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Dime’s 1-On-1 NBA Tournament: Paul Pierce Vs. Deron Williams

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce, Dime #5


Paul Pierce needs to shave. Maybe he thinks he’s fashionable or grizzled, I don’t know. Honestly he just looks like an old man who clings to the scraps of hair on his scalp, struggling to obscure his baldness with a handicapped combover. Instead of dazzling the ladies with manly stubble, he’s edging more towards the homeless look.

Alright, so I hate Paul Pierce. He’s a Celtic, he’s a winner. He’s put a dagger through the heart of my Knicks more than a few times. But his stubble is basically all I can criticize, because his offensive game may just be custom built for a one-on-one. He lives at the free-throw line extended, pulling up for smooth jumpers or exploding to the basket. Well, exploding is really the wrong word because Paul Pierce may just be the slowest player on the court. But he’s crafty, strong, and knows how to use that first step. Quickness, speed and agility may seem like NBA assets, but without a superior knowledge of how to use them, they go to waste. And Pierce sizes up his man with tactical precision.

We can’t forget about Deron Williams – there’s a reason why he grabbed the No. 9 seed. He can pull up from anywhere, he’s built like a mini dump truck and he finishes at the rim like few other ballers. But here’s why Deron propelled up the rankings: he’s got the physicality to handle anyone. Our love affair with his offensive repertoire is far from concealed, but he’s no defensive bum. He’ll bang right back into Pierce, inspiring a prolonged battle for free-throw line dominance.

Dime 1-on-1 Tournament Bracket

It’s a little much to call it David vs. Goliath, but I’m sure that’s how Williams feels. He’s toiled aimlessly in Utah, subjugated to the realm of “almost the best” as he watched Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and even Rajon Rondo seize the throne. Pierce has always been a winner – maybe not the best small forward out there, but one you’re willing to go to battle with.

But not Deron, he’s idling. We don’t really know what to do with him. Is he the best point guard? Is he just a shooting guard in a point guard’s body? We want to incarcerate him with the Stephon Marburys of the world, but he’s two levels better. And then we flirt with awarding him proper basketball idolatry, but we just can’t. Another candidate emerges, and we’re quick to throw the crown his way.

That’s why this has the feel of David vs. Goliath. Williams just seems worse. But is he really? Then again, Pierce lives for the clutch. He loves breaking out that sideways glance that drips with “don’t doubt me” arrogance. So really it’s the proven commodity who thinks he’s unproven vs. the chip on the shoulder. As for who wins, either way someone’s telling us: “I told you so.”

Jay Bilas: “Paul is the better scorer in halfcourt situations. If they played full court 1-on-1, which isn’t a bad idea, Deron would probably win. But, in a half-court game, Paul is the pick here. He is strong, can drive it, and can step back and shoot. Plus, he plays on the ground, and will be tough for Deron to deal with because Paul does not commit early.”

*also vote for LeBron James vs. Amar’e Stoudemire*

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  • First & Foremost

    Hands Down! Deron wins this. Literally Pierce will have his hand on the ground from falling. While falling, he puts his hand out and sustains a hairline fracture in his wrist. Then proceeds to limp to the sidelines. Insert cut scene of Mr. Miyagi giving him the nod. Pierce comes back out and contiunes to get obliterated. 11 – 6 Deron

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    WOW this is a hard one. Deron can score but Pierce is unstoppable(step back fade) especially since D Will is so short. i think it may come down to who gets the ball first and who misses a jumper first.


    if pierce gets hurt and comes back out in front of a huge crowd he may be able to make a come back, we’ve seen it before.

  • control

    Deron BY FAR, and this is probably the most uneven 1on1 possible out of all the match ups available in first round. The ONLY thing Deron will have to do is not let PP get to the elbow to do pretty much the ONLY move PP has left in the tank, the fade away from the elbow.

    PP isn’t as strong as Deron, isn’t as fast, doesn’t shoot better, doesn’t defend better, and there is NO way he could contain Deron’s cross over. I can’t think of any advantage at all that PP has, except for making whiney faces and ability to do his fade away if he manages to get close enough…which he probably couldn’t because he doesn’t have the strength to back Deron down, or the speed to get by him and to his spot.

    PP is washed up and he’ll be rolling out in his custom wheelchair (with 24″ spinners) before the game is even done.

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    Pierce could work his spin move on deron and get him on his hip for the layup, thats without a doubt. he may have to set it up with a pump fake after a made 3 off the 1st check ball or a jab step in one direction but i think paul pierce can get to his spots if he wanted. if i was watching a regular game and saw Deron on Pierce 1 on 1 on a clear out isolation play im putting all my money that pierce is gonna find a way to get the shot he wants.

    i do agree that pierce has no chance defending D Wills drives to the basket but if he misses once or twice then pierce has the ability to take the win

  • ERIC

    Deron has the sickest handle

    He would break Pierce’s ankles each time, put him in a wheelchair.

    I say its a close one.

    Deron over PP
    15 – 13

  • CLAW

    I can’t see PP holding down Deron, and Deron is pretty strong and could hold his own against Pierce. Deron is just too quick and Pierce will just shoot too many jumpers while I see Deron just taking it to the hole everytime.

    Deron 11-8

  • ctkennedy

    pierce can guard dwill but dwill cant pierce

  • control


    PP could guard Deron? PP can’t even guard small forwards who are moderately quick (without flopping, which would get you NOTHING with no refs), how is he going to guard a guy who is actually pretty quick for a point guard (and stronger than him too, while being a better shooter)? PP doesn’t have even one advantage on Deron…

  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    @PP doesn’t have even one advantage on Deron…

    PP is taller than Deron, aint that an advantage and im guessing has a longer reach? without checking the stats im thinking PP is a better 3 point shooter then Deron also. ive seen Deron hit that free throw elbow pull-up jumper for the win but if i was a coach im giving the ball to PP in the clutch and let him work it out on the perimeter. So im thinking Pierce has a better clutch factor than D. Will too. thats 4 advantages hes got over Deron, you dont need to underrate him that much do you?

  • Celts Fan

    Its pierce all day. Pierce is a good enough defender that he can hang w Deron and is much bigger/stronger amd is a better shooter. This isny even cektics bias. When a guy is skilled and bigger, you take the bigger guy.

    Now lets move on and not talk about that pube beard of his

  • control


    Sorry, yeah PP is taller by a few inches, but his vertical is about a weak as his tough guy act. Deron actually has a really good vertical (completely underrated) and there’s no doubt both his running and standing jump would mean Deron’s getting a lot higher than PP.

    With checking the stats, PP and Deron are within 1% of each other for 3pt% (which doesn’t matter in this format) and Deron edges slightly in fg% (which does).

    This is a 1on1, not running one clutch play in a 5on5. Clutch won’t even be a factor because winning or losing, we all know PP is going to be riding a wheelchair off into the sunset before a combined 10pts are even scored.

    Deron is WAY quicker, stronger, MUCH better ball handler, as good or better shooter and probably a better defender. This one is easy, huge mismatch for Deron.

    Fuck PP’s entire whiney face, not just his stupid beard/pube hair on head.

  • Ltron 3000

    I cant see paul pierce winning this one… D-will has one of if not the sickest crossovers in the game… he makes his living driving to the rim, his pull-up is impeccable… hes no lil guy by any means… Pierce to old to slow gets rocked here

    (pierce relies on drawing fouls too much, for it too matter in a one v one game)

  • Celts Fan

    Wow. Sooo much hate here. Dont hate guys. The runs (prob) over for them. Relax.

    And PP would beat Deron. I like Deron a lot, but no PG is beating a skilled bigger guy. Pierce gets all the boards and can challenge Derons jumper. Meanwhile, how is Deron really gonna get a hand in Paul’s face when he takes that elbow jumper or slow him down when he drives (yall like to make fat jokes about Paul, well now thatd come in handy.) 15-11, Pierce, and i like Deron a lot. Rondo NEVER passed him and never will long as dwills healthy.

  • beiber newz

    WHY DOES THIS MATTER….kobe’s just gonna end up winning the whole thing.

  • JH

    Dwill wins the 2nd half of a close game because PP is too winded trying to guard the perimeter shot.

  • CLAW


    Money is on Dwight Howard, who can stop him and the DPOY is going to get stops believe that!

    If you got 2 pts for 3 point shots Dwight would be done but in this format he will clean up.

  • Celts Fan

    @claw – im with u early, but dwight cant dunk every time. Once he runs into a guuy with skill amd size (dirk/melo) i think hes done, but ya, hell just back smaller guys like rose and kobe down.

  • LakeShow84

    Yeah ima Laker fan and i voted for Pierce lol

    Williams got the speed but would be outmatched size wise and Pierce is CRAFTY veteran who would know how to capitalize.. Williams aint quite there yet..

    And to all those saying Pierce cant guard him because he will “Blow by” him.. i imagine the rules wouldnt be NBA style..

    If Deron gettin handchecked on the perimeter he aint going by dude TOO MANY times.. hed get by him but it aint all day.. Plus with Pierce he knows how to play positional defense as in knowing how to stay between a player and the rim with his body..

    Pierce all day for this one..

  • CLAW

    @Celts Fan: You did see Dirk play “D” in the Finals? Dude can’t guard a stop sign and Melo is probably one of the best scorers on this list but he would also be overmatched. I am not a big Dwight Howard fan by any means but in this type of format I just can’t see him getting beat. Whoever beats him better be hitting EVERYTHING from the outside because they won’t be getting anything inside.

    @Lakeshow – Seriously Pierce is the antithesis of athlete, Deron is WAY quicker and in a 1 on 1 game he can just hit his hand out of the way and go right past to the rim. Watching Deron beat the Heat pretty much by himself was awesome to watch, I just can’t see Pierce keeping up.

  • Celts Fan

    @claw. Hows dwight gonna get the ball to the rim to dunk every time? Aint no entry pass here. Hes not skilled enough to beat big guys with skill who can stop him from posting up.from the 3 pt line and who can rise up in front of him without (too much) fear of getting their J sent to the hotdog man like would happen to DRose in round 1. Guys like 03 KG or Hakeem in his prime would run away with this whole thing. Dwight aint that, hell, no current big men are. Honestly, i dont even think Dwight could take Amare one on one. A guy like dirk or melo that could lean on him and make it tough to get to the rim while being big enough to get their own shots off against him and finish (or at least have a chance) at the rim would be a problem for dwight.

  • Celts Fan

    @claw.. aint no way dwill can keep up w pierce either. Hell hit him w some old man moves and get buckets. Love.dwill, but hes too small to stop pierce one on one and pierce will bother every jumper he takes, while itll feel like pierce is in the gym by himself. Size is key and pubebeard pierce owns that category and is a better allaround scorer anyway. Shit, even lakers fans are saying that. If theyll admit it, its gotta be true…

  • King

    Paul pierce would DESTROY deron williams in a 1 on 1 game. no offense to Deron but Pierce, Kobe and Melo may be greatest 1 on one players in the world

  • Rainman

    for every reason… Pierce should be winning in a 1 on 1 game.

    No doubt Deron is better in the L, but this is one on one here… Pierce is custom built for this.

    Give me PP anyday

  • http://www.wtf.com Chicagorilla

    I don’t think this is clear cut, but I would pick Deron.

    Paul’s game benifits him in a team setting, with his craftiness. Deron on the other hand, may actually be a better player in a one on one situation. His crossover is deadly enough to put PGs on their back pockets, so PP would be in trooooubbbbbllleeee. Also, Deron would actually benifit from guarding Pierce because of how slow and methodical he moves. Deron has more trouble with quick guys and not stronger/taller guys. Derons step back jumper is more wicked than Pauls. but Paul’s elbow shot will keep him close. I doubt he’ll be able to get it off as often as he would need to.

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… “Give me PP anyday” (Pause)

  • control

    “I doubt he’ll be able to get it off as often as he would need to.” I think PP’s old ass is running into that problem quite a bit, even with the lil’ blue pills…

  • King

    “I doubt he’ll be able to get it off as often as he would need to.”

    So paul can get his shot off against Bron, Artest, kobe, tall ass durant, sefolosha, luol deng, etc.. .but not Deron williams?? who he has 4-5 inches over and longer arms. think people

  • superfreak

    so many “pause” comments in this matchup

    @Celts Fan
    Dwight Howard doesn’t need much of a dribble to get to the rim. I mean from the 3 point line, he needs to take 1 dribble (at most 2), so a spin move and he’ll probably be right there with the size of this strides. Give the man a little credit, he was a PG before he had his 8 inch growth spurt.

    I don’t think this match up is clear cut. D-will’s crossover is not going to be as effective as PP is going to hand check. Pierce’s old man moves won’t really be neutralized as I would think he would still be able to back down and hit a jumper over Dwill. If I had to pick, I’d go PP by a hair, 13-11.

  • Rainman

    @ first and foremost: lmao…good catch. Definite pause.

  • JAY

    Pierce. Where is D-Will going when Pierce is going to keep his hand on D-Will’s hip the whole time. Pierce is too smart and will be able to shoot over D-Will easily.
    The NBA is a guard’s game, but when contact is allowed the advantage shifts to the bigger guys.

    11-9, Pierce.

  • srb

    I see control is having a quiet summer so far.

  • Yogesh

    Paul Pierce makes a living guarding Lebron, Carmelo, Durant even Kobe and Wade. Williams on the other hand is always guarding smaller guys and will have trouble shooting over a bigger defender. Pierce will man-handle Deron Williams on the offensive end. Old school bully ball.

  • Yogesh

    Derrick Rose is 7th and Dwight Howard is 10th? Back to back Defensive player of the year and one of the most efficient and prolific scorer in the game. Rose on the other hand is a volume scorer with an average shot. There are no assists in one on one. Rose can’t shoot well enough and he’ll have tough time finishing against quick bigger guys like Lebron, Dwight, Wade etc.

  • Celts Fan

    @superfreak – if he was a PG before, why is he so unskilled? he’s not good at passing out of double teams and hasn’t exhibited the handle to get by guys you’d think he’d have if that was the case, and let’s not even talk about the jumper. dude’s good, but his skill level is pretty subpar for a former PG. just sayin..

  • kdthunderup

    lol totally agree with most everything here…. especially the shaving bit. the truth could easily be a Team America character.