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The Calm Before The Storm; Greg Oden May Have A Big Payday

Greg Oden

Greg Oden (photo. Mannion)

We don’t really want to use the word. Let’s just leave it at this: the NBA is on its way to a thing – a thing that only happens when the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires. This thing rhymes with “flock route” which also might have something to do with birds flying south for the winter. This thing could last ’til the winter. And even though the two sides involved in preventing this thing are meeting today for the last time before the CBA expires, this thing is still probably going to happen. We’ve all heard the buzz words “flex cap” and “rollbacks” and “BRI” – and though it’s so hard to tell right now what’s real and what’s just pub – we’re finding it harder to see this thing not lasting awhile. Let’s all get some collective hope together that King Stern doesn’t let this “flock route” last too long … So say if we were sick all the time and only showed up to one out of every four workdays, we’d assume we wouldn’t be here at Dime too long. Apparently, if you’re a highly touted draft pick, that’ll get you at least $8.8 million. What would you do with that much money? Would you A) stash it all in the bank? Would you B) do what Chris Bosh did and stage a Hangover 3 bachelor party, complete with shooting ranges, paintballing, etc, etc. Or would you C) sign Greg Oden? Portland chose C. As we all know, Oden – a dominant big for one year at The Ohio State University – was drafted one pick before Kevin Durant. The same KD who’s won a scoring title and been to the Western Conference Finals (Sam Bowie anyone?). Despite playing in only 82 of a possible 328 career regular season games, Oden did get his qualifying offer from Portland, making him a restricted free agent. Oden was a monster at OSU, and has been super-productive when he’s on the floor – but there’s that big-time caveat when he’s on the floor. Ya got to feel bad for the guy. We do hope it works out for him. He’s got a chance to be a good one if he can kabash that injury big … If you are heading to any type of formal setting (wedding, business meeting, Thursday bingo) NEVER ask MJ for fashion tips. Just don’t do it. He’ll have you looking like Diddy and Mase in the ’90s … Mark Cuban has added $20,000 to the reward for information leading to the arrest of those who beat and raped a woman who had been out at a Dallas bar watching the Finals. Suddenly, Cuban just went from insanely annoying to really cool … Keep reading for all of the offseason transactions and the Lakers’ hire of John Kuester…

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  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Quality Smack. Information + small jokes = good Smack.

  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    Didnt know “lockout” rhymes with “flock route” but whatever. As far as those choices, ill take the first two but replace Nia Long another female. Nia is still pretty but ive moved on

  • sh!tfaced

    Say Mike Brown gets fired midseason, then it’s John Kuester.

    If you thought Rip and the Pistons had an ‘uprising’, can you imagine what Kobe will do…?

    unofficially, he’ll prolly be the first playing coach since the ’70s…

  • alf (from melmak)

    Lol @ sh!tfaced.

    For some weird reason, that got me thinking of Sacramento. If you were Jimmer Fredette, who among your teammates would you hangout?

    If it is Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, or John Salmons, I would definitely like to hear the conversations.


    In Stern we trust. Cutting off the welfare for some players. The players will give in, alas 98-99 and the biggest monkey (Shaq) led the charge, Shawn Kemp weight issues, Pippen donning a Rockets jersey, Olowokandi being drafted #1, and same old Billy Hunter.

    $14 Million per year then. If the lockout happens, say $7 millions per year is good enough.

    Don’t get greedy!

  • George

    @ Young Gunner
    You can pronounce it both ways. Most people say “root” but no-one calls a router a “rooter”

  • beiber newz

    If anyone thought the blazers were not gonna offer oft injured greg oden a deal regardless of his history is sorry to say an idiot.

  • yoda

    omg, you called stern a king!!! lbj will sue you and austin might have an stroke :)

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Mike Brown is gathering his pets in Lakers.

  • sh!tfaced

    @ alf

    Whatever they will be, you’re damn sure it’s gonna be a severe violation of BYU’s Moral Code of Conduct…

  • Trey bing bay

    You guys are going to run out of things to talk about if there’s a rock spout.

    Damn, it’s depressing just thinking about no NBA, wtf am I supposed to do in winter when i can’t go outside and play in the sand!?

    It’s funny how some things are forgotten. It was like what – 10 years ago when Bobby Phills and David Wesley were reckless driving and Bobby bit the dust – Jarrett and Bell should be ashamed of themselves. Bobby was a Hornet too Jarret.

  • spit hot fiyah

    Oden was a monster at OSU, and has been super-productive when he’s on the floor – super-productive???? care to explain, what’s his avgs 8 n 8?

  • ab40

    wow MJ is wearing normal clothe just cuz he ain’t wearing skinny jeans and got dreads. btw seriously MJ is one of the most polarizing people in sports today who cares.

    oden wow didn’t see that coming. Let’s hope he get’s healthy and stays away from the doctors on the portland staff


    I’d pay Oden up to about $12 mil per season… Bynum gets paid more and he’s just as injury prone.

    When healthy Oden is the 3rd best center in the L and still young enough for me to believe he can get healthy.

  • pipdaddyy

    I second “spit hot fiyah” … when has Oden been “super productive”???? Sure, he is talented, got the size and plays good D. He is NOT the third best center in the league (why do people only think of Howard and Bynum?). I’d take Bogut, Chandler, Al Jefferson ahead of him … plus borderline PF/Cs like Gasol or Stoudamire easily.


    They used to say that about Yao Ming a few years ago and when healthy he was the 2nd best center in the L (behind Shaq).

  • JAY

    spit hot fiya and pipdaddy need to watch some Blazer games.
    Oden, when he plays, is a beast. Especially just before his last injury. He averaged 11pts, 8.5 rbs, 2.3 blks and shot +60% from the field in just 21 mins. Convert those number to “per 48 mins”, compare them to other per 48 min numbers and you have one of the best centers in the league. He also had games of 24 & 15, grabbed 20rbs once when he logged heavy mins, and has multiple +4 block games. and keep in mind he was just getting into a groove when he injured his foot.

    Go ahead and argue that he wasn’t ‘super-productive’. I don’t believe he’s a top 3 center(when healthy), but I can see the argument. He can definitely get there if the Blazer trainers can help keep him on the floor.


    So it takes $20,000 for someone who is insanely annoying into being really cool?

    I guess there’s still hope for you, beiber newz. HAHAHAHA

  • jzsmoove

    MJ has his own line of clothing whatcha all have? i think he knows his shit. i personally didnt see nothin wrong with his outfit.

  • JAY

    For some reason my work locked off the MJ Clothes link so I can’t say whether they are ugly or not…

    Regardless… unless you know for sure that he designed the clothes, why is DIME dissing him? I’m pretty sure a group of ladies, and maybe a dude who talks like a lady, designed those clothes.

  • pipdaddyy

    If Oden would play 48 minutes, he would also average 9 fouls … which is why he plays so few minutes, along with injury concerns. As I said, he is a good defensive center with talent to be more, just let’s not get carried away with the “super-productive” assessment.

  • JAY

    Almost 9 rebs, 2.3 blocks, +60%fg, and +75ft% in very limited minutes IS super productive.

    You probably don’t realize but his blocks, and FG% is on par with Dwight Howard. and he shoots a much higher FT%.

    FYI, the “per 48 mins” category of stats is an indication of productivity. He’s among the league’s best centers, whether you want to admit it or not.

  • pipdaddyy

    “He’s among the league’s best centers, whether you want to admit it or not.”

    A) As I wrote twice, he is good DEFENSIVE center, who fouls so much, he cannot stay on the floor for significant minutes .. thus its worthless to argue with per 48 minute stats.

    B) You can’t be among the best centers if you don’t play more than 25 games a year due to injuries. Potentially? Sure, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  • JAY

    “its worthless to argue with per 48 minute stats.”
    How is it worthless? We’re arguing his productivity, right? He’s VERY productive, pointing to his per 48 mins stats. Who cares if he gets in foul trouble? Are you insinuating that players who play limited minutes cannot be productive? There’s such thing as making the most of one’s playing time. Oden does that, when healthy. It’s not like he’s Rafael Araujo playing 20 minutes and averaging 2 pts, 2 rebs, and 4.5 fouls. He’s made a huge impact when he’s on the floor.

    Ibaka averages almost the same numbers in almost 8 more minutes, and everyone considers him a very productive player. JVG has even said he’s one of the more productive players in the league at his position. Well, if Ibaka is, then why not Oden if he averages better numbers in less time? Keep in mind the article mentioned “when he’s healthy”, and that’s what we are arguing. When he plays, he’s one of the most productive centers in the league.

    BTW, I like how you pulled that quote from me… “He’s among the league’s best centers, whether you want to admit it or not.”
    I was referring to his per “48mins” but you played it like the media does and took it out of context. Nice play. Lol

  • hahn

    had no idea what ‘flock route’ was supposed to rhyme with- and when was cuban ever that annoying? hes one of the best, passionate owners in the league. the bounty hes got out just makes him better

  • JDish

    C’mon son (Dime) MJ can pretty much wear what ever he wants, he’s the GOAT. Besides he’s not looking too bad, but I would agree that he’s probably a little old to be wearing teenager gear.

    How I wish that NBA owners and players would just open there eyes and realize that FANS DO NOT WANT A “-STOCK SHOUT-“. Why can’t owners and players just come to a compromise, take a small pay cut, and keep playing basketball. Thats what’s happened to the game, that’s why it’s bad that the NBA is more of a business rather than much more about the game, pure basketball and the excitement of it. And it goes to show that the NBA no longer cares about the fan 100%, no now it’s about the franchises, the players, and the making of money, providing entertainment for the max buck. The only looser in all this are the Fans. I mean all these owners and players are all MILLIONAIRES. And we hard working americans that have a pure love for the game are the ones left to suffer with the possiblity of a “Shock Trout”. Good job NBA, way to show your true colors.

  • pipdaddyy

    @ Jay: Don’t bring JVG’s on-the-fly commentary into serious conversations :)

    Did I argue Ibaka was better? No. He is similarly productive in defensive stats, I would say both are good defensive centers … but I would take him straight up for Oden as he is not such a big injury risk.

    Don’t get me wrong, “per 48 minutes” is a fine comparison, but its also not foulproof. Oden has nice pers, but he is unreliable for more minutes due to his fouls, which makes his “per” stats nice, but makes him a much less attractive “actual” player.

    I think we both agree Oden is a good player, but for me he is far from “super-productive”.

  • That’s What’s Up

    to answer Leroy, F&F and Lakeshow’s question yesterday…

    Reports came out of Miami that Sporty-J was choked out by a Giant Nowitzki Bratwurst just hours after the closeout game 6. Sporty is still in ICU at Jackson Memorial with a massive stomach ailment and signs of brain damage. Our thoughts and prayers are with him…

  • JDish

    On a side note.

    Is it possible for Orlando to trade for Monta Ellis. I can see M Ellis running in a Magic uni with DHoward and Gil Arenas. It would be a great addition, trade Jason Richardson and JJ Redick for Monta Ellis. But who knows what these guys contracts look like anyway, probably not possible cause everyone wants to get paid at the end of the day.

  • Big Freeze

    I thought for sure the rhyme was “cock flute”. Then you said something about birds chirping and I knew I was right. Prepare for the “cock flute” gentlemen!

  • Big Island

    Kuester is a harmless hire for the Lakers, but he led a clusterfuck in Detroit. I still don’t even know what happened. It was like a car accident and you wake up someplace saying “So Rip isn’t playing? Not trading him? The whole team got the flu on the same day? WTF?”

    As far as Oden, Portland almost HAS to sign him. There’s no way you pay him this long to get through injuries (hopefully) and not see if he’s healthy. If he’s healthy, I mean IIIFFFF he’s healthy, he’s a monster to deal with. I don’t subscribe to the whole “per 48 minutes” argument to support how good a player is though. He’s a huge guy, cock shot included, who can move. His offensive game is weak, but so it Dwight’s and he gets 20 a game. You have to give him one last year if you’re the Blazers.

  • Big Island

    And there are a hundred things that rhyme better with lockout. Rock out would offend your asian readers I suppose, or Scooby Doo fans. If you’re Canadian, which my gf is, it’s a lockoot, so the route is in play, but nobody will talk aboot it. If you have great diamonds you have rock clout. Rebounders block out. Andre 3000 will South Side walk it ah-out. I’d better quit now since Diddy will probably jump into the middle of this wackfest yelling “Bad Boy baby! Can’t stop! Eheh eheh!” and try to sign me to a deal.

  • JAY

    “I think we both agree Oden is a good player, but for me he is far from “super-productive”.”
    ^^^^ Why did you have to pull the “I think we both agree…” card, then follow it up with the “but for me…” hand? I’ve been dying for an argument. Lol. How can i disagree with that statement? Damn you for killing the argument.

    LOL @ Big Island’s rant about “lockout”.

    And big ups to the few of you who still comment here in the off-season. My workdays are a bit more bearable.

  • JAY

    And I apologize for bringing up a JVG statement like it holds water. It won’t happen again.

  • boomshakalaka

    Portland could’ve just took $8.8 million in cash and set it on fire.

    At least then they would’ve got a nice lil bonfire for a summer camping trip.

  • drink the haterade

    GO will b in the l till he can’t walk. I’m sure they had to sign him, but when he goes down again then some other fool gm will pay cause when he’s healthy. Just like bynum and once again they should’ve drafted KD

  • LakeShow84

    @ JAY # 34

    Yes please dont do that again lmao

    And u dont need a financial degree to understand

    3pt Contest Winner = BIG BANK

    Teams gonna line up to sign dude and he’ll come out next year shooting 3’s at a .298 clip lol

  • LakeShow84

    I think Oden is the biggest risk in the league in all honesty..

    Hes been injured EVERY YEAR in the league and when dude gets injured.. HE GONE

    LIKE GONE.. we talkin hurt in November and misses the season.. Sad but some bodies werent made to take that kinda abuse.. Dude was even injured in College lol stil beasted but was hurt EVEN THEN..

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ Lakeshow – absolutely no doubt on the Oden injuries. People love to bring up Bynum, but there’s a difference. Bynum just unlucky. Odom fallin into him; Kobe puttin 200 lbs to his knees. Nobody walkin way from those.
    Oden was hurt in college with the wrist, then misses his rookie year, then breaks his kneecap sneezin. Portland had to pay him tho….just in case…

    @ Dime – James Jones will be alright. He doin exactly what David West did except Jones only makes about 1.3 or 1.4 mil for next season. So he opts out; teams need shooters; he gets 1.4 over 2 seasons from somebody? Good opt out.


    I’m from Northern England… you wouldn’t believe some of the shit that rhymes with lockout in my accent ha-ha.

  • beiber newz

    @hahn’s #25: i never thought cuban was annoying either BUT the refs sure didn’t think so. cuban used to send in game film to league offices of missed calls by refs. i would hate him if i was part of the league office. dude was always complaining and always thought someone was out to sabatoge his team.