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T-Wolves Say They Are Keeping Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley (photos. Dorothy Hong)

For all the Minnesota, David Kahn and PG jokes, take a look at their roster. They have a TON of talent at the forward positions. Some of it may never pan out, some of it is a little wild, but there is young potential there nonetheless.

Which is why the Wolves spent the past few weeks looking for really anyone to hit them with a decent trade offer for the No. 2 pick. They knew Kyrie Irving would go No. 1 and that Derrick Williams was basically being forced onto their hands.

Eventually, they bit the bullet and took perhaps the best talent in the draft. Good move. Now, they just have to sort it all out. The Timberwolves PR took to Twitter last night to try to calm the speculation, tweeting we shouldn’t expect Michael Beasley (the most likely candidate for departure) to leave:

#Twolves Kahn says Michael Beasley will be on the team next year. No intention of trading him.

…and that they didn’t want to move their newest pick:

#Twolves ‘We did not draft Derrick Williams to put him in a deal’ Kahn says.

We’ve BEEN telling him to keep the pick. But with Beasley, Anthony Randolph, Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson and now Williams, no matter what Kahn is saying, someone will probably have to go. Most figured all along it would be Beasley, who averaged 19.2 points a game last year and had the worst rebound rate of his career. But for now Minnesota is suggesting they will keep him.

Can Minnesota play Williams, Love & Beasley all together?

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  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    Might as well keep all three. Thats a nice young frontcourt to build with. They need all the talent and firepower available

  • http://www.dimemag.com Dylan Murphy

    There’s too much of a logjam for them to keep everyone. But I still think that picking Williams was the right move. If anything, his trade value will only increase with time.

  • nizzio

    Having those 3 is good. They have a good SF-PF rotation

  • Abe504

    thats a good rotation, id get rid of randolph asap and johnson if he don’t play well by the deadline

  • beiber newz

    if only love could play center…

  • http://www.conradburry.com Conrad

    Trade Beas + Martell for Rip + A.Daye and both teams are ecstatic…

  • JAY

    To answer the question… “Can Minnesota play Williams, Love & Beasley all together?”… IMO, yes versus some teams. No, against other teams. It’s a game of matchups and I believe that frontcourt would be a problem from some teams. I wouldn’t go as far as Abe504 saying that’s a good line-up but it would be awesome to watch. They don’t really have to worry too much about defending the center position because there aren’t really that many offensive centers to begin with. Golden State played successful small ball with S-Jax playing the power-forward spot and he’s a frikkin 2-guard. Two forward tweeners in Williams and Beasley playing together with a power tweener in Love could make for some very interesting match-ups. Sure, they will have trouble guarding big line-ups, but those big lineups have to play defense too and I think a Beas/Will/Love frontcourt would be unpredictable. All 3 can work the low post. All 3 can work the high post. And all 3 have good range.
    I know I’d watch them.

  • Russ

    I don’t understand how David Kahn still has a job in this league. Is he married to the owner’s daughter or something? They could start Rubio and 4 power forwards next season and he still wouldn’t get fired. He should coach the team too.

  • heckler

    get rid of michael beasley. the dude aint shit. and by the time he gets halfway decent, he’ll be 33yrs old.
    beasley wasnt that good of a prospect coming out of college because he doesnt really have a position in the nba. too small for power forward, too slow for small forward. he is a tweener forward. they could move him to another team and pick up a center; although I think they just got Brad Miller.

    gotta keep derrick williams and wesley johnson. they wont be able to resign Kevin Love, so they’ll need those other forwards.

    now….the Wolves have enough TALENT to be competitive. they have been the WORST team in the league the last TWO year (even though NJ lost more games in 2010; Wolves were way WORSE). new coach, whomever he may be, doesnt have talent as an excuse to lose 55 more games.


    Michael Beasley is already better than ‘halfway decent’ and he was a good prospect coming out of college.

    I don’t buy into this 3/4 ‘tweener’ crap that seems to be a buzzword currently.

    I hope Wesley Johnson, Michael Beasley and Derrick Williams all get freed from Minnesota’s clutches. Seriously is there a more inept team than the Timberwolves? They continually draft/get talent and just run any potential a player had into the ground.

  • Knicksfan84

    Funny, all I know is when A-Rand got playing time, he was KILLING. He’s the one unfortunately that needs to be dealt because he’s due for pay-day. You keep Beasley and trade Wes Johnson if he looks like he can’t be an answer at SG. Move Love to Center and if that doesn’t work… you flip him for one.


    look, love williams, and beasely are keepers because they will get u on tnt, nba tv and espn. dont be a bobcat and trade away all of your talent expecting talent to want to come to Minn. its still a bottom team with no coach…

  • mark

    One strong reason Beasly had his carear worst rebound share last year, is because Love’s was so damn high.
    I do however question his (Beasly) desire to be an outstanding professional ball player.

    If Willams, Beasly and Love play hard every night, they could put up alot of points, even if they do suffer against the bigger teams.