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Dwight Howard Looking Overseas; Shane Battier Might Sign With Eastern Contenders

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard, Dime #60

We feel like it doesn’t end. Every day, there’s a new player bringing it up, saying they want to play overseas, how it may or may not happen, but that the move is definitely on their mind. Dwight Howard is the latest, saying he is seriously considering Europe, or more importantly China. Howard says the main issue is injury, as it is for everyone. “If I decide to go overseas, the main thing is for me to continue to get better, not to do the things that I normally do, but do better at the things I’m not good at,” Howard told the AP. “So I can use that talent to go overseas, working on my skills and staying in great shape.” Howard has morphed into one of the five best players in the league within the past year, but more importantly, he’s the one superstar who might look out of sort in a league in Europe or China. His strengths may or may not work over there. If he were to go, he might be a complete monster, or he could suffer. Still, he seems like the one big name who would definitely go, and be more apt to explore his stature in other areas of the world … Lamar Odom was a passenger in a vehicle that seriously injured a motocyclist and a pedestrian in Queens recently. He appears to be fine but publicists are saying he is a little shaken up … Even though the lockout appears to be in full swing, the NBA will release it’s schedule this upcoming week. On Tuesday afternoon, NBATV will announce that Dallas and Miami will be having a Finals rematch on Christmas day, while the Mavs will also open their season with a game at home against Chicago … Shane Battier appears to be on the minds of both Chicago and Miami. Whenever the lockout does end, there are many who think the defensive ace will sign with one of those two squads. He’ll probably come off the bench either way, but we are suspecting he’ll play crunch-time minutes for both teams. As a defender/three-point specialist, it doesn’t get much better … The Heat are also interested again in Eddy Curry, but only if he sheds another 40 pounds during this lockout. We feel like this has been the case for the past 10 summers, and it NEVER happens. Will it ever happen? … And is there anyone else interested in seeing where Tracy McGrady ends up? He actually played really well in Detroit, but the marriage with the Pistons always seemed kind of awkward. Now, he’s saying as long as he picks up his scoring a little bit, he can return to the player he once was. We doubt that, but he could probably help a contender off the bench. Where’s the best spot for him? … You might’ve heard of the bet Michael Jordan made at the Tahoe celebrity golf tournament this weekend, but that was merely just a single highlight in what appeared to be an exciting few days. There was Charles Barkley and Jimmer Fredette trading awful shots. There was Jordan and Jerry Rice looking every bit the golf players. And then there was Marshall Faulk missing an easy put, furiously grabbing his ball and throwing it into the lake. Good times … We’re out like counting on Eddy Curry.

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    Shawn Kemp is still trying to regain his form from 1998! Easy to put on, hard to get off. Hit the gym, Chubby, I meant Eddy!


    Seems like there are better fits for Shane Battier than Miami & Chicago…

    Eddy Curry will never lose that weight, if he couldn’t get motivated to be in shape during his $60 million contract then how is he going to motivate himself to play for the veteran minimum now he already has that $60 mil in the bank?

  • ab40

    t-mac san antonio or chicago.
    dwight should go to china his game won’t translate in europe since they’ll flop him and call him out and he’ll react. techs count as real fouls here and you can only get 5

  • First & Foremost

    As always, Tracy would be a good fit in Chicago. Citing the same reason everyone else would be a good fit for Chicago. Next would be the Clippers. Since he proved he can still play the point, that allows Gordon to guard pgs instead of huge sgs while Mo Williams is going through his imaginary Cleveland pre-game scrap book.

    His precense in the lockerroom provides a living example of how not to take talent for granted.

    My outside of the box team would be Utah. People claim they are up & coming yet never a destination for free agents.

  • First & Foremost

    Dwight to another league… if only he does what he says he’ll do. Try to round out his game, you know, the shooting, dribbling, passing aspects of basketball. If he could come back as a better passer or with a reliable 12-15ft jumpshot then his trip would be a success. Him just using brute force would be a square peg in a round hole.

  • Diggity Dave


    Problem is, Curry doesn’t have $60 million in the bank. He doesn’t have $6 million in the bank. He might have $600,000 in the bank. He’s pissed his money away like Antoine Walker, and now he desperately needs to get back to playing so he can earn. THAT should be motivation enough, and if it isn’t, he’s an idiot.

  • http://dimemag.com/2011/07/dimes-1-on-1-nba-champion-dirk-nowitzki/ Jordan

    Why would Shane Battier sign with Miami? It’s almost like the Heat organization is afraid to admit that they need a center and not another wing player or point guard. They have the best wing 2-3 tandem in the NBA and they got Mike Miller and James Jones as shooters to backup James and Wade. Battier is not the defender he once was; Kobe can light him up with ease now. :)

  • beiber newz

    haven’t been round dime for too much time nowadays…anyway, i have a question, random…
    icarnaki…do you still think jonas valuciunas is a stiff? has your impression of him gotten better? i am just wondering, because a while back you weren’t sold.

  • sans

    Eddy Curry has more lawsuits against him than zeroes in his bank account…such a fn waste of talent…Kobe also is not the player he was 3 years ago.

  • jdizzle

    We could have had TMac last year but we decided to sign Keith Bogans instead. It wasnt a terrible pickup but it wasnt a great one either.

    I think alot of people forget what Eddy Curry’s been through: His heart condition, which most teams still dont know how serious it is since he never took the DNA test. His chauffeur accused him of sexual harassment, his house was foreclosed, and not to mention his ex-girlfriend and daughter were both murdered. I mean who wouldnt gain weight after all that shit? So just for a change of pace Im gonna say that he loses the weight and makes a comeback and might even make a big impact on whatever team he signs with. But Im pretty sure Im the only one that feels that way.

  • Tee

    Battier would fit nicely in OKC.


    Battier would be a great fit in Chi. he could play the 2 and basically do what their current guys do but do it better. Him and Deng on the wings would be a nightmare for the opposition.
    Dwight in Europe could also be just what he needs. go over there and work with some euro coaches who know a thing or two about teaching skills to big guys.

  • heckler

    Eddy Currys fat ass will never play in the nba again.
    The Heat need to stop wasting their time.

    Shane Battier would NOT be a good fit in Chicago.
    He’s better off going to the LA Clips. They need a reliable SF with veteran skills. TayShaun Prince would also be a good fit with the Clips.

    Tracy McGrady should go to Cleveland. I told Dan Gilbert last year that he should have signed McGrady and Allen Iverson the day after LeBrons decision. Cavs had nothing to lose and they still have nothing to lose in signing both of them.

    Dwight Howard is beasting against NBA comp; no doubt he could beast against Euro comp and/or Chinas comp.
    But Dwights been in the league since 04 and he hasnt rounded out his offensive game yet, so I doubt he can do it in another league.

    I hope he signs with the GSW as a free agent.
    I like the idea of that team having steph curry, monta ellis, david lee and dwight howard. all in their prime years. that would be AWESOME!
    they would win the Pacific Division for the next 6/7yrs!
    Lakers and Suns are old; Clips and Kings suck…

  • First & Foremost

    LOL… so you just walked up to Dan Gilbert and tried to sell him some outlandish idea of free agents who NEED to be on the team.

    “Hey Dan, I know you don’t know me but I’ve been following basketball for a while now and you should really pick up Mcgrady and Iverson. Fo Reals, The Decision cost you like what, $150M or more in franchise value. Think about it son. Who will play harder: some self entitled phenom or two washed up superstars?”


    “Dan! Seriously, of all the players on the market you get Ramon F*****g Sessions! I know you had to do something, but you did the bare minimum and will basically cost your team big time. FOOL!!! YOU JUST BUNTED WITH THE BASES LOADED!

  • Big Island

    F&F – As I read your post I actually pictured Mo Williams flipping through a scrapbook just smiling and giggling in a corner. Sad thing is, it was really easy to do.

    Heckler – Didn’t know you and Dan Gilbert were tight like that.

    As for Eddy Curry, I like the guy and he could be a good player. He just won’t get into shape. Whatever his reasons are isn’t really important at this point. I’m fat because I’m just fat. If you dangled big $$$ in front of me I might stop drinking and eating pizza, but I can’t make any promises. I really like beer. And pizza. And cookies. And SPAM. I fucking love SPAM. For $1000 would I get skinny? No fucking way. For a million? Fuck yeah. For $10K? I’d give it a halfhearted run. I made a $1000 bet with my girlfriend that I could lose 30 pounds in 4 months. The next morning I started saving money to pay the bet rather than lose the weight. THE NEXT DAMN MORNING!!!!


    @heckler, what makes you think Battier wouldnt be a good fit in Chi? he’s one of the few guys who would be a good fit anywhere. Hes a good chemistry guy, a Vet, a great defender and a decent shooter… they’d still need a guard off the bench who can create a shot, But he can play the 2 and will be an upgrade on what they have right now.

  • Suberzat

    Tmac should go to new Orleans and play with cp3 could actually help the hornets out or tmac and iggy with of course tmac coming off the bench