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10 Worst Streetball Moves Ever

Hot Sauce

I’m telling you guys, whenever you need a laugh, scoop up some old YouTube videos (like I have) during the AND 1/streetball/Ja Rule/throwbacks/size 40 jeans period and thank me later. I still remember constantly downloading those old AND 1 tapes back on Kazaa, dribbling in front of mirrors, in racquetball courts, in school. Honestly, looking back on it now, that was one of the weirdest phenomenons I’ve ever seen. People who weren’t even basketball fans were obsessed with Hot Sauce.

I actually enjoy watching some videos like these – ball handling is a skill that will improve whether you’re doing figure 8s or standing in front of a mirror – and I always looked at AND 1 as a way to get more comfortable dribbling a basketball. So the movement did have some strengths. And it yielded the classic NBA Street video game series for the old Xbox, which was one of the most underrated video games ever because it combined street stuff with actual NBA signature moves (it also had a vault of every move in the game, so you could learn them if you were into that).

As the years have moved on, and as the old AND 1 tapes continue to collect dust in storage and as I’ve started to forget about The Notic, I took a trip down memory lane. Whereas people might’ve once loved these moves, now they just trip me up laughing. Here are the 10 worst streetball moves ever (or at least 10 really bad ones that I could find).

*by the way, no one needs to be catching feelings over this list. No one is hating…just having some laughs

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10. I think this is the ugliest cousin of the Shammgod possible. Some streetball moves can actually work if you’re just messing around at open gym or at the Y. With this one, there’s really no reason to ever use it. Ever.

9. The Slip n’ Slide. Probably one of the most famous streetball tricks ever. I contemplated not even putting this on the list because I gotta respect anyone that can do some of this stuff (half break dancing, half dribbling). But at it’s essence, there really is no point in doing it.

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  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips

    Kazaa! Haha. And y’all should known Sweeney stopped wearing 6XL tees a few years ago…

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    What about the ‘tuck the ball under your tee then hit it out around your body and back out into the dribble like any defender ever falls for that…and if you ever did, take your kicks outside, dose em with lighter fluid and send those things to heaven…

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com Off The Backboard

    I remember the And1 phenomenon. It regressed basketball by about 2 years; everyone on the playground was too busy trying to make their opponent look bad to score the ball.

  • Sean Sweeney

    @Aron I think I ruined multiple computers by constantly downloading viruses on Kazaa. And I was a proud supporter of the 6XL cult!

  • SwissArmyKnife5

    You people still get it twisted there’s a guy at my gym that can roll the ball up his arms, and around his head, but can’t dribble to save his life. Its about handles not tricks…tricks are for kids.

  • SoulChorea

    I’m with “Off The Backboard”, this And1 thing was HORRIBLE for basketball, and horrible for the kids that idolized them dudes. It ruined so many kids’ games; everytime you hit the courts to play, some stupid kid would dribble for like 3 minutes straight trying to get his defender to trip. And everyone else would stand around. That was straight FOOLISHNESS. The first And1 was hot (featuring Skip) but after that it wasn’t basketball, it was an entirely different sport at that point.

  • SwissArmyKnife5

    My bad I meant to say Yo not You lol.

  • JAY

    Most of those moves could be named “The Turnover” or “Bye bye balls”. Horrible.

  • control

    Most of this shit has its beginnings with an NBA player, AI, who completely ruined pickup and streetball nearly single handedly. All little fucks who didn’t have the required size and strength to bang with the big boys, picked up this retarded style and spread it around to ruin most of the pickup ball out there.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    I love that you brought up Kazaa! I’m pretty sure that’s how I saw the first 3 volumes, too, although now I have them all on a single writable DVD somehow.

    Everyone be honest, though – at one point or another, we’ve all been the victim of one of these types of moves, and in our head we keep saying, “it’s ok, nothing bad really happened, he’s still just as far away from the hoop as he was before,” but in our hearts, we know that we just got shook.

  • Me

    used to hate that shit. thought it was whack even then. had 1 dude from NY that played with us who swore he was nice. he wrapped the ball around my head once, i just stood there, when he was done he was still right in front of me, looking like he’d done something. Wouldn’t bother me if these dudes had fundamentals too like skip, but most of them couldn’t dribble without traveling, double dribbling, etc, and would get that “confused new yawka” look whenever they got called for it.

    “No, you can’t run with the ball then start dribbling again. we told you this last time”.


  • M-Intellect

    I used to love And 1 until like Vol. 2 or 3 I think AKA the one with the brown case. That’s when dudes was double dribbling and travelling and it just got dumb! Still nothing better then a crossover if you ask me…

  • jdizzle

    #5: if u couldnt see that he no longer had the ball then u seriously need ur ass beat!

  • https://twitter.com/#!/djlocdog Loc

    Mannnn, anytime I played D on these fools, I backed up 5 feet and asked “Can you make a jump shot?” and just watched em with disgust.

    The first ANd 1 was good because it didn’t seem as contrived, it was organic and had the hip-hop elements early on, by the time it got to the TV I couldn’t watch it for more than 2 minutes.

  • Promoman

    @ Control

    Thank you but you forgot to throw skill in there too. Allen Iverson & And 1 taught every sub six footer to think that their job is to dribble, shoot, lose games, and piss people the fuck off to the point of wanting to beat their ass. Roughly 96% of them can’t do the first two things right at any level, let alone defend, pass, and rebound. Even though trick ball has largely died out, it left it’s mark. Just go to any spot and you’ll see all or nearly all the shorter people walk around with swag and play like a bag of shit. And an extra special fuck you to short fat dudes who are on that shit too.

  • superfreak

    lol thanks for bringing back some 2001. #10 and #6 were hilarious, and #5 actually works playing 1on1. Nice walk down memory lane.

  • Leoni

    Streetball sucxxxs

  • Me


    If you’re traveling like that in a 1 on 1 game, might as well go madden with the truck stick, because you’re not playing basketball anymore. Unless you’re shooting it from behind your back like that.

  • Hot Fiyah

    ***Inserts VHS tape into imaginary VCR***

  • da real “RONDO”

    not gonna lie, #1 on the list is pretty tough, haha. if you could execute that on real defense you get nuff props

  • that dude

    The first AND 1 tape was the truth Skip had moves you could actually do in games. Alimoe could play too. Headache was nice. But later on only A.O. impressed me on those later tours after i really start looking at it. But I can’t front i got all of them tapes up until Vol 8 lol.

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    i remember my friends and i just seen this new trick where you dribble the ball with one hand and creep up to the defender and grab the back of his shirt where the tag is and then pull up to slip off his jersey and make him look like a fool.

    so we drank a few blunts and smoked a few beers and went to the courts to mess around. there was this kid,maybe 15years old, at the courts who wanted to play 21. so once we started to play i seen my friend do the setup for the move and boom he reached around and grabbed the kids tag and his shirt slipped off over his head like nothing. so now the kid is standing there half naked while people on the sidelines laugh at him. lil dude started crying and took his ball and ran home. LOL i always remind my friend how he molested that kid that day and most likely the kid will never play basketball again…

  • that dude

    “drank a few blunts and smoked a few beers”???
    Where ya do that at??? Planet Bass Ackwards

  • http://www.DarkWingPro.com DarkWing Productions

    I remember seeing all the lil snot nose suburban kids rocking the And1 t-shirts with trash talking messages on them like they could actually back it up!

    A lot of the moves might have been unrealistic, but let’s not front like we weren’t eating up those And1 DVD’s and tour stops. I remember when they came to American University in DC back in like 02, and Lil Zane (smh) and Ludacris performed.

    I kinda wonder where are those dudes know, especially some of the original ones. It seemed like they kept branching off, aligning themselves with similar companies that never took off. I hope they saved some of that bread from those days, because that’s the most relevant any of them will ever be.

  • Promoman

    @ DarkWing Productions

    Some of them are playing in semipro leagues. Air Up There, The Professor, Hot Sauce, High Octane, and 50 are some of the cats that I know for sure are playing. Some of them could legitimately play but their attitudes, lack of NBA caliber athleticism, bad luck, and lack of skill kept them from the NBA. Bad Santa is the worst case. He was up there with Allen Iverson back in the day when college recruiting time came around but he just kept getting into shit. He & Melvin Ely got busted for trying to rob people with katanas too while playing for Fresno State.

  • Billy Sunday

    @2:20 mark worst streetball move of all time


    Hot Sauce, Half man half amazing, God Shamgood & Rafer were the truth… the rest of those ‘streetball’ guys were straight up lames.

    I used to watch And1 but I was never down with that shit as part of my game, I crossed a few guys and did an off the elbow pass on a fastbreak a few times with my school team but got reprimanded by the coach who was a fundamentals guy and inevitably turned me around to that type of thinking.

    The behind the head move is completely ridiculous and the most pointless thing ever… I’d let people do that on me all day, it literally does nothing.

  • Turn

    It’s actually a pretty good thing that most of these Streetball Moves WEREN’T MEANT TO BE EFFECTIVE.

    Yea, they weren’t effective, but that’s not what it was all about. It was mostly entertainment! That’s what the Aim was… and Millions of Kids & Teens, like myself had major Fun with Basketball during this Era.

    Nothing but Love for AND1 & the Streetball Movement.

  • http://www.itsyours.com Chicagorilla

    I’ll admit that I once was down with the AND1 craze. I did a few tricks here and there, but never in real pick up games, and most def never in an organized game.

    It all ended for me when some cat rolled across the FT line and got up and took a jumper. when the other team called traveling he sat and argued for 15min about how that’s a legal move. At that point, along with the No Limit/Cash Money movement, I hung up my AND1s. I haven’t seen it crossing over into school basketball or streetball around Chicago so it must’ve died down.