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Dwight Howard Wants To Meet Up With Hakeem Olajuwon Again

Dwight Howard

After a season that saw him take his game to another level while everyone else around the Orlando organization dropped about four levels, Dwight Howard wants to meet up with Hakeem again. The Magic center says he plans to meet up with Olajuwon again at some point this summer because if he wants to continue to meet his goals and get better, meeting up with the Dream is necessary. Last year, Howard officially tapped into some of the incredible potential he has. And while it’s hard to expect guys who’ve been in the league for as long as he has to drastically improve, watching Howard all last year surely felt like he had turned a corner. Dwight said he thought Olajuwon could still play in the league now, and he was dead serious. We wouldn’t be all that surprised. The NBA should make it mandatory for every player in the league to see and learn from the Dream at some point. It’s like guys can spend one afternoon with him and they instantly become better, have more complete games and are lighter and more confident on their feet. Howard is a perfect example; He was an athlete and now he’s the most unstoppable big man in the game (even offensively…no one can keep him from getting 25+ when he wants to) … Brandon Roy is hyped. After bowing out of the Seattle Super Bowl of basketball this weekend to avoid injury, Roy is adamant he’s feeling good, and not feeling any pain. At this point, no one knows what to think. He has chronic knee issues, so to assume it’ll just all mysteriously go away isn’t smart. It’s the summer. No one is grinding like they are during the season. There’s a great chance he’s pain free right now. But what happens during the season when he’s flying at 2 in the morning after a long overtime game, has to get to the shootaround the next afternoon before Portland plays again the next night? Whether he can handle the in-season grind is the REAL test for those knees. Hopefully he passes … Another very good player struggling to come back from injury is Utah’s Mehmet Okur. The big man is dealing with a double whammy, an Achilles injury and back problems. Apparently, he’s doing pretty well. But if you’re the Jazz, a squad that has built up a decent stable of young inside talent, do you make room for Okur? Is he worth it at this point? … Out of all of this year’s second rounders, we really believed Boston’s E’Twaun Moore could surprise and make an impact. But he may not be playing in Boston at all. The guard might soon be signing with Cimberio Varese. There should be an out clause involved, but for a second-round pick (with no guaranteed deal), would you be jumping back and forth across oceans? … The group of NBA players out in Manila this weekend ended it all with a 98-89 win over Smart Gilas Pilipinas. It was a different game than the one on Saturday night, when the NBA guys might as well have been the Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals. In this one, their dunks were cut in half. But Kobe (17 points), Kevin Durant (16) and JaVale McGee (16) did enough to leave on a high note … We’re out like justice in the Lorenzen Wright case.

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  • trollne1

    no mention of the all-star game in the Philippines?

  • pat

    Dwight should dominate because he’s head and shoulders above the competiton. No excuses. Dream had to contend with Ewing, O’neal, Robinson, Mutombo, Mourning, etc.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Yeah I was about to say name the competition for Dwight right now? Only legit dude, if he stays healthy, is Bynum. Weak crop of centers around the league should allow Dwight to dominate for years to come…

  • bdownunder

    If Jordan wasn’t around, fair to say The Dream could’ve possibly been the dominant player of his era. Dude was just the best centre of the 90’s – not even close.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Who is the real NBA superman?

    Shaquille O’Neal in his prime (1999-2000 season) has the following stat lines: 29.7 ppg, 14.6 rpg, 3.8 apg, and 3 bpg while having .574 fg percentage.

    Dwight Howard from last season has the following stat lines: 22.9 ppg, 14.1 rpg, 1.4 apg, and 2.4 bpg while shooting at .593 clip.

    Factor in the competition Shaq had and I say, The Big Analyst is still way better than what Dwight has to offer at present. But then again, to be fair, Dwight has not yet reached his ceiling.

  • Dave

    What’s it say when Dwight is passing up Ewing to go get workouts with The Dream? (Is Ewing still with Orlando?)

    Random question: Who’s the best player to never get a proper sticking nickname? Pat Ewing? Did he ever get a nick? P-Ew?

  • beiber newz

    bynum will play like the best big man in the nba when the season starts. and his suspension is over…


    Bynum is the most overrated player in the L today. Even a healthy Bynum isn’t as good as Bogut, Marc Gasol, Chandler, Nene or any of the top PF/C’s like Amare, Pau and Bosh.
    Everyone goes on about “when he’s healthy” but the fact is, the dude is injury prone, and when he’s not injured is only good for like 15 and 10 at best.

  • superfreak

    It’s crazy to to think that Dwight only averaged 22.9 PPG last season. Seems like he could get that just off alley-oops and putback dunks.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    LOL @ post 8. Your opinion is appreciated and will provide me with laughs throughout my day

  • First & Foremost

    Hmmm only good for 15 & 10 is still good for a 4th option.

    The lack of competition at the C position… That more so has to do with how the game has changed. Teams don’t play through centers anymore. The power forwards rule the low block and that extra guy is used for rebounding and shot blocking. Reference: Chicago, New York, Miami, Dallas, LA, New Orleans, Boston, Houston, Portland, Philly, Sac-town, LA.

    The pace of the game changed so teams went after lankier more athletic tall people. Dwight just so happens to be of the few that wants to get his offensive to match his defensive level. Look around the league at the number of guys who fall under, “if he learns some offensive moves he’d be the total package.” Even if he does learn, will his team pass him the ball? As with Dwight, surrounded by volume and rhythm shooters but goes stretches without the ball. When he does get 35+ points no one on his team shot the ball well and they lost more times than not. Oh well


    @ K Dizzle. Which part makes you laugh? I aint sayin he’s shit. He’s a big body, knows how to use his size and has some skill. But he’s only the 3rd best tall guy on his own team and people act like he is the second best big man in the NBA… how???
    Id say Bogut is the second best Center in the NBA, then guys like Bynum, Chandler, Nene, Horford, Okafur and other Gasol are all in a mix where its down to personal preference or just whatever the team needs. Bynum has more size and potential, but isn’t really better than any of those other guys right now and with his health issues (caused by his size), he probably wont ever reach his full potential
    …… and this is only talkin bout centers. if its “Big Men” then you gotta add Pau, Amare, Bosh, Jefferson, Z-bo, Aldridge, Duncan, Dirk, Griffin, Love…. shit…. i just think people should stop hyping Andrew Bynum as the second best big man in the NBA just cos he plays for the Lakers.

  • Bear

    Bynum’s only young!!! Jeez!! What is it with everyone hyping up or putting him down. D12 is the best hands down, but Bynum is younger than Dwight, he get’s less time on court and the team doesn’t revolve around him (Yet…..Maybe when Kobe retires). Who’s to say he isn’t the 2nd best center in the L? (I’m not saying he is, just if some people think it, let ‘em. They’ll either be proved wrong or right in time) Bynum hasn’t reached his potential or been healthy yet. Bogut is the same, he may be alot better if not for injuries, same with Emeka and Noah. Chandler even, there are loads of centers that get injured (Yao, Shaq). Leave the kid alone, he has an attitude but that’ll probably go when maturity sets in. I don’t really like Bynum, but just wanted to stick my nose in!

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ LMNOP – I’m with you dude. Bynum is good, don’t get me wrong. But that’s “when healthy”, which he isn’t always. And even when he is…

    Put it this way. You know who led the league in blocks last year? No, it wasn’t Dwight Howard (4th). Javale McGee? Nah, 2nd. It was Andrew Bogut. Bynum? He was 6th, behind Darko Milicic.

    Behind Darko. THAT’s the default 2nd best center in the league? Please. K Dizzle, you got your blinders on today haha.

    Like LMNOP said, a 7 footer with size and/or athleticism is nice, but if he’s young and has “potential” he automatically gets slapped with a new label and price tag. Want to know who else is young? Al Horford, Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert, Javale McGee.

    I’m a Wizards fan and wouldn’t put McGee in contention for this, but if Player A goes for 11 & 9 with 2 blocks and Player B goes for 10 & 8 with 2.4 blocks, how can you go wrong with either player, and how can you say that one is head and shoulders better than the other?

  • Bear

    @Dagwaller- Nice point, depending on teams, players can work effectively either way. I like McGee and again he has “Potential” but i think people label Bynum above as he is 3rd or sometimes 4th option on the Lakers, and averages 11 & 9. But again we don’t know if Bynum would ever be that much better than McGee, because or kobe, Gasol etc

  • Bear

    Bynum could be the new Yao!! Never reach his potential because of health! Just thought i’d throw that out there

  • Mandirigma

    Shaq young or old, still makes Dwight Howard look like just another athletic power forward. You can call DH12 Superman all you want, but he can’t touch Shaq.

    Wow. A couple of lines? Really? Like you’ve seen DRose, CP3, Kobe, Kevin Durant, D Fisher, J Harden, Derrick Williams, Tyreke Evans and JaVale McGee on the same team?

    You’d have to wait for another Team USA to see half of those guys together. But we did. MANILA UP!

  • First & Foremost

    If I worked for the Jazz front office, no you don’t make rook for Okur. He had his chance(s), never got healthy, and is too expensive to keep around. Swing a trade with Portland for something. Hopefully Kantar & Jefferson can play at the same time with Milsap the first off the bench. Favors can sit there and continue to not get playing time.

    Back to this Center debate.
    1) Dwight
    2) Chandler (If Dirk is getting mad love why not the man who actually put Dallas over the top?)
    3) Chuck Hayes (If other Cs get the “if healthy” he should get the “if taller”)
    4) Bogut
    5) Bynum (vs. Spurs when healthy 17 boards, 4 points, and like 20 altered shots, no elbows)

    3 & 4 could switch but I like my order the way it is.

  • jdizzle

    LOL @ P-Ew! I been saying for the longest that EVERY center should go see Hakeem during the offseason.
    @Bear if Bynum could be the new Yao then what does that make Greg Oden? Or is he still the new Sam Bowie?

  • Bear

    @Jdizzle I think it’s still too early on Oden, Sam Bowie was actually a decent player in the league (Not a star but did have a nice season or 2 at Jersey and Solid ones at Portland), Oden COULD be nice, he’s still young (Even if he doesn’t look it), and is already a better rebounder than Bowie was, but time will tell…………

  • Sean Sweeney

    Chuck “if taller” Hayes haha

  • Spydermaan

    Why is nobody talking about Amare??

  • ToAn

    @Spydermaan…’cause he is part Jewish. They’ve always been discriminated.

  • Bear

    Or maybe because he’s a power forward?

  • That’s What’s Up

    bynum sucks ass. him and cp3 should be on the all time overrated whiny cheatin’ piece of shit team.

  • First & Foremost

    CP3 is overrated??? Do explain…

  • heckler

    Andrwe Bynum is def OVERRATED.
    lets face it, the only reason dudes even gets mentioned anywhere is because he plays on the Lakers. The most recognizable position is pro basketball is starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers.

    If he were traded to New Jersey for Brook Lopez, none of us would EVER talk about Andrew Bynum.

    and I stick by my claim, that I made years ago on here, that Andrew Bogut is better than Andrew Bynum.

    Andrew Bynum is NOT the 2nd best center in the NBA. However, he might start the allstar game by default this year; if the NBA doesnt list Timmy Duncan erroneouly as a center. No Amare, No Shaq, No Yao…yeah, Bynum will start.

    Andrew Bynum aint no bum, he’s just overrated. and for those who say he is young, I DONT CARE. he’s been in the league since 2005!…when Ben Wallace was still hot!

  • Big Island

    P-Ew. That one is gold, and it kills me to say it because Ewing was my first basketball love. Yes, I knew love before Dirk.

    A couple of things about the Dwight/Hakeem thing. I don’t remember if it was here or on another site that I waste my free time on, but it was talking about how dumb that Hakeem/Dwight thing was because it was one day. I would say it was ESPN or something, but Dime is known to flip flop. How hard can it be to tell Dwight to shoot from here (holds ball ABOVE head) and not here (holds ball in front of face).

    The crop of centers is SO bad right now that Bynum IS the 2nd best center in the league. There are guys who have defense, or offense, or one or two skills, but Bynum is BIG, he can score, defend, rebound, and he hasn’t really played a ton of minutes. So to answer Bear’s question on which guy is better, it’s the guy who puts up those numbers in half the minutes of the other guy. Personally, I don’t think Bynum will ever stay healthy and his absolute ceiling is maybe 20-12 and 3. And to call Amare, Griffin, Dirk etc… “bigs” is just dumb. All that happens there is the “they just need a big guy to get ______ out of the middle” discussion. KG is big and all that could be talked about with Boston was how they lost their big guy when Perkins left.

    I used to think that CP3 was overrated, but I might be changing my mind on him. I have unexplained hate for some people, and he was one of them, but I might be coming around. Except for Pierce. I’ll NEVER come around.

  • doc

    I dont see how Chris Paul overrated. And Shaq in his prime would be to much for Dwight and anybody else out there right now.Bynum a asset to have on your team but he aint no superstar.At least not yet.He young so Ill still give him some time.

  • control

    I’ve been saying for years Bynum was a bust. LA is like NY, overhyped because they just happen to be big cities with huge media blitz. Bynum isn’t only way overhyped, the guy is a douchebag too, he should go play with Boston where he belongs. His ceiling is really about 14-15/8-10 which really isn’t all that. The guy probably isn’t as skilled as even Chris Kamen, and will never be as skilled as Bogut, Brook, Horford and maybe even Chuck Hayes.

    Fuck Bynum!



    Great call. Fits him perfectly.

    Fire Ewing and hire Hakeem instead.

    After Yao’s retirement, Bynum is now 2nd best among centers. Yep, I said it.
    – Not 2nd best after Dwight but 2nd best injury prone after Oden. HAHAHA


    The WNBA All-Stars can kick the PBA All-Stars overpaid asses easy.

    The PBA isn’t what it used to be. It sucks so much that even an old guy like Chris Porter (yes, THAT Chris Porter) puts up 25 & 20 on a nightly basis.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ Dagwaller n LMNOP

    So lemme get this straight. Because Bynum is ‘only’ #6 in blocked shots(behind Darko), that means something?
    Lemme put an end to this Andrew Bogut hype cuz haters love to give props to dude like cuz he plays in Milaukee, he deserves extra props. Like buildin up Bogut somehow diminishes Bynum. Y’all think he don’t have serious injury issues? GTFOH! Dude was the first overall pick n 13, 11 and 2.6 blks gets him that much love? Lol! Y’all got some low ass expectations.
    Legit Big? Bogut didn’t even hit 50% of his FGs and if I told you he blazed the free throw line at 44% compared to Bynum gettin up to 83% IN THE PLAYOFFS, you see how the argument looks. Shit, Drew shot better from the field than Bogut’s freebie %age. Bogut is the 2nd option on the Bucks and he givin you 13 pts on 49.5% FG shootin and 44% from the stripe and he’s the 2nd best center in the league? Day-um! Bynum the 4th(at best) option in LA n he gave better numbers than Bogut in LESS MINUTES in the PLAYOFFS.
    As for Chandler, that’s a joke. Bynum destroyed him during that messed-up series. Great helpside defender, good rebounder, but the next offensive move he makes will be his first.At least we can throw the ball into Bynum when we get a mismatch, which is every other center in the league except Dwight.
    Bynum’s the only one even givin Dwight any kind of comp. Check their last matchup. Bynum shot badly, but still had 10 points, 18 BOARDS and 4 blks in 27 mins. That’s called production. How’d Dwight do? Not bad. 22pts, 15rbs, 2 blks, 43 mins…..9 TURNOVERS… Haters need to stop suckin on that hype and actually watch games.
    Chris Bosh? Al Jefferson? Brook”6 boards per and under 50%FG”Lopez? Chuck Hayes? Horford? These are better options than Bynum?
    LMAO! Once again, thanks for the chat session n let’s all be thankful nobody on this board is a GM…

  • Big Island

    KDizzle – WTF?!?!? I would make a great GM.

  • Ian

    horford is the second best center
    bogut is 3
    nene 4

    now if howard played in the 90s he wouldnt be in the top 5
    hakeem/admiral/shaq/mourning/mutombo/even ewing would be ranked higher.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    K Diz – like I said, you have your Lakers blinders on.

    IF Darko played in L.A., and got the same exposure, then yea, he’d be up there in the “potential” department. Same thing with all of the other players that I listed.

    Bogut has had ONE season dramatically cut short by injury, while Bynum has FOUR such campaigns. And you really shouldn’t be posting ft% for Centers, unless you also are going to come with 3pt% and other stuff that no one really needs from their C. Bogut’s FG% was 49.5 – ok, not 50. 49.5…Meanwhile their career marks are only about 4% apart.

    Yea, Bogut is better than Bynum. I don’t see how you’d rather take someone that doesn’t rebound or block as well. And the only reason he scores at a better rate is because he has had Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher (distributor), Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol. Bogut has one of the worst offenses in the league with Brandon Jennings, John Salmons, Corey Maggette…aka ball hogs anonymous.

    And the only reason I’m bringing up those other guys is to emphasize where Bynum is in the pecking order. Some nights, top 3. Other nights, top 10.

  • Big Island

    Ian – I know you’re joking about Horford for 2 reasons.

    1) I am assuming your list of 90’s centers is in random order. Even Ewing? I just spent 5 minutes looking at the stats and typing them out, but got so mad at myself for even showing you how dumb that statement was that I erased it.

    Unfortunately I did not do the same regarding Al Horford.

    2) Horford is 6th in scoring among centers, 6th in rebounding, 5th in FG%, he hits 80% of his free throws (good) but takes 2.4 free throws per game (bad), leads centers in assists with 3.5 per game, and only 1.5 turnovers per game, 6th in steals, 17th in blocks, and is 3rd in double doubles (second place is a tie). So he is ranked in the top 5 in fg%, ft% and assists. Among centers. And he’s your #2 center? I know stats aren’t everything, and I like Horford, but I am not going to take him over, in no particular order, Dwight, Bynum, Bogut, Kaman, Chandler, Gasol, Nene, or Noah (if he’s listed as a center). I’d be fine with taking him with Al Jefferson, Omeka, Perkins, DeAndre Jordan, McGee etc… I couldn’t in my heart of hearts take Lopez or Bargnani ahead of him because they are SOFT.

  • Big Island

    Dag – I have to disagree on the ft% not being important. If your big can get down low, score, or hit his ft’s at the end of a game, you are set. If they can’t get down low and score, at least be able to hit ft’s when you are in the bonus and picking up fouls battling for position. You can foul Dwight all night long. Shaq too when he was there because you are giving up one point tops. If Bogut got the ball 10 times in the 4th, and got off clean shots, he’ll get 10 points. Foul him, he gets 5. Bynum gets fouled he gets 7. I’d probably take Bogut because I like guys who play more than 40 games a season.

    And Laker fans are total dick riders, but they at least draw a line. Nobody liked Kwame Brown and nobody would like Darko. Be fair.

  • Bear

    Jeez! It’s getting heated on here! I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Vanilla Godzilla…..Joel Pryzbilla! (I’m kidding!) I’m just upset no one’s talking about Hasheem Thabeet!! C’mon if we’re talking about potential, he’s got to be included (again kidding). Big Island is right, if the lakers had Darko, no fans would be talking about him, just the same as when they had Kwame and Chris Mimh (Don’t get me wrong Mimh started off quite solid, but no one was talking about him being 2nd best center or anything). Bynum is better than people give him credit for, and maybe it’s because of his wrestling finishing moves that he’s got so many haters, but he can play and like K dizzle said, he is the only one that really challenges Dwight. Bogut is good, but he’s more likely to try and take a charge from D12 than defend him straight up (Which is what Bynum does). I love the way Bogut playes but against Dwight he can’t match up as well physically as Bynum. Stats aren’t everything but everyone on here are suddenly making smack look like a boxscore! Watch Bogut play Bynum next season (And there better be one!!), then compare them. I’ve seen both players play shit before and both play great. Bynum does a hell of a lot better than any center in the league, in the minutes he plays and with 2 or 3 players in front of him in the pecking order. That being said i’d take old man Dream over him now, if he made a comeback ha ha

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ Big Island – my bad. Some guys would be good gms, just that the majority wouldn’t. Too much personal feelings affecting business usually on these boards.

    @ dagwaller – You used to make good arguments now I feel like I’m takin advantage of you lol.
    I just told you your #2 center hits 44%(please read that slower than you did the first time) from the FREE THROW LINE and your reply is

    ” And you really shouldn’t be posting ft% for Centers, unless you also are going to come with 3pt% and other stuff that no one really needs from their C”

    Huh? Did I miss something after watchin hoops for all of my life? I can’t give you the ball AT ALL in the 4th quarter of any close game cuz you miss 56% and you don’t think that’s important? Cuz only guards and wings need to make freebies?

    Then you say it’s easier for Bynum to get shots cuz he plays with Kobe, Ron, Pau, LO and Shannon Brown? I’m not bringin up Fish cuz even tho Bynum puts up more shots/game, it’s only 7.6(bynum) to 6.5(fish). So you think it’s easier for Bynum to get his offense as the 5th to 6th option compared to Bogut being only behind Jennings and Salmons? He took more shots than anybody else on the squad so I don’t get your reasoning.
    I could get real hoops-statsgeek and tell you that Bynum’s PER is 21.1 while Bogut’s is only 16.7 (league avg is 15) but that would just be pilin on.
    @ Ian – Horford is 20.6

    Back to Dag – C’mon, man. The only arguments anybody could ever make about Bynum is “If he could stay healthy”.
    Offensively, Kareem got him so far ahead of Dwight, it’s not really even close. Dwight bein a freak athlete gets him 8-10 points a game. Bynum throwin hooks, stepthrus,up n unders, in short, low post basketball moves. Hakeem got Dwight feelin comfortable shootin Duncan’s banker, I rather have my center right under the tin.
    I didn’t hear this Bynum overrated junk when the Lakers came outta the All-Star break like 16 wins in 17 games. I didn’t hear anything during the playoffs when kid put up solid numbers. Now, it’s summertime n Bynum overrated again?
    Lol! Haters made this day go by quick. Thanks again for all the opinions, but I wouldn’t trade AB for any center other than Dwight…

  • Bear

    Oh yeah and Ian, that’s a crazy list of centers…… Ewing out played Mourning and Mutombo in most cases when they played. Mount Mutombo was a defensive force out there, but Ewing did absolutely everything, Mourning was nice but in their primes Ewing would probably just shoot his jumpers over him all day. The 90’s had sick centers, and Ewing would be in top 5 easily

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ Big Island – like I said, their career FT% is only 9 percentage points off.

    So you’re going to take the guy with 9% better free throw percentage, but can’t pass as well, score as well, rebound as well, or block shots as well? Yea, Bogut gets more steals, too.

    Don’t get me wrong – free throw shooting is important for bigs. But the difference in their FT isn’t really all that much, and that’s not really what you want in a C anyway.

    Now if you were talking about the 2 or the 3 spot, I can see it being a problem.

    Kwame Brown was big news because he was the #1 pick, and because Jordan picked him. After that, he’d be like Hasheem Thabeet – fall of the face of the map and never be heard from again. Except that he got traded to the Lakers, so of course he got attention and then another contract.

    So you’re right – nobody thought Kwame was any good. But he played in LA, so he got extra attention, just like Bynum gets now.

  • Bear

    @K Dizzle- Nice

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    And please stop comparing Bynumm to Kwame. It’s insulting. Yeah they both played in L.A. That’s where it ends. I never heard Kwame in any top player convos. Biggest bust ever. All the time. I never seen Bynum booed at home for being so bad, the kid in the stands thought they could outball him…

  • Bear

    I don’t know if anyone remembers, but no one actually talked about Bynum his rookie season, Kobe even wanted him traded. Bynum pushed himself to be better and that’s why people talk about him now, NOT because he plays for the lakers.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ K Diz – you make good arguments all the time, except for when it comes to the Lakers, which is funny cause they’re supposed to be your team…?

    And I wouldn’t worry about taking advantage of anyone with your free throw percentage arguments. Winner right there…

    Bogut’s free throw percentage was markedly worse this year, the year after he suffered a debilitating shoulder injury. As I mentioned in the above post, even including this year, Bynum shoots a whopping 9 PERCENT BETTER from the line. If that was like 15, 20 percent, then yea, I could see you saying that. But it’s not that big of a difference, and it’s not exactly a STRENGTH of Bynum’s.

    Again, as I already wrote (pleeeeease read all of the words, it’s helpful!), free throw percentage is NOT a center statistic. Shaq couldn’t shoot them. Dwight Howard couldn’t shoot them. Wilt couldn’t shoot them. There are only a few who can. If you’re saying that Bynum is the #2 Center in the league ahead of Bogut, despite being a worse rebounder, shot blocker, passer, defender, and scorer because of his average (for a Center) FREE THROW SHOOTING, you really need to remember that it’s Monday and you shouldn’t be drinking anymore.

    Yea. It’s real simple, see. When you have a great scoring big in Gasol, the other team’s best post player defends HIM. Then you have good scorers like Lamar Odom and Kobe getting attention from the rest of the defense. All you have to do is hit the boards and make your bunnies. Does making bunnies make you the #2 Center in the League? Please.

    Just about anyone will tell you that the Bucks offense has been atrocious. Matter of fact, they were last in the League last year. Is a team led by “shoot first, second, and third” Brandon Jennings (4.8 assists per game last year) going to get a lot of touches in the paint? Nah.

    I just want to see you write this out: “I, K Dizzle, would rather have a Center who averages fewer games played, rebounds, points, blocks, steals, AND assists.” If you can write that out, and say that you’d still rather have Andrew Bynum on the strength of his marginally better free throw shooting and his team assisted field goal shooting, then I officially proclaim you the GM of the entire land. You truly see things that no one else in the entire league (short of the Buss family) can see.


  • Ian

    big island
    im sorry i didnt know i had to ask you before posting my opinion. yeah horford is my second center so what?? that list of centers you rather have is the joke. i dont know if the stats you mentioned are in your favor how many of the centers you mentioned are top 5 or 6 in all those categories??? 17th in blocks is the only bad one and yet hes better defensively than 90percent of the list. how many steals and blocks did bruce bowen avg again?? did i tell YOU that your post is a joke because you picked a different player? please just post your opinion and leave it at that.

    now to the 90s centers in that order is how i pick them (well i wouldnt take mutumbo over ewing) def hakeem robinson and shaq over ewing and mourning TO ME was better. ewing didnt win shit not even a big individual award in the league he has just ONE first team all nba and thats it. he was a good center playing for the knicks. so tell me what stats were you looking up to make him look as good as the top 3 i mentioned?

    scoring champ
    defensive player of the year
    2 time champ
    led a 20plus win team to the playoffs as a rookie
    4 time nba first team (91 to 96 which had ewing and hakeem also in their primes)
    4 defensive first teams
    second in steals by a center
    7 seasons of 200 block and 100 steals
    71pts in a game

    scoring champ
    4 time champ
    8 times first team

    6 times first team
    5 times all d first team
    2 finals mvp
    first in steals alltime for a center
    2 time defensive player of the year
    2 time champ
    quad double

    1nba first team
    2 time defensive player of the year
    1 champ
    2 time defensive first team

    4 time defensive player of the year
    3 time first team d

    ehhhhhh one time all nba first team??

    wtf man so again how can i say ewing was as good as the first three?? hell i can make a case for zo being better.

  • First & Foremost

    K Dizz sure did leave out the stats from Dwight & Bynum’s 2nd to last matchup. I’m just saying…

    Here is my more serious Top 5 Centers (Right Now)
    1) Dwight – apparently just because
    2) Marcin Gortat – Why not? All he wanted was some playing time.
    3) Chuck MuvaTruckin’ Hayes – I am dead serious.
    4) Tyson Chandler – Lockin down 4s in the Finals AND hittin Free throws this year.
    5) Bogut – Playing with one arm and led the league in blocks per games.

    F*ck that if healthy BS. You know how stupid people sound when they say, “if my shots were falling you’d have lost!” Whelp, your shots didn’t fall so you lost. If so & so isn’t healthy how does he help you. Never in my life have a seen a guy in street clothes win a game. Not Ever.

  • beiber newz
  • control

    Honestly, there are some up and coming centers who have a lot more potential than Bynum, with less injury history and a lot more athletic potential. Examples: DeAndre Jordan, Ibaka blocka Flame, and Tiago Splitter (well, maybe not this guy).

    Bynum is still bullshit.

    P-Ew is one of the most overrated players of all time. The guy is the human version of a Sloth, but he played in NY, so the jock riders are willing to drink his cock juice like it’s the sweetest nectar ever made.

  • Mandirigma

    Enough of this BS.

    Shaq Prime would make Dwight Howard look like a younger Kevin Willis.

    Jacked as hell but no post game.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    @ First n Foremost

    Sorry. 1st matchup 89-75 Magic. Dwight had 31, 13 3 blks 6 turnovers.
    Bynum led the Lakers with 17 and 9, 1 blk, 0 turnovers.
    Feel better?

    @ Dag – Basic math here. If player 1 hits 66% of his freebies n player 2 hits 44% of his freebies, what’s the percentage difference?

    And what kinda dumbass argument is Shaq n Wilt didn’t hit free throws, so it’s not a center stat? How about Hakeem, Robinson, Ewing, Kareem and Moses all over 70%? You pull out 3 centers who couldn’t hit free throws so that’s some kinda point?

    And what are you talkin about the top defender guards Gasol? Have you ever watched a Laker game? The center guards Bynum and the 4 guards Gasol. When LA plays Orlando, Dwight guards AB. When they play Milwukee, Bogut guards him. When LA plays OKC, it’s Perkins. So what r u talkin about?
    My fave observation tho is that Bynum “only scores on putbacks n bunnies” Now I know you ain’t seen the kid’s progress in 6 seasons. Bogut plays almost 10 mins more a game and yet their numbers are damn near even.
    U all over the place. Let’s review. You want Bynum to grab every board when he shares the glass with Bryant, Gasol, Odom, Artest. You think it’s actually easier for him to get buckets as the 5th option, in the triangle where Kobe, Gasol, LO and Artest all post up instead of the only lowpost option Milwaukee has in Bogut. And finally, free throw shooting doesn’t matter cuz they’re centers…
    Wow. I hope you were drinkin. Take the hater glasses off and realize that if Bynum played in Minnesota, you’d be proppin him crazy, but he’s in LA so he’s overrated…
    U strugglin today. I’ll let you off the hook easy.
    Do better next time.

  • Bear

    I think all the haters are now saying…….Nuff said

  • sh!tfaced

    Bullshit Bynum pushed himself to be better? Yeah, that’s why Kareem gave up on him…

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ K Diz – FT%, I was talking career numbers. Unless you think that Bogut will continue to struggle 2 years after his injury.

    Bynum, over his career, hasn’t hit over 70 percent of his free throws. IT IS NOT A STRENGTH. He’s in the middle of the pack. EVEN AFTER HORRIFICALLY INJURING HIS ARM, Bogut’s career number is also middle of the pack.

    I didn’t mean to imply that ALL Bynum hits are bunnies. I don’t want to make it seem like I think he’s trash. He’s not. In fact, I think I said that some nights, he looks like a top 3 Center in the League, and other nights, top 10. Top 10 at your position is not bad.

    I know he’s your boy, but I noticed that you still didn’t write that you’d rather take the guy that’s worse in just about every single way than Bogut.

    Does your work know that you drink on the job? Yeesh, hopefully we can stick to topics you’re not biased about next time you try to pick an argument.