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Kurt Rambis Is Finally Out In Minnesota; Detroit Wants To Keep Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun Prince

Tayshaun Prince (photo. Keith Allison)

Apparently, Joe Dumars wants Tayshaun Prince back in Detroit. Joe D contacted the free agent’s agent (Bill Duffy) just before the lockout started to let him know that the marriage wasn’t quite beyond repair just yet. Despite that, we doubt Prince wants to go back. Detroit is a mess right now, with no real direction and no real future. Prince is now 31, and has seen his stock drop in the last few years. Some contender is bound to come calling. And we’re pretty sure Prince will listen … The sad tale of Kurt Rambis the Timberwolf is finally over. David Kahn put the former Minnesota head coach out of his misery by officially announcing Rambis is done. Finally. Rambis won just 32 games in two seasons in Minnesota, but even that wasn’t enough damage. So they dragged his name through the mud some more. For weeks, he’s been stuck in limbo, knowing he was done, but not knowing at the same time. Now with Rambis out, Kahn says the team wants to play more uptempo next season (even though they played the fastest tempo last season but were third-worst in transition efficiency). What a great idea! We get this feeling that even with all of the young talent they have, this organization is going in circles … While Portland assistant Bernie Bickerstaff appears to be a front runner for the job, of course Don Nelson‘s name would get thrown into the mix. Can it get any crazier up there? Nelson and Kahn were made for each other … It sounds like Derrick Rose is the first superstar to actually come out and say he’s not looking overseas. With every other player from D-Wade to Amar’e giving cliche and cliche about looking into possible offers, Rose appears focused on nothing but an NBA championship … In Dime’s 1-on-1 NBA Tournament, we’ve reached the point where all of the pretenders are eliminated, leaving only the best still breathing. At this point, anyone could get it done; would you really be that surprised if someone like Paul Pierce won the whole thing? Seriously, is LeBron really that much better than him in this situation? Most agree. Yesterday, voting ended for two of the closest matchups so far. In just one day, we saw LeBron barely sneak by the Truth by just seven votes while D-Wade pulled off the first official “upset” of the bracket, taking out Kevin Durant by only five votes. You know what that means: it’ll be teammates going at each other in the Final Four, another opportunity to prove whose team it really is … Will Cleveland ever let it go? A year later and they are still mocking him … The NBA says that escrow money withheld from all NBA players’ paychecks each season – that is money held back so that the player’s overall income doesn’t exceed the agreed-upon percentage in the contract – will be returned to them. That money could range anywhere from a couple hundred thousand to $1.5 million (depending on how much the player makes), so for now, most players should be safe … What may ultimately slow down Dirk Nowitzki? One man has the answer. And it’s probably not what you expect (and we are giving away a free book as well, so you might want to check this out) … And if you’re a big fan of underdog stories, then you need to start checking out Lance Allred. You might know Allred as the first deaf player to ever actually play in the NBA, but the former Cav writes too. His two books chronicle his journey, what it took for him to get here and how he intends to stay. His first book, Longshot, was amazing. The newest one, Basketball Gods, sounds even better … We’re out like Rambis.

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  • JBaller

    Holy shit, I’m first.

  • Promoman

    Detroit’s done. They’re going to be in the top 5 or so worst teams in the league barring a major deal.

  • beiber newz

    i think promoman can step in as gm of detroit and no officials would be able to tell the difference. thats not a shot at promoman but a testament to how sub par the pistons have been for the past 5-7 years

  • pipdaddyy

    Beiber, man, Detroit was the NBA champion 7 years ago…

  • jojo

    Fire Joe D.

  • pipdaddyy

    I would still give Joe D a chance. He made two mistakes: 1) getting rid of Chauncey instead of Rip when he couldn’t pay both of them, and then 2) panicking and giving large-ass contracts to Gordon & Villanueva. But let’s not forget he built a championship team in 2004 which barely lost the finals in 2005, and not many teams can rebuild a team of that caliber on the fly.


    Detroit is just done… they have Bynum, Gordon and now Knight but you KNOW they’ll re-sign Stuckey to some ridiculous deal and now we hear they want to keep Prince, why? Why would they not just play Daye & Singler at SF and see what they have?

    They should be looking to get rid of anyone making over $5 mil a season. They actually had a good draft and should be building around their youth. They need to get rid of Villanueva & Hamilton ASAP.

  • https://www.sportsbetting.com.au/basketball_betting dcyrilcasa

    Detroit won’t get TAYSHAUN PRINCE back. Sucks to be them.

  • Tee

    Joe D made more than just 2 mistakes. He shouldn’t have gotten rid of Larry Brown, 03 draft is still killing Detroit, bringing Joe Smith in as a FA just to name a few more. He’s gonna mess up this head coach spot this year too.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Shame because when I was younger I used to think of the Detroit Pistons’ Championship team as boring to watch because of their focus on defense and the fact they didn’t have one superstar to carry the load offensively. Now, looking back at that team, I have great respect for what they were able to do, especially against a Lakers squad with 4 future HOF’ers….

    It is pretty remarkable and equally sad to see them fall off so quick. It just goes to show that you can never take for granted the fact that one’s team is in the Finals, because whether win or lose, they may never get back…

  • Tee

    Prince should go home to the clippers or GS.

  • BigStick

    Eh, I still think the Pistons can turn it around faster than people think. They’ve got a good core with Knight, along with Jonas Jerebko and Greg Monroe (and I’ve got to think Tayshaun and Rip are gone next year). Plus, Joe D’s hands were tied with the ownership situation last season. If Joe pulls through with hiring a good coach, I say give him another season or two.

  • NYReferee

    That Witness ad has been around over 9 months… I saw it Cleveland last winter.

  • http://deleted dagwaller

    Joe Dumars has been getting by on his (GM) reputation for way too long. I respect keeping people around long enough to see if they can correct their mistakes, but I think he’s finally on his last strike.

  • Big Island

    Detroit is garbage. They got a fluke chip when the Lakers were a clusterfuck and everyone in the organization got overrated. I wouldn’t even put Sporty J or the Beib in Detroit. I wouldn’t even roll Paul Pierce over there. Dumars made one move that worked out (Sheed), and got lucky.

  • Celts Fan

    I HATE Bron, but he’d own Pierce one on one. But ya, I voted for the Truth. Never said I wasn’t a homer…

  • Scott

    Pierce can’t stay in front of LeBron or keep him out of the paint. LBJ every time.

  • beiber newz

    i said 5-7 as in a shady period that i’m not sure of between either 5 years, or 6 or 7. i wasnt clear. my bad

  • pipdaddyy

    After their championship trophy in 2004, they were back in the NBA Finals in 2005 losing 4:3. They were terrible for the last 2-3 years, that’s true, but read up on history before making ignorant comments.

  • beiber newz

    thanx for your comment jerk ass face