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Jordan Brand Flight Tour Kicks

As we said, the Jordan Brand Flight Tour will also introduce China-specific editions of the trio’s signature shoes, taking inspiration from Chinese Opera Masks as well as each athlete’s style of play. These three performance silos within the newly launched “Flight” architecture include Air (Dwyane Wade), Quick (Chris Paul) and Explosive (Carmelo Anthony), otherwise known as Fly Over (Air), Fly Around (Quick) and Fly Through (Explosive).

Jordan Fly Wade

Jordan Fly Wade

The Jordan Fly Wade is Dwyane Wade’s first signature shoe with Jordan Brand. The Flight Tour edition captivates Wade’s sophistication, craftiness and unassuming ability to create space over any competitor. The shoe features a purple, red and black colorway. The purple used represents Wade’s sophistication of the game. The red symbolizes the courage and devotion Wade puts into his game each and every day. Black represents Wade’s bold and fierce characteristics while the yellow accent portrays Wade’s never-ending ambition. With panther-like sense, Wade soars smoothly in air and is ready to “pounce” with force and ferociousness while playing his game.

The Jordan Fly Wade Flight Tour edition will be available in Hong Kong (7/27), Chengdu (7/29), Hangzhou (7/31), and Beijing (8/2), for a suggested retail price of ¥ 1199.

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  • http://www.dimemag.com panchitoooo

    why are wades shoes so unattractive? i wouldnt buy those for 1199 yen, not even for 700 yen…

  • Mike Auf

    The CP3’s are the best basketball kicks I’ve ever balled in. I’m thinking of zippin over to China to get a new pair.

  • yea

    thats sick SHOE

  • help

    are you guys stupid? the yen is used in japan. in hong kong they have the hong kong dollar (HKD) and in china its called the ren men bi . . . (RMB)

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    I like the Jordan Melo M7 Advance.

  • JAY

    What’s up with the Luchador masks?