NBA, NBA Draft, Video, We Reminisce / Jun 1, 2011 / 5:00 pm

We Reminisce: Shaq Selected No. 1 Overall In The 1992 NBA Draft

I’m sure you’ll be reading and seeing a lot about Shaquille O’Neal over the next few days, but it’s time to take it back for a minute to the moment it all started: June 24, 1992. I wonder if Craig Sager even remembers this…

Where does Shaq rank all-time?

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  • poiupoi

    lol at “Refine offensive game”…technically, not a whole lot changed in that department over the course of his career

  • sh!tfaced

    Oh shit. I could barely remember when Craig Sager was capable of wearing something so ‘subdued’ back then…

  • bsteezy3

    Shaq is what we always say: The most dominant player to ever play the game. I know there are plenty of Shaq jokes now (remember, dude is ’bout 40), but not many jokes from ’92-2006 (except free throws, but that’s doesn’t matter now…).

  • stupidpoiupoi

    @poiupoi- your really takin shots at a man who averaged 23 pts a game as a rookie and shot over 56 % in an era of great big men smh i wish more big men now a days needed to “refine their offensive game” smh dumbass

  • flegman

    his (step)dad looks like bill cartwright, haha

  • http://twitter.com/keasy773 K-easy

    Shaq always had a good attiude about the game and the people associated with it. He always spoke his mind and had a fun time doing it. Def appreciated seeing him in college to having a long lasting NBA career.
    Def, peep Craig Sager and his “modest” suit back then. He’s come a long way baby, lol!