afternoon..

    Usually its his 1 post at the top and hes done..

    See what happens when u pay acknowledge shit kids??? u provoke more of it..

    Dont feed energy into something and it wont gain strength..

  • LakeShow84

    @ AB

    BUt u are biased..

    I mean seriously while everyone has ONE instance on Lebron pulling a douche move you have steadily defended them ALL..

    I cant remember ONE time u said dude was in the wrong lol and considering he HIMSELF has pointed out some of the shit he did wrong.. well just consider that lol

  • http://www.dimemag.com Austin Burton

    @LakeShow84 — Well … I don’t like how LeBron acts like he got acid thrown in his eyes whenever somebody grazes his face. And I disagree with some of his fashion decisions. Is that enough?

  • beiber newz

    austin if you got a text from lebron saying he wants to be your friend and play basketball with you on saturdays and go clubbing with you, would you forget all the dislikes you have of him? just asking.

  • LakeShow84

    LMAO thats a start..

  • heckler

    what is the name of Miami’s home arena?

    what is the name of Dallas’ home arena?

    does American Airlines own both?..with the same/similar name?

  • CLAW

    Wilt had a sick game, he LED the league in ASSISTS one year. Flippin assists! What big man has done that before or since, NONE!

  • Big Island

    Wilt was a monster. And I suck Dirk’s nuts. Honestly I do. I couldn’t love a man more than him. I wish he would text me and ask me to go to a club with him. I’d fucking do it, I would go to a club with Dirk.

    And I gotta give Sporty some props for being so set on the racism thing. A joke here and there is fine, but to actually feel that way is dumb. Personally, I wish my mom would’ve slept with a black guy BEFORE I was born, not after, so that my dick size/vertical leap combined would have been more than 4 inches.

  • Sporty-j

    lmaol @Big Island! You and F&F are the funniest posters by far. Need to have a F&F vs Big Island battle for the most funniest poster of the year battle since this is the Finals…

  • QQ

    Wow, ‘john’…

    You said this ‘Bruce is a 13 yr kid doing a “dangerous thing” calling people in the internet, just ignore the child.’

    Then you decided that he was actually racist, and that you will boycott Dime.



    And you actually let him affect you? Are you new to the internet or something? Fuck that shit, and just ignore that fucking asshole.

    PS: Well, sometimes I actually let some trolls affect me too. Like the one named ‘Austin Burton’. OH WAIT…

  • JAY

    Quote from AB: “That’s like blaming Garnett for the Wolves sucking right now.”

    Boys, mark your calender!!!! It’s the first time AB posted about a team “sucking”. Captain Impartial actually made a judgement call! Holy shit! Lol

    The Canadian stereotype requires me to say…. “FUCKIN’ EH!!! ABOOT TIME!!”