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The 3 Defining Moves Of Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson (photo. Gary Land)

Allen Iverson was a revolutionary, an NBA star and a cultural icon for basketball off the court as much as he was on it. Still, what made A.I. one of the most remarkable players was his ability to score at will despite standing 6-feet tall and weighing only 165 pounds.

He made his legacy in a game fit for giants, and he did it because he possessed a handle comparable to few. Put that on top of blistering speed and a relentlessness on both ends of the floor and you’ve got The Answer.

For as many games as Iverson played in, his never-ending motor was remarkable. He never found himself too tired to play at 100 mph, and though he was often hindered by nagging injuries thanks to his fearlessness in attacking the rim, never did pain quell his desire to get up for a game.

Sure, maybe practice was a different story. Nonetheless, his effort was never questioned come game time. How was he so successful on the court? To celebrate The Answer’s birthday, here are my favorite parts of Allen Iverson’s on-court repertoire.

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  • Promoman

    “His eyes read “pass.”

    What career were you watching?

  • Celts Fan

    I lived in Philly during his prime and while i always thought his style of play did him no favors, the man was GREAT. For the better part of a decade, there was no better show in town. He was never the best player in the league (thatll happen when you play w MJ, Shaq, Timmy, and Kobe) but he was, by far, the most entertaining player in the league. Pound for pound, quite possibly the toughest player in the league, it didnt matter. Hit him, knock him down, double team, whatever. Dude was gonna rain buckets on your head til he got tired of doing it. Oh wait, dude was never tired and tortured cats for 48 minutes. If his attitude was better at the end, hed be cementing his legacy even more (already top 50 ever at worst) and wed be renaming the 6th Man trophy after him. Weve all talked about the bad AI, thats for another day. For over ten years he made even the best defenders in the league demand double teams and quiver in fear pregame. For 82 games a year, you knew you were watching a show that woukd change the game forever and keep you glued to your seat. As someone too young to remember Zekes prime, AI was, no question, the best little man Ive ever seen play. Jacker? Sure, towards the end, they literally ran the “get it to Will” offense. Unorthodox as hell, but one of the most talented offensive players Ive ever seen and still the most entertaining player ive seen. Dude would put on a show that even opposing fana would begrudgingly admit was amazing.
    You absolutely did not want it with The Answer.

  • D – NICE

    Pretty ironic how I’m watching one of my greatest memories of A.I. On NBA Hardwood Classics While I checked out this article….Game 1 of the 2001 NBA finals. A.I. abusing ANYONE the lakers put on him with kobe getting most of the torture for 48 points and a stunning upset on L A’s home floor….Iverson also put tyronn lue on youtube for all eternity with one of the most cold blooded jumpers of all time in OT of this game….just walked over his bootleg mini me with no remorse hahahaha

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Shaq-like in his dominance…and work-ethic.

    Funny how different their bodies were, yet the results were more or less the same.

  • Kudabeen

    The number 1 play was surely one of my favorite moments and I remember that it wasn’t really given much attention in the moment then what it was given years later…he really did that on Camby…

    My ultimate favorite memory was the Orlando Magic Series in sixers first playoff appearance with Iverson…The 9…NINE steals in that game…stealing the in bounds…hounding the ball handlers and just overall energy and enthusiasm for the moments. He was truly a guy that stepped it up in big moments. He doesn’t get appreciated enough for his defense, which I think he was All-NBA a number of years…the ball hawking and harassment he supplied really put sixers in a position to when more than it hurt. Also he made people better. His early years people overstate selfishness…look at the bench and his teammates as he attacked and scored…they were all, with the exception of John Salmons (in his last year after a spat off the court) on board.

    That’s just NBA…His Georgetown days really set in my mind who he was and when I read scouts magazines calling him a thug and saying he wouldn’t last 3 years in the league before the tattoos and corn rolls, practice comments, etc….I was certainly aware of what he was up against…hate you when you are trying to fit in, so why fit in??

  • Will

    Regardless of all the negative press……bottom line AI’s toughness, and never quit attitude kept me watching. I loved watching him play, and if he doesn’t make the HOF then they may as well call it the Hall of SHAME!