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Larry Brown Could Be A Celtic; What It Would Take To Bring Back Basketball In Seattle

Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings

Word has it Larry Brown‘s on the prowl for a new gig. The latest news had him heading to Beantown for an assistant coaching gig pending Lawrence Frank‘s departure to Detroit. It’s odd to picture the former head coach of 30+ years as the next in command. We guess he’s gotta shake that commandeering bug somehow without taking on the brunt of the responsibilities for a change. He’ll be 71 this September anyway so the assessment is at least believable. Plus it’s not like Boston can’t benefit from his experience. Larry Brown’s Hall of Fame coaching career has been…unique. He got championship hardware in ’88 with the Jayhawks and in ’04 with the Pistons. He’s garnered Coach of the Year honors in the NCAA and NBA. Moreover, many forget the Pistons could’ve won back-to-back in ’05 if not for Robert Horry‘s onslaught in Game 5. Brown’s also currently sixth all-time in total NBA wins and is the only NBA coach to lead eight different teams to the playoffs. The journeyman skipper’s track record isn’t without faults. His high points are marred by fallouts with the Pacers, Sixers, Knicks and Bobcats to name a few. However, when putting things in context, he changed three of the aforementioned clubs’ cultures (i.e. not the Knicks) and led Philly to an NBA Finals appearance. So, all things considered, where would you place Larry Brown in the lexicon of NBA and NCAA coaches? … Also, give credit to TBJ for noticing Acie Law‘s Latrell Sprewell-esque quote yesterday. Law stated to ESPN, “I understand why a lot of guys are considering overseas. I’m considering some options overseas. These are our livelihoods. This is how we feed our families, and guys want to play. If they’re not going to negotiate a deal, life goes on. Bills still coming in, we still have to provide for our families, so hopefully they get something worked out.” Don’t worry. We’re not outraged by his words and we doubt he intentionally plugged in Sprewell’s infamous line. It’s just funny to see it unexpectedly spring up … Was this the best summer battle you’ve seen? Everyone in Baltimore seems to think so … Seattle native Spencer Hawes got Sonics fever over the weekend as a player in Seattle’s H206 Basketball Classic. You’d think the Philly center pulled all the stops by getting the iconic space needle shaved into his head but it didn’t stop there. Hawes cheered on the Key Arena faithful to the tune of “Come home, Sonics! Come home, Sonics!” We, weirdly enough, watched Sonicsgate a few weeks prior to the Classic and found its stance informative if a tad fanatical. It’s been three years since Clay Bennett and his cronies uprooted the 40-year mainstays from their home to Oklahoma City. The Thunder have since thrived and have a bright future ahead of them. Meanwhile, on top of building a new arena, the flick suggested Seattle’s most likely chance at getting another basketball team involves seizing another financially challenged franchise, namely Sacramento or N.O. to name a couple. The following question is open to everyone but places emphasis on long-time Sonics supporters. Would you buy another team’s ball club to revive the Seattle Supersonics? The NBA still feels odd without the Green, White and Yellow in tow. Yet potential owners, local politicians and citizens will be charged with relocating another franchise with their own history and fan base endemic to their hometown. The old “two wrongs don’t make a right” adage fits here but right and wrong rarely count for much in business, as seen in the proceedings leading to the Sonics departure … J.J. Barea and Carlos Arroyo signed some kicks for us. Now you can have them for free … We’re out like the NFL lockout.

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  • control

    Larry Brown ain’t shit. Honestly, the guy is the biggest drama queen ever, he’s worse than one of those emo chicks on that sweet 16 birthday show. There’s absolutely no reason why a coach should be the main guy talked about by the press, yet it seems every team he goes to, he’s the guy who is making all the headlines (most bad). You could say he’s been on like 8 or 9 teams, and burned bridges with 8 or 9 teams. The main reason the Pistons didn’t win in 2005 was because before the Finals even started, it was rumored he was going to join the Cavs to coach LeBron. The guy started all this drama and bs in the Detroit press (I am in Detroit, it was ALL that was talked about) that the team completely lost focus.

    Fuck Larry Brown.

  • control

    Also, if anyone checked out those 1on1 videos of that Red Bull tournament in NY…you guys see how 1on1 is played? Who in their right minds is betting against Dwight or LeBron in that format? It’s ALL physical and finishing at the rim…100%. Size and athletic ability with a decent mix of skills is what wins you 1on1.

    Also, Acie Law’s comment is in a completely different context than Spree’s. Spree was a guy who was offered some 25 million fucking dollars, and didn’t take it because it wasn’t good enough, and he “needed to feed his family”, as if he’s feeding an entire country or some bullshit. Acie is currently unemployed, and will be unemployed and not collecting a cheque until this lockout bullshit is done with. Only fair to consider your options if you got bills to pay and your current employer is fucking around.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Top 3 Brown coaches

    1. Larry Brown, for his works in Indiana and Detroit
    2. Hubie Brown, for making Memphis such a fun team to watch
    3. Mike Brown, for the revolt that will happen in LA

    Seriously, Larry Brown is like Jerry Sloan. They get the most from the players they have. They have fundamentally sound teams that compete and play hard.

    Give them the kind of teams that Phil Jackson was gifted with and I think they can both do better than the Zen Master.

  • Big Island

    I wouldn’t touch Larry Brown. He can coach, but he’s just too flaky. And Spree was an idiot. And lIke control says, Acie Law is in a totally different situation.

    I wouldn’t be upset at all if NO moved to Seattle. Seattle is a cool city and they have proven they can keep a franchise afloat. They got screwed out of it. Sacramento is in trouble because the Maloof’s are screwing up, and they’ll screw it up in Seattle. Sacramento was “the greatest basketball city” when they had Webber and Co. and suddenly they can’t make it there?

    Carryover from yesterday – Ian – Sorry I pissed you off with the Horford post. It is just interesting. To be fair, it was only qualified guys (minimum games) and Al Hefferson and David Lee were ahead pretty much across the board. Again, I apologize. I can’t have you breaking your keyboard typing all mad at me, then showing up at my door, taking off your glove, slapping me in the face with it and challenging me to a duel.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle

    “Also, if anyone checked out those 1on1 videos of that Red Bull tournament in NY…you guys see how 1on1 is played? Who in their right minds is betting against Dwight or LeBron in that format? It’s ALL physical and finishing at the rim…100%. Size and athletic ability with a decent mix of skills is what wins you 1on1.”

    Absolutely 100% agree. I couldn’t believe some of the voting. Rose over Dwight? Dirk over DWade, Lebron or Kobe
    ? SMH

  • Promoman

    I wouldn’t put Larry Brown & Jerry Sloan in the same sentence. Both of them could use a week at a interpersonal skills seminar but I have more respect for Sloan because he doesn’t mind fuck like Larry Brown. Nor does he have the diva attitude and flakiness. Larry can’t be counted on to build a franchise around since he’s basically a glorified interim coach. While Larry usually isn’t afraid to standup to players he also fucks up careers. Look at Darko Milicic and Adam Morrison. Darko’s only now starting to come around and he didn’t give Adam much more of a chance. I think Larry’s looking at this job since the NCAA & NBA don’t want careers aborted before having a chance to come to term in the pros by the Human RU 486, Larry Brown.

  • alf (from melmak)

    @ Promoman

    I agree with you on Sloan and Brown’s personalities. But, again, look at the Pacers, Pistons, and Jazz during their times and see similarities.

    Speaking of Utah, I found this link on the Salt Lake Tribune. Do not bother to read the article. The photo, however, is priceless. If you have never heard of him, would you believe he is a legit NBA player just by looking at the photo?


  • beiber newz

    Sprewell was right all along, “I got a family to feed.” Those words hit like bullets!

  • sh!tfaced

    You can tell Larry Brown will be a good fit in Boston just by control’s hate alone… lol


    Larry Brown is more like Don Nelson if we’re comparing him to other coaches.
    Both very good with the technical aspect of one end of the court but both crazier than that chick you picked up one night then 2 weeks later she comes around with a newborn baby that ain’t even hers an says u gotta give her money an then she scratches up your car an tries settin fire to your next doors house………
    He’s gonna make your team play good D, but at the same time he’s gonna bench your starting PG and replace him with a player nearly as old as him self because fuck kids.
    He’s gonna demand respect and he’ll get it from the Vets for a while, then he’s gonna act like a bitch and everyone will tune him out because they realize he’s just a crazy old bitch. Then he’s gonna sabotage everything just to prove he IS THE FUCKIN BOSS.
    Then he’ll walk away leaving your team in a far worse mess than it was when he arrived.

    maybe he’ll be different as an assistant, maybe not.

  • First & Foremost

    @K Dizzle & Control, I don’t think the type of rim was specified in the rules. Double rims suck. There is no lucky bounce. No rattling in. No short rebounds. Yet the voting masses all agreed that the flat footed German would dominate players who crafted their games in that environment. Call your own fouls, but STFU if you ain’t bleeding.

    Once again, Dwight would lose due to lack of focus. Taking 20 foot jumpers just because. Melo-Lebron final. take your pick.

  • First & Foremost

    @LMNOP, How is he going to F up Boston? Pull Ray Allen aside and tell him to pumpfake, take 2 dribbles in and shoot a long 2? Tell KG to tone it down a notch on defense, let the other guys handle their own man? Trade Rondo to prove that no one is untouchable? Larry Brown would truly have to have help from God to mess up that team.

  • Mandirigma

    Photo captures of CP3 off the backboard to Black Mamba


  • First & Foremost

    ^^^ Where is the transition defense ^^^


    F&F… truthfully i doubt he’s gonna fuck up the C’s. they’re probably gonna get him in for a year to do Thib’s old job an he’ll probably get along well on a veteran team. But still, he is a crazy old bastard.

    and Melo should have won the 1on1 thing.

  • http://www.nbadunks.org Massimo

    Awesome Video: Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Phillips Idowu playing ball:



    Larry Brown is awful for franchises… UNLESS they are full of veterans like Boston.

    Acie Law genuinely needs to make a living… Latrell Sprewell turned down $21 million over 3 years and then went bankrupt.

    The Sonics should have never left Seattle end of story. The most messed up thing even IF basketball returns to Seattle is that now 40 years of history and records are in Oklahoma… effectively.

    New Orleans need to go to Seattle BEFORE they get rid of their good players… to actually give the Seattle franchise a chance to compete right away.

  • First & Foremost

    Move the Bobcats to Seattle. New Orleans to the southeast division. Thunder to the Southwest division.

    College basketball is king in the Carolinas. The Bobcats could win 8 chips in a row and fans would be more interested in the next Duke of UNC prospect.

    For political reasons the NBA can’t leave New Orleans. Which is why every 3 to 5 years an All-Star game will be played there. The Super Bowl will be played there twice a decade. It just wouldn’t be a good look to take their teams away.

  • jdizzle

    I agree with everyone. There was nothing Sprewell-esque about Acie’s comments. It wasnt like he was asking for MORE money, he just wants to make some money PERIOD. Sprewell was just ridiculous. You couldnt feed your family on 14.6 million a year!? SHEEEEEEIIIIITTTTT! *in my Clay Davis voice*. With 14.6 million I could feed EVERYBODYS family on this comment board and STILL have enough bread to buy Big Island a gold Dirk statue with a platinum and diamond encrusted penis LOL

    @F&F apparently transition defense is in a lockout as well lol

  • Dan Tanner

    Um, do not compare Larry Browntown to Jerry Sloan. Sloan never won a championship nor did he make his teams exciting or reinvigorated. The best thing to happen to Utah since the Jordan robbed them of their 98 championship was Sloan retiring. Larry Brown is so much better its easier to compare him to a coach like Doc Rivers or Chuck Daly, not lame ass Sloan.

  • JAY

    Cosign K Dizzle and control

    I was preaching that shit during the whole voting process. Speed is something, but the physicality means much more in that environment… it almost nullifies a speed advantage. Seriously, how fast is Player X going to be moving if his defender has his hands all over him? Evidently not many people here have any one-on-one tournament experience. It’s nothing like league ball. Go play/watch a King of the Cage tournament at a park near you. Educate yourselves on some playground ball.

    That’s said, I voted against LBJ the whole time… not because I didn’t think he would win, but because he’s Lebron. Fukkit. #stillhating

  • IDOT

    Why doesn’t the NBA bring back the Sonics as a expansion team?

  • JAY

    RE: Sprewell = Acie Law

    It’s not the same thing. Sprewell was making multi-millions per, and he was saying “i gotta feed my family” like he was on welfare. Law is on some paltry contract, and isn’t exactly an indispensable player. Any of his contracts could be his last. Players like him need to make money.
    Sprewell probably made more money in 1-2 years than Law will make his entire career.

  • First & Foremost

    Dime, now that we have “conclusively” determined who the best 1on1 player int he league. I think we should not pick 16 of the worst players in league. Loser advances. Just to determine the worst player in the nba. Finals preview. Thabeet vs. Macgloire

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Haddadi makes his way to the finals. As his girlfriend knows, he can get physical.


    Funniest last name EVER.

  • JAY
  • heckler

    if Seattle wants a ball team, why not just take the Clippers?
    does the city of Los Angeles really need two pro ball teams?…seriously, would anyone ini LA even notice if the Clips moved?
    NO nba city needs 2 teams; not even new york. move the Nets to Seattle if need be.

    Larry Brown is a washed up has been. he’s a dinosaur. he’s finished in the nba.
    the game has passed him by. he hasnt helped develop a decent young player in decades. i’ve never liked him. he has a strong track record, but its over now. he should just hang it up. coach high school bball in some small town somewheres. or maybe coach in the D-League.

  • JAY

    LMAO @ F&F

    Although not as long, her first name is just as funny.

    Man: Hey girl, I was across the bar and I have to tell you, you’re looking good. What’s your name…
    Woman: Goolnaz
    Man: WTF!?!?

  • control

    I’m all for a worst player in the league tournament. As long as Valgina and Glenn Davis are in it.

    Danny Tanner

    Come on now, no way you can say Sloan is garbage, when there are coaches out there that would kill their first born child to have a drop of success that Sloan has. You got fools like Mike Brown fucking up games on the reg, and still finding employment, yet you say Sloan ain’t shit? Weak.

  • control

    Apparently Rondo ain’t suffering from the lockout at all, he found some work: http://efukt.com/20779_He_Cums_Battery_Acid.html He’s the first one gagging…

    That shit ain’t safe for work at all, but it’s fucking funny.

  • Big Island

    The NBA can’t expand when a couple of teams are going to fold. And if Sterling didn’t own the Clippers, having them go to Seattle would be awesome for Seattle.

    I have a thing for girls with uncommon names, or girls with guys names like Frankie, or Dirk etc… It’s automatically worth an extra half point in the 1-10 scoring system. Needless to say, this bitch is like a 17. Throw in the slutty red strips of hair and the propensity for violence? Drinking issues?!?!?! I am all in. I’ll be proposing. And how in the hell is her nickname “Asal”? F&F made my day.

    And who knew Haddadi was a ninja? A soap dispenser was thrown and “he deflected it back into her head, causing the laceration”. Who deflects things back at peoples’ heads?

  • JBaller

    I agree tha Acie’s comment was not the same as Spree’s, but if he’s saying that the cba stalemate over % of billions in revenue, it can easily be construed to be similar.

  • Goolnaz

    Stop make fun my name

    Goolnaz Rule-naz!

  • JAY

    ^^^^^^ LMAO!
    Look out Goolnaz. Hamed is here somewhere

  • Big Island


    Asal, baby, come over here. Big Island will keep you safe. Here, have a drink. I know. He’s a jerk. Oh, this? I just threw this on. Yeah, it’s an official Dirk jersey, but back when Nike made them. Well, I lift a little bit. Yeah, I have had a lot of time in the tattoo chair. No, I have a couple that you can’t see with my Dirk jersey on. Yeah, we can get out of here…

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Quiznakes K Dizzle


  • Dan Tanner

    In his first few years Mike Brown showed more success than Sloan did. He just had shitty teams headed by a big drama queen in Lebron “I dont show up for huge games EVER” James. Poor Mike Brown. Given Kobe he will win his championship he should have in 07. Sloan should have won at least two rings but his players choked and the greatest coach ever made him look like a used car salesman. Sloan retired because he felt bad for stealing money from the Jazz for the last few years.

  • http://nbainstl.blogspot.com NBAINSTL

    expansion. St. Louis and Seattle. in that order.

  • That’s What’s Up

    I would goolnaz all over her Asal