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Top 10 Allen Iverson Sneakers Of All Time

Not too many players have had a sneaker line that compares to Michael Jordan‘s in terms of iconic style and on-court performance. When Allen Iverson entered the NBA in 1996, he immediately won the hearts of young fans with his indomitable spirit – both on and off the court. His shoes, like his signature headband and arm sleeve, were representative of how he played the game. In honor of his 36th birthday yesterday, here are A.I.’s Top 10 sneakers of all time.

Reebok Question

1. Reebok Question
The classic shoe that Iverson wore when he famously crossed up Jordan. Released in September of 1996 for Iverson’s rookie year, they were stable, comfortable and had great court traction. The red/white and black/white versions were the most iconic, yet Reebok would continue to release new colorways, even during Iverson’s tenure with the Nuggets. The Mid version of the Questions also became a fan-favorite.

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  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Now that he’s gone, I kind of wish I picked up a fresh pair of all of these.

  • Big Island

    No Answer II? Weak list. The blue Answer II’s were no joke.

  • Mink

    i had the all star version of the Reebok Answer IX Pump. Great shoe, the air worked great. to bad they only lasted 4 months.:(

  • J

    This should have been a Top 2 list cuz none of the others matter.

  • tl

    the white/blue & white/red questions are the best shoes reebok has ever made.

  • James

    Gotta agree with J on this one. I ball in a pair of re released Questions right now and the IV… everybody had a pair. Girls. Ballers. Old people. Infants. Everybody

  • King

    not even clicking through all the pages but if the white blue questions arent # 1 then the list is irrelevant

  • melobil

    I used to love these shoes back in the day

  • TheMexicanJesus

    I had the A6s in Red and White, I think they where the ones he wore in the All-star Game . And the 5s some of the best basketball shoes I ever wore