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Kevin Love: NBA Players Were Happy Miami Lost In The Finals

Kevin Love

Kevin Love (photo. Blake Peterson)

The public hates LeBron James and the Heat right now. That’s true. Obvious as well. But what Kevin Love is saying has our eyebrows raising. Love says the majority of the league was happy when the Heat lost in the Finals. Dallas is more than three or four players; They are really good guys as well (not saying the Heat aren’t good guys). For those reasons, Love is pretty adamant that Miami didn’t have too many fans in June around the league because everyone was rooting for Dallas. The majority of NBA guys we’ve talked to have had nothing but great things to say about the Heat. For the most part, James, Wade, Bosh & the rest are well-liked. There is a difference between the players and the public. The fans hate the Heat for off-the-court reasons: he’s cocky, he has a big ego, he’s a baby, he’s a traitor, they all think they’re better than they are whereas Love is saying look, most NBA players wanted to see a bunch of “good guys” win for once, a true team, rather than just a few superstars. We can respect that … When we decided to reach out to Brian Cardinal, we did it with the assumption that he’d be one of the most thoughtful interviews we’ve ever done. We were wrong. He was better than that, and he gave us everything from why Dirk is the best player he’s EVER played with to the story behind the Custodian nickname. Thank us later … Is there beef between Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez? There’s a real chance. Gortat says Lopez lied to him when they first met and didn’t give the new guy the proper details for practice. Gortat ended up getting in trouble for being late. So now The Polish Hammer is on the offensive, saying Lopez had a chance in this league for the last two years to develop himself and he didn’t do it. Gortat wants his teammate to know, basically, I took your spot and you’re not getting it back. The whole situation is comical. How hard must it have been for Lopez to lie? He seems like a pretty straight shooter. Either way, this works for Phoenix. Lopez is a perfect backup big man, and Gortat is better anyways … At least we know Carmelo isn’t the next Tugg Speedman … Some of the Dime crew took in one of Aquille Carr‘s summer league games last night. The dude showed up a few minutes after the tip, rocking Josh Selby‘s Kansas shorts and it was on. Even though his squad lost, there’s nothing like watching a 5-6 rocket that finishes EVERYTHING inside. It’s incredible to watch … This question seems to be pretty prominent this summer: what should the Suns do with Steve Nash? Can we be selfish and push for a trade since we want to see him make moves in the playoffs? It’s hard to think Nash really wants to stay there just because we’re so used to veterans title-chasing … The thing we will never understand about the lockout is why the two sides take so long in between meetings. Do negotiations really get that heated? People catching feelings? The two sides have agreed to again meet this Monday for the first time since June and now with the NFL lockout over, it’s make or break time. All we want is some progress, some hope … And do you think you know the best player to ever come out of Philly? If you do, we have some more free gear for you … We’re out like love for the Heat.

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  • Big Island

    Miami catches hate for a lot of reasons. Lebron rubs people the wrong way after his whole thing. People either love or hate Wade too. Bosh is just a “whatever” guy, but now that he’s a “superstar” he gets hated on. Then you have the annual “how long will coach _____ last before Riley takes over” discussion. It gets old. I think that the NBA players want them to lose because they are the equivalent of the guy who goes to the park early, calls like next after next, waits for his buddies to show up, and then try to run all day. EVERYONE loves beating that team, and if you don’t beat them, you stick around to watch them lose. Then you tell them that you have your 5 already when you really don’t.

    When did it become cool to stroll into your summer league games 10 minutes into it? I don’t get it. I might just be old school, but that is gay as hell. I doubt his team was all giggly and squealing “Aquille’s here!! YAY!! You guys are in trouble now!” It’s played out. I guess I could understand an NBA star doing it, but a dude who isn’t even in college yet? Nah.

  • control

    Suns should trade Nash, due to his character issues. I seen some videos of him stealing parking spots from old ladies and then talking shit to the old fucks…not quite as good as Bynum’s stealing multiple handicapped spots, but pretty close.

    Big Island

    If I didn’t start my summer league games, I would pout, refuse to go into the game until I was ready, and then disrespect practice in the media session after the game. I couldn’t imagine coming into the game 10 minutes late…

  • Big Island

    Control – I know! And his squad lost. Come on now kid. For him, he’ll go play someplace after high school. But some guys, that’s as good as they’ll get to play against, and face it, losing sucks ass. So he gets to say he killed guys and if he would’ve played the whole game they would’ve won. WELL SHOW UP ON TIME!!!

    If you want to be the man, fight. Go box. Or Jiu Jitsu. Or MMA. Or bodybuild. It’s you. No team. Just you. You don’t want to do that? Show up and help your team. Unless he has a sick family member or something. I just hate late people. My fucking girlfriend refuses to show up on time ANYWHERE. I made dinner reservations for us and a couple of her friends for something. It was 7:55, reservation is at 8, place is 10 minutes away. SHE WANTS TO HAVE ANOTHER BEER AT THE HOUSE!! I say fuck it, I’m out. We get there and they say they gave someone else our table, but they’ll get us the next one. The hostess actually said “We gave it away, but we’ll get you in the next one that opens.” My girlfriend says to me, “See, our table isn’t even ready yet.” I almost lost it. I actually told Michael Strahan to fuck off. His girl, Eddie Murphy’s ex, is INSANELY HOT though. I gave him the “I’m sorry” face and tipped my glass to him and he gave me a nod like “it’s cool”. He’s probably gonna kick the shit out of me if he even thinks anything even resembles me. Not my finest evening out. I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. Late = pissed off me.

  • Damon

    Thanks Big Island, that’s what we need during the lockout.

    “See, our table isn’t even ready yet” => instant classic

  • superfreak

    “For the most part, James, Wade & Bosh are well-liked”

    I don’t think that’s the truth, for the most part, they are not well liked by the league and most of the people want to see them lose. I was a Wade fan until that coughing incident in the playoffs, it was pretty uncalled for.


    I like Kevin Love even more now.

    LOL NBA players are so pussy, Robin Lopez tries to sabotage Gortat’s Phoenix career before it even starts so Gortat talks about Lopez not reaching his potential… LMFAO. Charles Oakley would have broke his jaw.

    The Suns lucked out getting Gortat, he is definitely a good starting center. If its causing problems trade Lopez… maybe to Houston for Terrence Williams? Benefits both teams right?

    I don’t really think Nash staying in Phoenix benefits ANYONE, that being said, even if they trade Nash for some young talent they still have the albatross contracts of Frye & Childress.

  • First & Foremost

    Someone is really blowing the coughing incident out of proportion. Of all the reasons to not like the guy, you pick that one. You’d have been better off saying, “I hate him for having dated Star Jones.”

    Within the next 2 years, Gortat will throw his name around as one of the top 5 centers in the league, as is, no “potential” inflation of abilities, along with Dwight Howard and Chuck Hayes.

    Ask dagwaller, the potholes in Baltimore are something serious. I’d bet his contract to play overseas that that was the reason he was late.

    No one said anything about the Heat early on because they didn’t want to lose by 20.

  • JAY

    ^ He dated Star Jones?!?!?!?!

    I officially hate Wade now.

  • heckler

    Phoenix Suns should have traded Steve Nash punks ass back in 2008 when the had the chance to secure some real value for him.
    he doesnt suck and he aint no bum, but the dude just aint never gonna win shit. now hes fucking 37/38yrs old. what team really needs a 38yr old pg that cant do anything except throw a lead pass on a break? at least Jason Kidd could defend players on the perimeter and in the post (Kobe,Durant,Wade).

    Steve Nash has been the most OVERRATED player in the NBA the last few seasons. yes, i know you all like him cause he’s a nice guy and he’s white and doesnt do anything crazy, and he seems to pass more than he seems to shoot, but dammit, he DOESNT make you team better.

    the biggest waste of a line in the nba is “a player who makes his teammates better”. FUCK THAT bullshit. as if coaches, management and fans give shit about that.
    Kobe been in the league half his life (seriouslt HALF HIS LIFE) and is still yet to make a teammate better. but Kobe does what Stevie Nash cant do….he makes YOUR TEAM better.

    and thats whats really important. this is a TEAM sport right? (like many of you like to point out), you need players that make YOUR TEAM better.

    and the truth is, as good as Steve Nash is, he just doesnt make teams better. he doesnt.

    Dallas let his ass walk as a free agent; 2yrs later, they were in the Finals. 3yrs after they let him walk, they had the 5th best record in nba history. read that line again: Dallas had the FIFTH BEST RECORD IN NBA HISTORY.
    (and before you talk shit about Dallas getting punked in the 1st round, so did Phoenix. in fact, Phoenix performed worse and worse in the playoffs from losing in the conference finals then 2nd round, then 1st round then NO playoffs in consecutive seasons — that my friends is called steady DECLINE).
    Not to mention, only 5yrs after letting Steve Nash walk, Dallas WINS the whole damn thing.
    yeah…I say teams are better off withOUT steve nash.

    back to Phoenix as a franchise, Steve Nash is gonna end up in the bargain bin. is this the last yr of his contract?…they might as well trade him to the Raptors.
    Suns mgt should have listened to me 3yrs ago when I said it was time to trade Nash.

    The man is NOT a bum, again, Steve Nash is good, its just that he wont help your team get better.
    steve nash benefited more from playing with Amare and Shawn Marion than they did with him. They were established allstars before Nash even got to Phoenix. he was not much of anything special in Dallas (although, truth be told, I did like the Finley-Dirk-Nash trio).
    steve nash needed them for success more than they needed him.

    Amare got the Knicks back to the playoffs with a broken roster.
    Shawn Marion just got a ring.

  • First & Foremost

    So you are pinning the failures of the Suns on ONE guy even though you said it was a team sport. He has been the point for the leagues best offense 9 of 10 years (9 conescutive) yet he doesn’t make a team better. His teams roster got worse and worse each yeah but he kept them relevant. Nash was the one not willing to go over into the luxury tax, Nash was the one who ran Marion out of town, Nash was the one who offered Stat a max contract with injury clauses, Nash was the one went out and signed Tim Thomas, Nash was the one trading draft picks, Nash was threw himself into the scores table and then pulled Stat and Diaw off the bench for a key suspension and then went on to take a game 7 L. Sounds about right to me.

    You can’t blame a star player for being stuck in a crappy management situation. After letting Nash go, the Mavs made moves to get better. Every year they always bought Dirk a new teammate. Every year, pheonix paid big money to small players hoping the money would make them a better player. What does Barbosa do? Run fast? Hakim has championship exp. wearing orange jerseys? Would you even pick Jared Dudley in a pick up game?

    Marion got a ring and Nash didn’t, yeah because Nash also plays with a clutch shooting 7-footer (Frye) and a 2nd team defensive center (Lopez). Nash has always done his best with the hand he was dealt. Dude is playing blackjack but only being dealt 1 card.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ F/F – lol, didn’t expect to see my name mentioned with regards to potholes. But yea, I got so used to the potholes in Baltimore that I could almost drive with my eyes closed and know where I was by the rhythm. It was like a record, or reading braille on someone’s bad acne.

    @ heckler – I want to argue with you really bad, but A.) a lot of the things you said were partially true, and B.) I was up way too late last night and don’t have the energy right now. Consider my finger officially wagged at you.

  • JAY

    That post is crazy. Lol! It’s friday man. Ease up.

    “its just that he wont help your team get better.”
    He makes players around him better. Sorry, but he does. You bring up Amare and Marion…. what about the Channing Fryes, or Dudleys, Q-Rich, and those other average players that played better with him. Did Nash need those guys more than they needed him too?

    And the Suns would have beat the eventually champions (Spurs) had the refs not ejected 3 Suns players.

    Also, you talked alot about how how much the Mavs improved after Nash left…. the year before he joined the Suns they were 29-53. The first year Nash signed they were 62-20. In your mind, did he not make that TEAM better?? It was pretty much the same roster except for Nash.

    I’m not trying to change your mind because you seem pretty set in your mind, but you gotta look at the whole picture… not just from the Mavs side. Sure the Mavs improved, but that’s not because Nash wasn’t there anymore. Cuban is arguably the best owner in the league and isn’t afraid to let his GM make moves and pay guys. Their roster has improved over the years. Look at the Suns since Nash joined them…. can you honestly say they’ve made moves to improve their roster since ’04??

    Everyone is on Dirk’s jock right now, and rightfully so…. but do they win a ring without Tyson Chandler??

  • JAY

    and don’t say Kobe makes his team better, but Nash doesn’t.

    Kobe does improve his team but sometimes he hurts them just as much. When your post guys are shooting 7 of 9 by the end of the 3rd, but they don’t get any touches in the 4th and Kobe takes 8 forced shots in that same quarter, it’s hurting your team.
    Even the Kobe lovers can’t deny it.

  • First & Foremost

    Exactly… Had Orlando not matched Dallas for Gortat, Tyson Chandler does not end up in Dallas. Dirk guards Bosh, gets into foul trouble Mavs lose.

  • jdizzle

    @F&F my Sarcasm Detector just exploded! Thanks, you owe me 179.99 homie!

    Doesnt Miami have good guys on their roster as well? Ilgauskaus, Juwan Howard, Mike Bibby, Mike Miller and James Jones all seem like good guys to me. I honestly wouldnt mind seeing those guys get their first rings. I mean I didnt like the Spurs but I was still glad Michael Finley got a ring

  • heckler

    @ First & Foremost–
    hahaha. another one blinded by the bullshit. I didnt mention any of those things you did — meaning, I dont fault Steve Nash. Im just saying Steve Nash does NOT help your team get better. his track record over the last 5yrs speaks for me. so FUCKING what you had a #1 offense 9 of 10yrs?!!? :in my Derrick Coleman voice: “WHOOPTY DAMN DO”.
    kick rocks with bullshit like that.
    STOP making excuses for Steve Nash and look at the really-real. re-read your post. its full of excuses and coulda-shoulda-wouldas.

    @ Dagwaller
    the only thing better than talking about (bball)sports, is arguing about (bball)/sports.
    anytime you ready homey. i welcome the challenged feedback. be intelligent and bring the heat! no mercy on me.

    @ JAY
    I never said Steve Nash doesnt make his teammates better. I believe the opposite; he DOES make TEAMMATES better. I just also believe he does NOT make your TEAM better.
    how hard is it really for a team to improve over 29 wins? especially when your rolling out an allstar team (nash, johnson, marion, stoudemire). in 2005, mike bibby could have been the pg and that team was still gonna win the division (no shaq in la) and still win 50 games.
    I dont buy that shit about Phoenix beating San An withOUT the suspensions, but I guess we’ll never truly know. Spurs are the one team they could NEVER beat 4x out of 7. they just couldnt until Spurs got too old in ’08. but, i guess we’ll never know.
    can you honestly say they’ve made moves to improve their roster since ’04??…well they tried. traded shawn marion to miami for shaquille oneal. traded for younger/quicker jason richardson. signed grant hill. so yeah, they tried. STOP making excuses and YOU look at the big picture…..

    btw…and if Kobe takes 8 forced 4th quarter shots in 9 games out of 82…yeah, I can live with that.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    @ heckler – lately, really enjoyed reading your posts. Used to hate arguing with you because you were too narrowminded, but you’ve graduated.

    I guess if I had the energy to argue, I’d point out that the record for the Suns over Nash’s tenure has improved. What more do you want? You say he doesn’t make teams better…

    …I say that in the four years leading up to his arrival, the Suns made the playoffs only twice and didn’t make it out of the first round. The Suns were average. A couple nice pieces, but weren’t going anywhere.

    Nash gets there and their win total IMPROVES. Back to back Conference Finals appearances. A third appearance a few years later. Meanwhile, as F/F and Jay pointed out, his team was worse and worse as time wore on, yet he elevated the team to elite status time and again.

    The team IMPROVED after he got there. The players with whom he was forced to work were (just about) all worse before and after they played with him, and therefore were IMPROVED while he played with them.

    What more do you want?

  • That’s What’s Up

    Send Nash/Dudley to San Antonio for Tony “I’ll-Fuck-Your-Wife-And-Tell-The-World-My-Team-Sucks” Parker

  • drew

    nash is still very much an elite level pg imo, it was just last yr in the 2010 playoffs where he pushed the lakers close to the brink. @Jay..yeah that’s kobe’s biggest weakness imo, his confidence leads him to force shots that are unnecessary sometimes and i can happily admit that as a kobe fan.

  • Big Island

    Heckler – I don’t know if it’s possible to agree and disagree with you, but I do. I agree that you can make your teammates better, but not necessarily make your team better. I know that seems like a contradiction, but it can be done. Where I disagree is where making your teammates better is overrated. It’s just said too often, with teams that just aren’t really good. Nash does things that make his teams better. He is just on a shitty team. It’s garbage. Take Nash out of Phoenix and they’re steamy hot garbage. Dallas is an entirely different team than when Nash was there. Kobe didn’t do shit with the Lakers for a couple of years either. They aren’t Jesus. But put Nash on OKC for a year and watch Durant, Harden, and Ibaka go nuts. There is no OKC breakdown or conflict. Durant is the guy to score. Ibaka starts going Amare on guys, and Harden gets buckets.

  • http://www.amanalone.com amanalone

    I’m working on a plan to end the lockout. I should have this whole thing solved soon.

    Thank me later.

  • First & Foremost

    Of course you didn’t mention the things I did because they don’t help your argument. You are comparing the Mavs vs. Suns pointing out Steve Nash as the constant that keeps his teams from winning a championship. You are ignoring the front office aspect of building a team. Would Grant HIll still be playing if he didn’t play alongside Steve Nash? Would Channing Frye have gotten the same contract without Steve Nash?

    What have the Suns done to get better as a team? Each year they find a way to downgrade one or more positions because they don’t want to top dollar for top athletes. They will pay near top dollar for below average players and then let Steve Nash better the team.

    From top to bottom compare the Mavs-Suns rosters. Also, look at the even bigger picture and stare at the landscape of the NBA. Who was stopping the Lakers/Spurs when Nash was in Dallas? No Body (In my Keith Sweat voice) Now both of those teams are dismantled/older, Dallas continued to more pieces, Nash has been given a slingshot for a gunfight.

    How has Nash made his team worse? Dirk couldn’t win a damn thing until Dallas surrounded him with the pieces to only worry about offense. Swap Dampier and Chandler, now the world still thinks Dirk is soft and can’t win. Put Nash on the Bulls and tell me they don’t Sporty-J sweep the Heat (4-1).

    Then you compare Nash to Kobe. Kobe was just flat out better than everyone else. They had to build him a better team because he wasn’t making his teammates better. Kobe and Kwame combined for 85 points once. Kobe has yet to make a team better. The LA management made the Team better.

  • TRL

    Re: lockout
    They aren’t meeting because the owners know they won’t get close to their best deal until the players start missing some paychecks.

  • First & Foremost

    @23 – Exactly, bored people spend money they shouldn’t. Like Big Island custom building a blue/white Dirk Bike with blonde streamers because his girlfriend is out of town.

  • Hoophead

    If Love speaks for most pleyers then tt shows you how ignorant most players are. When the league had to cough up another $108 million to players because of the increased revenue, it wasn’t because they wanted to watch Kevin Love, Dirk, or even Kobe. It was because of the Heat and primarily Lebron. The Heat had the highest road sell out of any team this past season. I understand that most fans are morons and don’t understand the “business” behind the game. But the players should be applauding the Heat when they go deposit their checks….

  • First & Foremost

    @Hoophead, it depends on how you spin the numbers. I’m pretty sure the Raptors and Cavs weren’t selling out too many games. Those might be 2 of the 22 claiming they lost money, which is why the owners want more coming their way. So players/fans can add that to the list of reasons to hate one or more of: Lebron, Wade, Bosh.

    Definitely a better reason to hate than Star Jones & coughing combined.

  • Big Island

    F&F – I built that shit when she was around, but I am really happy you paid attention. I started bringing it to bed when she left, but that was built while she was in town.

    F&F again: Totally agree on your take regarding hoophead. The Kings should thank the Heat for playing one game up there I guess. Plus, regardless of who the player is, there is a certain level of respect that goes into fellow players. They all want to win, and try to put themselves in the best situation etc…, but the MIami thing was so blatant, it’s almost cheating the system. I am sure that some NBA guys are hating on it a little bit. It happens in everything. If you bust your ass and end up on top, people respect that. But to take a shortcut to the top, even though it’s by the rules, it’s tougher to respect. Soula Boy just bought a $55 million jet for himself. He made a gimmick song with a dance, everyone supermanned that ho, and nobody likes him. Mobb Deep pops up on most people’s top rap lists (if you make a top 20, not top 10), but never had that success. People respect the grind more than the glory. Miami went all in for the glory, tried to cheat around the grind, hence the hate.

  • Big Island

    DAMMIT!!!! I just thought of a better analogy! You want a hot rod. So you go out, search for parts, work on it, build it, bust your knuckles, get frustrated etc… Then your neighbor goes and buys a hot rod, like the one you built, and then talks about how much fun it is to do a hot rod. He didn’t do anything, but still has a hot rod. To people not into hot rods, you both have hot rods. But people who are into cars know that you built yours, you worked on it, you put your blood sweat and tears into it, and even though it might not be as flashy as your neighbor’s, people respect yours more. Miami went and bought a hot rod and tried to say they built it.

    My buddy did that with his house. Yeah, we are building our house. It’s alot of work, but being a homeowner is totally worth it. Ummm, dude, your dad gave you $50K for the down payment and his name is on the paperwork because it’s in Oregon and he wants to skip on Cali taxes. It’s a new build in a new development, and all they asked is “Do you want home A, B or C?” and “What color cabinets do you want? Maple or cherry?” You can’t even put a nail in the wall, let alone build a house.

  • jdizzle

    ”People respect the grind more than the glory”

    SAY IT AGAIN SAY IT AGAIN! *in my Pinky voice*

  • http://nba.com MIAMI4LYFE BITCH


  • Doc

    Best player out of Philly is Kobe Bean.

  • First & Foremost

    @Is that Sporty-J at number 30?!?!?!!? Welcome back. To answer your questions in order.
    No, Yes, No