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Andre Iguodala Wants To Stay In Philly; Jamal Crawford Thinking About Heading Overseas

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala (photo. Kelly Turso)

Looks like Iggy recently had a change of heart. Philly’s long-time swingman stated his intention to stay a Sixer. Truthfully, it’s all words until players sign on the dotted line. At the same time, we halfway wish the Monta Ellis/Andre Igoudala trade actually happened. Philly’s team defense pretty much got them into the playoffs but they couldn’t buy a bucket on the perimeter. Meanwhile, Golden State has all the offense in the world but continually comes up short on the other end. Ellis and Igoudala’s talents as a scorer and a stopper respectively fill in team needs quite well. So what’s the hold up? We can only speculate, but Ellis’s needy scoring habits could come to the detriment of Jrue Holiday‘s development. Golden State stands to lose Ellis’s 24 a night but gain important stops with Andre on the wing. He wouldn’t be enough to change the team’s culture but they have to start somewhere with their defensive effort. Ellis isn’t a total fix for Philadelphia’s offensive struggles but adding him could be a big step in the right direction … Moving on, congrats are in order to Bill Russell on getting the replica statue treatment in Boston. Bill’s crucial leadership role as an 11-time NBA championship winner goes without question. Has there ever been a better winner in the history of sports? He was the ultimate teammate, consistently shut down Wilt Chamberlain in crunch time and was everything Dwight Howard wishes he could be. We don’t understand how it took this long … Jamal Crawford is apparently contemplating his own offer from a Turkish club (does he realize they aren’t down with 26-foot pull-ups over there?). But with teams unwilling to offer an opt-out, like Deron Williams received, no NBA player will make the move. It’s basically a standoff: the player doesn’t want to commit and neither does the team … We feel like this argument could go on for weeks, but is Yao Ming a Hall of Famer? … We watched Gunnin’ For That Number One Spot again the other day and the movie briefly touched upon how the media machine’s fueling of star high school prospects is out of control. Coincidentally, we ran into a clip of Austin Rivers at NC Pro-Am dunking all over the place. Yet the video caused us to reflect on the topic at hand. You can’t just turn off the machine once it starts running. At the same time. we can get ahead of ourselves in the search. How else do you explain the fall of players like O.J. Mayo, Michael Beasley and Lance Stephenson? Each player received nationwide acclaim before they played a minute of college ball. They’ve yet to live up to lofty expectations and dealt with growing pains along the way, particularly off the court. Their talent levels are obvious but what’s more evident is the work and focus they must address. Has coverage of amateur athletes gone too far, walked the line or is it fine as is? … Joakim Noah will play for France during the European Championships at the end of summer … Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld tweeted that Brandon Jennings dropped 81 points in a Long Beach charity game that included Trevor Ariza, Dorell Wright, Jordan Hamilton and Pooh Jeter … And apparently Elton Brand will co-produce the Tupac biopic “Tupac.” He’s had success in that role in the past. EB was a producer for the Christian Bale movie “Rescue Dawn” from a few years back … We’re out like Noah.

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  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    Honestly I think the best fit for Iggy would be New Orleans. A line up of

    Landry (I think West is a FA or was traded)
    and Monty as the head coach, they would easily be one of the best defensive teams all time.
    you’d have a Jordan/Pippen like dominance on the wing DEFENSIVELY with Ariza and Iggy each getting near 2stls per and being great on ball defenders. Add in CP3’s ability as one of the top defensive PGs in the game, and then Oakafor as one of the best defensive bigs in the game. With Monty Williams and his defense first attitude, this line up would shut ANYONE down.

    They would need to add another 7fter though. Perhaps throw some paper at Deandre Jordan and slide Oak over to PF.

    Offensively, CP3 would would still do his thing, but he also has Iggy as a slasher and great finisher. The D will also help trigger many fast breaks, a lot like Miami does, and you have guys who can run the floor very well.
    Half court wouldn’t be as good but it would still be good enough to win. They’d need to put in shooters to help CP3.

  • superfreak

    A lineup of

    Landry (I think West is a FA or was traded)

    doesn’t have any offense outside of CP3 though. Of course he’s a great distributor, but no one outside of CP3 can create their own shot. Philly tried to give that scoring role to Iggy, and so did Houston with Ariza, both situations didn’t work out so well. However, I do agree that would be a beast of a defensive team, other than maybe undersized at the PF spot.

  • Young Gunner aka Andius Oneicus: God Of Buckets

    Does N.O. even have anything that Phily would want outside of draft picks

  • alf (from melmak)

    Just in case no one read it yet, here is a Yahoo story on Paul Pierce who is currently playing in the World Series Poker. Apparently, he is doing good and moving on to the second session.

    I can imagine Tony Allen and OJ Mayo banging their heads on the wall and asking why they never entered the tournament.


  • control

    I heard PP arrived and is doing the entire tournament in a wheelchair, can anyone prove/disprove?

  • Duke

    I heard he lost to pocket aces and was taken out on a stretcher and then came back and was just taking all the pots.

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Kobe gave a trash talker a one on one lesson in basketball


    O.J. Mayo, Michael Beasley and Lance Stephenson? Prior to them, Felipe Lopez, William Avery, Ed Cota, Shammod Williams and God Shamrock!

    Mr. Born Ready is not ready yet. Beasley is still a favorite among Kansas St fans, for he was on the team that beat Kansas in 20 something years.

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla


    Honestly, I dont expect them to be a scoring/run n gun team. Those teams don’t win the championship. All you need is a go to scorer and team defense. When you have extraordinary team defense, with a go to scorer/creator like CP3, then you have a contender.

    YOu claim that IGgy isn’t a scorer.

    Dude is 20ppg 5reb and 5 asst. shooting around 45% FG

    That’s a scorer if i don’t know one. What Iggy is not is a shooter.
    But don’t get it twisted, Philly fans are complete idiots so they don’t appreciate what that dude does for the team. If Iggy played for the Lakers or Celtics he’d be an all star every year. Hell I’d love to see him here in Chicago. Im still pissed we passed on Iggy and Josh Smith to draft Loul Deng instead.

    Ariza will get his 11ppg but add in a few extra for the fastbreak pts he’ll get with Iggy on the team helping to create more TO’s and defensive stops.

    Landry is a scorer on his own. When dude was in Houston and Sactown he was getting plenty buckets when given the ball.

    Landry and Ariza both avg just over 15ppg in the playoffs this past year. While shooting good %’s

    Emeka will always be a solid scorer, not a great one. a double double from game to game.

    Add that with the BEST PG IN THE GAME, who also is a 20ppg 10+asst per game guy and that’s at least 5 dudes scoring 10+ppg on your team.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ control

    If he went there in a wheelchair that would be one hilarious scene. By the way, that was a very cool photo in the article showing Paul Pierce in deep concentration.

    @ Chicagorilla

    Just one question, if ever, will the numbers work? The Jazz from what has swirled the last two seasons seem to want him but were lost as to how they can absorb his contract.

  • Jim

    Russell shut down Wilt in crunch time. Right? Some B.S. just never dies. I guess we can all thank Dime for perpetuating this nonsense.

  • First & Foremost

    @Alf – DOn’t worry, the NBA will make the numbers work. It probably didn’t work with the Jazz because Okur and Boozer’s contracts. Both had player options coming up, so if they took on Iggy’s contract, one would have to leave. Too much uncertainty at the time. For a team that isn’t a huge money maker they would have had 5 monster contracts (D-will, Boozer, Okur, AK47, Iggy) Philly had bigs so no point taking Boozer or Okur and Kirilenko doesn’t fit a need.

    To top it off, Jerry Sloan would rather have a prius than a vet. All that horsepower would have gone to waste.

  • flavur

    I think the media is definitely over hyping the amateur athlete I mean putting expectations on these kids who most of them really don’t have a great work ethic, have bad attitudes and are mentally unstable or they have a drug problem. It’s really aggravating to watch, but I do enjoy their highlights. and I think that the bulls could use iggy the most Iggy and luol deng on the wing it also gives derrick a break because iggy can handle the ball and is good at creating offense for others, so we could expect to see some iggy to d rose alleyoops and vice versa.


    I don’t think Ellis to Philadelphia helps them, I think the trade is extremely fair in terms of talent but one of the reasons they’re getting rid of AI2 is they’re stacked at the wing; Evan Turner is the SG of the future and Young is a rapidly improving 3, Jrue and Williams hold down the point… why do they need Ellis?

    I think Kaman & Aminu work out as a better trade for the 76ers, it gives them a starting center for Vucevic to learn from and an expiring contract and it gives them a player like Aminu with potential who already fits into their team philosophy.

    I also like the idea of Iggy to Minnesota for Beasley and either Johnson or Darko.

  • JDish

    Hasn’t the hype machine been an issue for so long already? I think there are only a handful of players who have been able to live up to the hype that they get in high school hoops. I’m thinking Lebron James first of all, Kevin Garnett, Derrik Rose … you guys help me out here, who else has been able to live up to the hype?

    I think Austin Rivers is basking in the glow of the hype right about now. Hope his head is in the right place and that he has people around him getting focused for his bball development.

  • That’s What’s Up

    One thing Russell couldn’t do was Cock-Block Wilt

  • i am a witness

    were’nt u dime guys the ones all over LANCE STEPHENSON’s nuts……. with alla this BORN READY SHIT

  • JH


    Yeah, Iggy in NOLA sounds nice…but who does Philly get in exchange?

    Iggy will make any team better…but the deal has to make sense both ways.

    I want to see the Monta – Iggy trade happen.

  • Swiss Chocolate

    You can’t win in the NBA with wings that can’t consistently knock down long range jumpers. Recently, teams have won championships with defensive specialists that knock down corner threes. I’m talking about Deshawn Stevenson, Trevor Ariza (when with the Lakers), and Bruce Bowen types of players. Iggudola is a do everything player except knocking down long range jump shots consistently. Monta Ellis has improved his three point shooting every year. If and/or when he hits 40% from three, he would be unstoppable. The only way I would trade Monta is if the Warriors could get a quality big man in return and get rid of David Lee. I’m surprised Minnesota didn’t trade for Monta for the 2nd overall pick. It’s not like they’ll ever be able to sign a quality free agent and Monta would be in his prime there for three more years to run with Rubio.

  • Big Island

    Iggy would be a great addition to any team where he isn’t the #1 guy. If he’s the #3 guy, you’re gold. He’s a very, very solid player, but not great. If I were the Warriors, I would swap out Monta for less than Iggy honestly. Just not a big fan of Monta.

    Control – God damn you. He is TOTALLY in a wheelchair as far as I am concerned. I can’t stop laughing at the poker picture now.

  • LakeShow84

    It aint just a wheel chair..

    Hes hooked up like Stephen Hawkins out there..

    According to sources at YAHOO.com thats whats really throwing everyone off..

  • Sean Sweeney

    @Jim Russell actually did own Wilt in crunch time. Their numbers in the playoffs are even, or even favor Russell (except for scoring where Wilt averaged something like 3 more buckets a game…of course he was also the most selfish player possibly ever and was the first option).

    Russell won literally very nearly every single big game he ever played against Wilt (Wilt actually played w/ just as many Hall of Famers/top 50 players during his career than Russ so that team sucks thing doesn’t really work).

    And read some of the books guys from that era have put out. All of them said Wilt “wilted” in clutch moments. All the time. Especially against Russell.

  • JAY

    Agree with Sweeney.

    @ Jim:
    “Their numbers in the playoffs are even”
    ^^ To take what Sweeney said even further, Russell’s numbers went up vs Wilt compared to his regular season averages. Wilt’s numbers decreased.

    BTW, Pierce was eliminated today. He wore his championship ring the whole time. Love him or hate him, that’s badass.