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Dime’s 1-On-1 NBA Tournament: Derrick Rose Vs. Dwight Howard

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)


*If you haven’t voted yet for the Chris Paul/Carmelo Anthony matchup, voting is still running until 1 P.M. EST today*

I have to get this off my chest – Dwight Howard should have been this season’s MVP. (Cut to multiple commentors charging at me with an axe.)

Anyway, back to the task at hand. You know, this whole one-on-one thing.

Dwight Howard may be simple to figure out in five-on-five, but otherwise he’s pretty much just controversy wrapped in conflict. Will he get traded? Will he re-sign with Orlando? Did he deserve last year’s MVP? At the Dime office, these questions were cast aside in favor of two other ones:

1) Where should Howard rank in the one-on-one tournament?
2) How far can he go?

Some had him in the top five. Others had him at No. 16, maybe. Some had every and any guard bouncing him in the first round. Other had him beasting everyone, bulldozing his way to the basket on each possession. No. 10 was the eventual choice – I wanted to say consensus, but it was nowhere near that.

Derrick Rose may be quick enough to get by Howard, but who’s to say the 7-0 foot monster won’t swat away his feeble layups from behind? If Rose settles for pull-ups, do we really trust him to knock down a bunch in a row? When Miami forced Rose into exactly that, they walked away a 4-1 series winner. Look for Dwight to back off and dare Rose to beat him from distance.

Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a point guard finish above, around, beneath and through big men like D-Rose. Jeff Foster and Josh McRoberts gave him the business in the first round of the playoffs – elbows, shoves, trips and some not-so-friendly verbal jabbing. None of it mattered. I would argue that D-Rose’s unparalleled ability to contort his body while maintaining mid-air balance is on par with any other elite skill in the NBA. Yep, just as impressive (although clearly not as big a game-changer) as Chris Paul‘s passing, Ray Allen‘s shooting and Kevin Love‘s rebounding. So when Rose challenges the Defensive Player of the Year at the rim, I’m not so sure who’s coming out on top.

1-on-1 NBA Tournament Bracket

updated bracket w/ included equivalent scores (based on voting %)

Commentors and Dimers alike have battled, desperately pursuing an answer to another basic, yet crucial question: Can Howard back down his man all the way to the rim? There’s no entry pass, no stand still moves and everything is off the dribble. If Dwight could rely on his turnaround J, I’d be singing a different song. If he doesn’t make it to within three feet of the hoop, I’m afraid we’re looking at a miss. Then again, he could pull a T-Mac and throw down a ferocious self-alley-oop off the check. Because in one-on-one, pretty much everything is in play.

Jay Bilas: “Another great matchup! Rose seems like the pick because of his explosiveness and ability to get by Howard. But, I am going with Howard in this one. He is just so physically dominant. Howard will be able to block some of Rose’s offerings, limit him to jumpers in certain situations, and Howard can back him down into the lane. Dwight isn’t Bob Lanier, but he can do something similar to what Lanier did when I was a kid in the NBA 1-on-1 games.”

*also vote for CP/’Melo*

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  • Trey bing bay

    This is an interesting matchup.

    Both play against eachother one on one weakness.

    I gotta go with Howard because i think he’s more likely to get a stop on Rose. I can’t see Rose getting any stops on Howard. Howard could just stand by the bucket and let Rose shoot the J. Howard’s just going to push Rose into the post and dunk on him.

    Rose is a better player but Howard wins this one.

  • top_gun

    This is probably the worst one on one matchup for Rose.


    Firstly I’m not coming at you with an axe but I think to say anyone BUT Rose deserved the MVP is ridiculous.

    Howard takes this though, he doesn’t even need to guard Rose… just guard the basket and like you said, force Rose to shoot from range. D12 is fast and big enough to get a hand on anything Rose throws up… granted Howard can’t shoot but… he doesn’t need to in this match up.

  • First & Foremost

    DAMN RIGHT!!! Dwight Howard SHOULD HAVE BEEN awarded the MVP last regular season.

    And I Digress. Rose wins again because I think Howard will play around too much. Early on Dwight will try his hand at some 3s. Mid way through the game he will try a turnaround jumper that gets blocked because he shoots jumpers from his chest like a twelve year old girl. However, if he is serious about winning, expect Rose to not be able to finish the game.

    Howard 9 to 7, Rose forfeits due to “body aches”. This game will be reminiscent of Michael Irving vs. Adam Sandler.

  • Celts Fan

    @First & Foremost – dwight didn’t deserve anything. Rose CLEARLY won that last year. Half his team was hurt for most of the year and he still led them to the best record in the League. Oh no, a better athlete and good defender that’s got 4 inches and 40 pounds on him locked him down. that’s not surprising. Dwight got bounced in the first round, so you can’t even use the Playoffs as an excuse, not that they count anyway.

    anyway, Dwight runs this matchup. 11-6. Worst possible matchup for Rose after Bron.

  • George W Kush Sr

    First & Foremost says: “This game will be reminiscent of Michael Irving vs. Adam Sandler.”, and I agree.

    If Rose had a J then Howard would have to chase him around, all D12 has to do now is camp inside the paint. Since dude gonna get all his buckets in the paint too, he might as well set up a tent and shit, start roasting up marshmellows lol.

    I can picture Brandon Bass pitching a double cheeseburger to Rose after Howard knocks him down to the ground

  • nizzio

    I see Derrick Rose winning this. Centers are not made for 1on1 play. Dwight’s got no handles, and Derrick rose will probably get a couple steals when Dwight is posting up. Derrick Rose will use his speed and agility to get passed Howard and if Howard decides to stay put in the paint, he’ll hit his Js from midrange. 11-7 Derrick Rose

  • King

    Dwight is taking this one. defensive monster and on offense there is no way rose can stop him. on D all dwight gotta do is not bite on any fakes and wait until he attacks the basket

  • King

    and Trey explain to me how Rose is a better player than Dwight?

    Dwight is a far superior on defense. and is not that much worse offensively. No hes not Kareem but hes not joel anthony either

  • First & Foremost

    @King – It is a lost cause. If you look at how both of them score, you can argue both are unstoppable. The only difference is Rose hits more of his free throws than Howard. [I wish somebody would say Jason Collins stopped Dwight. Being held to 27 & 15 with 2 blocks is the new shutout.]

    No one cares about defense. Melo & Dirk are in the cream of the crop even though more times than not but not all the time, they are horrible on defense.

    Bottom line, Rose is the “better” player because he plays a flashier position.

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    still havent voted, waiting to see if anyone can sway my decision with a good arguement…

  • ctkennedy

    i got Dwight for one reason …what makes Rose special at the point(athletcism) it wont work against Dwight Howard who is a top 5 athlete in the league at 6 10 275 …Rose speed wont be as great in a halfcourt set

  • First & Foremost

    In all seriousness, I think Dwight will play around too much. What is at stake here anyway? Prize Money? World Championship of Uno Braclet? Dwight will try a few crossovers, dribble them out of bounds, Rose goes up 3. A few Rose misses later, Dwight might wake up and just beat the snot out of Rose the next time he leaves his feet.

    15 minutes into this game Dwight will do a slow spin move with his elbow in the neck of Rose. Then Dunks the ball on Rose’s face. Noah tosses Rose a pack of tropical skittles (the purple pack) and then Rose starts making his jumpers.

  • north

    Dwight was a PG when 4 years before he was the number 1 pick in the draft. He’s got handles for a big guy.
    Rose showed this playoffs that he can only win when he gets to the rim… Dwight barely lets anyone to the rim when there are 5 of them trying, just 1 is too easy for him.

  • First & Foremost

    Someone please find me a video of Dwight playing point. Handles? We talking about handles?


    What handles are you talking about? True he may have been one when he was 12, who wasn’t? But when you get an odd growth spurt like that it can throw off your handling coordination. It takes the ball longer to come up, his stride is different, and DUDE IS JACKED to the point he can barely shoot normally, and you are trying to say he has handles?

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    LOL@ dwights a point guard when he was 14, tropical skittles, Jason Collins, and Dwight as MVP

  • Ian

    both howard and dirk deserved the mvp more

  • Ian

    howard is the better player imo and melo is just plain overrated. one time outta the first round?? the knicks were a -1 with him on the court nah hes not close to being dirk. dirk on d is avg not melo bad and melo cant carry a team like dirk.

  • brian

    If Dwight took this seriously, he easily wins this.

  • http://dimemag.com Tdot

    It seems you haven’t heard of the Denver Nuggets

  • Ian

    huh?? thats the one time with denver. what did they do all the other seasons??

  • bhawkins

    Dwight all day. D. Rose would be flattened.