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Top 10 Undrafted Players From The 2011 NBA Draft

Demetri McCamey

Demetri McCamey (photo. University of Illinois)

Besides the big names, there were two players I was actively cheering for last night: Isaiah Thomas and Xavier Silas. And the reason being is that most people assumed they were going to go undrafted. Thankfully, Zeke was picked by the Kings with the 60th pick, but Silas wasn’t so lucky. “Well, I went undrafted,” Silas tweeted after all the picks were in. “All that means is that this journey will be a bit more interesting for you and me. Quote me on this… A journey isn’t a journey without a journey.” You gotta love the positive outlook. So for every Kyrie Irving, there’s a J.J. Barea – a guy who gets overlooked on Draft Night but makes a huge impact in the League. With that, here’s are the top 10 players that didn’t hear their named called last night.

1. Demetri McCamey, Illinois
If the Illini had a better season, then McCamey would have been drafted. It’s that easy. Now he’s going to have to fight his way in. He’s a legit PG with size, and I can think of at least five NBA teams that could use someone like him – most notably the Bulls. After trading Norris Cole to Miami, look for McCamey to fight for a roster spot in Chicago next season.

2. David Lighty, Ohio State
Just like bubble teams in the NCAA Tournament, someone’s gotta be left out of the party. And last night, that someone was Lighty. As his former teammate Evan Turner tweeted, “If lighty doesnt get picked i will be sincerely pissed. 4real.” I guess E.T. was pissed. You can’t be mad that he wasn’t drafted, but expect him to find his way in to the NBA next season.

3. Scotty Hopson, Tennessee
He never quite lived up to expectations at Tennessee, has all the tools needed to be a solid NBA player. Give him some time overseas or in the D-League to get his head right – that is, if he wants to stick with basketball – and he’ll find his way into training camp.

4. Jereme Richmond, Illinois
He didn’t have quite the freshman season that he was hoping for with the Illini, but all the talent is there. Had he stayed in school, he could have been a lottery pick next season. Now he’ll have to fight to make a team. The looming lockout might actually be good for Richmond though, giving him an axe to grind and more time to work on his game.

5. Matt Howard, Butler
His teammate Shelvin Mack was drafted 34th overall by the Wizards, and you know he was hoping that Howard got drafted as well. Until their back-to-back championship game runs, no one really looked at Howard as having NBA prospects. But a couple game-winners will change that. He does all the little things right, so look for a team to take a chance on him in the future.

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  • Scott

    If I’m McCamey, I’m going straight to Point Guard U (Minnesota) and trying out for them.

  • beiber newz

    dwight hardy.

  • http://twitter.com/rpravato Ryan

    Kalin Lucas would be smart in trying out for Detroit…I think he has more upside than Will Bynum ever had.

  • Russ

    What sucks most for these kids is that there’s no Summer League for them to try and make some of these rosters.

  • IDOT

    Don’t forget Julyan Stone from UTEP, Cory Higgins from Colorado, and Diante Garrett from Iowa State. All of them are big 6’5 PG’s with the excpetion of Stone who is 6’7.

  • Promoman

    I’m not surprised that LaceDarius got passed up. He was one of the elite in the entire NCAA but there were big question marks about his passing (which he doesn’t do much of) and his defense (absent). Throw in the fact that he got into that domestic shit before the season started and that pretty much sank him. He’ll play somewhere but it’s slim that he’ll play in the NBA.

  • Tgm

    Hey guys what do you think about Vlad Moldoveanu?

  • Bo Knocks

    Corey Stokes.

  • crossphaded

    McCamey…there was a reason he wasn’t drafted. struggled defensively and wasn’t great in the paint.

    Lighty…not sure why he wasn’t drafted. I’m sure he will make a team as a spot reserve who will come in a shoot an occasional 3.

    Hopson…lots of potential, but he still has a ways to go if he wants to make an NBA squad.

    Howard….Custodian, Pt. 2!!!! With slightly more athleticism and this guy has a motor! Someone pick this guy up to get your garbage points and lots of hustle!

    Pullen…I love this kid. He can score at will and create his own shot. Yeah, he has lack of height and can improve his FG% and reduve his TO’s, but any team can use this guy as a solid backup in the backcourt.

  • http://facebook.com/SLAMDUNKF Fernando Rivera

    Gilberto Clavell from Sam Houston..
    Conference Player of the Year, had his jersey retired after 2 seasons.

    ‘Nuff said..

  • Master Killer

    Well how about Delroy James out OF URI 17.5 ppg and 7.9rbs. I guess if you are a senior you are to old to get drafted. Same happened to his brother Shawn James 3 years ago 6.53 blk pg 12.6 ppg 7rb pg he leads in all time in NCAA in blocks and tied with Shaq for triple double. Delroy and James were 24.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Lucas Shapiro

    Kind of surprised Chris Wright didn’t get at least in the second round. Dude HAD game. HAD…

  • Speak Up

    Jamie Skeen do your thang.

  • Let’s Go Hawks

    LaceDarius Dunn is a barely 6′ PG who’s game is an affront to team basketball.

  • ab40

    I think in europe all the leauges don’t have lockouts. Have fun make some money work on your game and try again next year. The d-league is for Americans who are afraid of flying

  • colton

    flying is unnatural to humans. some can take the adrenaline rush. some cant. who are we to judge? haha.

  • yentron

    adrenaline rush from flying? maybe flying an F16, but usually I just get pissed off and/or drunk

  • cheif youngblood

    living in New Orleans rooting for the Hornets I wish we would have taken any of these guys namely the Skeen-Machine

  • http://bigleaguewiffleball.com/ Jon L.

    No one should get too excited about these guys….there is a reason these players were not drafted.

  • Mo

    Hornets need to grab Lighty.

  • Mo

    And Skeen.