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Wizards Want To Move Up To Draft Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams (photo. Luke Adams/Arizona Athletics Photography)

The Wizards are stuck in draft purgatory. Devoid of star power beyond Derrick Williams and Kyrie Irving, Washington knows it can get nearly the same player in this draft at the tail end of the lottery as it can at number six. So instead of moving down, they are trying to go all in.

We’ve known for a while that Washington was uneasy about their pick and were trying to move up. And in his latest mock draft on Yahoo! Sports, DraftExpress.com’s Jonathan Givony says Minnesota is willing, but the Wiz would have to give up JaVale McGee.

We continue to hear rumbling of trade opportunities at this spot, although there is skepticism on the No. 2 pick’s value this year. There is talk that Minnesota has offered Washington a swap of the Nos. 2 and 6 picks in a package that includes JaVale McGee, but that appears unlikely unless the Timberwolves part with more assets.

The Wiz have been enamored with a John Wall/Williams pairing for a while, but parting with a talent like McGee is a big step. Only 23 years old, McGee put up 10 points and eight rebounds a night last year while also blocking 2.4 shots a game (second in the league). To have an athlete like that at center could pay off down the road. Still, some believe Williams could develop into a franchise talent.

Even if they get Minnesota to throw in other slight considerations, would you make that deal?

If you’re Washington, would you give up McGee & the sixth pick for Williams?

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  • Abe504

    Man hell no, nobody on the Timberwolves squad even remotely matches McGee’s athletic ability. I would never give up the 6th pick for that

  • Matt

    Keep javale for sure

  • top_gun

    McGee gets the majority of his blocks from help D. He’s clueless on defense and he fouls players like he’s playing touch football.

  • rkirby

    The Wizards should offer Andre Blache to the Twolves for this pic. Kahn would totally fall for it.

  • Me

    why not. try to get another future first rounder out of minny though, Mcgee aint all that.

    getting rid of blatche needs to happen either way though, be it in this trade or another, he gotta go.

  • north

    it would be just the Wizards luck to trade up to 2nd and then have the Cavss (smartly) take Williams with the #1 pick. Until the Cavs actually draft Irving it’s not worth risking JaVale, who despite what top_gun says is one of the best young centers in the league (he’s just 23).

  • First & Foremost

    Washington should counter with 2011 6th; 2012 Conditional 1st, & Nick Young OR Jordan Crawford. In return see if they will budge on Flynn or some bottom of the bench rotational player.

    Wall/Young or Crawford/Williams/Blatche/Mcgee is a nice young core. Can they play defense? No. Will they be exciting? Yes

  • Jr

    First & foremost get rid of blatche and rashad Lewis via trade, hold on to the 6th pick and try to package something to get Josh smith, he wants out of ATL!!! That solves ur 3 spot right there and drop Booker in at the 4. Wall, Young or Crawford, Smith, Booker, McGee


    Why not just focus on getting rid of Blatche and Lewis (And NOTre-signing Young)… and draft Leonard at 6?

    I’m not sold on McGee by any means and think his statistics are more a reflection of the dearth of talent in Washington rather than him being next best center BUT you don’t trade a 23 year old center who has shown promise to move up 4 spots… especially considering Cleveland might do the right thing and draft Williams/Knight.

  • Jr

    Totally agree Williams and Leonard games are comparable. McGee is a 23 yr old 7-1 prospect u don’t get rid of that for a player u can get like Williams at 6. I also agree with letting young go way too inconsistent. Crawford showed he’s going to be a solid 2 in the future.

  • what-beef

    you have to keep McGee at his age once he learns to play defence which will come, in few years him and wall will make a dangers high low combo. There is no point trading up 4 places in a draft that talent isnt exceptional. I agree about crawford he will be a solid 2, plus with how spread out this draft is you never know who will be still on the board at 6? not worth the risk until after draft!

  • nate

    derrick williams>javale mcgee, just imagine john wall can make this guy a beast or would you rather keep mcgee who thinks hes a point guard, to weak to stop any centers, and a soft rebounder whose post game needs so much work

  • Jr

    Only 23….. U can find a 3. Athletic 7’1 doesn’t come to wizards…. Ask duckworth, muresan, white jahidi that is. The rest of the decent bigs we had traded and got rings….keep a low risk big man and see how he pans out before trading up and getting a swingman

  • Drew

    I completely agree with Nate. He’s clearly the only other one on here besides me that watches the Wizards. People think McGee is good because he can dunk three basketballs at one time. This is a two-person draft, and the thing the Wizards need most is a scorer. That would be Derek Williams.

  • Jr

    That’s a negative I been watching the bullets since I came out the womb…