NBA, Playground, Video, We Reminisce / Jun 27, 2011 / 5:00 pm

We Reminisce: Game Footage Of Vince Carter, Dr. Funk

We’ve all seen the famous Gauchos Gym, alley-oop windmill from Vince Carter before. But I had never actually seen the rare game footage until this weekend. Check out the 6:30 and 9:00 marks for Dr. Funk…

What’s your favorite VC dunk ever?

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  • MBE18

    I remember this from back in the day. That alley oop windmill dunk was bananas!

  • http://www.iamgrissy.com Grissy

    As much as VC killed it, I love how Whole Lotta Game lights his ass up and forces Vince to play some D…he hits like 3-4 treys, a few layups and forces VC to foul a couple of times. That’s my favourite part about this clip…NBA Star vs. Young Kid Trying To Get A Rep…

  • Promoman

    Vince put Gauchos on the map with this one. Gauchos was famous in its own right but Vince put the place on the radar outside of New York and hardcore ballers. Whenever Gauchos name is mentioned, Vince’s name is mentioned too. No dunk tops the Lipton but this one is in the top 4 or so dunks on Vince’s resume.

  • jeremy

    man..whose the guy that lights him up with the threes?

  • Promoman

    @ jeremy

    Adrian Walton aka A Train, A Whole lotta game.

    He’s still a big name in the streetball circuit. He fell victim to jackass syndrome though when it came to trying to get in the NBA. When he got to college, he thought he should be running things and wound up only playing a season or so. He declared for the draft and didn’t get drafted. He’s good but he good enough to get professional scout attention. He caught a monster ego because he’s a name in the streets and because of this game with Vince. A lot of cats say that while he put 30 on Vince, Vince had 80-82 points that game.

  • Cov

    Did Vince really have 80 points that game?

  • JAY

    I heard it was 42 pts for Vince vs 35 for Whole Lotta Game. If it were 80 that would be plastered everywhere.

  • JAY

    Correction…. According to Wholelottagame, he had more points than VC.

    “I had more points than Vince Carter, so I won the battle, but Vince won the war.”

  • flegman

    what is this crap?

  • King

    As Half-man once said

    “When you come to the HOOD, things change”

  • @1just4j


    first off…just watching this reminds me of why i love this game, if mans werent videotaping this back in the day(and u know it was some spike lee apprentice back in the day cuz its not like there were cameras in the hood…wat is this like 92?)you would never see this!
    that being said im from toronto, i love my city and i have respect for what vc did in his career here.my only stigma and what eventually killed his career was our city…all he had to do was hit that shot versus AI and the sixers and we would have made it to second round….im not bitter at all he put in ‘work’.
    now after watching this shit its like he has to be the greatest dunker that ever lived straight up…the second alley his head is easy at the rim and he caught the ball and did a 100% 360 of his arm….that is stupid to execute just trying never mind in a GAME….thats what vc did he used to kill GAMES like this one…shut shit down…but at the end of the day if he SERVED our city more he would have DESERVED so much more from everyone in it. if you come to our city with the mentality you dont wana be here we will chew your ass up and spit you out…hence bosh….he came out of toronto a bitch cuz no one respected him cuz we knew he hated it here

    im done venting thanks for reading

    416 Mr. Scarcity King